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Maintenance. 103 Language codes. 104 More about the functions.. 105 Troubleshooting. 112 Specifications.. 118 END-USER TERMS. 120
Press and hold until your desired response begins.

Press A, then press B.

Press and hold both buttons at the same time.
EN02-10_KD-NX901[E]fb.indd 5

05.3.17 1:59:28 PM

Sound adjustments. 84 Selecting preset sound modes (EQ: equalizer).84

How to read this manual


DVD/CD player

Discs you can play
You can play back the following discs (12 cm and 8 cm) on this receiver: DVD Video: Recorded in PAL color system with Region Code 2 (see below). DVD-R/DVD-RW recorded in the DVDVideo format can also be played. Video CD (VCD)/audio CD MP3/WMA: Recorded either in CD-R/ CD-RW or DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-ROM. CD-R/CD-RW: Compliant with ISO 9660 Level 1, ISO 9660 Level 2, Romeo, and Joliet. DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-ROM: Compliant with UDF-Bridge Format.
Caution for DualDisc playback
The Non-DVD side of a DualDisc does not comply with the Compact Disc Digital Audio standard. Therefore, the use of NonDVD side of a DualDisc on this product may not be recommended.

Digital audio formats

The System can play back the following digital audio formatsLinear PCM/Dolby Digital*1/ DTS*2/MPEG Audio. *1 Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the doubleD symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. *2 DTS and DTS 2.0 + Digital Out are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
Discs cannot be played back
DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM (data), DVD-RAM, DVD-R/DVD-RW recorded in the DVD-VR format, CD-ROM, CD-I (CD-I Ready), Photo CD, etc. Playing back these discs will generate noise and damage the speakers.

Hard Disc Drive (HDD)

This unit has a built-in HDD, which is a device to read minute magnetic changes. The inside of the device is precision components, requiring you to notice the following when installing the unit: Install the unit at a place where the following conditions are satisfied: Level, dry and neither too hot nor too cold between 5C and 35C. At an altitude between 300 m below sea level and +3000 m above sea level. With adequate ventilation to prevent internal heat buildup in the unit.
Note on Region Code: DVD players and DVD Video discs have their own Region Code numbers. This receiver can only play back DVD discs whose Region Code numbers include 2. Examples:
DVD Logo is a trademark of DVD Format/ Logo Licensing Corporation registered in the US, Japan and other countries.
EN02-10_KD-NX901[E]fb.indd 6

5 Select the category you want.
You can select your P.O.I. location either from the main category or sub-category (see page 29 for details).
5 Select (or confirm) your destination. 6 Select (or confirm) your P.O.I. 6 Confirm your destination. 7 Confirm your destination.

Selecting P.O.I. by area

You can locate P.O.I. from the following areas. LOCAL AREA: Select P.O.I. within the distance of 5 km from the current position. (Selectable anytime) NEAR DESTINATION: Select P.O.I. within the distance of 5 km from your destination. (Selectable after setting the destination) ALONG ROUTE: Select P.O.I. within the distance of 2 km along the route. (Selectable after starting the guidance)
EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 30

05.3.17 2:03:29 PM

Telephone number entry menu appears.
4 Enter telephone number (with its
area code), then confirm the location.


LATITUDE entry screen appears.
3 Enter the latitude, then select North

(N) or South (S).

LONGITUDE entry screen appears.
5 Confirm your destination. 4 Enter the longitude, then select East

(E) or West (W).

Geological position name of the entered position is displayed.

By the coordinates

You can locate your destination by entering its latitude and longitude.
5 Confirm your destination.
EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 31

05.3.17 2:03:33 PM

Selecting P.O.I. by telephone number
Storing addresses and routes
You can store the addresses or routes in memory. To cancel editing during the process, press BACK (DISP).
Saving addresses in STORED ADDRESS


SAVE AS menu appears.
1 While the current position is shown.
If navigation has been started, press DISP (BACK) to display the current position screen.


SAVE FROM menu appears.
CURRENT ADDRESS: Save the current address. ADDRESS: Save a new address by setting it manually using the SELECT menu. PREVIOUS DEST.: Save an address by selecting from the previous destinations. P.O.I.: Save a P.O.I. using P.O.I. menus.

4 Select (or confirm) the address to


INPUT NAME menu appears. EDIT menu appears. SAVE ADDRESS: Save addresses in memory. DELETE ADDRESS: Delete memorized addresses. RECORD ROUTE: Save the route in memory. By storing the routes, you can use the convenient features explained on page 34. DELETE ROUTE: Delete memorized route.

5 Name the address.

You can enter the maximum of 32 characters. For character entry method, see page 91.

6 Store the name.

EDIT menu appears again.
EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 32

05.3.17 2:03:34 PM

You can preset an address into each number buttonstotal six addresses.
SAVE AS menu appears. If the preset addresses have been stored, you can directly select one by pressing the number buttons while the current position screen is shown.


Stored addresses list appears.
Deleting memorized addresses


DELETE ADDRESS menu appears.
4 Select the address to store from the
Preset addresses list appears. PREVIOUS DEST.: Delete an unwanted address from the PREVIOUS DEST. list. STORED ADDRESSES: Delete an unwanted address from the STORED ADDRESSES list. PRESET ADDRESSES: Delete an unwanted address from the PRESET ADDRESSES list.
5 Select the number you want to preset

the address into.

INPUT NAME menu appears.
3 Select one of the options (listed


4 Select an unwanted address.
If an address has been preset in the selected number, it will be overwritten. DELETE: PRESS OK appears.

5 Confirm.

6 Name the address.
You can enter the maximum of 32 characters.

To be continued. 33

EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 33

05.3.17 2:03:35 PM

Saving addresses in PRESET ADDRESS

7 Store the name.

Saving new routes
You can save up to 20 routes in memory.


ITINERARY list appears.


SET FROM menu appears.
Via Points are listed in sequence, and the final destination is at bottom.
3 To change the Via Point sequence
Select a Via Point on the list, then press.
3 Set a Via Point using the above menu

(and menus that follow).

Operations are the same as explained for Entering your destination. *

To erase a Via Point

You cannot delete the final destination once the guidance to it has been started. * If you have already started guidance to the destination, RESTART GUIDANCE is shown.
4 Repeat steps 2 and 3 to set more Via


EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 36

05.3.17 2:03:39 PM

Setting route options
AUTO REROUTE/MANUAL REROUTE: Set how you want the System to reroute when it is required (for example, when some congestion is expected on the routejudged by received TMC information). This function does not work when TMC is set to (Off). AUTO REROUTE: The System re-calculates the route whenever necessary. MANUAL REROUTE: The System asks you whenever re-calculation is required (see example below).


ROUTE OPTIONS menu appears.
3 Set each option on the menu.
For details on each option, see below.
Press OK to detour. If not, press BACK (DISP).
MOTORWAY: : The System calculates the route including the motorways. : The System calculates the route excluding the motorways. FERRY: : The System calculates the route including availability of ferries. : The System calculates the route excluding availability of ferries. TOLLROAD: : The System calculates the route including the tollroads. : The System calculates the route excluding the tollroads.


On this menu, you can set some of the important elements of route calculation. FASTEST (SHORTEST): FASTEST: The System calculates the shortest journey time. SHORTEST: The System calculates the shortest route to the destination. TMC: Set the availability of Traffic Message Channel (TMC) information. : The System calculates (and re-calculates whenever necessary) the route using TMC information. Dynamic guidance will become possible. : The System calculates the route without using TMC information.

EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 37

05.3.17 2:03:41 PM

Route guidance
Once you start guidance, you will hear the guidance in the selected language and voice. In addition to them, the display also shows the guidance information on the display. Guidance voice comes out only through the front speakers (and the front line out on the rear).
The following are some of the example of the voice guidance (and display information): Display examples below are the ones used in the countries where the drivers should keep right. When possible, U-turn.
Right turn 400 meters ahead.
Take the first exit at the roundabout.
Keep right 400 meters ahead. The guidance information appears. By pressing NAVI/AV, you can return to the playback source operation screen. Yet, the guidance information to the destination is displayed on the right of the display.
You have arrived at your destination. Guidance ends at this point.
WARNING: Road traffic regulations always take priority when a vehicle is being driven in traffic. Navigation System is only an aid. Errors may occur in individual data items/entries. At all times, the driver must decide whether or not to heed the information provided. JVC does not accept liability for erroneous data provided by the Navigation System.
To return to the normal screen after reaching the destination, press any button. When you come close to a Via Point (approx. within 30 m), the following screen appears.
When you reach the Via Point, or move away (approx. 30 m) from it, the normal guidance screen will be resumed.
EN30-41_KD-NX901[E]NAVIfb.indd 38

05.3.17 2:03:42 PM

Display information during guidance
After starting guidance, the guidance information appears on the display.
When you are still far from the next turning point:
To return to the guidance screen (left) after you use these functions.
The current road name * DST: Distance to the destination ETA: Estimated time of arrival When you come close to the next turning point:

Avoiding congestion

When you realize a congestion exists ahead.
The next road name * you will take The distance to the turning point * If the road is unnamed in the database, UNNAMED appears for the road name.

EN42-47_KD-NX901[E]tunerfb.indd 42

05.3.17 2:04:33 PM

Storing stations in memory
You can preset six stations for each band.
FM station automatic presetting SSM (Strong-station Sequential Memory) 1
MONO indicator lights up. Reception improves, but stereo effect will be lost.
2 Select the FM band (FM1 FM3)

you want to store into.

To restore the stereo effect, repeat the same procedure. Mono Off appears and the MONO indicator goes off.
Tuning in FM stations only with strong signals
If received signals are weak, you may only hear noises. You can make this unit detect only stations with sufficient signal strength while searching for FM stations.
SSM appears, then disappears when automatic presetting is over.
Local FM stations with the strongest signals are searched and stored automatically in the FM band. DX: To tune in to all receivable stations. The DX indicator lights up. Local: To tune in to only stations with sufficient signal strength. LOCAL indicator lights up.

Manual presetting

Ex.: Storing FM station of 92.5 MHz into the preset number 4 of the FM1 band.

To be continued. 43

EN42-47_KD-NX901[E]tunerfb.indd 43

05.3.17 2:04:36 PM

When an FM stereo broadcast is hard to receive
To select a preset station on the list
1 Select TUNER, then the band. Display the preset station list.
Preset number flashes for a while. For FM bands: Rotate the dial to display the lists for the other bands.
Listening to a preset station
If you cannot tune in to the preset FM RDS station, Programme Search is working. For details, see P-Search on page 89.
3 Select the preset station.
Changing the display information
Station name is enlarged.
EN42-47_KD-NX901[E]tunerfb.indd 44

05.3.17 2:04:37 PM

The following operations are only possible while you are tuning in to an FM RDS station.

programme type.

What you can do with RDS
RDS (Radio Data System) allows FM stations to send an additional signal along with their regular programme signals. By receiving the RDS data, this receiver can do the following: Programme Type (PTY) Search (see below) Standby Reception of Traffic Announcement (TA: see the following) or your favourite programme (PTY) (see pages 46 and 47) Tracking the same programme automatically Network-Tracking Reception (see page 47) Programme Search (see page 89) To select from all PTY codes.

For MP3/WMA discs For CD Text/Audio CD
Album title/performer or folder name is enlarged.
Disc title/performer or your assigned disc name is enlarged.
Track title or track name is enlarged.

Track title is enlarged.

Meanings Folder name icon Track name icon Disc title icon Album title (Tag) icon Track title (Tag) icon MP3 format WMA format
EN48-65_KD-NX901[E]DVDfb.indd 65

05.3.17 2:06:08 PM

HDD operations
Playing genre/album/track in the HDD

About the HDD

The built-in HDD works not only as storage for navigation data, but as Music Server where you can record 99 albums in each genre folder (total 99 genre folders can be made). Each album can include 999 tracks. Playlists can also be made and played. To record CDs, see Recording audio CDs on page 70. To copy MP3/WMA files from an SD card into the HDD, see page 82. To edit the contents of the HDD, see Editing the HDD contents on page 72.
The last selected track starts playing. All tracks in the HDD will be played repeatedly until you change the source. WMA Tag cannot be displayed during HDD playback.
Album name icon/Album title (Tag) icon Album number Track number Elapsed playing time Track name icon/Track title (Tag) icon Recording formatMP3/WMA/ CDC* Track title or track name Album title/performer or album name Genre number
* CDC:CD compressionformat used for storing CD tracks into the HDD. Either <.llc> or <.bsc> is used as an extension code (see page 71). 66
EN66-77_KD-NX901[E]HDDfb.indd 66

05.3.17 2:07:05 PM

Using the control dial:
Using the number buttons:
To select a track/album/genre on the list
You can confirm the title of each item and select the item you want. To select a playlist, see page 70.
By using the number buttons (1 6), you can also go directly to tracks 1 12. For tracks 1 6: Press 1 6. Fro tracks 7 12: Press and hold 1 6.

To skip tracks quickly

You can skip tracks within the same album. Genre list appears.
As you rotate the dial, you can skip 10 tracks at a time. First time you rotate the dial, the track skips to the nearest higher or lower track with a track number of multiple ten (ex. 10th, 20th, 30th). Then, each time you rotate the dial, you can skip 10 tracks. After the last track, the first track will be selected and vice versa. * * During playlist playback, the track list included in the current playlist is displayed.

* * This appears only after you have cancelled recording (but have neither ejected the disc nor edited the HDD contents).
2 Select the recording type. 3 Select the playlist, and start
If more than six playlists exist, rotate the dial to show other playlists, then press. REC Album: Records the entire CD from its first track. REC Track: Records the current track from its beginning. REC Continue: Continues the previously cancelled recording from the track being recorded when cancelled. \ Go to step 6.
To cancel the playlist playback, select a genre or an album after displaying the list (see page 67).
EN66-77_KD-NX901[E]HDDfb.indd 70

05.3.17 2:07:11 PM

recording into.
If more than six genres exist, rotate the dial to show other genres, then press.
7 When the following screen appears,

stop recording.

If you want to create a new genre folder, select New Genre.
4 Select the album to store the
When you have selected REC Album, this step is skipped. If more than six albums exist, rotate the dial to show other albums, then press.
To store the track into a new album, select New Album.
Recording is finished before playback is over. Once you stop the recording, CD playback resumes. Track names are automatically assigned with the extension code <.llc> or <.bsc>. Even if you do not stop recording manually, recording is automatically stored. When you have selected New Genre or New Album, its title will be assigned automatically such as <ge000001>, <ge000002>, or <al000001>, <al000002>. You can change the title later manually (see page 72).

To cancel the recording

5 Select the recording mode.
Compress (HQ): High quality lossless recording, but data size is bigger extension code <.llc>. Compress: More compressed recording, so data size becomes smaller extension code <.bsc>. Rectime: shows the total play time of the recording.
Recording will be cancelled in the following cases: If you turn off the power or switch off the car ignition switch. If you detach the control panel. To continue the recording, press REC (MODE), then select REC Continue (see page 70).
EN66-77_KD-NX901[E]HDDfb.indd 71

05.3.17 2:07:12 PM

3 Select the genre to store the

6 Start recording.

Assigning the titles
You can assign (or change) the title to genres, albums, and playlists. You cannot assign titles to tracks.
To move the character entry position.

or (to left) (to right)

1 While playing an HDD track.
For assign the title to a playlist, play the playlist you want. Enlarge the indication (see also page 69) to which you want to assign a new name (ex. to assign the title to a genre).

Detach the control panel.
Press in SD until you hear a clicking sound. 78
EN78_83_KD-NX901[E]SDfb.indd 78

05.3.17 2:08:09 PM

Press the SD softly (do not release your finger quickly); otherwise, the SD may pop out from the unit. When you pull out the SD, pull it out straightly from the loading slot.
Attach the control panel.
Playback starts automatically in the alphabetical order of the album name/ track name.
The control panel goes back to the previous position (see page 92).
Album name icon/Album title (Tag) icon Album number Track number Elapsed playing time Track name icon/Track title (Tag) icon Recording format Track title or track name Album title/performer or album name 79
EN78_83_KD-NX901[E]SDfb.indd 79

05.3.17 2:08:12 PM

To eject SD, press the SD as illustrated.
Using the control dial: Using the number buttons:
To select a track/album on the list
You can confirm the title of each item and select the item you want. By using the number buttons (1 6), you can also go directly to tracks 1 12. For tracks 1 6: Press 1 6. Fro tracks 7 12: Press and hold 1 6.
You can skip tracks within the same album.
Album list appears. As you rotate the dial, you can skip 10 tracks at a time. First time you rotate the dial, the track skips to the nearest higher or lower track with a track number of multiple ten (ex. 10th, 20th, 30th). Then, each time you rotate the dial, you can skip 10 tracks After the last track, the first track will be selected and vice versa.
To go to the next or previous albums
To move to another page of the list, rotate the dial. The album icon is highlighted.
EN78_83_KD-NX901[E]SDfb.indd 80

05.3.17 2:08:13 PM

Track: Album: Off:
One track. lights up. All tracks of the album. lights up. Cancels.

Album: All: Off:

All tracks of the album. lights up. All tracks in the SD. lights up. Cancels.
All tracks of the album. lights up. First track of every album. lights up. Cancels.
You can also cancel it by selecting Off in step 2.
EN78_83_KD-NX901[E]SDfb.indd 81

05.3.17 2:08:14 PM

Changing display information
Duplicating data into HDD
You can copy the data in the SD card into the HDD. While copying the data into the HDD, no sounds come out. It takes time to copy a data of much volume (about 5 minutes for 100 MB datathis is just an estimation). Actual time varies depending on the album configuration and the system condition. When you duplicate the data in the SD into the HDD, the HDD playback mode is cancelled (see page 68). While the following duplicating process: To return to the previous screens, press BACK (DISP) repeatedly. To cancel it, press and hold BACK (DISP).

EN84_92_KD-NX901[E]SELfb.indd 89
Selecting the dimmer mode
You can dim the display at night or as you set the timer.

4 Select From To.

2 Select Dimmer. 5 Set the dimmer start time.
6 Move the flashing point to the end
3 Select one of the following options.
Dims the display when you turn on the headlights. \ Go to step 8. Cancels. \ Go to step 8. Always dims the display. \ Go to step 8.
7 Set the dimmer end time.

Off: On:

Time Set: Set the timer for dimmer. \ Go to step 4.

8 Exit from the setting.

EN84_92_KD-NX901[E]SELfb.indd 90

05.3.17 2:09:03 PM

Other main functions
Assigning titles to the sources
You can assign titles to CDs (both in this receiver and in the CD changer), and external component. To assign the titles to the HDD contents, see page 72. Maximum number of characters Up to 32 characters (up to 30 discs) Up to 16 characters
1 Select a character set.
Sources CDs/CD-CH External component

2 Select a character.

You cannot assign a title to DVD, VCD, CD Text or an MP3/WMA disc.
3 Move to the next (or previous) character position.

1 Select the source.

For a CD in this receiver: Insert a CD. For CDs in the CD changer: Select CD-CH, then select a disc number. For external component: Select LINE IN. If you press and hold the button, the character position moves to the beginning (or the last). To erase a misentry, move the character entry position to the one you want to erase, then.
2 Enter the title assignment screen.
4 Repeat steps 1 to 3 until you finish entering the title.
Ex. when you select CD as the source
To erase the entire title

In step 2.

EN84_92_KD-NX901[E]SELfb.indd 91

05.3.17 2:09:04 PM

3 Assign a title.
Changing the control panel angle
Detaching the control panel
When detaching or attaching the control panel, be careful not to damage the connectors on the back of the control panel and on the panel holder.
Before detaching the control panel, be sure to turn off the power.
Attaching the control panel
EN84_92_KD-NX901[E]SELfb.indd 92

05.3.17 2:09:05 PM

CD changer operations
Playing discs in the CD changer

05.3.17 2:10:01 PM

About the CD changer
It is recommended to use the JVC MP3compatible CD changer with your receiver. You can also connect other CH-X series CD changers (except CH-X99 and CH-X100). However, they are not compatible with MP3 discs, so you cannot play back MP3 discs. You cannot use the KD-MK series CD changers with this receiver. Disc text information recorded in the CD Text can be displayed when a JVC CD Text compatible CD changer is connected. Before operating your CD changer: Refer also to the Instructions supplied with your CD changer. You cannot control and play any DVD, VCD, and WMA disc in the CD changer.

You can tune in to a service broadcasting your favorite programme by searching for a PTY code. Operations are exactly the same as explained on page 45 for FM RDS stations. You cannot preset the PTY codes separately for DAB tuner and for FM tuner.
Using the Standby Reception
The higher the number is, the stronger the reinforcement becomes. When this function is activated, DRC indicator lights up on the display.
TA (Road Traffic News) Standby Reception
Operations are exactly the same as explained on page 46 for FM RDS stations. You cannot activate TA Standby Reception separately for the DAB tuner and for FM tuner.
Then when the DRC signals are detected, turns to be.
Operations are exactly the same as explained on page 47 for FM RDS stations. PTY Standby Reception for DAB tuner works only using a dynamic PTY code. You can neither store your favorite PTY nor activate PTY Standby Reception separately for the DAB tuner and for the FM tuner. You can activate and deactivate PTY Standby Reception when the source is either FM or DAB.

What you can do with DAB

DAB can deliver CD quality sound without any annoying interference and signal distortion. Furthermore, it can carry text, pictures, and data. By connecting the DAB tuner, this receiver can do the following: Programme Type (PTY) Search Standby Reception of Traffic Announcement (TA) or your favorite programme (PTY) Tracking the same programme automatically Alternative Frequency Reception (see DAB AF on page 89)

To be continued. 101

EN99_102_KD-NX901[E]DABfb.indd 101

05.3.17 2:10:53 PM

When a service is hard to listen to
Announcement Standby Reception
Announcement Standby Reception allows the receiver to switch temporarily to your favorite service (announcement type). To select your favorite announcement type, see page 89.
While receiving an FM RDS station: When driving in an area where a DAB service is broadcasting the same programme as the FM RDS station is broadcasting, this receiver automatically tunes in to the DAB service. When shipped from the factory, Alternative Frequency Reception is activated. To deactivate the Alternative Frequency Reception, see page 89.
The ANN indicator either lights up or flashes If the ANN indicator lights up, Announcement Standby Reception is activated. If the ANN indicator flashes, Announcement Standby Reception is not yet activated. To activate, tune in to another service providing the signals. The ANN indicator will stop flashing and remain lit. Ensemble name is enlarged.
You can keep listening to the same programme by activating the Alternative Frequency Reception (see page 89). Service name is enlarged. While receiving a DAB service: When driving in an area where a service cannot be received, this receiver automatically tunes in to another ensemble or FM RDS station, broadcasting the same programme. DLS (Dynamic Label Segment: DAB text information) is displayed, being enlarged.

To be continued. 115

EN103_122_KD-NX901[E]fb.indd 115
No Files appears on the display.
No playable file is recorded. Folder configuration is not correct.
Record using the correct folder configuration. See page 78. Use SD card formatted in FAT 12/16/32. Reinsert or change the SD card. Use the SD card.
Read Failed appears on the display.
SD card format is not appropriate. SD card or tracks cannot be played back.
Invalid Card appears on the display. No Music Files appears on the display, and the folder is skipped. HDD Full, SD Full, Track Full, Album Full, Genre Full, or Playlist Full appears on the display Cannot Recording appears on the display. Rec Error appears and CD recording is cancelled. HDD/SD
MMC card is inserted. No track is recorded in the selected folder (album/ genre). The capacity of the target storage you have selected such as HDD, SD, etc. is already full. You have tried to record any disc other than audio CDs. Recording is failed due to the external influences such as vibration, shaking of the car You have tried to copy nonoriginal disc. The same named track or album exists in the target folder.
Deleting the unwanted items in the target storage to make an enough space.
Stop recording on a rough road. Try to record once more while driving on a paved road. If the trouble still persist, consult your dealer. The second generation copy is prohibited. Copy its original disc. Select another target folder (album or genre).
SCMS Cannot Copy appears. You cannot move a track or an album (Same Name appears on the display).
EN103_122_KD-NX901[E]fb.indd 116
SD Loading Error appears on the display. (You cannot open the control panel.) HDD/SD Write Protect appears on the display.
SD card is not fully inserted into the loading slot.
Insert it fully into the loading slot.
SD card is write-protected.
Unprotect the SD by sliding the protect tab on the SD from the LOCK position to the opposite. Insert an SD card. Insert disc into the magazine. Insert disc correctly.

EN103_122_KD-NX901[E]fb.indd 121

05.3.17 2:11:44 PM

Governing Law. The above terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands, without giving effect to (i) its conflict of laws provisions, or (ii) the United Nations Convention for Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, which is explicitly excluded. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of The Netherlands for any and all disputes, claims and actions arising from or in connection with the Product provided to you hereunder. U.S. Government End Users. If the Product is being acquired by or on behalf of the United States government or any other entity seeking or applying rights similar to those customarily claimed by the United States government, the Product is licensed in accordance with the rights set forth at DFARS 252.227-7013(f)(3), TECHNICAL DATA - NONCOMMERCIAL ITEMS; DFARS 227.7202 et seq., COMMERCIAL COMPUTER SOFTWARE OR COMMERCIAL COMPUTER SOFTWARE DOCUMENTATION; FAR 12.211, TECHNICAL DATA; and FAR 12.212, COMPUTER SOFTWARE, as applicable. Users shall have only the rights in the Product that have been referenced or specified in this Agreement. In addition, (i) for acquisitions conducted by the Department of Defense, the Data is licensed with Limited Rights in accordance with the rights set forth at DFARS 252.227-7013(f)(3), TECHNICAL DATA NONCOMMERCIAL ITEMS, and Data delivered or otherwise furnished with Limited Rights shall be marked with the following Limited Rights Notice set forth at DFARS 252.227-7013(f)(3), and shall be treated in accordance with such Notice:


CONTRACT NO.: __________________________________________________ CONTRACTOR (MANUFACTURER/SUPPLIER) NAME: NAVTEQ CONTRACTOR (MANUFACTURER/SUPPLIER) ADDRESS: 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 900, Chicago, Illinois 60654 The Governments rights to use, modify, reproduce, release, perform, display, or disclose these technical data are restricted by paragraph (b)(3) of the Rights in Technical Data - Noncommercial Items clause contained in the above identified contract. Any reproduction of technical data or portions thereof marked with this legend must also reproduce the markings. Any person, other than the Government, who has been provided access to such data must promptly notify the above named Contractor. and; (ii) for civilian agency acquisitions, the Data is licensed in accordance with the rights set forth at FAR 52.227-14(g)(1), RIGHTS IN DATA - GENERAL (Protection of limited rights data and computer software). In the event that the Contracting Officer requires the delivery of limited rights data that has been withheld or would otherwise be withholdable in accordance with FAR 52.227-14(g)(1), the Data is licensed with Limited Rights as set forth in the following Limited Rights Notice at FAR 52.227-14(g)(2) (Alternate II), which shall be affixed to the Data and the Data shall be treated in accordance with such Notice (which shall be marked on any reproduction of these data, in whole or in part):



Na-ittl 8000F KD-SH1000 PPM63H3Q Optio M10 AVT150X Sr-dvm700 DVD-1080PR 37LF75-ZD AEU 210 CPL Juno D Corolla RX-4103 T 7634 DLE-30 Super C8 KF525 TX-32LE7P Humidifier Esam 4200 Pentax SFX RF610A Sprintscan 4000 Worlds END 5340Z Optio V20 DPF-A72 MV1602 AR-M201 Toolbox 3 EWF860 SCH-U450 WAR1900 DCR-DVD408E KH 203 XR-10SL ER-224 LBE 129 Express Plus DMC-LS70 DCR-TRV17E HT-S5100 Photography DW411 Research SP9 Lambda BDF451RFE Speaker 2 0 I7 Zoom Synthex Onis 6511 NEC NP60 4 0 SDP-E800 RSH1fbpe Ca-100 AJ-D200P And P KRP-600M TX-950 Radio U4-111 HD9140 90 X4500 MFP Pioneer RG-2 Sametime Vectis GX1 Rack PA PS42B430p2M UE-40C7000 BX300F Review Information D-copia 150D PN42A400c2D Deskjet 3400 ML7 60 MX36LE DGX-205-DGX-203-psr-295-psr-293 IP110 HR-J268 399-B Quantum 9940 Pfaff 1051 7100R Samsung B100 G41C-VS Recode 2 PV-DV102D ZKC6040X Calmato ST PC Myst KV27HSR10 GZ-HM400EU 151MP 522 C DSC-HX1 DCR-TRV27 PC E740 CWM-106


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