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JVC KS-FX940r Installation Manual
JVC KS-FX940r Installation Manual

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Removing the unit

Before removing the unit, release the rear section. 1 Remove the control panel. 2 Remove the trim plate. 3 Insert the 2 handles into the slots, as shown. Then,while gently pulling the handles away from each other, slide out the unit. (Be sure to keep the handles after installing it.)

Ausbau des Gerts

Vor dem Ausbau des Gerts den hinteren Teil freigeben. 1 Die Schalttafel abnehmen. 2 Den Zierrahmen abnehmen. 3 Die 2 Griffe in die Schlitze wie gezeigt stecken. Dann die Griffe behutsam auseinander ziehen und das Gert herausziehen. (Die Griffe nach dem Einbau auf jeden Fall aufbewahren.)

Retrait de lappareil

Avant de retirer lappareil, librer la section arrire. 1 Retirer le panneau de commande. 2 Retirer la plaque dassemblage. 3 Introduire les deux poignes dans les fentes, comme montr. Puis, tout en tirant doucement les poignes cartes, faire glisser lappareil pour le sortir. (S'assurer de conserver les poignes aprs linstallation de lappareil.)

Handle Griff Poigne

Parts list for installation and connection
The following parts are provided with this unit. After checking them, please set them correctly.
Teileliste fr den Einbau und Anschlu
Die folgenden Teile werden zusammen mit diesem Gert geliefert. Nach ihrer berprfung, die Teile richtig einsetzen.
Liste des pices pour linstallation et raccordement
Les pices suivantes sont fournies avec cet appareil. Aprs vrification, veuillez les placer correctement.
Hard case Hartgehuse Etui de transport


Remote controller Fernbedienung Tlcommande Battery Batterie Pile CR2025


Remote controller and holder Fernbedienung und Halterung Tlcommande et support

RM -R K2 2

Batteries Batterien Piles R03(UM-4)/AAA(24F)
Trim plate Zierrahmen Plaque dassemblage Power cord Netzleitung Cordon dalimentation Handles Griffe Poignes Washer (5) Unterlegscheibe(5) Rondelle (5) Lock nut (M5) Sicherungsmutter (M5) Ecrou darrt (M5)
Mounting bolt (M5 x 20 mm) Befestigungsschrauben (M5 x 20 mm) Boulon de montage (M5 x 20 mm)


To prevent short circuits, we recommend that you disconnect the batterys negative terminal and make all electrical connections before installing the unit. If you are not sure how to install this unit correctly, have it installed by a qualified technician. Note: This unit is designed to operate on 12 volts DC, NEGATIVE ground electrical systems. If your vehicle does not have this system, a voltage inverter is required, which can be purchased at JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealers. Replace the fuse with one of the specified rating. If the fuse blows frequently, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer. If noise is a problem. This unit incorporates a noise filter in the power circuit. However, with some vehicles, clicking or other unwanted noise may occur. If this happens, connect the units rear ground terminal (See connection diagram below.) to the cars chassis using shorter and thicker cords, such as copper braiding or gauge wire. If noise still persists, consult your JVC IN-CAR ENTERTAINMENT dealer. Maximum input of the speakers should be more than 40 watts at the rear and 40 watts at the front, with an impedance of 4 to 8 ohms. Be sure to ground this unit to the cars chassis. The heat sink becomes very hot after use. Be careful not to touch it when removing this unit.



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