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Tonsil Altus 110 + Panasonic SB-AK25 + amplituner JVC RX-E100R "Basstronics- Bass I love you"

Mój sprzęcik grający ;) Altusy 110, kolumny Panasonic 50W i amplituner firmy JVC o mocy 2x50W. Oceniajcie ;) Mój pierwszy ...

JVC RX-DP10 JVC RX-DP20 top of the line review

jvc rx-dp10 one of the best modern non hdmi receivers ever built. When you prefer a modern 5.1 ore 7.1 setup above the classic ...

JVC RX-318 Home Stereo Receiver

This Stereo receiver has a CD input, a Phono input, and 2 Tape inputs with outputs. I demonstrated the operation of this unit ...


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