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1992 Nissan Pathfinder XE 650 OBO


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namedreg 5:33am on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 
Unit sounds great. This unit performs far better than one would expect for the price. Nice Features, Easy To Install
svenn 1:13am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
Great Car Audio Ive Owned other Kenwood stereos & this 1 is as good as all the others. Worth the price paid I got this guy for $70.00 and well, it does most of what I want it to do.

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Replacing Faceplate Ribbon Cable on Kenwood KDC-715S
(these instructions MAY apply to similar Kenwood motorized faceplate units.) Warning: I am not an electronics expert but have done my share of electrical and mechanical work, plus I did a quality install myself of head unit, cd-changer, etc. The soldering of the ribbon cable head to faceplate socket is delicate work. If you installed your own deck, wiring, and CD changer, you should be up to the task. Symptom: my display went dead on me but tuner and CD still work, and I suspect it wont be long until motor-drive faceplate hangs in half-open position like others have reported. Mistake I made: ordering wrong cable before opening unit to see p/n on my faceplate cable. I went to and ordered what I thought might be cable, but instead ordered cable for CD unit to headunit, instead of faceplate to head unit flex cable.
Tools I had on hand to start job: wire tool for frame, R + L removal tools for head unit, Phillips and flat screw drivers, pick tool. Later, precision soldering iron + solder will be needed. Kenwood manual helps in getting unit out of car.
Remove rubber frame with wire hook tool. (not shown here)

Brent Norum

Turn on ignition to make faceplate appear, then hit CD eject button (upper right corner). The motorized faceplate should be in a horizontal position at this point, then move "unlock" button on edge of faceplate so you can slide off the faceplate from the motorized backplate. (note head unit is already removed in this photopretend it isnt, ok?)
Turn off ignition to put into security mode (so faceplate carrier will be in proper position for access to micro screws later) then insert removal tools if you have them (or other thin, flat pieces of metal to release catches that hold head unit to frame):
Head unit is out of car and ready for action: (disconnect wiring connectors, antenna, and harness)
Remove two screws of top cover and gently pry cover off towards you:
Remove 3 screws to CD unit:
Gently, tip CD unit up and toward you and pivot to vertical position in front of head unitbe careful of CD unit ribbon cable. Finger is pointing at CD unit ribbon cable. Carefully slide white plastic ribbon locks down to remove CD unit ribbon cable from head unit.
Note: this is when you can see part numbers to order your faceplate flex cablethe one on the right! Mine was a J84-0106-02 that was superseded by a J84-0106-12 at The new cable had a crease in it where it rolled-up on tension roller tube.

Brent Norum 4 11/28/2005

Once CD unit is removed, you can see faceplate ribbon cable and spring-roller tube that rolls cable up when faceplate moves:
Remove 2 large screws and 2 small screws that hold CD-dust-shield carrier to head unit, gently pull upward to slide this piece free:
CD-dust-shield carrier is free from head unit:

Brent Norum 5 11/28/2005

Here is faceplate carrier installed with ribbon cable rolled onto spring-loaded roller-tube:
Genlty roll open roller-tube slightly and put a small item to hold roller tube open so cable can be freed. I used a small oval piece of aluminum 1/16 thick to hold roller tube in a position that allows cable to be freed up and removed and new cable installed. Note position of cable for future install of new cable.
Release ribbon cable from head unit:
Remove 4 micro screws that hold faceplate carrier to motor hinges:
Gently pry carrier from motor hinges and slide upward to free carrier:
Faceplate carrier with ribbon cable attached:
Remove 2 micro screws holding ribbon cable head to carrier.

Brent Norum 8 11/28/2005

I de-soldered ribbon cable head at this point, but it might have been easier to buy a new cable head. It is tricky de-soldering each pin to release ribbon. If you choose to re-use and de-solder old ribbon head, gently apply down pressure as you de-solder so ribbon pulls away from each pin successively. This will take several minutesbe careful! Ribbon has just pulled away from ribbon head in this photo.

Ribbon head is free.

Plastic backing piece will need to be gently pried free of carrier. It is glued in place.

Brent Norum 9 11/28/2005

Plastic plate is free from faceplate carrier:
Note how ribbon head fits onto ribbon cable with two small indents:
Solder ribbon to ribbon headuse very little solder and keep solder tip clean. I barely tinned solder tip and just dabbed each pin while holding head to cable. Do this quickly and to each pin to make good contact.
Push ribbon head thru carrier plate:

Peel off backing to adhesive tape on ribbon:
Push ribbon into place on faceplate carrier:
I used double-sided Scotch tape to glue carrier to backing plate:
You are ready to start ribbon cable into spring-roller-tube. Do not push all the way in to crease in ribbon cableonly get it started. You need enough slack in cable to install faceplate carrier back into head unit. Note roller tube being held open by flat piece of aluminumthis allows easy insertion of ribbon cable.
Install faceplate carrier back into head unit:
Install ribbon cable into plastic connector and push in plastic locking tabs that keep cable secured. Note how my thumb is simulating how ribbon will ride when I put back CD dust cover carrier. Roller tube moves as ribbon cable is depressed against backing plate.
Re-assemble CD dust shield carrier to head unit:
Install CD unit back into head unit making sure ribbon cable is secure in its connector, and put top cover back on unit. Plug unit into car harness to test functionality before re-installing head unit back into car. If all went well, youre done! Congratulations!



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