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BC-DX Jan 1999 ________________________________________________________________________
AFGHANISTAN 7079v, Voice of Shariah, Kabul, 1300-1715 Jan 2, mostly relig progr in the month of fasting, currently hrd in Pa/Da with good quality sigs. Maybe the old tx given a clean up in the New Year. Ar at 1645 and En 1700. (Sarath Weerakoon-CLN 4S5SL UADX, via NU, Jan 2) ALGERIA 1550 National Radio of SADR, nx in Ar, many mentions of Sahara, Dec 1, 2220. (Sheigra Dxpedition to north west Sutherland, with Dave Kenny, Graham Powell, Tony Rodgers, in BDXC-UK, Communication, Jan) AUSTRALIA 0000-0100 0000-0100 0100-0200 0100-0700 0200-0300 0200-0700 0300-0400 0400-0500 0500-0600 0500-0600 0600-0800 0800-0900 0900-1100 0900-1200 1100-1200 1100-1230 1200-1400 1230-1330 1330-1430 1400-1430 1430-1700 1700-1800 1800-2000 2000-2100 2000-2100 2100-2130 2130-0000 2130-2200 2200-2300 2200-2300 2300-0000 2300-0000 Latest sked from Radio Australia: En 21740 Vn 15415 En Grandstand* 17750 Sat En Grandstand* 17750 Sun En 21725 En En Khmer En En En Tok Pisin En Ch En Vn Vn En En En En En 12080 Tok Pisin Su-Th En 21740 BI En Ch 15240 En 21740 En 21740 Khmer 15240
*Grandstand is a weekend sports progr. Radio Australia's Brandon site is also used to relay BBCWS from 2200-2300 on 9660 and 12080. (R. Australia/Ferguson-VA via NASWA, Jan 4) CHILE 9635 Voz Cristiana, 1604 Jan 2, dialog in Sp between two males chatting about their trips all over the Americas. Fair-good, //21500, which is the choice, QRK 5. (Nigro-URG, via NU, Dec 3) CHINA [TIBET] 1494.2 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Dec 4, 0050, Ch sce, //3960, 4500. 1521 CRI Xinjiang, Dec 8, 1800, IS & ID's in Ch & Ru. 1593.3 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Dec 4, 0030, Mongolian sce, //4980, 5060. 3990 Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi, Dec 3, 1606, nx in Uighur, //4735. (Sheigra Dxpedition BDXC-UK, Communication, Jan)
Just a note to say that I've made some additions to Radio China In the "Times & Freqs" section is a first attempt to list all China's Regional PBS stns and in "On the Drawingboard" is info on Hans's visit to RRI-Denpasar early in Oct last year, with lots of photos and some RA audio clips (Hans van den Boogert-TWN, Jan 3) CLANDESTINE (Tibet). 7455, Voice of Tibet: is now on 7455, change in freq because on Dec was co-channeled by RCI audio at 1230-1256, when it suddenly went off the air a minute after VOT s-off. This was no RCI operation, but surely China using RCI audio to jam VOT. However, not hrd since then. The very next day VOT tested both 7465 & 7455, with the intention of changing to 7455, since CH jammers take 5 days to a week to change a jamming freq ! However, the next day and after, CH didn't cochannel VOT. VOT, however, chose to move to 7455. Probably will jump to 7465 if CH appears on 7455. (Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK UADX, via NU, Jan 3) DIEGO GARCIA Found in WRTH page # 174: The original population of approx. 3000 were repatriated to Mauritius. [Oh !!!! ] FRANCE 738 RFI Paris, Dec 7, relay in En 1400-1500, followed by Vietnamese from 1500. (Sheigra Dxpedition BDXC-UK, Communication, Jan) GABON 12014.00 RFI in Port via Moyabi, 250 kW 125 degr, observed here on odd channel, Dec 31, 1700-1800, //15530 Issoudun-F, apparently a typo error on their relay site in Gabon. (WB, Dec 31) GERMANY Nothing like new DW Ukr sce on SW 5995 7155, 0530-0600 on Jan 2nd, 4th. Nothing on these channels at all. MW 999 Grigoriopol-MDA carries DW Ru sce instead of promised Ukrainian. (Vladimir G.Titarev-UKR, Jan 4) 6015, Radio RSG via DTK-Juelich, *0900-1200* Jan 1, special New Year's progr of this local FM stn with greetings and mx, some special anmts for SWLs. Also asking for Rrs: Radio RSG, D-42621 Solingen, Germany e-mail: URL: (Harald Kuhl-D, via NU, Jan 3) Their regular addr is shown on the website: Radio RSG, Aleestrasse 1, D-42653 Solingen, Germany. NU, Jan 3) Programmtips DLR Jan 08 DLR Jan 10 DLF Jan 14 DLF Jan 14 DLR Jan 17 DLF Jan 20 Wahrheit DLF Jan 21 DLR Jan 22 DLR Jan 23 DLR Jan 26 DLF Jan 27 DLR Jan 31 Januar 1335-1400 1630-1700 0805-0810 0910-1030 0805-0900 1815-1900 1815-1900 1205-1230 1405-1600 1205-1230 0910-1030 1630-1700

6397v 6451v


6695-6696v 7154-7156v

9875 12035
Partial sched of V of Vietnam Ext Sce noted here 25-27 April. Some txns appear to have been deleted recently, esp to China (this is reflected in
announced schedule in Mandarin, so it's not just a case of untraced freq changes). All txns now only heard on 1 or 2 HF freqs. Although some txs may be used for jamming, these reductions also seem to affect times of day when there's no obvious jamming aimed against foreign stns broadcasting to VTN. Most freqs are slightly off channel, especially 9730 (recently noted around 9729v clashing badly with BBC WS Indonesian & Burmese via SNG at 1300-1400). I suspect that 13740 during the local evening at 1100-1130 and 1300-1400 is via VTN rather than Russia judging by propagation and apparent absence of satellite delay, but this needs to be checked. All txns last around 25 mins except where indicated: Cambodian: Cantonese: 0000, 1200 and 1330 on on on on 9840, 12020 English: 1000 on 9840, on on 9840, on 9730, and 1500 on 1242 French: 1300 on 9730, 13740 Indonesian: 0930 and 1030 on 0940, on 1242, 9840, 12020 Japanese: 1200 and 1400 on 9840, 12020 Lao: 1230 on 7285 Mandarin: 0830 and 0900 on 9840, on on on 7285 (announced but not checked) Russian: 1130 on 9840, on 7285 Spanish: 1100 on 9730, 13740 Thai: 1130 on on 9840, 12020 Vietnamese: 1530-1630 on 1242 (Alan Davies, Chiang Mai, THA, Apr 25) In 1998, I wrote and published an English language book "Jamming". This is a comprehensive 164-page study, containing historical and technical review of radio broadcasting jamming, covering facts and events from Cuba to North Korea. The most detailed is description of the jamming system of the former Soviet Union, including documents, photographs, jamming technology, monitoring data and counter measures. Jamming was (and still is in some countries) not only a form of the political censorship, but also a system aimed to jam a military High Frequency communication circuits in the case of war. Many of the former ionospheric and ground wave jammers in Russia were preserved in order to use these facilities in the case of a military necessity. Sincerely yours, Rimantas Pleikys, the Author E-mail: <> Phone: +05074 Fax: +224747 Mail: Rimantas Pleikys, Karmelitu 4-22, Vilnius LT-2001, Lithuania (For the book ordering information, please, check: Anhui Province Knowledge Contest Send your entries to PAR AVION ---------

EC-130 airplane on 1003 kHz 1940 UTC, 33443. Long lasting and deep fadings. Annts in Serbian , ID's as "NATO Radio Televizije" and US pops. Fade away around 2008, c-down ? Anyone knows the address of the stn ? (Martin Elbe-D, Jun 10) Some informations about Allied Voice / EC130E aircraft: (Kurt Brandstetter-AUT, Jun 12) Yugoslav forces have apparently thwarted some NATO air attacks because at times allied pilots speak to each other and to ground-based air controllers over open communications systems according to NATO officials and US intelligence reports. Although the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia is the most technologically sophisticated in history- with the largest percentage of precision guided bombs ever- some NATO countries' aircraft do not carry secure communications equipment. Their governments were either unwilling or unable on short notice to equip their planes with secure radio gear compatible with US aircraft and other up-to-date planes in the 19 member alliance. "All the NATO aircraft aren't equipped with the same kind of equipment we have" said an Air Force official. When the planes without secure communication take part in operations pilots in other planes must speak on unsecured radio frequencies that NATO knows are being monitored by Yugoslav forces as well as civilian radio enthusiasts, said communications experts. "If you have 20 aircraft flying together but some who don't have secure communications no one can use it" said one NATO aviator.
Following NATO practice the conversations are in English. As a result Yugoslav forces are using English speaking civilians, many of them English teachers, to listen in on and translate unencrypted voice communications between NATO ground controllers and some of the NATO warplanes taking off each day. In some cases Yugoslav forces have apparently known the target and timing of a NATO attack and the direction in which the planes were flying. One US pilot reported that each time he used the code word for a specific SA6 ground-to-air anti aircraft missile site the missile was immediately hidden and he was unable to strike it as a target. This happened twice and suggested to analysts that Yugoslav forces also have access to NATO code words for specific targets. "Communications is truly the weak link in this chain of operation" said Bruce Lambert a defence analyst and communications specialist at DFI International, a defence consulting firm in Washington. Lambert and other experts say that the lack of communications inter operability has posed a problem in Operation Allied Force because the duration of the air war has given Yugoslav forces time to figure out the patterns and to decade the pilot chatter they are hearing every day. Aircraft from NATO's most advanced military countries- the United States, Britain, France and others, have equipment in the cockpit of their fighter jets that allows them to scramble communications and to receive secure target and other data from AWACS and other surveillance aircraft whose job is to survey the skies and ground. But newer alliance partners do not. Also the United States does not want to share all its capabilities with other nations, even allies. The NATO operation faces another challenge, ever more sophisticated hobbyists who collect and then disperse, via the Internet, military radio frequencies and the takeoff of NATO jets headed out for bombing runs each day from bases in Italy, England, Germany and elsewhere. "They stand at the end of runways, look at the tail wing numbers and call me" said John Pike, an intelligence expert at the Federation of American Scientists whose Web site includes a detailed description of the types and squadrons aircraft belong to. About a week into the war Lt. Col Ed Worley, an Air Force public affair officer at the Pentagon, received a call from a retired military officer saying that, using his radio equipment, he had heard NATO pilots talking about operations and was worried that it could compromise war planes. Worley recalled that he was ey. "shocked and dismayed" so he called the Air Force operations centre. "Our operations folks said that we have to talk in the clear all the time" he said. (Washington Post, May 1st, originally summarised on WoR via British WDXC Contact June) MW listening in Belgrade, first week of June 1999. Dragan Stankovic reports: On Sun, May 30th NATO destroyed R Belgrade's MW tx located at Stubline. The tx on Mw 684 was one of the strongest in EUR, with a power of 2000 kW. Since other tx sites have also been hit during the course of the bombing campaign, it's now very difficult to listen in to radio txions from Serbia on MW. Among the rare stns I've noticed still operative on MW is R Jagodina 1440 with a power of 20 kW. This tx which previously used to carry the local radio stn, now relays the progrs of RT Srbje Belgrade. (RN website via Kai Ludwig-D, Jun 13) SWEDEN ARNE SKOOG passed away. Radio Sweden is sorry to tell the DX community that Arne Skoog, the founder of Sweden Calling DXers, and a key figure in the founding of the Swedish DX

1800-1900 1830-1900 1730-1800 0130-0200 1600-1700 1130-1230 0430-0500 1830-2100 1430-1500 0330-0430 1300-1400 1700-1800 0330-0400 1200-1230 2300-2400 1630-1730 1630-1730 0000-0100
Amh daily, 1830-1900 Tigr/Oromo M-F, En Sa/Su all NF 15525, x15435 to avoid LJB; Azeri NF 15135, x13650 to avoid CRI; Bang NF 17805, x9760; Bang NF 11965, x5955; Bur NF 11850, x11910; Cron NF 6125, NF 7185, x6050, 7180. Fr/Ha NF 21485, x15365; Geor NF 11780, NF 15245, NF 15455; Kinyarwanda NF 9805 co-ch R.Marti, x5970; Kor NF 11765, x9545 to avoid DW. Ru NF 9615, x11815 to avoid VOIROI; Ser NF 7115, x7125 to avoid VOR; Sp NF 11925, NF 15360, x11945, 15265; Sp NF 17890, x11960; Swa NF 11665, x11695, re-x11765 Swa NF 15555 co-ch RDP Sat/Sun, x7290 Tibetan NF 11690, x6095
Some changes of RFE/RL: 1100-1200 Kaz NF 11870, ex 11855 to avoid BSKSA 1600-1700 Geo NF 11670, NF 15380, NF 17745 1700-1800 Geo 9790, 11925, 15135 deleted all 1800-1900 Geo NF 11665, NF 13635, NF 15115 1900-2000 Geo 7190, 9725, 9785 deleted all 1800-1900 Ser add NF 9625, NF 11895, NF 12045 //1593 1900-1930 Sern add NF 7285, NF 9625, NF 11895 //1593 1830-1930 Ukr 7285, 9625, 11895 deleted all 1800-1900 Aze NF 9615, ex 11815 to avoid VOIROI 1800-1900 Turkm NF 7260, ex 7155 to avoid R.Jordan 1900-2000 Ru NF 9725, ex 9660 and deleted 7245 1900-2000 Tatar-Bashkir NF 7150, ex 9860 to avoid CRI 2200-0100 Ru on add NF 5975 demodulated audio 2200-0330 Ser add 1197, 1458, 1593 //1224 till 0300 plus 6130, 9650, 11730 till 2400. (PanIview-BUL, Jun 5) 15695 RFA *0100-0200* New freq for Tibetan; announces "RFA Channel 4" at s-off. Muffled, distorted audio; quite strong with polar flutter. Site said to be Dushanbe-TJK. (Bob Hill-USA, Jun 12) [Scheduled is also 17730 from CeAS.] 4278.5 AFTRS 0459, //6485.5 (Puerto Rico) and 12689.5 (Key West) Usual nx, short features. Ads against drunk drivers ("We and the Armed Forces take care of our own"), anti-snuff, Commerce Dept for business abroad. Ad for AFTRS on balance of sports - "Policy of AFRTS Radio to give balance to our sports - something for everyone"(First time I have heard any mention of AFRTS on any bc I have heard, although there are frequent Armed Forces ads. (Don Nelson-USA, via Cumbre Jun 8) A-99 schedule of "Wavescan" //via KSDA & Forli: 0930-1000 old 7230 (23332) via Forli; 1000-1030 NF 11560 (34433), x11660; 1030-1100 old 11795 (34533); 1230-1300 NF 11800 (45554) via Forli, x7230; 1230-1300 NF 15330 (34433), x15225; 1330-1400 NF 11705 (44433), x11660. 1330-1400 NF 11750 (43443) , x15225; 1430-1500 NF 9355 (35443), x11980 to avoid CRI; 1530-1600 NF 11930 (55544), x11625. 1600-1630 NF 9355 (55544), x11750 to avoid RFA; 1730-1800 NF 11560 (55444), x11565; 1730-1800 NF 11965 (55544), x9355; 2130-2200 NF 15550 (45433), x13720;

21 MHz gives us an echo. There is a possibility that we might just hear a long and short path although more likely the difference between the sky and grund wave. These tests will be over and if the VOA/IBB is satisfied they will accept the station from the Marconi contractors. The operational schedule will not be this one although there will be much of it in it. (G.Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK UADX, Jul 17).not a tremendous event Ohhhh, not so on late afternoon, I nearly felled from my bed while tuning into 17640 at 1555: Iranawila was booming in.All the broadcasts have fluttery signals and deep fading periodes.only the noticeable fading of roughly 0.5.1 Hz somewhat reduced the fun, SINPO 55534. Further results: 1315 - 17650 SIO 343 (splash from powerhouse GPR-1 R Rossii 17660) 1415 - Both 17620 and 15480 S=1-- 21815 S=- 17795 SIO 453 (signal behaviour like on 17640 prior to 1600, but weaker); 21535 blocked by local noise peak right now (KL)


21 MHz gives us an echo. The same uses Nauen to do here, some 130 kms away. Also Wertachtal frequently presents heavily echoing signals on 13 metres. There is a possibility that we might just hear a long and short path although more likely the difference between the sky and ground wave.
Propagation expert Wolfram Hess thinks that in these cases of echoing 13 metres signals from nearby txs inside their dead zone the first signal is a backscatter instead of regular F layer refraction and the second one the usual longpath skywave. (G.Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK UADX, and Kai Ludwig-D, Jul 17)
13760 11:02 En nx, acc to proof performance test schedule. SINPO 25332. Multipath reception echo. 13795 11:02 En nx, acc to proof performance test schedule. SINPO 25332. 17650 11:08 Ch talk acc to proof performance test schedule. SINPO 33443 at best, but mostly 32442. 21555 12:36 Press Conference USA in Proof of Performance Test Schedule. SINPO 55544. Reception on 21555 was much stronger here, than in the Stuttgart area. I must add that I used a T2FD for these observations. With my MK-1 longwire, their signal on 21555 was weaker (S3) and much more noise and fading was noted. (Michiel Schaay-HOL, Jul 17) I heard Iranawila 1700-1800 on 7215 with a good but fluttery signal, on 17795 with a good and not so fluttery signal and on 21535 with a weak signal. The txers went off at 1800. (Olle Alm-SWE, Jul 17) For your information. I am going to try to hear it here in Copenhagen. Tonight on its first day of bcing, I heard it at 1910 on 9680 with 35344 and on 15520 with 34344. (Anker Petersen-DEN, Jul 17) 15310 One of the UNID entries describes unidentified instrumental mx. I should be able to shed some light on this, I work at the new VOA facility in Sri Lanka and we have recently been conducting some system tests, using 15310 and bcing the VOA 'house music' channel. 500 kW tx'r - 4x6 antenna 0300-1000. (Jim Watson-SLN, Marconi, Jul 10) From Marconi Communications, VOA (Sri Lanka) Project Site Office, Negombo, Sri Lanka. I am currently employed as a contractor at the IBB (VOA) Relay station in Sri Lanka as the engineer responsible for the control room, antennas and towers. Next week, we will start a one week PoP (proof of performance) test - starting on the 17th and finishing on the 24th July. This will be the first scheduled broadcasts from the station. If anyone is interested in tuning into these tests, I can e-mail them a schedule. I have approval from the IBB to pass this on and they are obviously very interested in any feedback from listeners. After the tests are over, the station will revert to nighttime (local) operation for a few months.

As I visited the Wachenbrunn-GER site already in 1994 I was told, that a replacement of these "old days" circuit by a satellite feed is intended, but nothing happened so far. Even more a similar circuit was established for Berlin 693, and it is believed that these signal is also forwarded to London for rebcing on WRN 3, although it really didn't sound good. "The ARRT antenna, consisting of a supporting mast and a cage of vertical radiator wires, is supposed to suppress the skywave. ARRT means antenna
with controlled current feed and the type was widely used for key LW-MW txs in the former USSR." [OA]. and where USSR equipment was in use, namely at Burg near Magdeburg-GDR, where a 324 metres tall ARRT installation was used for MW 783. Meanwhile these antenna was modified for LW operation and is now in use to air RadioRopa LW 261, and it performes quite good, comparing the signal strength with the power of just 50 kW. The Hungarian Solt site on 540 (and maybe also the other Hungarian high power MW txs like Marcali 1251, which is off and silent now) has USSR equipment, too, maybe also the LW/MW/SW facilities in Romania and Bulgaria. (Kai Ludwig-D, Sep 3) 4928.7 in usb, R Mayak around 1800 man seaking then mx, 33333. (Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx Aug 26) VoR Moscow in Hi Ur Hi Be 1300-1600 replaced 13615 by 13755. [IRN on co-ch 13615] (Klaus Lieberwirth-D, Aug 27) 11925 UNID Ru stn, txion via Samara tx site 0800-0900, 44444, weather report, but not R Rossii progr. (WB. Aug 24) This UNID stn is - R Tatarstan in Tatar + weather report in Ru at the end of the progr 0400-0500 on degr, 0600-0700 on degr, 08000900 on degr. Tx in Samara 200 kW. (Anatoly Klepov-RUS, Aug 29) Morning sce of VoR Moscow in Serbian at 0300-0430 on 1548-Grigoriopol-MDA. 7440 Moscow? 230 degr, and 9485-Popovka. Repeat of previous night ? 21002230 on 1548-Grigoriopol-MDA, 7350 Armavir 1000 kW 315 degr, and 12000 Armavir 240 kW 290 degr. (Kai Ludwig-D, Sep 3) SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Riyadh in Ar still on odd freq 11818.06 at 0500-0600 Aug 26, 11818.08 at 0330-0400 on Sep 2. //15270. (WB) SOUTH AFRICA R Paralelo 27 will be on every Sat in Sep from 1200-1300 on 7270 beaming 76 degr from Meyerton Radio Stn at Bloemendal. QSL address is: P.O.Box 1267, Rosettenville, 2130 Rep. of South Africa, Due to a unforeseen problem Radio Paralelo 27 will not be on the air on Sats; until further notice. (du Toit-RSA, via HC-DX via NU, Aug 29, Sep 2; hcdx Sep 3) SUDAN 8000 1600-1800 in USB music jamming against Voice of Sudan (Sudanese Opposition radio from Asmara) on 7999.85 AM. Sudanese home sce at same time on 8000 in AM. (Harald Kuhl-D, A-DX Aug 30) [see 6920 under UNID also] SWAZILAND 3200 TWR Mpangela Ranch, 1802-1818, Choir, relig tlk by male in En. At 1815 TWR jingle, followed by short female annt. Then another relig progr with choir and male talk in En. 24332, slowly increasing in strength. (Mark Veldhuis-HOL, Aug 29) SYRIA R Damascus ext sce 1600-1700 Tu 12085, 1700-1800 Ru 13610. 1805-1905 Ge, 1905-2005 Fr, 2005-2205 En, 2215-2315 Ar, 2315-0015 Sp, all on 12085 13610. (BBCM via British DXC Communication Sep) TAJIKISTAN 5800 R Dushanbe 1640, songs 34333. [not Almaty-KAZ ed] (Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx Aug 23)


Mongolian Radio was heard on 4850 and LW 164 at 0100 with time pips, time check and nx progr. 4850 - instead of Radiostn Khekh Tanghar-Blue Sky
Radio. Wrong feed or complex schedule? No other SW freqs in use as listed in WRTH. (Fedor Brazhnikov-RUS, Oct 15) MOZAMBIQUE 3274.8 R Mozambique Beira, 1743-1804, Male talk mentioned. Short instrumental jingle. Just before 1800 drums, "Journal" was heard. Then male and female talk. 23332. Thanks to Mahendra Vaghjee-MAU for his help with this one. He stn was bcing in Por. He also tells me there are two //freqs: 738 MW. At MAU place, 3275 is stronger than 3210. The stn has 6111 too in the past, but Mahendra has not checked if they're indeed. (Mark Veldhuis-HOL, Cumbre Oct 15) in Por, Beira and the word confirms the 3210 SW, and been heard on still there
MYANMAR 5985.8 R Myanmar finally heard in En after years of trying. This one is daily in the Western US, but the trick is getting it to hang in long enough to catch the En sce that starts at 1430, something I was never able to do until today. 1429 man singing and chanting with chorus replying. 1433 into En suddenly with freq annts by woman and then playing old pops, such as the Beatles. As for other Burmese sces, 4725 apparently signed off at 1330 today, can anyone confirm this as their normal sign off? Also, still no sign of 5973. (Hans Johnson-USA, Cumbre Oct 9) Mayawadi R Stn (x5973) and Myanmar Defence Forces BC Unit (x6570) are still inactive. Audible is the Ext Sce 5985v, 7185 and 9730; Dom Sce on 4725. Schedule of the dom sce varies day by day. At 1430 Oct 13, 5985v BRM R Myanmar, Yangon En 33443 hyterodyne-tone. On Oct 12, 7185 BRM R Myanmar, Yangon MYA 33333 carrier+tuning tone from 0000. (Uwe Volk-THA, Oct 17) NETHERLANDS 1485 Haagstad R, Hindustani stn from Holland. Haagstad R in Den Haag-HOL on freq 1485, first I heard them with not to strong signal in Utrecht, 60 km from Den Haag, but they are much stonger now, so give it a try. In time the stn will come with a own QSL card, and on Sunday evening they will produce a DX progr, in a Dutch mx format progr, with a Dutch presenter with the name of "Wim Sonneveld". Good luck with the reception of Haagstad Radio ! (Guido Schotmans-BEL, hcdx Oct 15) NORWAY 7215.16 Uke Senderen: Earlier today I heard a weak signal here which might have been Uke Senderen in Trondheim. After 1300 the channel was (and at 1700 still is) blocked by splattering from neighbouring 7220 VOA/RFE. [I heard nothing, when I checked Uke in Southern GER on Oct 16th, see explanation below, ed] 7215.16 indeed was Uke Senderen (also hrd by others here in EUR). They only run arnd 200-400 watts because of technical problems. (Harald Kuhl-D, Oct 16-17) Website says that, for a QSL-card, write to: Ukesender'n 99, c/o ARK, Elgesaetergt. 1, 7030 Trondheim, Norway. (Jerry Berg-USA, NU Oct 17) We are having some technical problems with the SW and MW. I can say that a driver for the Power Amplifier 'let out it's smoke'. At the moment there is an ad hoc solution to the problem, which is not very good. The stn runs with 200W at the moment, but we hope to be txing the full 1000 Watt we are licensed to by the end of the day. The people who work with Ukesenderen went to the students "review" last night, it was really fun. Looking forward to lots of concerts and other theatre-acts and all sorts of fun. Eivind L. Hansen Holtermanns vei 35 N-7031 TRONDHEIM, NORWAY

RCI Montreal B99 relay via Irkutsk: 2200-100 kW 66 degr. B99 relay via Chita: 2300-250 kW 194 degrs. (Bill Westenhaver-CAN, Cumbre Oct 15) Some changes of VoRUS 1400-1600 En Hi Be on NF 11685, co-ch 1500-1545 BBC in Ta and BBC EnbR (x12005) 1400-1800 En Hi Be En En addit 7315 instead of DW Ge 1500-2000 Ru En Ar Ar En addit 9835 instead of DW Ge 1500-2000 Alb Se It Fr Fr deleted 7310 1800-1900 En (not Fri) on NF 11685, co-ch CRI Ru (x12025) R Rossii in Ru from Sept 26: 0100-0500 on NF 5955 (45554) MSK 100 kW 240 deg (x6205) VoVTN via RUS changed 12030 from Sep 5: 1900-2030 in Ru Viet on NF 7330 (55544), instead of 7390 (OBSERVER-BUL Ivo Ivanov, Oct 15) "An Air Without 'Black' Holes" a summary of the article published in the newspaper PRAVDA on Mar 15th, 1989, Moscow, then USSR. Since 1939 there wa a secret dept in the Min of Information of the SU, now known as "Dept of Mrs. Kretjaninova". On the surname of Natalia Krestjaninova -- for the period 1964-1989 he main chief of all Soviet radio jamming services. Acc to this "Jamming Lady"(ed.) hundreds and hundreds jammers were on the air in all big cities in the USSR round the clock. The main command center was located on Taganka Street in Moscow. Working in four shifts daily. For example the jamming process seems so: the operator on "Taganka" is listening to R Liberty and gives a command by utility soviet radio stn to all jammers in the USSR: "Let's start the jamming by tx no. 3 via aerial no. 2 on 5955". Which radio stn must be jammed -- this command came from the Administrative Dept of the Communist Party or from the secret service KGB. The main "radio enemies" were R Liberty, VoA, BBC, DW etc. Some of the ex-jammers now are reconstructed to public radio tx service. Comment of PanIview: Some reconstructed, many of them not. Acc to other ex-Soviet sources, the most big problem for the "jammbrotherhood" was to covering the superpower MW "monster" on 1525(now 1521) kHz, located in Urumqi-CHN with 2000 kW of power, bced 24 hrs in Ru, and heard regularly here in BUL (and during winter time nights also in WeEUR ! wb). (PANIVIEW-BUL, Sep 30) Re: 7345, re note in NU whether "Sakha" R meant "Sakhalin". SAKHA is not the same as SAKHALIN. These are two different administrative divisions of the Russian Federation and separate geografically. Sakha is a republic in NoEa Russia, former name was Yakutiya or Republic of Yakut. Administrative capital is Yakutsk. Sakhalin is a big island at the eastern part of Russia and "oblast'" - designation of administrative division of the Russian Federation. Administrative capital is Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. For more information about broadcasting in Russia and administrative divisions visit our web-site at (Feodor Brazhnikov-RUS, Oct 9) R Centre: For those who may have a rpt outstanding to this private RS stn which was hrd on 12010 in 1993, and who never give up, BBCM observes that they are now on 1485 MW only, but offers this contact info:

ARMENIA e-mail address VoARM Yerevan: (Volker Willschrey-D, Nov 3) BELARUS 6040 Minsk & 7110(x7140) Brest, new channels of Belarus R discovered around 0900. //and most powerful 7210. Real mess on v7110 where RTirana Cerrik is a little bit off frequency. (WB, Nov 5) A new set of freqs were introduced with B99 season. 6010 (x6165), 6040 (x6100) with Hrodna regional progr 0440-0500. 6070 & 6080 remains, but now listed as Minsk 100 kW at 130 degrs, 6115 remains, but now listed as Minsk 10 kW. 6190 (x5965) with Mahiliou regional prgr 0440-0500 and now with good modulation (no assigment requested by ARD for Berlin on 6190, so it comes as a surprise for BLR). 7110 (x7140) Hrodna //remains, //6190 7210, 7265 both remain. (Olle Alm-SWE, Nov 2) BULGARIA R BUL DX progrs in B99: "Calling DXers & Radio Amateurs" in En. Fri 7535. Sat 9400. 17500. 7545. Sun 9400. "DX Program" in Ge: Sun 1750 7535. Tue 17500. 7535 7545. Mon 9400. 1950 5845
"DX Mix" in Ru: Sat 7465 11900. 7465. Sun 0045 7500. 7400. In Bulg: Sun 13600 1224. 17500. 7465. 747 1224. 7545. Mon 9415. (Rumen Pankov-BUL, Oct 22) CAMBODIA 11940 RRI Bucharest is back again on co-channel at 1200-1356, so lower the chance to get CBG this winter season here in EUR. Only on short tx break at 1256-1300 may be lucky to hear Phnom Penh. RRI on //15380 17745, not on anncd 15245. (Lutz Andreas-D & Uwe Volk-D, A-DX Oct 31) CANADA The first day of ORF's new Sackville relay to WeNoAM at 1600 on 17865 was a bust Oct 31. We got a few mins of country fill mx, evidently
lacking the proper feed, and tx turned off at 1603* never to return. This bc has been planned for months, so why should it be so hard to bring it off ? While Sunday may be a prime day for listeners, it is not for full-time workers. (Glenn Hauser, OK, Nov 1) CHINA PRC Addit MW txions 1323 1200-1300, 1323 and in Ru on 1322.9. Ru also confirmed 1322.9. 1188 add Sinh 1400-1500 //15145, Ur 1500-1600 confirmed. New strong CNR-1 heard CRI in Mongolian on exactly 1300-1600 s-off, all on 1600-1700 //1323, 7590. Be on 945 & 1593.
CRI FS went to its winter schedule in the early evening of 2 Nov. Some major freq changes are notable. A few important deviations from B99: 5965 with Ge 1800-2000 (x6950 Beijing 300 kW) barely audible under VOR. Listed on 7170. 9695 German 1800-2000 good (x12030), listed on 9710 for B99 (Urumqi 500 kW). 9605 (x11945) in Ru (x listed 9580 Shijiazhuang 600 kW). 7315 (x11790 x7140 1730-2030 Ch, Ar, Fr Kunming 500 kW). (Olle Alm-SWE, Nov 2) CRI in 1900 on 9695 but annt old summer freqs of 12030 and 6950. (Klaus Koehler-D, A-DX Nov 1) Latest sked for CNR4 (Minorities network): Kazakh 0230-10260 1400-10260 Korean 1000-1057 and 2130-8566 Mongolian 2330-0027 and 1100-4190; 1500-10260 Tibetan 0030-11710 11375; 1200-and relayed on 4035 Uighur 0130-0227 and 1300-10260. (Shigenori Aoki-JPN, edxp Oct 31)) GEORGIA Abkhaz Radio noted at 0430 on 9489.76 kHz. (WB, Oct 31)

Urdu 0015-1071 Sinhala 0045-Burmese 0100-13630 Sindhi 0100-11790 Urdu 0100-Tamil 0115-Tibetan 0130-13700 Nepali 0130-Urdu 0200-Pushtu 0215-13620 Dari 0300-Bengali 0300-Hindi 0315-Persian 0400-15780 Gujarati 0415-17710 Arabic 0430-15780 Hindi 0430-17710 Nepali 0700-Punjabi 0800-Bengali 0800-Urdu 0830-11620 Indonesian 0845-17485 G.O.S 1000-17895 Tamil 1100-Thai 1115-17895 Tamil 1115-Chinese 1145-17705 Telugu 1215-Tamil 1215-Burmese 1215-Tibetan 1215-Punjabi 1230-Sindhi 1230-11585 Dari 1315-9910 G.O.S 1330-Sinhala 1300-Nepali 1330-Pushtu 1415-9910 Urdu 1430-Bengali 1445-Tamil 1500-Baluchi 1500-11585 Gujarati 1515-15175 Swahili 1515-Bengali 1600-Urdu 1600-Russian 1615-Persian 1615-Hindi 1615-Arabic 1730-G.O.S 1745-French 1945-13750 Hindi 1945-G.O.S 2045-G.O.S 2245-Hindi 2300-(Feodor Brazhnikov-eRUS, from station's web-site, Nov 10) Irkutsk DX Circle: INDONESIA v15149.85 signal. (WB, Nov 6) R VoINS Jakarta in En at 2000 had terrible audio
Richard Lam-SNG reported about RRI Makassar. I monitored on 4753 and found that the stn ID was heard as "R Rep INS Nusantara Empat Makassar" but sometimes still heard as "R Rep INS Nusantara Empat Ujung Pandang". Ujung Pandang ID may be used only as canned ID. Before city name was changed to Ujung Pandang in 1972, RRI Makassar was official name in this stn so this change indicates the return to former name. Many INSian nxpaper and VoINS reported that RRI and TVRI will be controlled by each pemerintah (local govt) and be run by private hands in the future. (Juichi Yamada, JPN, Jembatan Nov 7) IRAN 6200 weak Ar speaking stn, tent. IRIB Zahedan heard with poor level, spoiled both sides by superpower combined Rampisham&Skelton 500/250 kW, as well as Moscow on 6205 at 1930. (WB, Nov 6) LAOS 6130 Laos Nat R Vientiane was off the air last month for a short period probably for technical problem, and now back on the air with good reception again at 1315 with En songs 1330 annt by man and woman in Lao and followed immediately with French songs presented by woman in Fr and Lao 1340 requesting the Fr audience to write to the "Palais des Musique" R Nat Lao, Boite Postale 70, Vientiane, the same in Lao then continued with more mx mainly French until went off at 1400. (Mahendra Vaghjee-MAU, Nov 7) MADAGASCAR 17860 DW via RNW relay 0900-0925+ NHK signal much stronger s-off at 0900 then DW En IDs and newslink progr. Weak signal only and quite hissy, 6160 from Antigua best here at thistime. (Richard Jary-AUS, Cumbre Nov 2) Talata Volondry-MDG 250kW 245 degrs, signal should reach AUS via SoAM, SoPAC. ed. MARIANA ISL. Heavy jamming against Tinian 15470 in Vietn observed at 1430 on 15471.00, and also on 15661.82 against another RFA Vn outlet 15660. (WB, Nov 6) MYANMAR 5985.8 R Myanmar fading in at about 1415 very weak signal than at 1425 with SINPO: 24332, at 1445 with En nx. At 1454 the carrier followed by IS from R Tirana on 5985 made impossible further reception of Myanmar. (Erich Bergmann-D, Nov 8) [at my location I can separate each other, using a sharp Collins 2.7 filter, and switch to usb mode for Myanmar signal, and use always an antenna tuner of Yaesu FRT-7700. ed] R Myanmar Yangon 5985.8, fade in from 1410, En from 1430. Til 1500 mostly En lang mx progr. oldies and softies. Half CD-Rom of "DJ Bobo". Spoken progrs are low modulated, and not understandable. S-on of R Tirana at 1453, carrier and from 1458 IS. (Uwe Volk-D, A-DX Nov 5) Dem VoBurma (Burmese, "Democratic Myanmar a-Than"), operates daily at 12451345 on 5945, 15600 & 17750, and at 1430-1455 on 5945, 11850, 15605, 17550 & 17750. Langs are Burmese, Shan, Karen and Kayan. It is hostile to the current Burmese govt (the "State Law and Order Restoration Council," SLORC). It began bcing on Jul 19, 1992, when it ancd that it was operating on behalf of the govt-in-exile, the Natl Coalition Govt of the Union of Burma (NCGUB). According to a statement in March 1996, "Dem VoBurma's staff members are appointed by and accountable to a management committee which is chaired by the prime minister of the NCGUB." Bcs are currently via txs in NOR, GER, TJK and MDG. (BBC M via NU, via CRW Nov 1) NEPAL 5005 R Nepal, 0015-0030, Nepali, news mainly about Indias proposal of postponement of the SAARC summit to be held in Kathmandu later this year, PAK sharply protested the proposal, NEP as the host country has no

Our Nat Bcing to Chechya organized by the Fed Govt of RUS to ensure a republic by objective information on events in the country. This work officially execute R "VoRUS", R Rossii and R "Mayak". R stns openly declare its name at the beginning initially and at the end of work. As far as all these share occur on the territory of RUS Federations, all "sensational" talks on ostensibly "Clandestine Bcing", are naive, to say the least. I want also to remind once again that who likes to do a panic from trifles that the REAL DXing and chase for sensations have nothing in common between itself. (Pavel Mikhaylov-RUS, R "VoRUS" Moscow, Nov 13) Can our Russian contributors give some information about the status of local progrs in the Caucasus area? For years I have been trying to pick up the following stns: GTRK Osetiya, Vladikavkaz MW 594 GTRK Kabbalkteleradio, Nalchik MW 1107 GTRK Karachayevo-Cherkesiya, Cherkessk MW 1251 and of course the Groznyy tx on MW 657, but without luck. (Mika Makelainen-FIN, hcdx Nov 14) Russian AM stns in the Caucasus. At least 594 Vladikavkaz should be active with R Chechnya Svobodnaya (RCS) progrs. In Moscow MW 594 is occupied by another Ru stn, WRTH-99 lists 40 kW Izhevsk. There is a weak carrier on 595, somebody reported Vladikavkaz is 1 kHz off the channel. 0300-5935 0500-5935 0600-1089 11635* 15515 0700-15515 1100-15605* 1200-15605 1300-1089 7445* 15605 1400-1089 7340* 7445 1500-7355* 1600-7355 1800-1089 7305* 7355 1900-7355 (Nikolai Pashkevich-RUS, Nov 14) 7335 15515* 17665* 7445 (per MIDXB 137)
I'm not a Russian contributor, but I heard R Rossii relay on 1251 on Wed, 3rd Nov Unfortunately no local px at 1710, just normal R Rossii "Otrazheniya" progr continued after the nx. But I of course don't know if the tx was Urup or something else. Most probably these are all inactive or the regional progrs have been moved to FM only. They just stay in the WRTH, because the editor doesn't check the details. At least that is the case with for example Saratov on MW 630. "Radiostantsiya Chechnya Svobodna" announces also 594 kHz, so that could be via Vladikavkaz. I don't remember his name, but I think I saw someone somewhere reporting from Krasnodar. (Mauno Ritola-FIN, hcdx Nov 14) That raises the question, what's up with the studios of "GTRK Vaynakh" at Groznyy as well as the MW 657 and FM txs; I remember some reports of destroyed bc facilities at Chechnya without further details. On local TV news here in Moscow I heard the report that Russian military staff in Chechnya do monitoring the local bcs inside Chechnya, so I guess some txs (FM ?) are or were under control of Chechens. Today I found no "Chechnya Svobodnaya" on 9720 but presumed regular R Rossii instead. Indeed on air is 11635, noted from first check at 0840 through until now (after 1300). It didn't sound like the old buzzy 120 kW tx at Noginsk two years ago, maybe instead a 100 kW unit at Kurovskaya or Taldom is in use.

CRI Beijing changes from Nov 15: 1500-1600 Pa NF 9665 (45544) (x11720) 1730-2130 Mand & Fr NF 7170 (45454) (x7110) 1800-2000 Ge NF 5970 (45554) (x5965) 1800-2000 Ge NF 7225 (55544) (x9695) 2000-2200 En NF 5965 co-ch VOA & BBC (x6950) 2130-2230 Fr is still used 7110 co-ch TRT/VoT. (OBSERVER-BUL, Ivo Ivanov, Dec 6) 7038 CRI at 2110 seems not to be an image as tuned with the ATU. Progr was in Sp and very strong QRM from amateurs, still continues that days 13+12. (Zacharias Liangas-GRC, Dec 15) CIS Clandestine [Iran] 7520 R International: BBC Monitoring confirms that this is the same stn that bc in late 1998 and early 1999 via WWCR. The current bcs are "believed to be via a tx in CeAs." They appear to bc in support of Ali Javadi, publisher of "Porsesh" ("Question") journal. Addr: R International, BM Box 1499, London WC1N 3XX, UK tel +44-771-461-1099. Sked is Sun, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat at 1730-1800 in Persian. (BBC Monitoring Copyright, via NU Dec 15) John Campbell notes that "BM" is British Monomarks, a company which hires out boxes. (NU, Dec 15) CONGO Dem Rep of 5066 //3390 R Candip 1600-1630 AF mx and ID at 1620 in Fr by man as "Vous etre a ecoute de la Radio Scolaire et development Candip" and continued with "txing in 70 and 90 mb" probably the same thing by woman in AF land and then went off. Hard to hear on 3390. good reception at that time which is quite rare for this stn while 3390 was hard to hear. (Mahendra Vaghjee-MAU, Dec 15) CUBA Also another Dx progr in Sp appeared on Nov 28th, Diexismo con Manolo de la Rosa" in RHC "En Contacto", on month at 1335 [estimated ed.], and 15230] to the Americas. Suns 2155 (Manolo de la Rosa, via SW DXR by GH Dec 7) "Hablando de last Sun of the Tues 0135 [5965 to EUR [13680].
ERITREA/SUDAN TODAY at about 0330-0400 I heard two UNID stns side by side from Horn of Africa, SUD,ETH, ERI, SOM ?? On 6935 and 6940. Do you have any idea ? (Wolfgang, Oct 17) 6965 [usually 7000], Voice of Freedom & Renewal, 1515 Dec 10, Ar stn, man talking about SOM, ERI, ETH and UGA, 1530 mx and talk again, not religious prgm but ment. Sudani many times to 1600* after nx, perhaps the ancr's, fqy and ID "Ida. Sudani." Already on at 1425 Dec 11. Songs are Ar, but western style. Nx at 1603, 1611* after usual ancr's name and ID. Poor at 1430, good by 1500. Probably on the air by 1200-1300 but difficult to get it here at that time. I was checking this area for Dan Henderson, so tnx to Dan for causing me to find this. 6965 has been noted here with good reception at 1430-1610v; no relig progr has been heard but mainly talk in Ar on neighbouring countries - SOM, ERI, ETH and UGA and Ar songs of European Style went off Dec 1O at 1600 and on Dec 11 at 1611 after nx and ID as Ida. Sudani. (Mahendra Vaghjee-MAU, Dec 11) Dec 10 at around 1515 I have observed an Ar stn there. Good reception man was talking on SOM, ERI, ETH and UGA until 1530. Then mx and tlk again and a song of Macarena in Ar, no relig prog has been heard but mentioning

1200-1400 NF 17570 (55555) (x17895) to avoid BSKSA. Ivanov, Dec 15)


GREECE v9934.93 and v11595.32 ERT Thessaloniki in Greek, but terrible overmodulated signal, hardly to understand spoken words. (WB, Dec 28) GREENLAND On 26th I heard what must have been Qeqertarsuaq in Greenland on 650 on air at 0750 in Danish. I found it was //with DEN-1 LW 243 before 0800 and until fade around 0820. There was also a strong heterodyne on 570, which may have been Nuuk, but I could not seperate it from RTE 567 (that one very strong here). On 27th 650 was occupied by CKGN Gander, with another way down in the background. (Noel R. Green-UK, Dec 26-27) GUAM KSDA Jpn/En (on Suns 1330 Wavescan): 1300-1400 NF 11755 under strong signal of R Finland. (OBSERVER-BUL, Ivo Ivanov, Dec 15) ICELAND (tent.) 9275 Unid, 2320-2330*, OM nx in Unknown lang, listen to edition 1044 page A and B. Reported here is Icelandic Nat Bcing Sce, RUV Rikisutvarpid Reykjavik to Americas 2300-and 11402. (Yimber Gaviria-CLM, ConDig Dec 14) About Iceland - I have had no reply to my e-mail but did observe their MW 738 freq during Christmas and since doing a seperate progr from the two LW senders until 0800, when it relayed nx, then back to it's own progr from 0810/0815. I tried several times to hear an ID but did'nt manage to do so, depite a S9+10db signal at times and clear audio. Only time checks seemed to be given. The signal has been heavily QRMed during the past two to three mornings though. (Noel R. Green-UK, Dec 29) INDONESIA 11860 RRI Jakarta. 2315-2330. 44333 NX in BI (warta berita) ID - mx - Mx occidental. (Salvo Micciche-I, ConDig Dec 15) 11785 V.O.INS Cimanggis. Mention of Kartini at 2023. ID at 2025 then talk and mx. Changed its freq from 15150. (Juichi Yamada-JPN, Dec 24) IRAN 9022.10 VoIRI Teheran in the clear in En at 0051, poor/fair, but superior to previous night. //heard were: 6135.14 stronger, but more adjacent splatter, and 6065.0 poor, but in the clear. The previous night, freq was 6065.73. En sce to IND/SoEaAS, on the other hand, has all freqs right on. At is fair, 11775 is good, well over Anguilla, 7245 is only poor, with talk about Christmas celebrated by relig minorities in IRN. (Walter Salmaniw-CAN, Dec 25) VO Islamic Revol of IRQ in Ar via Iranian txs: 0330-0530 6095K, 6195S, 7235A, 7295S. A=Ahwaz, K=Kamalabad, S=Sirjan. (OBSERVER-BUL, Ivo Ivanov, Dec 15) IRAQ 7072 UNID Possibly Voice of Shari'ah? in AM, heard from 0237 tune in Dec 25 very weakly with talk in vernac by mostly YL, interspersed with mx, but too weak to ascertain much. S-off at 0258, and carrier off soon after. No idea who this could be, but I do recall hearing Voice of Shari'ah here last year, about the same time. (Walter R. Salmaniw-CAN Dec 26) This could be Takhar Radio from Taloqan in NoAFG which BBCM has recently confirmed around 0230-0330 on 7070v. Takhar R is run by the anti-Taleban Northern Alliance. (Dave Kenny-UK, Dec 28)



EWG14440W RX-FS430 Blackberry 8900 505SI Motorola W180 IC-F35 WM2455HW Autopc 310C SA-AK600 1642-VLZ3 MSS601X Rodius-stavic 14SH644 Dongle Wifi Ryobi 105R Super 8 MHC-GN800 SVT124 CL-15K5MN SLV-D393P SXV 550 124700 TXP46G20E CLP-250 NWZ-B152F LN32B460b2D AP-5131 Optura XI Review EX-Z60 Powershot A100 576 VT DVD-3930CI Transsport 1996 68031K-MN NF-M2-nview DLP D45S Super 42PX3RVC AP5T-c0 35 GSN Weider 8920 C-scope CS1M MV500 WAS24469GB DX4050 M350WVN XPS 410 AJ260 MHC-RG470 SRU1020 Layout DX7400 R70-A007 195499 Array 250 E Dvdr3512V C-701A Kodak Z650 TX-G10 2217406-D-WH CE282DN VGN-S260 Huskystar 219 Receiver Spectro S7 Cordoba TE-22 SGH-B110L TX-SR701 Toshiba G900 R-937 LTV858 L74850 A-S700 SE1551B L32-WP03 Composer Simulator 19HFL3340D PCG-C1VE J620M Cabrio 290 CDE-9872RM EW13F1ST FM604W1 420 GPS TR2828 ESF6549 M3701C-BA Htib-107 CF1501 MS9158E V2 USB Combo Controleur 740 DV-SP404 HDS-5X T 1738 KG195


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