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Nathan Gutman 2:35am on Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 
Great networked recorder and Player The DP558 is a cool device in a networked home 1- KISS is one of the few Recorder/player that can be ... Many promises, some actually delivered This device has many functions on offer, only some of which actually work well.
HeSta 2:13am on Monday, May 10th, 2010 
Disappointed Unfortunately I bought a lemon! It was very slow, it froze when fast forwarding, the controller only worked when up close.

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2,0A Achme AM561B +D5V -- 0,5A +A5V
used in KiSS DP-558 / VR-558 +S12V - 1,2A
+A9V - 100mA -A9V - 100mA -33V - 50mA

4x 1N4007



100n 1k R20 R21 1k


-33V GND FL1 FL2 GND +5V Con3 +S12V GND GND +D5V Con5

R22 18


750K 510K

C25 100n D8A


33k R19

L1 C15 C16

1000/16V 470/16V

C23A C23

100/50V 100/50V

R18 10k

0,33/250V~ 07N60B

D6 R11

R14 C13 L2

T2A 250V 0,56

R4 R13 R10 R12

10K 51

R15 C14






470/16V U4 KIA3 U5 KIA78R05API 1 2






PCR406 100n




+S12V -A9V GND +A9V GND +A5V GND +D5V Con2

R16 100

C8 22n
(C) 10.03.2007 Drawn by woodstock


MPC Club Guides

KiSS/Linksys EPG
As of Wednesday 20 December 2006 Linksys has implemented a new EPG Online Service. The advantage is that it performs better but at the same time, it does not have the same countries available just yet so for some this might be a problem. For those who wish to remain using the old version until their country is available on the new EPG service, this little guide will explain how to setup the KiSS recorders DP-558 and VR-558 for the old EPG from TinyStocks. Using this form, we will tell the KiSS player later on to use the old EPG content. Enter the following details: Name: TinyStocks EPG URL: Description: TinyStocks EPG

Copyright Notice

This guide is written by Hi-Jack from MPC Club Portal and can not be used, published or spread in any way. This is for your personal read only as a visitor of MPC. This guide and all others are provided to prevent customers from getting frustrated and provides an easy solution to a problem or change.


MPC or the Author are not responsible for what you do with this guide or any damage to your PC and KiSS player that might derive from using this guide, including loss of data.

Step 1

From your KiSS DP-558 or VR-558 player, connect to the KiSS online portal. Once there, select the Configure option and set a password. At the same time, write down your player id.

Step 3

Now again, return to your KiSS DP558 or VR-558 player. Connect to the KiSS Online portal again and from there select Favorites. Now select TinyStocks EPG followed by Configure. Now select Change under Default EPG and it will be remembered the TinyStocks EPG is your default. After this, you can remain using the old EPG service instead of the new one as long as your country is not listed by the new service. The functions are the same, you can now send recordings to your player and map new TV Channels. Links:

Step 2

From your PC, surf to and login with your player id written down in step 1 and the password you have set on your player.
Though the changes are slim anything will go wrong by following this guide correctly, we will refuse any responsibility. In case you have issues following this guide, feel free to use the MPC Forums for addition questions. Notice the Linksys is not responsible for the content of TinyStocks EPG Services and only questions for the new EPG Service are to be sent to KiSS Support. Thank you for understanding. By reading / using this guide, you have agreed to any of the above. Regards


Digitally signed by Hi-Jack DN: CN = Hi-Jack, C = BE, O = MPC Club, OU = MPC Press Reason: I agree to the terms defined by the placement of my signature on this document Date: 2006.12.19 08:45:17 +01'00'
Once logged in, select the option KML Favorites. Now you will see an empty form.

Enjoy Hi-Jack

Digitally signed by Hi-Jack DN: CN = Hi-Jack, C = BE, O = MPC Club, OU = MPC Press Reason: I am the author of this document Date: 2006.12.19 08:44:57 +01'00'



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