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jjksat 11:39am on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 
Do NOT buy this camera used After my first beloved Minolta Dimage X Camera was accidentally lost last year, I really wished to have another. Neat pocket camera I have owned two Minolta XT cameras. One I gave to my daughter who took over 5000 images with it, the other I still use. Cheap plastic battery door - $181 Cute size encourages leisure use, but beware of the fragility of this camera.
EricMelech 10:55am on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
I have really tried to use every feature on this camera to get an optimal picture.
martin.schenk 9:52am on Sunday, October 10th, 2010 
I would not buy this camera if I knew then what I know now. Indoor shots, particularly group pictures, are of poor quality.
roudan 8:24am on Monday, September 20th, 2010 
If you are looking for an all around good camera, this is a great camera for you.However. If you are looking for an all around good cam...  Small, very good pictures.
qhw 7:30pm on Sunday, August 15th, 2010 
Great photo quality, reliabiltiy and size None Compact, easy to use small LCD Optical Zoom, Compact Size, MPEG Video capability, SD Slot Expensive battery, Weak Digital Zoom results
VladieMango 3:38am on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 
Terribly unreliable camera. This is my second Minolta Camera and both have broken within 1 year of use.
jkelledes 10:42am on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 
I would not buy this camera if I knew then wh...  Outdoor pictures are good. Indoor pictures are poor quality.
SollaSollew 1:08am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
+ Super slim + Clever battery charger/console + Still working without problem since purchased 2003 I bought the Xt in August 2003 as a very compact good performing camera that could be carried around all the time rather than as a main camera (I used...
tenanio 9:42pm on Friday, May 14th, 2010 
This a top class camera We bought this camera (the mat black version) in June 2003 in Singapour airport.
hotrqmerino 7:16am on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
This camera is perhaps one of the most user-friendly cameras that I have encountered. Super easy to use.
Johnty 9:11pm on Monday, April 12th, 2010 
Looking for a compact, sexy little number, this is the camera! Seems to be the hottest thing first about this camera. The pictures are fantastic. This is my daily camera. I mean, I take it with me everyday like my wallet. although it is a point and shoot camera, Metering (spot or multi-segment),...

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Di520 B&W Printer/Copier
Overview In price/performance, Minolta's Di520 is the most productive printer/copier in its class -and also helps you create, control and distribute your documents in-house. Minolta's Di520 gives you fast digital copies with high resolution and high reliability. At 52 pages per minute, its output is fast enough for the heaviest corporate workload. It can make your documents look more professional with less time, trouble, and expense. And it helps you finish everything from simple folders to complex catalogs with pullout charts and graphics. Reports, newsletters, flyers, booklets, training manuals and overhead transparencies -- the Di520 does it all. The Di520 touch-screen controls a productive array of print/copy advantages. You can scan your originals in digital memory, then make copies now or later -- reproducing each piece to perfection. Add the optional Pi6200 print controller, and your Di520 becomes a powerful networkable printer. You can point, click, and produce finished documents that are punched, stapled, folded, and stacked. You can even perform crease folding, center-stapling and Z-folding automatically.
MSRP The MSRP for the base unit is $18,758.00. Please contact your authorized Minolta dealer for additional information.
Features High-Speed Printer/Copier: Prints up to 52 pages per minute, with dual laser beam for high-performance imaging. True 600 x 600 dpi Print Resolution: Minolta's exclusive Micro-Toning system and unique LIMOS (Laser Intensity Modulation System) technology gives you exceptional
Minolta Page 1 of 7 Di520, 10/04/00
image quality in printing and copying, with 256 grayscale levels to render halftone images more accurately. Electronic Document Handler: The Di520 comes equipped with a fast, reliable slitscanning Electronic Document Handler that holds up to 100 originals -- and Separate Scan function lets you scan longer documents for added productivity. Scan-Once/Print-Many: You can save time and improve efficiency by making multiple copies from a single scan -- or making multiple printouts without re-sending your document or tying up your workstation. Digital Memory: You can store more than 500 pages in memory (at 6% coverage) for reprinting when you need more copies. Job List Viewing and Editing: Lets you check and modify print/copy queue status at any time, so you know when a specific job will run. Stackless Duplexing: Makes it easy to copy your 2-sided originals -- with automatic copier recall of duplex functions such as sheet reversal or circulation pattern. Image Auto Rotation: For maximum productivity and/or binding documents at the top instead of along the side. Criss-Cross Sorting: Produces collated sets that won't jog together for easy handling or shipping. Powerful Finishing Capabilities: The FN-3 Document Finisher lets you automatically perform center-stitching, 2-hole/3-hole punching, crease-folding, half-folding, even Zfolding for a wide variety of document needs. Versatile Connectivity: The optional Pi6200 Print Controller and Printer Interface Kit allow networkable printing in PC and Macintosh environments, with versatile network support and simple, user-friendly interface for digital printing functions. High Paper Capacity: Up to 7,250-sheet capacity gives you all the paper you need for long print/copy runs -- with three standard drawers, programmable bypass, and optional large capacity cassettes for added versatility. Available Print/Copy Functions: Auto/Manual/Photo Exposure Modes Auto Duplex, Stackless Auto Reset Auto Shutoff Auto Start Copy Track Audit


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Di520, 10/04/00

Cover Mode Date Stamping Distribution Stamp Electronic Sorting Energy Save Mode Erase (Edge, Frame) Free Original Placement File Margin Fold (crease/half/Z) Hold Punch (2/3) Image Combination Image Memory Image Repeat Interrupt Job List Job Memory/Recall Job Reserve Lock Job Mixed Original Detection Number Stamp OHP Interleaving Page Insert Page Stamp Print Last Job Signature Booklet Watermark (7 selections) Zoom Specifications Type: Digital Printer/Copier Imaging System: Laser Intensity Modulation System (LIMOS), Dual Beam Laser Electrostatic, OPC Drum Developing System: Minolta Micro-Toning Output Speed: 52 ppm (8-1/2" x 11" letter, portrait); 47 ppm (8-1/2" x 11" letter-R, landscape); 40 ppm (8-1/2" x 14" legal); 35 ppm (11" x 17" ledger) Image Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi (print); 400 x 400 dpi (scan); 256 grayscale levels Warm-Up Time: Less than 7 minutes First Copy: Less than 8.5 seconds Magnification: 25 - 400%, 0.1% increments; Preset reduction: 50%, 64.7%, 73.3%, 78.5%; Preset enlargement: 121.4%, 129.4%, 154.5%, 200% Standard Paper Supply: 550-sheet universal paper drawer; 550-sheet technician-definable paper drawer; 2,700-sheet tandem letter paper drawer; 50-sheet programmable bypass (16 lb. through 42 lb. approved paper weights)

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Document Feeder: EDH-1 Electronic Document Handler with 100-sheet capacity, mixed original detection, single-sided, two-sided, top sheet first feed, single-feed mode Output (with FN-3 Document Finisher): 100-sheet non-staple tray, 2,000-sheet finishing tray; 4-position stapling (corner, side, center), 50 sheets per stapled set; 2-hole, 3-hole punch; 3-way folding (crease, half-fold, Z-fold); electronic sort (criss-cross) Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 12A Noise: 55 dB operating Dimensions (WxHxD): 65-3/4" x 45-3/4" x 29" Weight: 639 lbs.
Optional Accessories Large Capacity Cassettes: Two are available: C-304 (3,400-sheet large capacity cassette) and C-304L (3,000-sheet landscape large capacity cassette), increasing your paper loading capacity to 7,250 sheets. PC Connectivity: Optional Pi6200 Print Controller High-Speed Processing driving the Di520 at full rated speed of up to 52 ppm using a MIPS R5000 CPU @ 200 MHz; RipWhile-Print(tm) and Continuous Print(tm) technology combines with Printer/Copier Device Priority modes for unbeatable productivity. Fiery WebTools(tm) provide complete job management remotely from virtually any standard Web browser. Standard 10/100BaseT Network Interface Card with optional Token-Ring connectivity. Supports TCP/IP, Novell IPX/SPX, LPR/LPD, and EtherTalk Network protocols with automatic switching. Standard PCL5e, and Adobe(r) PostScript(r) 3 capability/drivers. 16MB Memory Upgrade: (200 additional pages @ up to 100% coverage) 1 GB Hard Disk Drive: Enables the Di520's stamping, job proofing, and multi-job functions; also allows you to store more than 500 separate pages in memory (@ 6% coverage). Printer Interface Kit. 16 MB Memory Upgrade (200 additional pages @ up to 100% coverage). Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Awards & Reviews BLI - Pick of the Year 1999/2000 BLI - System of the Year 1999/2000
Applications Minolta's Di520 is a total solution for producing complete finished documents. With its standard EDH-1 Electronic Document Handler and FN-3 Document Finisher, the Di520 is

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your ideal solution for a wide variety of in-house print/copy production requirements -from standard business forms, newsletters, reports, bulletins, and training materials, to complex brochures, proposals, and presentations. The following key applications list demonstrates that the Di520 is well suited to highquality, low-cost production of documents to increase productivity and give corporate and professional end-users the competitive edge. The Di520 excels in all these applications, with special features and advantages that will greatly benefit the speed, flow, and cost-efficiency of information in any business environment. Advertising: creative services and account management documents. Architectural/Construction: presentations, floor plans, site plans, landscape drawings, compliance documentation, zoning, safety and environmental reports. Banking: loan forms, tax forms, legal briefs and contracts. Education: training manuals, teaching procedures, test reports, curriculum guidelines, and budget spreadsheets. Engineering: job proposals, feasibility studies, budget estimates, schematics, CAD drawings. Finance: financial reviews, quarterly reports, prospectus forms, and operations manuals. General: presentations, newsletters, and bulletins. Government: RFP's, proposals, policy guidelines and regulations. Human Resources: employee manuals, training materials, benefit plans and booklets, corporate directories. Legal: research reports, briefs, depositions, summaries, and litigation materials. Marketing Communications: marketing bulletins, price catalogs, public relations information, newsletters, promotional materials. Medical: patient records, food service menus, newsletters, compliance documentation, medical research reports, billing forms, insurance forms. Publishing: manuscripts, newsletters, marketing bulletins, permissions forms, sales and royalty reports. Real Estate: contracts, deeds, titles, property flyers, insurance information.

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Sales/Marketing: sales projections, presentations, and quarterly reports.
FAQs 1. How can the 52-ppm Di520 be "faster" than printer/copiers rated at higher speeds? Productivity with digital printer/copiers is even more pronounced with some digital printer/copiers such as the Di520 as compared to similar speed analog copiers. This is due to the processing power available to maximize performance of a document. Subsequently, a "slower" digital printer/copier (rated engine speed) can often times be far more productive overall than "faster" analog copiers. It is important to look at the total effort in creating a finished document from creation to measure the overall performance of a printing/copying system. For the Di520, this includes the ability to directly print a job from a PC and create finished documents including hole punching, stapling and folding if desired. 2. What is the difference between "Proof Set" and "Sample Set?" Some manufacturers of digital printer/copiers offer "Sample Set" versus "Proof Set" as options for the end-user to select when copying. Either way, the end-user scans in all of the originals, makes their copying function selections and prints out one copy to see how copies look. This is where the similarities end. With Sample Set, the decision is to "go" or "no go." This means if the output is not what was desired (e.g. they forgot to select threehole punch), they have to "dump" the entire job and rescan the originals starting from scratch. With Proof Set, the decision is to "go" or "edit." This means if the output is not what was desired (again - they forgot to select three-hole punch), all they have to do is edit the copying directly on the copier control panel and re-output the job from the copier's memory. The Di520 can be equipped with an optional Hard Disk Drive Kits both have job "Proofing" capability, not just sample set. 3. What is the maximum paper capacity of the Di520 system? Minolta offers two different optional Large Capacity Cassettes (LCCs) for the Di520. The Letter (portrait) sized paper LCC has a capacity of 3,400 sheets. The Landscape LCC has a capacity of 3,000 Letter-R or Legal sheets of paper. Combined with the standard paper capacity of 3,850 sheets, the maximum paper capacity of a Di520 could be 7,250 or 6,850 depending on which LCC was chosen.

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4. Can the optional C-304L handle both Letter-R and Legal paper without any technical adjustments? Yes, the C-304L can accept either Letter-R or Legal paper without any adjustments to it at all. 5. When would a customer want the RAM upgrade versus the HDD on the Di520? Upgrading RAM and adding the HDD to the Di520 are mutually exclusive options. The 16 MB RAM upgrade extends the base page memory from 200 pages to 400 total pages (@ 6% coverage). The 1GB HDD creates a total of 500 pages of memory in lieu of the RAM memory - they are not additive (i.e. one can not get 700 pages of memory by having both the 16MB RAM upgrade and the 1GB HDD). Although the Hard Disk Drive Kit costs significantly more than the RAM upgrade, it also enables the Di520 to perform additional significant functions. These include: Having a job queue of up to 10 jobs resident in the Di520. Editing the copy functions of a job in the queue. Creating a "Proof Set" and changing the copy functions if desired. Reprinting the job last printed ("Memory Recall"). Overlaying a pre-scanned image onto another original merging the two images together (e.g. copying the text of a letter onto a pre-scanned letterhead). "Job Lock" security function when printing from a computer.

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