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qrem 8:46pm on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
Not had the Minolta Dynax 40 long enough to thoroughly assess it but has some good features for manual control as well as bracketing. The Minolta 404si is a good beginners camera or a back up camera for an advanced photographer.

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The remarkably fast, powerful, stylish and effortless SLR for truly excellent images.

Hassl e F re e Op e ra ti o n. Fabul o u s Sh o ts.
Full Auto Operation / Auto Pop-up Flash
Just aim, shoot and enjoy. That's all you ever have to do with the new Dynax 40. Select Full-Auto P Mode to get automated focusing and exposure settings. The camera does the rest. And with the built in pop-up flash, you can fire away for superb photos, even in low light settings and with a minimum of red-eye effect. With the Dynax 40, capturing shot after captivating shot has never been easier.
Capture your finest, fun filled photos with the advanced and versatile Dynax 40 SLR.
Experience the power, versatility and quality images of the new Dynax 40. Full Auto for easy operation. Handy exposure and flash systems for creative control. And one of the fastest AF Systems in its class to capture all the action. Introducing the Dynax 40. The all around photographic tool for beautiful, one of a kind results.
Subject Program Selection
You've got the perfect scene, now select the perfect shooting method with 5 preprogrammed shooting modes: Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports Action or Night Portrait. Portrait
Portrait mode softens backgrounds while maintaining a sharp image of your subject for dramatic portrait shots.


This mode controls depth of field to enable sharper, more vivid foregrounds and backgrounds for breathtaking landscapes.


Close-up mode keeps distracting backgrounds out of focus to let you capture detailed images of smaller subjects, such as flowers.

Sports Action

With Sports Action mode, a high shutter speed freezes fast moving subjects for amazingly natural, unblurred pictures.

Night Portrait

In Night Portrait mode the backgrounds of your night or sunset photos are detailed, while subjects are illuminated for exciting balanced flash photos.
Ve r s a t ile E x p o s u r e S y s t e m.
Aperture/Shutter Priorities & Manual Mode
Exceptional portraits, landscapes and close ups can be yours with Aperture Priority (A) mode. It allows you to control the depth of field for one of a kind images. Shutter Priority (S) mode freezes fastmoving subjects or captures the flow of motion with shutter speeds ranging from 1/2000th of a second to 30 seconds. What' s more, Manual (M) mode gives you total shutter speed and aperture control to create your own unique pictures.
S uper Q ui ck & S uper C omfor tabl e.

Fast Autofocus System

Crisp, detailed and memorable. Those are the types of photos you can expect from the Dynax 40's Autofocus System. Its fast AF speed lets you capture the perfect moment. With Predictive Focus Control, aim, then half-press the shutter release button to ensure moving subjects remain sharp. And with Continuous Drive, just hold down the shutter release button to fire-off a sequence of shots.

Exposure Bracketing

Got a difficult lighting situation? Exposure Bracketing enables you to catch a scene in a 3 frame sequence, each with a slightly different exposure value.

Super Bright Viewfinder

The extra bright viewfinder lets you frame your images more clearly, more comfortably for greater focusing and shot composition.
ADI Flash Metering* and Flash Modes

Exposure Compensation

This function gives you the option to control the exposure value (more or less light) for the optimum shooting situation.
The ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) system delivers accurate flash metering for both internal and external Konica Minolta flash units. And regardless of background or subject reflectance, you're assured beautifully exposed shots. Plus, multiple Flash Modes such as Fill flash, Flash Cancel and Red eye-reduction (pre-flash) offer truer, more natural flash photos.
*Effective only with D lenses and the built-in flash, or Program Flash 5600HS(D)/3600HS(D)/2500(D).

Multiple Exposure

This feature gives you the creative power to combine multiple exposures into one frame, for stunning images.
Specifications CAMERA Type: 35mm SLR with built-in flash, autoexposure (AE) and autofocus (AF) AUTOFOCUS SYSTEM Focus mode: Autofocus / Manual focus Main features: Wide focus area Spot focus area Multi-dimensional predictive focus control Continuous AF or focus lock is selected automatically according to the subject movement Detection system: TTL phase-detection system AF sensors: CCD line sensors (3-point AF system with centre cross-hair sensor) AF sensitivity range: EV 1-18 (at ISO 100) AF illuminator: Built-in flash (Automatically activated in low-light or low-contrast situations) Range: Approx. 1- 5m (with 50mm lens) With a dedicated flash unit, its AF illuminator (LED) will be selected automatically EXPOSURE SYSTEM Mode: Programmed AE, Aperture priority (A mode), Shutter-speed priority (S mode), Manual mode (M mode) Subject program selection mode: Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports action, Night portrait Metering type: TTL , 2-segment metering Metering range: EV 4 - 20 (ISO 100, f/1.4 lens) ISO setting: Automatic with DX-coded film: ISO 25 - 3200 in 1/3 EV increments / With flash : ISO 25 - 1000 / Non-DX coded film: ISO is set to 25 AE-lock: Exposure is locked with focus FLASH Type: Built-in, Guide number: 12 Flash coverage: 28mm angle of view Red-eye reduction (pre-flash) is selectable Usable flash range: 1-4m Flash Mode: Autoflash / Autoflash with red-eye reduction / Fill flash / Fill flash with red-eye reduction / Flash cancel SHUTTER Type: Electronically-controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane type Speed: 1/2000 - 30 seconds, Bulb Flash Sync Speed: 1/90 second or slower VIEWFINDER Type: Eye-level fixed roof mirror Focusing screen: Spherical acute matte Field of view: 90% (vertical) x 90% (horisontal) Magnification: 0.75X (with 50mm lens focused at infinity) Eye-relief: 17.2mm from the eyepiece, 11.3mm from the eyepiece frame Dioptre: -1 dioptre Eyepiece cup: Fixed type FILM TRANSPORT Drive modes: Single-frame advance, Continuous advance (max. 1.7 fps) Loading: Automatic loading (Automatic advance to the first frame when back cover is closed) Rewinding: Automatic rewinding Manual rewinding Rewinding time : Approx. 8 seconds with 24 exposure film Self-timer: Indication by LED, 10-second delayed shutter release, cancellable OTHER IR remote-control receiver (Available only on date model), Date / Time imprinting (Available only on date model) BATTERY Type: Two 3 Volt-CR2 lithium batteries Battery-condition indicator: 3-stage battery-condition indicator shows remaining battery power when main switch is moved to "ON." DIMENSIONS (WxHxD): 135 x 92 x 66.5mm WEIGHT (without batteries or eyepiece cup): 335g The above specifications were determined based on Konica Minolta test standards. Specifications were based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notification. The colour of the products shown may differ slightly from the actual units due to the printing process. Konica Minolta is a trademark or registered trademark of Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. Dynax is a trademark or registered trademark of Konica Minolta Camera, Inc.

Konica Minolta Camera, Inc. 3-91, Daisennishimachi, Sakai, Osaka 590-8551, Japan This brochure is printed with soy ink for environmental preservation. 2003 Konica Minolta Camera, Inc. 9242-4121-01 O312(ME-E)-A1 Printed in Japan



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