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manishphillips 4:49pm on Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 
Full range of manual settings to tweak, solid 6.1 megapixel shots. Autofocus can be quite uncooperative. I bought this camera mainly to take pictures of rally cars, which requires the camera to perform under a full range of conditions (light, distance.
giorsat 2:02pm on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 
New Egg & Fedex I ordered it just before noon on Thursday and had it Friday afternoon ; The Camera so far lives up to every review I have read.
khanom 12:46am on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
A wonderfully balanced dSLR with great controls. The 7D is the most under rated camera on the ...  Anti-Shake, Ergonomics, Image Quality, Viewfinder, Metal Body, Lens Price, Lens Availability None.
jm34harvey 7:36am on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 
Astounding ergonomics and control... If you want every control at your fingertips, this is the camera for you... The Anti-shake really do work..
Fynbo 2:51pm on Thursday, July 8th, 2010 
Maxxum 7d Not too many of these cameras left out there for sale. It was the digital version of the Maxxum 7 film camera. Nice camera It does what you pay for...I switch to Canon, better performance, but alot more expensive...kept my Minolta as a backup camera
milehigh 9:35pm on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 
Buy it! This camera is absolutely amazing.First of all. Buy it! This camera is absolutely amazing.First of all. Buy it! This camera is absolutely amazing.First of all.
phrankygee 11:17am on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 
The anti-shake system is a nice feature; no doubt about it. However, if you are worried about the effects of shaking, and on a limited budget. I am so glad I made the decision to purchase this digital camera. It has all the features I wanted and so much more. 7:05am on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
A fine camera good for any type of photographer. Enough for a pro and plenty for a beginner but not too overwhelming. Excellent images http://gallery. When it first selling in Hong Kong, I bought it at an expensive price. Then, I discover that there are a lot of problems with this camera. 1. THIS IS ONE GREAT FEATURED, SOLID BUT UNDERATED CAMERA. THE PHOTOS AND LOW NOISE IN THE HIGH ISO ARE EXCELLENT. SOLID BODY.

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System Accessories

The most comprehensive lineup of advanced AF-SLR lenses and accessories.
Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. Shinjuku Nomura Bldg., 1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0512, Japan

This brochure is printed with soy ink for environmental preservation. 2004 Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. 9242-4510-81 O409(ME-E)-G1 Printed in Japan
The Dynax System features Konica Minoltas most innovative optical technology in a full range of exceptional lenses and accessories. Each is designed for optimum power, flexibility and compactness, to further expand your photographic horizons.

AF Wideangle Lenses

AF Wideangle Lenses offer an increased depth-offield perspective not possible with the human eye. They are ideal for photographing large group shots, landscapes or architecture.

AF 28 mm f/2

With a large maximum aperture of f/2, this wideangle lens is the perfect choice for high-speed photography and when working in dark situations.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.3 m Maximum Magnification: 13/100 life-size

AF 16 mm f/2.8 Fisheye

This fisheye lens covers a full 180 degrees view, from corner to corner of the picture. Four filters (normal, 056, FLW, B12) are built in.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.2 m Maximum Magnification: 3/20 life-size

AF 28 mm f/2.8

One of the most popular lightweight wide-angle lenses, featuring a compact design for ideal portability and mobility. Equipped with a built-in hood.

AF 20 mm f/2.8

This ultra-wideangle lens has a rear-focusing floating optical system that ensures quick, precise autofocusing and virtually eliminates close-focus aberrations. Its seven-blade aperture produces a circular opening to provide round, natural background highlights.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.25 m Maximum Magnification: 13/100 life-size

AF 35 mm f/1.4 G

This lens features a large maximum aperture that produces exceptionally bright viewfinder images. And its aspherical element and rear-focusing system contribute to the superb sharpness and high contrast of the lens.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.3 m Maximum Magnification: 1/50 life-size

AF 24 mm f/2.8

Compact and lightweight, this ultra-wideangle lens provides fast and precise autofocusing while virtually eliminating close-focus aberrations with a rear-focusing floating optical system. The seven-blade aperture provides round, natural-looking highlights with its circular opening.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.25 m Maximum Magnification: 4/25 life-size

G-Series Lenses

SSM Lenses

AD Glass

Aspherical Lens
Circular 7- or 9 -Blade Aperture

AF Standard Lenses

AF Standard Lenses were designed to closely duplicate the natural angle of the human eye. Their versatility, wide-angle coverage, and unmatched cost performance make them the most popular lenses used.

AF Telephoto Lenses

Commonly used for sports photography and portraits, AF Telephoto Lenses help isolate your subject while affording you greater shooting distance from your subject.
(D) indicates the distance encoder system. When attached to the Dynax 7D, 7, 60, 5, 40, 4 or 3L, the D lens makes features such as ADI (Advance Distance Integration) flash metering possible with Program Flash 5600 HS(D), 3600 HS(D) and 2500(D), as well as with each respective camera's built-in flash.

AF 50mm f/1.4

AF 85 mm f/1.4 G (D)
This new versatile lens offers superior and simple focusing operation due to a wider focusing ring, a non-rotating focusing ring while in AF, and a focus-hold button. It's highly effective for portrait and indoor photography. The lens has a circular aperture and features the floating focusing system to give you beautiful defocused images as well as high-resolution images.

AF 300 mm f/4 Apo G

This telephoto lens uses two AD (Anomalous-Dispersion) glass elements to provide apochromatic correction for high quality images. Its circular aperture provides a natural-looking background, while its internal focusing system assures you of high-speed autofocus.
Maximum Close Focus: 2.5 m Maximum Magnification: 7/50 life-size

AF 600 mm f/4 Apo G

A large aperture, extreme-telephoto lens with an internal focusing design for outstanding telephoto effects. This lens uses AD (Anomalous-Dispersion) glass to reduce chromatic aberration to a level that places it in the distinguished apochromat class. A focus-hold button is conveniently located on the side of the lens barrel, and adjusting the focusing range is made possible by using the focusing range ring.
Maximum Close Focus: 6.0 m Maximum Magnification: 11/100 life-size

AF 400 mm f/4.5 Apo G

Two AD (Anomalous-Dispersion) glass elements on this lens correct chromatic aberrations. Its circular aperture gives you a natural-looking background, and the focus-hold button and focusing range ring improve speed-shooting performance.
Maximum Close Focus: 3.0 m Maximum Magnification: 3/20 life-size AF 1.4X Tele Converter Apo (D) AF 2X Tele Converter Apo (D)
AF 1.4X Tele Converter Apo (D) AF 2X Tele Converter Apo (D)
These new high-performance tele converters effectively extend the focal length of high-speed lenses, including SSM lenses, by 1.4X / 2X without compromising the quality of the master lens. The following is a list of compatible lenses: 300mm f/2.8 Apo G (D) SSM*1. 70-200mm f/2.8 Apo G (D) SSM*1, 200mm f/2.8 Apo G, 300mm f/2.8 Apo G, 300mm f/4 Apo G*2, 400mm f/4.5 Apo G*2, 600mm f/4 Apo G*2. 200mm f/4 Macro Apo G*3, and STF 135mm f/2.8 [T4.5]*3.
*1 With the combination of these tele converter and camera models introduced before the Dynax 7 (excluding the updated Dynax 9), only manual focus is available. *2 When attached to the AF 2X Tele Converter Apo (D), only manual focus can be activated. *3 When these tele converters are combined, only manual focus is available.

AF Reflex 500 mm f/8

The worlds first compact and lightweight autofocus reflex-type telephoto lens. A convenient built-in focus-hold button is located on the side of the lens barrel for quick and sure operation. It can also be used on the Dynax 3000i, 9000, 7000, and 5000 in manualfocusing mode (autofocusing and focus indicator will not function).
Maximum Close Focus: 4.0 m Maximum Magnification: 13/100 life-size

Maximum Close Focus: 0.5 m Maximum Magnification: 1/1 life-size
AF 17-35mm f/2.8-4 (D) AF Macro Zoom 3X-1X f/1.7-2.8
This is the world's first and only AF lens able to operate in the 3X to 1X magnification range. It also provides motorized zooming and framing for quick set-up. This compact and lightweight 2X zoom covers a wide-angle range from 17 to 35mm. It features a maximum aperture of f/2.8, a short minimum focus distance of 30cm, and a circular aperture (7 aperture blades).
Maximum Close Focus: 0.3m Magnification: 1/5.4 life-size

AF mm f/3.5 G

This flexible zoom gives you the freedom to compose in the superwide angle ranges as close as 0.3 metres to your subject. With aspherical lenses and Anomalous-Dispersion (AD) glass you can be assured of sharp, distortion-free images throughout the field - even at maximum wide angle at full-open aperture.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.3 m Maximum Magnification: 17/100 life-size

AF 20-35 mm f/3.5-4.5

With this ultra-wide angle zoom lens, you can capture landscapes, architecture, or interior photography in narrow rooms. Aspherical elements within the lens let you take high-quality pictures, while keeping it light and compact.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.5 m Maximum Magnification: 2/25 life-size

AF 2870 mm f/2.8 G

This lens allows you to use a maximum aperture of f/2.8 at any focal length from 28 to 70mm. It also has a nine-bladed circular aperture that produces rounded, more natural background highlights, in addition to a moving mask that blocks flare-causing light at any focal length.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.85 m Maximum Magnification: 9/100 life-size

AF 2485 mm f/3.5-4.5

This lens provides high image quality by using two compound aspherical elements to reduce aberrations common at wide focal lengths. Its wide 3.5X zoom range includes an ultra-wide 24mm focal length.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.5 m Maximum Magnification: 17/100 life-size

AF 28-75mm f/2.8 (D)

The AF 28-75mm f/2.8 (D) lens gives you a great performance with a portable body. It employs a maximum aperture of f/2.8 at any focal length between 28 to 75mm. This lens also delivers a short minimum focus distance of 33cm at any focal length.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.33m Magnification: 1/3.9 life-size
AF 24105 mm f/3.5-4.5 (D)
This ultra-compact standard 4.3X zoom lens covers a range from 24mm wide angle to 105mm medium telephoto. Its widened focusing ring will not rotate while in AF. And the lens features a circular aperture and aspherical lenses for clear and vivid images, as well as beautiful defocusing effects.

Maximum Close Focus: 0.5 m Maximum Magnification: 182/1000 life-size
AF 28-80 mm f/3.5-5.6 (D) (Also available in black)
By using three, double-sided, aspherical lenses, you can now get an incredibly accurate image from an ultra-small, ultra-light standard zoom lens. This lens provides excellent macro capabilities, and by using a circular aperture, it also produces an attractive defocused image description.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.4 m Maximum Magnification: 10/41 life-size
AF 28-100mm f/3.5-5.6 (D) (Also available in black)
This compact and lightweight 3.5X standard zoom lens covers from a wide-angle focal length of 28mm to a telephoto focal length of 100mm. It delivers high image quality by employing a single aspheric element, as well as a circular aperture for attractive defocused images.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.48 m Maximum Magnification: 1/4 life-size
AF 70-200mm f/2.8 Apo G (D) SSM
This lens uses 4 high-quality AD (anomalous dispersion) lenses that deliver outstanding sharpness to focused images. A circular aperture (9 aperture blades) is featured to give you smooth defocused images from the lens' widest aperture setting. This new lens also delivers the shortest minimum focus distance in its class. You get Direct Manual Focus as well as a Focus Range Limiter and 3-Focus hold buttons for greater control. What's more, its Supersonic Wave Motor guarantees you'll receive smooth, quiet AF operation.
Autofocus cannot be used with the camera models introduced before the Dynax 7 (excluding the updated Dynax 9). Available functions depend on lens and body combination. Maximum Close Focus: 1.2 m Maximum Magnification: 21/100 life-size
AF 35-80 mm f/4-5.6 II (Also available in Silver)
Though slim, this standard 2.3X zoom delivers excellent picture quality. This lens is suitable for simple snapshots, vacation photos, as well as portraits with high definition.
Maximum Close Focus: 0.38 m Maximum Magnification: 1/4 life-size
AF 70-210 mm f/4.5-5.6 I I
Our unique double-telephoto design makes this lens extremely compact and lightweight. It is ideal for portraits and travel shots.
Maximum Close Focus: 1.1 m Maximum Magnification: 13/50 life-size

AF 100-400 mm f/4.5-6.7 Apo
This ultra-telephoto features a light and compact 400mm zoom lens with wide-ranging 4X zoom. Two AD (AnomalousDispersion) glass elements correct chromatic aberrations, and the circular aperture provides natural-looking backgrounds.
Maximum Close Focus: 2.0 m Maximum Magnification: 1/4 life-size
Konica Minolta retains a distinct advantage in the use of aspherical optics. With ordinary spherical lenses, the focal point varies according to whether the incident light passes through the central or peripheral part of the lens, thus producing spherical aberration. While perfect compensation has never been achieved, and is particularly difficult to compensate for in large diameter lenses, decreasing the lens curve or combining dispersion lenses are methods commonly used in an attempt to compensate for spherical aberration. Konica Minoltas aspherical lenses are developed not only to correct spherical aberration in large diameter lenses, but also to take high Focal plane contrast images with less blotting Spherical lens effects while in the largest aperture. Konica Minoltas aspherical lenses are effective in correcting distortion while Focal plane using wide and standard zooms. Whats more, the use of aspherical lenses Aspherical lens decreases the total number of lenses required to produce a complete lens. This Spherical aberration of spherical technology has enabled Konica Minolta lenses and corrected images using aspherical lenses. to create more compact lenses.
Circular 7- or 9 - Blade Aperture
G-Series Lenses Aspherical Lens


AD AD Glass SSM Lenses Circular 7- or 9 -Blade Aperture
The closer the aperture shape is to becoming a perfect circle, the more beautiful your defocused effect will be. Thats why Konica Minoltas specially-designed aperture blades produce a circular opening from their widest setting down 1.5 steps to help smooth a scenes out-of-focus areas. When you take a picture with sunlight shining through foliage, a picture at sunset or a picture of neon lights, the source of the light can be defocused beautifully. The number of aperture blades must be maximized to make the aperture as perfectly circular as possible. Conversely, each blade can be curved to produce a circular aperture, and thus a desired blurring effect.

Angle Of View

Standards, Telephotos, Wideangles, Macros and Zooms. They change the way your camera sees a scene. They provide you with the right degree of coverage for each photographic situation.




100 mm

135 mm


200 mm

300 mm

600 mm

Your lens choice affects the size, position and importance of a pictures subjects in relation to each other. The wider your wide angle lens is, the larger the difference in size your subjects foreground and background will be. Further, the larger the telephoto lens used, the more your foreground and background will overlap.

Program Flash 3600HS(D) Specifications
Exposure control Guide number Power (in metres) Wireless Flash Contorol High Speed Sync Flash (with 9) Bounce Vertical Power Sources Dimensions Weight (w/o batteries) 24mm 28mm 35mm 50mm 70mm 34 Maximum distance of control: approx. 5m 1/12000-1/200 s. 0, 45, 60, 75, 90 Four AA-size batteries (Alkaline, Lithium) 68 x 122 x 89 mm 260 g 85mm 36 Direct through-the-lens (TTL) flash metering in all exposure modes.
Program Flash 2500(D) Specifications
Exposure control Guide number Bounce Vertical Power Sources Recycling Time Battery type Recycling time (seconds) Number of flashes Dimensions Weight (w/o batteries) Direct through-the-lens (TTL) flash metering in all exposure modes. 25 in metres at ISO 100 0, 60, 90 Four AA-size batteries (Alkaline, Ni-MH Lithium) Alkaline Approx. 0.2-6 200-x 115 x 69 mm 190 g Ni-MH Approx. 0.2-5 200-4000 Lithium Approx. 0.2-6 500-10000

Program Flash 2000xi

The Program Flash 2000xi is a compact unit featuring simple operation. It features a 35mm angle of coverage and has a maximum guide number of 20 in metres at ISO 100. A wideangle adapter also provides flash coverage from 35mm down to 28mm.
Program Flash 2000xi Specifications
Exposure Control Guide Number (in metres) Power Source Recycling Time Dimensions Weight (w/o batteries) Direct through-the-lens (TTL) autoflash metering in all flash exposure modes. 20; 16 with wideangle adapter. Four AA-size 1.5 V alkaline-manganese batteries. 0.5-4 s. 67 x 61.5 x 92.5 mm 140 g

Flash Accessories Chart

Bounce Reflector V Set

4 Alkaline Batteries

Cable CD


Minolta Macro Ring Flash 1200 Minolta Macro Twin Flash 2400 Minolta Macro Flash Controller
The latest Macro flash line-up for Konica Minolta SLR AF cameras. The Twin Flash 2400 features flexible and ideal lighting for both macro nature photography and close-up shooting of small collectibles. The ring flash unit gives shadowless lighting which is ideal for macro medical and scientific photography. The Macro Flash Controller can be used with the Twin Flash 2400, as well as the Macro Flash 1200 without any attachment adapter.

Bounce Reflector II set I (5400HS/5400xi/5200i) / IV set (3500xi) V set (5600HS(D), 3600HS(D))
External Battery Pack EP-2
The ultra-compact and portable external battery pack is compatible with the Program Flash 5600HS(D). The unit requires the use of 6 AA size batteries.
This compact accessory attaches to the Program Flash 5600HS(D), 3600HS(D)/5400HS/5400xi, 5200i or 3500xi and provides a desirable bounce surface for a soft, natural effect, even outdoors. The direct TTL autoflash metering controls flash duration for proper exposure.
Used in combination with the off-camera shoe OS-1100 to use the Program Flash 3600HS(D)/2500(D)/3500xi/2000xi/3200i/2000i removed from the camera body, or can be used by itself to connect the Program Flash 5600HS(D), 5400HS, 5400xi or 5200i directly to the camera. Since the flash can be positioned at any angle to the subject, special light-dark contrast effects, close-up photography, and precise control of the lighting balance are possible.

Macro Flash Adapter Ring

A convenient ring that allows you to attach the AF Apo Tele-Macro 200mm f/4 G to the Macro Flash 1200 AF SET (N).
Flash Compatibility With AF Cameras


800si/ 600si 505si 500si/ 300si SUPER 404si 700si/

9xi/ 7xi/ 5xi

8000i/ 5000i 3000i 7000i

5600 HS (D)

3600 HS (D)

2500 (D)

2000xi Macro Ring Flash Twin Flash
Program Reset Advanced Distance Integration Auto Zoom Ratio High Speed Sync Remote High Speed Sync Slow-shutter Sync Remote Off-camera Flash Modeling Multi-burst Manual Flash Control AF Illuminator Program Reset Advanced Distance Integration Auto Zoom Ratio High Speed Sync Remote High Speed Sync Slow-shutter Sync Remote Off-camera Flash AF Illuminator Advanced Distance Integration Ratio Slow-shutter Sync AF Illuminator Program Reset AF Illuminator Slow-shutter Sync Program Reset Slow-shutter Sync Modeling (4) Manual Flash Control

(6) (1) (6)

(3) (3)

Remote Flash Controller
(1) 4 segment flash metering (2) for 9xi wireless function is available only when used with 5600HS, 5400xi or the wireless remote controller (3) possible only with customised setting (4) only with twin flash (5) 9xi only (6) The zoom position is a slightly smaller focal length than when attached to the 35mm film SLR camera


Meter Accessories

Flash Meter VI

Konica Minolta brings a new dimension to integrated exposure meters with the Flash Meter VI. It provides unsurpassed balance and feel, as well as a large LCD readout, which displays incident or reflected-light Spot meter readings for ambient, flash or combinations with analysis of flash. Its unique Exposure Navigation System enables the displaying of the latitude of the final medium, while also displaying both incident and reflected-spot readings. This ensures that important details will be recorded as you envision them.
Viewfinder 5 degree Flat diffuser Reflected-Light Attachment II Mini Receptor Sync Cord III

Auto Meter V F

Auto Meter V F provides exposure analysis for flash measurements, showing the ratio of flash light to overall exposure. Additional easy-to-use functions that are included are the Brightness Difference function for adjusting lighting balance, the Memory With Analog Scale for previsualising results by measuring multiple points and the Calculation function for averaging stored measurements of biasing exposure readings for shadows or highlights.
The Colour Meter III F is a compact colour meter which measures both ambient and flash illumination. It has a 9 channel memory and displays measured values in LB and CC index, filter number and CC index, or photographic colour temperature to simplify the process of colour measurement and filtration.

Colour Meter II F I

Other Accessories
Minolta system accessories are designed to further complement and enhance the performance of your Dynax camera.

Eyepiece Corrector 1000

Eyepiece correctors adjust the viewfinder focus for varying degrees of hyperopia and myopia. Simply mount the eyepiece correctors on the finder to enable use without glasses. Nine strengths are available.

Slide Copy Unit 1000

This convenient unit can be quickly and easily coupled with the AF Macro Zoom 3X-1X lens for copying 35mm transparencies in mounts or strips. Magnifications up to 3X are easily set. Provision is made for easy attachment of the lighting unit of the Macro Flash 1200 AF as a transillumination source.

Magnifier VN

Ideal for close-up, macro, copying, and telephotography, this magnifier enlarges the viewfinder image approximately 2.3 times.

7D 7xi

800si 700si 600si

8000i 7000i 5000i 3000i

Wide Strap

Angle Finder VN

Used to look through the finder when the camera is in hard-to-view positions, including chest level or low angles. Can be rotated to view from the top, sides or back for copy photography. Selectable 1X or 2X magnification.

Dynax Wide Strap WS-1500

Usable with Dynax 9/7D/7/60/5/40/4/3L/800si/700si/600si/505si/500si/ 404si/303si/300si/9xi/7xi/5xi/3xi/2xi/SPxi/8000i/7000i/5000i/3000i.
Focusing Screen 9 (9) / Focusing Screen Type M* DM-9 Type ML* Type S
matte field with vertical/ horizontal scales

Type L

matte field with grid

Data Memory Back DM-9

Data Memory Back DM-9 can store up to 18 items of photographic data from each of 400 rolls of 36 exposure film on SmartMedia, and offers data imprinting on the outside of the film frame.

Focusing Screen 7

Quartz Data Back QD-9
Dynax Quartz Data Back 9 lets you imprint the date or time on your pictures. It gives you the choice of printing the data as day/month/year, month/day/year or year/month/day. You can also print the time of exposure in 24-hour time format. Data imprinting may also be turned off if you wish.

Type M

Type L

Type ML

Type S
Focusing Screens 9, 7D and 7/ Focusing Screens Eyepiece Cups EC-9 (9) / EC-1100 (7) / EC-1200 (5) / EC-1300 (60/4/3L) / EC-1400 (7D) EC-1000 (800si/700si/9xi/5xi) / EC-7xi (7xi)
Designed to prevent the entry of light from the viewfinder, these eyepiece cups are made of soft rubber to prevent damage to glasses. The standard Type G (acute-matte) focusing screen may be changed to Type M*1, Type ML*1 (Super-spherical acute matte), Type L (matte field with grid) or Type S*2 (matte field with vertical/horizontal scales) focusing screens. Only at any Konica Minolta Service Centre for the 7, 800si, 700si, 600si and 9xi.
*1 Focusing Screen 9, 7D and 7 only. *2 Not available for 7D.
800si 700si 600si 9xi 8000i 7000i

800si 700si

Vertical Control Grip VC-9 (9) / VC-7 (7) Data Saver DS-100

The Data Saver DS-100 expands the Dynax 7s photographic data memory capacity via SmartMedia* cards. The recorded information can then be viewed on the Dynax 7s Navigation Display or uploaded to a PC. SmartMedia* cards are available in 2/4MB (data for 400 rolls), 8/16MB (data for 900 rolls) and 32MB (data for 1900 rolls) capacity.
*SmartMedia is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
Specially designed for the 9 and 7, the multi-function grip lets you hold and use the camera vertically with the same ease the camera body gives you during horizontal operation. The grip allows you to use a choice of AA-size or lithium batteries to run the camera (the camera by itself accepts only lithium batteries).
Holding Straps HS-1 (9/7D/7) / HS-700 (800si/700si/600si) / HS-9xi (9xi) / HS-7xi (7xi)
These new straps help you maintain a firm grip on your Dynax camera in any holding position.
Accessory Shoe Cap SC-1000 (9/7D/7/60/5/40/4/3L/800si/700si/600si/505si /500si/404si/303si/5xi/3xi/2xi/SPxi) SC-7 (9xi/7000i) / SC7xi (7xi)
Used to protect the autolock accessory shoe on Dynax cameras.

9 303si

7D 9xi

60 5xi

40 2xi
800si 700si 600si 505si 500si 404si

SPxi 7000i

Vertical Control Grip VC-7D
This grip is made for the Dynax 7D to enhance its holding and operation when in a vertical position. An optional holding strap also gives you a more stable hold when in a horizontal position. The grip uses either 1 or two lithium-ion batteries, or 6 AA-size Ni-MH batteries which means youll have longer shooting time and more shooting opportunities.
Close-up Diffuser CD-1000
Attached to the cameras accessory shoe, the Close-up Diffuser provides soft lighting and helps produce natural close-up pictures with a builtin flash.
700si 600si 505si 500si 404si 303si

AA Battery Pack BP-200

This optional, external battery pack operates your camera with common AA-size batteries, so no matter where you are your Dynax 5, Dynax 4 and Dynax3L will always have power.
Remote Cord RC-1000 S (50cm)
Remote Cord RC-1000 L (5m)

Remote Cords RC-1000 S/L

Enables remote control of the shutter-release from a hidden location or apart from the camera to prevent blurring. Also provides remote autofocus control.
3L 9 7D 4 800si 700si 600si

7000i 5000i

Indicates 505si and 505si SUPER

Film Scanners

Konica Minolta invites you to experience the world of quality digital image creation, with its full lineup of high-performance film scanners.

DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400

Max.5400dpi input resolution Automatic image enhauncement with Digital ICETM, Pixel Polish and more Easy-to-adjust manual focus button High-speed USB 2.0 compatible Sophisticated design with slim body Quick Scan Button, and Easy Scan Utility equipped for the beginners

DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO

Max. 4,800dpi input resolution 16bit A/D conversion and wide 4.8 dynamic range Wide film format compatibility Automatic image enhancement with Digital ICE3 TM technology Ultra SCSI and IEEE1394 (FireWire) interface Multi sample scanning Colour Matching

DiMAGE Scan Dual IV

Max.3200dpi input resolution Automatic image enhauncement with Digital ICETM, Pixel Polish and more Easy-to-adjust manual focus button High-speed USB 2.0 compatible Quick Scan Button, and Easy Scan Utility equipped for the beginners
Film Scanners Specifications
Usable Film Type DiMAGE Scan Multi PRO 35mm film Medium format film (120/220) 16mm film*, TEM film* *With the optional Multi Format Set 35mm film: 4,800dpi 120/220 film: 3,200dpi 16bits 4.8 Ultra SCSI IEEE1394 (FireWire) 168 x 128 x 377 mm DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 35mm film DiMAGE Scan Dual IV 35mm film APS film
Optical Resolution A/D Conversion Dynamic Range Interface Dimensions (W x H x D)
5,400 dpi 16 bits 4.8 USB IEEE1394(FireWire) 65 x 163 x 360 mm
3,200 dpi 16 bits 4.8 USB 145 x 100 x 325 mm
*Specifications and accessories are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. *All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Camera Cases

7/ 5/4/3L 60/40

CH-800SiL CH-800Si

CH-700SiL CH-700Si

CH-600SiL CH-600Si

505si SUPER/ 500si SUPER/ 505si/404si/303si 500si/300si
CH-301SiL CH-301Si CH-100L CH-100 CH-9xi


CH-7xiL CH-5xi



CS-700Si CH-3xi CH-3xiL

CS-700SN CS-700M CS-700L

AF 16/2.8 Fisheye AF 20/2.8 AF 24/2.8 AF 28/2 AF 28/2.8 AF 35/1.4 G AF 50/1.4 AF 50/1.7 AF 50/2.8 Macro AF 50/2.8 Macro (D) AF 50/3.5 Macro AF 100/2.8 Macro AF 100/2.8 Macro (D) AF 200/4 Macro AF 85/1.4 G AF 85/1.4 G (D) AF 100/2.8 SOFT FOCUS STF 135/2.8 [T5.6] AF 200/2.8 Apo G AF 300/2.8 Apo G (D) SSM AF 300/4 Apo G AF 400/4.5 Apo G AF Reflex 500/8 AF 600/4 Apo G AF 17-35/2.8-4 (D) NEW AF 17-35/3.5 G AF 20-35/3.5-4.5 AF 24-85/3.5-4.5 AF 24-105/3.5-4.5 (D) AF 28-70/2.8 G AF 28-75/2.8 (D) NEW AF 28-80/3.5-5.6 II AF 28-100/3.5-5.6 (D) AF 28-105/3.5-4.5 AF 35-80/4-5.6 II AF 70-200/2.8 Apo G (D) SSM AF 70-210/4.5-5.6 II AF 75-300/4.5-5.6 II AF 75-300/4.5-5.6 (D) AF 80-200/2.8 Apo G AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 Apo AF 100-300/4.5-5.6 Apo (D) AF 100-400/4.5-6.7 Apo * Consists of bottom cover and a front cover Specifications and accessories are based on the latest information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice.




MINOLTA Maxxum 9

Best Suited For Advanced Amateur, Professional SIGNIFICANCE: Having previously irted with, but then van-
Capability Convenience Features Overall
ished from the pro camera market (Maxxum 9000 in 1985, Maxxum 9xi in 1992) Minolta has decided that this time they will stay the course. With enthusiastic reception and international honors heaped upon this supersolid camera, Minolta has every reason to do so. FEATURES: In our tests, we found the camera to have the brightest of all AF SLR viewnders with the clearest projected red AF rectangles, these outlining the central cross AF sensor and the two outer single-line sensors. Sensor choice can be camera- or user-selected, and theres a handy and useful thumb-activated central spot sensor button, as well. The slightly heavy, but rugged, moisture- and dust-resistant hybrid body has the traditional Minolta 14-cell honeycomb
First pro-level AF SLR with built-in flash. It covers down to 24mm and provides off-camera, wireless ash capabilities. Minimal and easily understood classic knob, dial, and lever controls operate hightech electronics within.
Only pro-level AF SLR with built-in autofocus-aid light.
Accessory bottomof-camera vertical control grip allows switching between two camera-housed CR123As, and gripcontained 2CR5 lithium or four AA batteries.
exposure-meter cell plus four-sensor flash metering linked to the AF sensor areas. The camera has the highest top speed of any present AF SLR, 1/12,000 sec with X-sync at 1/300 sec, lm advance at 5.5 fps, and is the only pro-level SLR with a built-in flash. The entire picture area can be seen in the viewnder. It also provides seven-frame ambient and ash autobracketing, wireless off-camera ash, shiftable program exposure, seven-roll data storage, and 21 custom features. The Maxxum 9 can be upgraded to what is called Maxxum 9Ti electronic specications. These include adding an AF-aid light turnoff, allowing exposure compensation with the rear dial in aperture- or shutter-priority exposure, and providing front and rear control-dial function locks when the camera is not in use. The luminescent exposure mode and compensation dials will be changed to brightly colored, raised numerals. Contact Minolta Lighted LED rectangles on new brighter interchangeable nder Service center for pricing. screens indicate which of three CAPABILITY: After months of AF sensors (two linear, centrallaboratory testing and eld use by cross-type) are operating. our staff, we wound up with a very high percentage of perfectly exposed, properly sharp color slides and prints. Fluorescent numerals on two CONVENIENCE: The large, wellmajor control dials marked simple-to-comprehend glow in the dark. controls, some luminescent so The LCD panel can be backlit. they can easily be operated even in the dark, received high marks. While the Maxxum 9 probably wont win any cosmetic prizes in a beauty contest, its contours and very grippable covering nestle Combination stainnicely in your hands. Controls are less steel, die-cast well placed for easy operation. zinc and aluminum, polycarbonate body with moisIts a formidable and highly proture-and-dust protection seals. fessional machine.
FOCUSING: AF or manual. Single, continuous, or autoswitch-
ing AF with choice of focus- or shutter-priority release. Lit central cross and two outer linear sensors with auto- or manual switching. AF-aid light. LENSES: Minolta AF lenses in A-type bayonet with or without power zoom and focus. EXPOSURE SYSTEM: 14-segment, honeycomb-pattern, silicon photocell above eyepiece provides choice of evaluative metering linked to focusing or centerweighted (both EV 0 to 20 at ISO 100 with an f/1.4 lens), plus spotmetering (EV 3 to 20); shiftable program and manual metering, shutter- and aperture-priority modes. Three-, ve-, and seven-step single or continuous autobracketing in 13, 12, 34, or 1 EV increments. Exposure compensation 3 EV in 12-EV increments, 2 EV in 13 EV increments. VIEWFINDER: Standard (interchangeable) screen shows bracketed wide AF area, central spot exposure circle, and rectangular center AF spot. Horizontal data panel displays ash signals, wireless ash operating, AF sensors operating, focus OK, shutter speed, aperture, autoexposure lock,
number of bracketed frames. Vertical scale, at right, indicates manual exposure variation and exposure corrections from normal. FLASH: Lift-up, four-segment TTL flash covers 24mm lens angle, cancelable redeye reduction; ll ash with 3 EV in 12EV flash exposure compensation increments, slow-speed, and second-curtain sync; wireless multiple-unit TTL ash control; 1/300-sec X-sync, goes to 1/12,000 sec with specific accessory flash units, threaded PC terminal, self-locking Maxxum hot-shoe. OTHER FEATURES: 5.5 fps lm advance in single-shot AF and manual focus; 4.5 fps for continuous lm advance. Midroll rewind with lm reloadable to last frame. Data memory for seven rolls of 36 exposures, but accessory data-imprinting back provides uploadable SmartMedia card memory for 400 rolls; 21 custom functions. APPROX. STREET PRICE: $2,400.



KMC510 B89090-5 325CI DPS-V77 X223W BV9990T MV16P HCD-DZ100 CQ-C1311NE - 2003 Yamaha 01X GR-DVL160EK KX-TGA246W KX-TG8424E Joybook 5000 TX-32LX52F Nikon FM3A Lumina 1994 YH-820 BR-1200CD Spartan VI HD 650 KDL-60EX701 Reader Cruiser TA-VE100 210 P L-358 AVS7440 Whitetail II GT-I8000 M8 KG195 Phone-MD4260 CE 682 Anniversary 28CC Asus R300 HT-P50 CCD-SC55E NN-S751WF 2003 R2 3100 MFP Sender J700I Photosmart 912 82663 Aspire 9300 Laserjet 5550 TX-SR604E Review AW563F Delonghi CC80 Camileo X100 Chartplotter VK9820NHB 170MP Dremel 400 WV10D6 ZKT621LX P14007 P2450H Supermoto 220 CDI KX-TG6052 FL1082 Simulator Controlpad VGF-AP1 Quad FM1 GR-DVL100 VGN-FS960P DEH-2750 UE55B7000 32LB75 MDR-DS5100 UN26C4000 TI-30XA IO PEN Nikon FA KX-FPC91 TX-20LA80FS HT-DS100 MU500 ISL70C Korg A4 SD-CX11 EWR121W Dune 2000 SL-PA10 Digital 5500 8002DX 400PX Alcatel EL-50 Urc-7720 NV-HV65 CQ-RDP113N BDP-09FD Madam LAV76730-W GA-G31m-es2L


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