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Korg Professional Arranger PA 50Korg PA50 Professional Arranger Keyboard with SD Card Slot
As a songwriting station or as a back-up band, you can be sure the Pa 50sperformance will be truly musical. The Pa50 combines enhanced sequencing functions, powerful performance features, custom backlit LCD, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound quality.Excellent Sound and Instant Control Based on the TRITON synth engine the Korg Pa50 sound quality is second to none! Included with its 660 editable sound programs is a set of very expressive solo instruments, sampled with a natural vi... Read more

Brand: KORG
Part Numbers: PA50, PA50SD, Pa50
UPC: 04959112071803, 4959112071803
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Moosa Rasheed 6:24am on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
Love both the silicone case and zebra sleeve pouch. The item was all that the description said it would be! I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to friends.
SuPuL 1:47am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
PROS: OS, look, Awesomeness ITs great, and the idea is well along with the OS its a Mac downsized. its size is a bit big Bought the 16G WiFi for my wife. She enjoys playing games, surfing the web, reading books, reading email and catching up on her Soaps at
Eduardo 10:18am on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 
My Company uses Citrix, so I am able to run Windows Applications, SAP, even flash and all my GO TO corporate applications on the device.
Bear 9:18pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
Awesome game player, and has replaced my laptop but I do not have to need for business and so I do not know about how those work. Great for traveling,...

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Pa50- Professional Arranger FAQs How can I change the chord recognition mode on my Pa50?
What styles come on each iS Series disk?
What styles come on each i Series disk?
How can I change the programs within a style?
Once I change a style, how do I save it?
Changing Chord Recognition Pa50
You are able to set the chord recognition of the accompaniment depending on your style of playing. When selected, the accompaniment of the left hand will change according to the Fingered parameter that is chosen. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Press the Style Play button. Press the Menu button. Press the Lower button on the right side of the screen, which selects Preferences. Press the Page + button until you reach page 25, indicated on the right side of the screen. Press the Upper 1 button to select the Chord Rec. Mode Using the Dial, Down/- or Up/+ buttons change to the setting you prefer:
Fingered 1: A full Major chord will be recognized even if a single note is played. Fingered 2: Three notes or more must be played for a full chord to be recognized. If one note is played, it will play unison. Playing a suspended 5th plays a suspended chord. Fingered 3: You must always play three or more notes for a chord to be recognized. One Finger: Playing one note, a Major chord is recognized. A root note, plus a white key on the left plays a 7th chord, a root note plus a black key on the left plays a minor chord, a root note plus a black and white key on the left plays a minor 7th chord. 7. Press the Global button. 8. Press the Write/Disk in Use button. 9. Press the Drum button to select Global. 10. Press the Enter/Yes button twice. You have now edited and saved Chord Recognition settings.

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iS Series Style Disks
(Disks noted with a * are included in the Styles Bundle Pack)
iS 01 Latin 1 Cumbia Merengue Rumba Calypso Gipsy Meneaito Bayon Limbo iS 05 90s Dance* Hit-House John Arabian House U2 Alexia R. Miles Garden Living Joy iS 09 Latin 2 Pasodoble Cumbia Samba Merengue Cha Cha Bossa Mambo Samba 2 iS 13 Fusion, Soul, R & B Jaco Modern Fusion Fusion Funk Slow Fusion R&B2 R&B3 Soul Rock2 IS 18 - Piano & Disco Bar* Slow Style Begin Slow Rock Slow Band Jamiro 1 Space Jamiro 2 Jamiroquai iS 02 Funky* Funky 1 Funky 2 Funky 3 Funky 4 Funq 1 Funq 2 Funq 3 Funq 4 iS 06 Rock * Around the World U2 Groove Irish Rock Red Hair Gloria Canadian Rock Blues Funk Slow Pop 16 Beat Pop iS 10 8/16 Beat Allegro 8 Disco Beat 8 Medium Beat 8 Medium Disco 16Beat John Beat John 2 Honky John 8 Beat John iS 14 Jazz & Country* Jazz Waltz Dorian Swing Shuffle Big Band2 Country 3/4 Achybreak Shuffle City Loong Cool WM IS 19 - Hip Hop* Blur Oasis Englpropok Verve Back Street Amer Paphop Hdr Softhip Slw & Fst Hhp iS 03 The XX Century Dance Frankie Snap Corona Dance 60 Dance 70 Dance 80 Dance 90 iS 07 Liscio 1 Traditional 1* Valzer Polka Fox Trot Beguine Valzer2 Polka2 Mazurka Tango iS 11 Sala Da Ballo (Traditional 2)* Beguine Fox Trot Moderato Triplet Samba Zibaldone WienWaltz Zibaldone 2 iS 15 People Dance* Tiki Dance Gipsy Dance Woolf Dance Medley Dance Mod. Swing Slow Rock 2 Folk Ballad Gipsy Kings IS 23 - Piano Bar Styles* Lucio Eros Gerardina Eros 2 Cattivi Rainers Hair Alias iS 04 Rap & Reggae* USA Rap UK Rap J Rap Art31 Rap Bob Marley 1 Bob Marley 2 UB 40 ReggaeNight iS 08 Big Band Med.Swing Boogie SlowSwing BigBand1 Slow BigBand Big Band 2 Big Band 3 iS 12 Italian 60 & American 50 Italian 6/8 Rumba Rock Hully Gully Twist Italy Rock 1 Rock 2 Boogie 2 Shuffle iS 16 8/16 Beat 2* IK 16 Beat Beat 1 IK 16 Beat 2 IK 16 Beat 3 IK 8 Beat 8 Beat 8 Medium Beat 16 Beat Eight Rock IS 25 - Beat & Rock* Slow 8 Beat Slow 2 Enigma Rock GB 8 Beat Beat 16 Beat 808 III 16 Beat Shuffle 808
Contents of i Series Style Disks
IFD-01 Funk Band Funk 70's Funk 80's Funk Mozambique Merengue Latin Afro UK Rock HeavyMetal TwinDrRock BritishReg Roots Dub 6/8 Jazz Shuffl Rock 3/4 Pop 16 Beat Beat Beat Beat 1 Funk 1 Funk 2 Funk 3 Funk 4 U.S.A. Rap UK Rap Jo' Rap Art31 Rap U2 Groove Irish Rock Red Hair Gloria IFD-06 House/Rave Housing UK Formulate! Boom Chiki Respect # 16 beat USA 16 beat Funk 16 beat 80's Bebop Hard Bop Funky Jazz Rio Samba 2 Bahia Afro Pop Gypsy Pop Rai Alexia Garden R. Miles Living Joy Tiky Style Gipsy Dance Medley Wolf Dance Jamiro 1 Jamiro 2 Jamiro 3 Space

IFD-02 Latin 1 (Caribbean) IFD-Beat (Rock) IFD-04 Reggae IFD-05 3/46/8 Triplet
IFD-Beat IFD-08 Jazz IFD-09 Latin 2 (Brazil) IFD-10 World Music
KSDI-20 Italian Keyboard 1

KSDI-30 Dance

KSDI-36 Funky Trunk

KSDI-41 People Dance

KSDI-44 Rap & Rappers

KDSI-48 Disco Bar

KSDI-50 Pop and Rock
KSSD13 House Dance Country Housing UK Country 3/4 Formulate Achy Break Boom Chiki Shuffle City Respect # Long Cool Modern Dance General Dance 1 Kemp Wein. Waltz Flp2 6/8 Polka 2 FolkBld General Dance 2 Rock 1 Laendler Pure Polka 3 Scorp's Polka Beat Rox PolkaSwng BonJovee
KSSD14 Turkish 1 Spain Dans Merengue Dueyek Sevillanas Arab Pasodoble 5/8 Sweden 1 Turkish 2 DanskVals 9/8 Sarkis DanskVikin Oyunhava DanskSwing Vals Traditional Dance 7/8 W. Waltz J. Last Disco Fx1 Flipprs 1
KSSD15 Wedding Dance 1 French Set 1 Musette 1 Rhumba Paso Doble Weiner Waltz Musette 2 Paso Dob Tango Jive French Set 2 Jazz Set 2 Valse Dorian Mazurka Big Band 2 Polka Swing Lois Jazz Waltz 2
Changing Programs in a Style Pa50
The Pa50 allows the user to change the Programs (instruments) that a style uses. The user can select whether a style uses the original factory settings or his/her own. The following tutorial explains how to set up the Pa50 to recognize your custom style settings. For this example we will use the Love Disco style in the Dance category: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Press the STYLE PLAY button to enter the Style Play mode. Select the style that you want to edit. Press the MENU button to enter the Menu mode. Press the UPPER button to select RT Controls (Real Time Controls) on screen. Using the PAGE + button, page up to page 21 StyCtl (Style Control) on screen. Select Prog (Program) on the screen by pressing the DRUM button located on the left side of the screen. 7. Using the value wheel, change Prog: Orig to Prog: On. 8. Press the EXIT button to return to the main style page. 9. Press the TRACK SELECT button. 10. Using the UP/+ or DOWN/- buttons, make your desired program changes to the style e.g. change the drum kit from Standard Kit1 to Room Kit1. 11. After making your changes, press the WRITE button. 12. Select Current Style by pressing the ACC1 button. 13. Press the ENTER button twice, and your updated style will be saved into internal memory.

Saving User Styles Pa50

The Pa50 allows the user to save both new and edited Styles to the 3 User Banks. Each User Bank has 16 locations to save your Styles. The following tutorials explain how to save Styles to the Pa. For saving edited styles use Tutorial 1, for saving new/original styles use Tutorial 2. Both of these examples are based on the Pa50 running on System 2.0 or higher. System updates are available at Tutorial 1 Saving Edited Styles For this example we will use the Soft Beat style in the 8/16 Beat category: 1. Press the Style Play button to enter the Style Play mode. 2. Select the Style that you want to edit and save e.g. Soft Beat. 3. Hit the Record button and select Current Style. For this tutorial we will just change some of the preset instruments. 4. Press the TRK Select and highlight Std.Kit 4. 5. Press the Program Button on the far right side of the Pa50 and select a new Drum Kit from the Drum & Perc program group - e.g. change the drum kit from Acoustic Kit to Jungle Kit. 6. You can change the program assigned to any of the eight Style Parts in the same way. After making your selections, press EXIT 7. Now press the Write/Disk inUse button. 8. Highlight Style Name and change the name of the Style. Use the value wheel to select the characters and the Up/Down buttons to change cursor position. 9. After making your changes, highlight the To field and select a User Bank and location where you would like to save the edited Style. Press the Enter button twice, and your updated style will be saved into Pa50 User Style Bank memory. Tutorial 2 Saving New/Original Styles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Press the Style Play button to enter the Style Play mode. Hit the Record button and select New Style. Create your style. (Refer to section 9b of the Pa50 Version 2 manual supplement.) When you are satisfied with your Style, press the Write/Disk in Use button. Highlight Style Name and change the name of the Style. Use the value wheel to select the characters and the Up/Down buttons to change cursor position. 6. After making your changes, highlight the To field and select a User Bank and location where you would like to save your new program. Press the Enter button twice, and your updated Style will be saved into Pa50 User Style Bank memory.


Using Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) to access multiple samples directly from the Solid State Disk (SSD) allows the HD-1 to provide all of the essential sounds in exquisite detail, from orchestral to classic rock to hip-hop. The HD-1 includes Wave Sequencing and access to Korgs Ambient Drums.

SGX-1 Premium Piano

Piano sound engine
Virtual Memory Technology (VMT) allows KRONOS to play long, natural, un-looped samples, recorded at eight velocity levels for each and every key directly from the Solid State Disk (SSD) for a piano performance unheard of in a hardware instrument.
morphing waveforms, ring mod, and the flexible MultiFilter.
MS-20EX Legacy Analog Collection
Analog modeling sound engine
Using Korgs CMT (Component Modeling Technology) the MS-20EX faithfully reproduces the MS-20 while dramatically expanding its patch panel functionality. Delivering the MS-20s aggressive sound and filter tone, its a tweakers dream.

EP-1 MDS Electric Piano

Electric piano sound engine
MDS (Multi-Dimensional Synthesis) technology eliminates the transitions between velocityswitched samples and the unnatural behavior of looped samples; includes the amps, cabinets, and vintage effects that gave the original instruments their sound.

AL-1 Analog Synthesizer

High-fidelity analog modeling sound engine
The premium analog modeling engine first featured on the Korg OASYS recreates the power of true analog synthesis, without the artifacts that can plague lesser instruments. Highlights include
PolysixEX Legacy Analog Collection
With its self-oscillating four-pole filter, smooth analog oscillator and sub-oscillator, plus a lush Chorus/Ensemble effect, the PolysixEX extends the abilities of the original in many creative ways. The classic arpeggiator built into the original Polysix is also provided.
MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM Synthesizer
VPM/Waveshaping/PCM processing sound engine
MOD-7 combines Variable Phase Modulation (VPM), wave-shaping, ring modulation, samples, and subtractive synthesis, plus a modular patchpanel system. MOD-7 offers everything from classic FM keyboards to bells and basses and sparkling, epic pads.
STR-1 Plucked String Synthesizer
Physical modeling sound engine
In addition to unique, experimental timbres, the STR-1 is great for traditional instruments such as guitars, basses, harps, and other sounds whose tone responds in ways that are difficult for a PCM sound engine to replicate.

Live, Production, and Sound Design
LIVE For the performing keyboard player
KRONOS provides the absolute finest in keyboard sounds; accurate and responsive to the players technique. The expansive control surface offers joysticks, sliders, knobs, switches, a ribbon controller, assignable pedal inputs, and our improved resolution color TouchView display. Our new Smooth Sound Transition technology is designed to maintain any currently held, played, or sustaining notes (with their effects), helping to prevent drop-outs as you switch sounds or change from Program to Combi mode. Also new is the Set List screen, allowing the instant recall of song or set specific Programs, Combinations, or song data with a single touch. You can even leave notes for yourself using the Set List page.
The single instrument meeting the challenges of


Solid Production Platform
PRODUCTION Satisfying the producer, music director, and musician
For many, the studio is where the work gets done; from laying down tracks, to building up grooves for an on-stage extravaganza, to delivering the soundtrack for todays media-rich world. For these creative leaders, Korg has equipped the KRONOS with 16-track MIDI tracks plus 16 audio tracks, our Open Sampling System, dazzling hi-fidelity effects, as well as flawless plug-in integration with many popular DAW platforms. Add to that the ability to use KARMA, the Drum Track, and the sequencers RPPR to greatly speed up and enrich the music creation process.
SYNTHESIS Programming joy for the enthusiast and sound designer
KRONOS has it in its blood to satisfy the programmer, sound designer, and synthesizer enthusiast; the musician who dreams of turning visions of the cosmos into sound, of tweaking parameters to conjure sounds from the ether. KRONOS rekindles Korgs founding dream that is at the core of synthesis: the exhilaration and enjoyment of creating new sounds, sounds never before heard! A variety of exclusive Korg technologies drive the synth engines to provide astounding results VMT (Virtual Memory Technology); CMT (Component Modeling Technology); Physical Modeling, Digital Synthesis, Wave Sequencing, MDS (MultiDimensional Synthesis); KARMA and more! 16-track MIDI recorder / 16-track audio recorder The KRONOS sequencer offers 16 MIDI tracks plus 16 audio tracks (record up to four audio tracks at once), automated mixing, plus track and song editing. Add in effects, KARMA phrases, Drum Tracks, or RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/ Recording) patterns and resample the KRONOS itself. Its a great resource for putting together a dazzling performance or a brilliant production. Improved from the M3 and M50 Music Workstations, Drum Tracks can create everything from a simple reference beat to an outline rhythm track up to a full-blown drum track for your music productions. KRONOS now includes drum performances from professional artists, able to generate grooves reproducing the distinctive feel of a pro drummer. To make the most of KRONOS nine sound engines, Korg called on numerous world-class players who contributed their time, energy, and critical listening to help us zero in on making these sounds respond to the way they play. Our artist signature sounds were tested, judged, and tweaked by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Jordan Rudess, Russ Ferrante, Lyle Mays, George Duke, Tom Coster, Jeff Lorber, Frank McComb, John Novello, and several other artists known for their serious love of sound and for their critical, demanding ears.

The ultimate effects suite
KRONOS provides 16 internal effects to add impact to your sonic creations; 12 Insert, 2 Master, and 2 Total. Each effect offers 185 distinct effect types, covering every possible sound-shaping need. A separate three-band EQ is provided for every timbre, sequencer or audio track. Numerous realtime modulation possibilities deliver outstanding versatility.

Open Sampling System

KRONOS is able to sample from any mode Program, Combination, or Sequencer and you can even sample the performance of the KRONOS itself. Sample tools include truncate, normalize, time stretch, or time slice. Edited samples can also be exported in AIFF or WAVE format. Samples can be loaded in AIFF, WAVE, SoundFont 2.0, and AKAI S1000/3000 formats via USB memory.


Polyphony: Engine: Sounds: User Locations: Effects: Sampling: Drum Tracks: Sequencer: Inputs: Outputs: Digital:
Varies by Engine 9 Engines 1510 Programs; 448 Combinations (16-timbre); 77 Drumkits; 256 GM2 Programs; 9 GM2 Drumkits 1664 Programs; 1792 Combinations (16-timbre); 152 Drumkits 12 Insert, 2 Master, 2 Total; 185 Effect Types Open Sampling System; ~1GB 697 preset, 100 user per song 16 MIDI tracks; 16 Audio tracks; 200 Songs; 18 Preset/16 User Template; In-Track Sampling; One Touch Record 1, 2 (1/4 balanced); S/P DIF optical; USB L/Mono, Right, 1,2,3,4 (1/4 balanced); S/P DIF optical, USB MIDI: In, Out, Thru; 2 USB Type A; 1 USB Type B (MIDI)
This revolutionary algorithmic music technology instantly produces sophisticated phrases, drum grooves and full-blown backing tracks based on the notes and chords you play, and the intuitive operations you perform with the knobs, sliders, and switches. Greatly enhanced, this second generation KARMA offers KARMA WaveSequencing, Note Mapping, 8 scenes per layer and other innovations. *KARMA (Kay Algorithmic Real-time Music Architecture) and the KARMA Logo are registered trademarks representing patented technology licensed from Stephen Kay, Karma Lab LLC,

Computer Connectivity

KRONOS can send MIDI signals to and from your computer via USB. Using the KRONOS Editor software (free download), sounds and settings can be edited directly from your computer. The KRONOS Plug-in Editor (free download) lets you use KRONOS from within many popular DAW systems, as if it were a plug-in instrument. KRONOS can also be used as an audio I/O for your computer, sending and receiving two channels of audio via USB.


Includes stand-alone / plug-in software editing package

New Body.

Keys: Engine: Sounds: Effects: Valve Reactor: Inputs: Outputs:
RH3 Graded Hammer Action (88 or 73) EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis); RX (Real eXperience) 36 total; 6 Banks x 6 Variations Equalizer; Pre-FX (x6); Amp Models (x6); Modulation FX (x6); Reverb/Delay (x6) 12AX7 Vacuum Tube (Amp Modeling) Audio 1/4 (L/Mono, Right); Damper; Footswitch; Footpedal 1/4 (L/Mono, Right); XLR Balanced (Left, Right); Headphone: Stereo 1/4

Old Soul.

The SV-1 contains the most in-demand and soulsatisfying keyboard sounds ever collected in a single instrument. Rediscover decades of hit-making vintage electric pianos, funky clavs, classic and cult-fave organs, string machines and, of course, pianos. The SV-1 delivers breathtaking grands, a real-deal upright, plus hall-of-fame electronic contenders. And the SV-1 doesnt just serve plain vanilla; youll find multiple signature variations of the essential classics that venture beyond what other products offer, as well as some rare and unique instruments to inspire your performance. Crafted using Korgs RX (Real eXperience) technology, each sound is a detailed and authentic re-creation, accurately capturing the full range of expression and dynamics of the original. The snap of the tine, the
release of the hammer, the click of the contactsevery element has been preserved. By isolating these sonic components, the RX engine allows you to create a sonic signature from showroom-shiny to road-ravaged; adding just the right amount to suit your individual taste. But for Korg, even that is not enough. The SV-1 also recreates the effect pedals and studio processing that gave these sounds their original luster. The proven, tube-driven (12AX7) Valve Reactor circuit adds warmth and realism to period-accurate amplifier models. Together, the three-band EQ, Pre-FX, Modulation FX and Reverb/Delay add yet another dimension of authenticity to your playing.
Designed with performance in mind, the SV-1 is a pleasure to play. The RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action is the finest keybed Korg offers, with a solid, responsive feel that inspires confidence. Forget menus. Never mind banks and programs. Stop staring at displays. With the SV-1, the entire front panel is always live, using clearly labeled knobs to dial up the sound you are looking for. Saving your eight Favorite settings for quick recall is as easy as saving a station on your car radio. Reliable and portable, the Korg SV-1 re-creates the look, the feel, and visceral pleasure of performing on a vintage instrument.
SV-1 Users: Soundpack 1 and Soundpack 2 are now available as free downloads from Enjoy new sounds, layered sounds (SP1) and even split programs (SP2)!

Free SV-1 editor / librarian software
WAVEDRUM Dynamic Percussion


Choose Your Wavedrum
Bursting with power and expression, the Wavedrum line now includes Wavedrum, the limited edition Wavedrum Black featuring a Remo Black Suede drum head, and the limited edition Wavedrum Oriental, which offers all of the sounds from the original Wavedrum, plus a full range of algorithms and PCM samples dedicated to Arabic percussion, as well as exciting new Arabic loops. Combining advanced DSP technology and hundreds of high-quality samples, Wavedrum picks up where trigger-based systems leave off. An acoustic transducer under the head and two on the rim excite the DSP engine with every strike, providing Wavedrum with a natural, musical feel. Combined with hundreds of PCM samples, this technology allows Wavedrum to create unheard of sounds, or accurately represent unique percussion sounds from around the globe. Wavedrum responds instantly to any and all playing styles. From subtlynuanced tapping and stroking to aggressive, rhythmic assaults; its extreme dynamic range challenges the response of an acoustic instrument. The real drumhead and textured-rim playing surfaces provide a responsive, articulate and natural performance experience, whether using sticks, mallets, brushes, or playing using traditional hand percussion techniques. Wavedrum begins with a foundation of traditional pop/ rock drum sounds such as snares, kick drums, tom-toms, and more. Wavedrum also opens new vistas of sound, delivering a wealth of percussion sounds from many eras and cultures around the world and throughout time. These include popular instruments such as cajons, congas and tablas; metallic instruments such as cowbells and triangles; along with rare ethnic percussion sounds. For every sound, Wavedrum adds its own new modes of expression, in addition to faithfully re-creating the original sounds. There are a range of parameters available for editing and tweaking to create new sounds to suit your own music or style of playing. In addition to making changes to pitch, decay time, loudness, and curve (intensity) of the pressure sensor, you can completely alter the sound by, for example, changing the head material parameter from skin to metal, or adding effects such as Reverb and Delay. The Wavedrum also has a Live Mode, which can store up to 12 favorite programs (from the preset or user programs) for instant selection during a performance.


With its small footprint, 61 velocity-sensing keys, and excellent controllers, the microSTATION is an ideal welcome addition to any studio. The EDS-i sound engine (M50 derived) provides plenty of premium quality sounds, seven effects processors, advanced workstation features, and offers instant USB computer connectivity. The free Plug-in Editor software lets you edit sounds and settings from within your favorite host DAW program. The microSTATION is also a great controller for all your Korg Legacy software and other titles!
Meat & Potatoes are just the Appetizer
Stunning sounds, inspirational effects and intuitive ease-of-use are among the wealth of benefits offered by the M50 Music Workstation. Designed as both a performing instrument and studio solution, the M50 workstation is the M3 XPandeds inner child, unleashed as a seriously portable and affordable instrument. The streamlined, modern design is highlighted by an angled control panel that provides
hammer action keyboard Korg has ever made. Price, performance and portability thats a winning combination for any musician!
Polyphony: Engine: Sounds: User Locations: Effects: Drum Tracks: Sequencer: Outputs: Digital:
80 Voice Maximum EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) 608 Programs; 384 Combinations; 32 Drumkits; 256 GM2 Programs; 9 GM2 Drumkits 640 Programs; 512 Combinations, 48 Drumkits 5 Insert, 2 Master, 1 Total; 170 Effect Types 1000 user; 671 preset 16 Track; 128 Songs; 20 Cue Lists; 16 Template Songs; One Touch Record L/Mono, Right, (1/4 unbalanced) MIDI: In, Out; USB Type B (MIDI)

Sound and Vision

The intuitive TouchView interface ensures excellent visibility, making it easy to select sounds and adjust parameters. Other performance controls include an assignable joystick, multiple switches and chord triggers. The M50-61 and M50-73 use a new semiweighted Natural Touch keyboard, while the M50-88 features Korgs top-of-the-line RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action to accurately simulate the graded feel of an acoustic grand piano. For players on the go, the M50-88 is by far the lightest weight 88-key

Groove Options

The Drum Track provides hundreds of natural-sounding grooves. Dual arpeggiators offer nearly 1000 patterns that can generate everything from simple phrases to complex rhythmic gestures. Two patterns can be used at once (Combination/Sequencer modes) to create
RADIAS is also available as a user installable option board, adding 24 voices of MMT modeling synthesis.

Grow with the Flow

The M3 XPanded KARMA functions have been expanded to allowing over 1,000 User locations for KARMA Generated Effects (GEs) created when using Karma-Labs KARMA M3 software. Speaking of software, the bundled Editor Librarian software runs stand-alone, or appears as a plug-in virtual instrument under any VST, AU, or RTAS host software. Ready to go further? Installing the FireWire option allows the M3 to share multi-channel audio information with your computer using a single cable. This Virtualized Hardware approach provides seamless integration, without overtaxing your host processor. The powerful
Polyphony: Engine: Sounds:
120 Voice Maximum EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) 1216 Programs; 416 Combinations; 32 Drumkits; 256 GM2 Programs; 9 GM2 Drumkits
User Locations: 1664 Programs; 1792 Combinations; 144 Drumkits Effects: Sampling: Drum Tracks: Sequencer: Inputs: Outputs: Digital:
5 Insert, 2 Master, 1 Total; 170 Effect Types Open Sampling System; 64 MB/11.5 min. mono; expandable 1000 user; 671 preset 16 Track; 128 Songs; 20 Cue Lists; 16 Template Songs; In-Track Sampling; One Touch Record 1,2,3,4 (1/4 unbalanced); S/P DIF optical L/Mono, Right, 1,2,3,4 (1/4 unbalanced); S/P DIF optical MIDI: In, Out, Thru; 2 USB Type A; 1 USB Type B (MIDI)


Listen and Believe.
Professional Arranger Workstation

Portrait of a Player

The MP10 Pro is the perfect musical companion for mobile entertainers, solo keyboardists, singers and amateur musicians. This revolutionary all-in-one product brings together MP3 playback, MIDI song play, vocal processing and more in one easy-to-use entertainment center. Perform as the consummate DJ, host a karaoke night, or even program your own musical interludes as your band takes a break. The integral handle folds under during performance, giving the MP10 Pro just the right angle for live use. A padded bag is included to help you protect your MP10 Pro as you travel from gig to gig.

Playlist and Requests


Keys: Sounds: Effects: Pedals: Speakers: Amplification:
88 RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action 30 Reverb, Chorus Soft; Sustenuto; Damper 10 cm Full range (x 2); Bass reflex chamber. 11 Watts per channel; Stereo
For the no-compromise pianist who wants to add an extra dimension or two to their performance, we created the Pa588. To complement Korgs finest RH3 piano action, weve also equipped the Pa588 with an incredible four-layer stereo piano sound. And then there are the other 800 sounds Like all Pa models, the Pa588 features Korgs world-class Style programming; each Style is a complete musical environment for creating or playing a song. Whether you just want a realistic drum track, a backing trio or a full band, nothing stands between you and your professional performance. Hiding inside is a full 16 track MIDI recorder. The stereo sound system offers premium speakers in a bass reflex enclosure for the best sound in a small box. The Pa588 is completely self-contained and easily transportable, whether rushing to a gig, jamming with friends, or teaching a new tune to the band. We couldnt fit any more fun in here if we tried.


88 RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action Over 882 total; 334 Styles 4 Stereo Processors Damper (also includes collapsible stand) 10 cm Full range (x 2); Tweeter (x 2) 15 Watts per channel; Stereo

Creating Order Out Of

Its like having your own Kaoss construction kit! Take four effect processors, some cool vinyl tricks, and the amazing Kaoss touchpad, and youve got the Kaoss Pad Quad. With new levels of intuitive, realtime performance control, the Kaoss Pad Quad leaves other effect units in the dust, inviting you to play it almost like an instrument.

Unexpected Effects

Sure, youll find the popular Delay, Phaser, Flanger, and Reverb, but the Kaoss Pad Quad also offers some startling new effects. The multi-mode Looper includes reverse and slice options for charged-up, riff-mangling power. Vinyl Break effects allow the introduction of DJ-Style turntable scratch and stop sounds as you perform. Open up new dynamic territory with the Ducking Compressor. Together, these new capabilities can add new dimensions to your productions, or send the dance floor into a frenzy.

Unimaginable Expression

The Kaoss Pad Quad lets you tap, slide, or move your finger across the brilliantly illuminated X-Y touchpad to control up to four effects simultaneously. Each of the four effect modules Looper, Modulation, Filter and Delay/Reverb contains five options (plus a null, or off position), for a total of 1,295 combinations! Best of all, effects can be quickly chosen right from the front panel. By rhythmically adding successive effects, or switching effects on and off as your song progresses, you can use the Kaoss Pad Quad to add variation and development to the structure of your song. Any audio source can be processed: an MP3 player, a mixing board, an instrument, even vocals via the microphone input.

Finger-Free Freeze

The four Freeze buttons allows each effect module to independently memorize the position of your finger on the touchpad, even after you lift your finger from the pad. This unique arrangement allows you to freeze different effects in different positions, while using the touchpad to control others. Touch the pad again while Freeze is enabled, and only the non-frozen effects will be controlled. Using the four Freeze buttons in conjunction with the effect select buttons can provide even higher levels of performance freedom.

Stay in Sync!

Korgs proprietary Auto BPM circuit automatically detects the tempo/BPM (Beats Per Minute) from nearly any audio source, allowing BPM effects to remain in sync with the song. Tap Tempo is also provided; press the TAP button several times at the desired tempo to set the BPM on the fly. You can also use the BPM knob to make fine adjustments.

Kaoss Pad Quad

Programs: Ouputs: Inputs:
4 Modules; 1,295 Combinations RCA stereo pair Mic (unbalanced ); RCA stereo pair


Ten years ago, Korg captivated the world with their award-winning KAOSS pad, instantly elevating the thrill of spontaneous music-making. This revolutionary processor offered a simple but satisfying interface for controlling multiple parameters in realtime, allowing effects and samples to be played as part of a performance. The heart of all KAOSS products is the X-Y touchpad. With intuitive fingertip control, each axis controls different musical parameters, responding instantly to the performers musical will. The KAOSS family quickly grew to include not only effect processors, but DJ mixers, video and audio samplers, and musical instruments as well. This year, we are pleased to introduce the newest edition to the line, the KAOSSILATOR PRO, a landmark instrument for the creative musician.
experience over the top, offering a solid array of innovative and requested features. It provides 200 Programs, with sounds suitable for nearly every musical genre - and some that havent been created yet! The modeling synthesis has been augmented with PCM samples for improved drum and percussion grooves. Eight Favorite programs are instantly accessible during performance. Musical phrases performed on the KAOSSILATOR PRO can be recorded as a loop. Phrases may also be stacked for unlimited possibilities. Four Loop Recorder Banks (each up to four measures long) allow expressive realtime looping, layering, and DJ-Style remixing. External audio signals can also be recorded as part of any loop, and vocoding has been added, opening entire new avenues of audio processing. Musical enhancements allow the X-Y touchpad to cover the full note range or a single octave for nuanced control. Choose from any of 31 musical scales, and play in any key. The Electribe-inspired and ribbon-controlled Gate Arpeggiator delivers inspired and truly musical results. Best of all, the KAOSSILATOR PRO plays well with others. Loop data can be stored on convenient SD storage cards and transferred via USB to your computer for further use in your favorite DAW. The KAOSSILATOR PRO also offers full MIDI implementation for extensive control. The illuminated X-Y touchpad provides an exciting visual element, as well as important feedback during performance. The editor/librarian program can be downloaded free of charge from

Circuit Bender Dream Synth ELECTRIBEMX (EMX1)
Extremely powerful, the EMX-1 is based on the MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) engine that drives our popular RADIAS, R3 and microKORG XL. Mixing in a boatload of PCM samples, the EMX-1 delivers an armada of sound-shaping potential. The analog circuitry, straight forward signal path, down
Listen anywhere alone or with friends
The ultimate in compactness, the monotron includes a built-in miniature speaker. Along with the battery operation, this feature allows you to enjoy the monotron everywhere. Theres also a headphone output that you can use when creating sounds at home, for recording, or for connecting to an amplifier or PA system.


Sample based rather than synth based, the ELECTRIBESX (ESX-1) includes a wide variety of samples, plus you can create or import your own. Samples can be defined as Drum Parts (one shot); Keyboard Parts (tuned) and Stretch Parts for capturing and manipulating grooves. Sample Slicing lets you chop a sample and mute segments of it in time with the music, further adding to the sonic possibilities.


Sound Engine: Keyboard: Outputs: Inputs: Battery:
Analog synthesis Ribbon-style 1/8 Stereo (headphone) with level 1/8 Stereo AAA (x4)

Capture & Archive

Creativity without Limitations
Were ready when youre ready. Battery powered and pocket-size portable, the new SOUND on SOUND Unlimited Track Recorder from Korg is eager to capture all of your inspired moments any time, any place. Completely self contained, the SOS contains a high-quality stereo microphone and a built-in speaker. But most importantly, with the Korg SOS, youll never run out of tracks. Each take or overdub is recorded as an individual CD-quality 16-bit / 44.1 kHz WAV file, and saved directly to a microSD or microSDHD card. Accurate BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) timing information is embedded in each track, meaning all tracks will automatically line up when imported into a computer-based DAW system. So build your ideas freely and flexibly, without ever worrying about setting up a track or pausing to fumble with technology while inspiration strikes. But of course theres more. The SOS contains 100 effect programs derived from Korgs acclaimed REMS modeling system, divided into Guitar & Bass, Microphone, and Master categories. A variety of built-in tuners keep everything in tune, and dozens of internal rhythm patterns help lock down the timing for polished results. Record in Loop or Linear modes, and use Sound Stretch to alter the playback speed without affecting pitch. Despite this rich list of features, the backlit touchscreen display offers extreme ease of use. The compact design allows tabletop or handheld operation. Korg has captured the worlds attention with their MR Series of DSD recorders. By combining the highest quality recording standards, the finest digital components, generous internal hard drives, and a brilliant interface, the handheld MR-2 High Resolution Mobile Recorder and the rackmount MR-2000S Studio Recorder deliver outstanding audio results with effortless ease. Korg MR-Series recorders follow the respected and established SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) format featuring 1-bit/2.8224 MHz DSD recording. Thats Megahertz millions of samples per second! Our MR-2000S doubles that sampling rate to a staggering 5.6448 MHz. At such accelerated sampling rates, the entire sound stage is faithfully captured, even during the softest passages. DSD recording of this caliber reproduces startling transients, and delivers a spectacularly clean, natural, and breath-taking audio experience. If you incorporate analog processing or consoles in your productions the MRs are the perfect tool for capturing your final mix in all its sonic glory out of the box. Archiving your recordings in this superior format is the digital equivalent of an analog safety master; new masters can be created natively in whatever format you desire, providing a true future-proof archive. Of course, the MR-Series recorders are also fully capable of recording whatever single-bit (WSD, DSDIFF, DSF) or multi-bit (16-bit/24-bit; 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz) format you desire including BWF (Broadcast WAV) formats. Every MR Series recorder includes the latest version of AudioGate; Korgs exclusive file format conversion software; newly refined conversion algorithms deliver exceptional results. In addition, AudioGate provides useful tools for treating and working with files, plus support for importing new file formats - AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, WMA and even MP3. AudioGate can also burn audio CDs or the new DSD disc format. The USB 2.0 connection offers a direct connection to your computer and the AudioGate software.

Number One. By Design.

Korg Tuners

Expertly Modeled Effects

Korgs proprietary Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System (REMS) delivers 158 sophisticated effects. The amp models and effects are realistic and varied. The analog character of vacuum tube amplification and the airy feeling of a speaker cabinet are all perfectly replicated. In addition to tried and true standard effects, the Pandora mini also provides unusual effects such as an intelligent pitch shifter for produces musical harmonies, an acoustic simulator, and a guitar synth. Up to seven different effects can be used simultaneously.
Back in 1995, the first Pandora dramatically changed the concept of the multi-effect unit, placing great sound and unheard of versatility into a compact body. Constantly evolving, the Pandora Series became a long-selling favorite for guitarists and bassists around the world. Now say hello to Pandora mini. Korgs REMS technology pours an armada of world-class amp models and fantastic effects into a pocket processor no larger than your MP3 player. Its like having hundreds of dream rigs to choose from, all tweaked to perfection,

Plenty of Extras

Operating on a single AA battery, the Pandora mini is a great partner for many situations; practicing in private, rehearsing and recording without an amp, warming-up before a concert, or for practicing on tour. Connect your Pandora mini to your computer with a single USB cable and use the dedicated sound editor software (available as a free download from the Korg website) to edit sounds and manage programs. The built-in auto tuner comes complete with a mute feature. Pandora mini delivers a total, portable, and pocket-size package for enjoying your guitar or bass.

Program Paradise

200 ready-to-play Preset programs offer serious sound covering a broad range of genres and playing styles, so youre sure to find plenty of favorites. 160 are designed for guitar and 40 are designed for bass. Edit

Wide-range chromatic tuning makes the AW-2 the superior clip-on orchestral tuner. Two clips one large, one small ensure a solid fit on any band or orchestral instrument. Pure Major & Minor third indicators are ideal for ensemble players. Using the AW-2, band and orchestral players can monitor their pitch as they play an excellent training aid.

Experience the


The Worlds Favorite

CA-1 CA-40 Chromatic Tuner pitchblack+
Highly versatile, the Pitchblack+ supports six-string basses, seven-string guitars, open tunings (E/A/D/G), DADGAD, and flat tunings up to seven semitones down. Best of all, you can even save up to five custom tuning settings. The dual input allows two instruments to be connected at once, and each one can retain its own calibration, flat settings, tuner mode, etc. In addition to the Meter, Full Strobe, Half Strobe and Mirror display modes, Pitchblack+ adds two additional dual-meter Focus modes for increased accuracy.
Advanced features, reliability, and accuracy have made Korg tuners the worldwide favorite and our popular pocket tuners are no exception. Their large LCD display features an easy-to-read analogstyle needle, with additional Sharp and Flat LED indicators. In addition to the built-in microphone, which is ideal for acoustic tuning, a instrument input is also provided. The Sound Out mode provides an audio reference tone for tuning by ear. All Korg pocket tuners are equipped with a battery-saving auto-off feature. Their convenient size allows these pocket tuners to fit into nearly any instrument case or your pocket!


When it comes to high-visibility, easy-to-read metering, no other pedal tuner even comes close. These rugged and reliable chromatic tuners feature diecast aluminum bodies, and the illuminated surface design provides optimal viewing in any environment, from shredding on a darkened stage to strumming in the sun. Each is equipped with multiple metering modes so you can choose the one that suits you best. These tuners sound as good as they look; a true bypass keeps your tone intact when the tuner is disengaged. Power can be provided by a single 9 Volt battery. When used with the optional AC adapter, the Pitchblack and Pitchblack+ become a welcome addition to any pedalboard, offering cascade power (9V, 200 mA) to run your other devices.

FX, EQ, and Vocoding

R3 Programs consist of two timbres. For each timbre you can apply a two-band EQ and two Insert effects. Theres also a Master effect that lets you apply reverb or delay to the entire program. Delay times can be synchronized with the arpeggiator or a MIDI clock. The Modulation Sequencer can apply a time-varying change to a specific parameter. The R3 provides one Mod Sequencer per timbre. Advanced vocoding microphone included is an important part of the R3 sound. Format Motion, Formant Shift, and Formant Hold extend new vocoding possibilities.

MMT Synthesis

Our Multi Modeling Technology (MMT) synth engine exceeds common analog expectations and rapidly takes off for uncharted territories. The oscillator
Terrorism Vol. 1 cemented his place in the spotlight. Named as DJ of the Year by Spin magazine in 2005, Diplo also launched his Mad Decent label that same year. An extension of his Miami Bass roots, Diplo is credited with promoting Baile Funk (Funk Carioca) to an international audience. We caught up with Diplo after the release of Major Lazers Guns Dont Kill People, Lazers Do!

The Diplo Interview

KORG: How did you being your journey as an artist/ DJ/producer? Diplo: I started as a DJ and was not very good. Then, I made weird music (all I could do with no skill.) I in fact had a Korg microKORG, played stuff on that even borrowed an old [Korg semi-modular circa 1978] MS-20. [Next] I was DJin full-time and back into production with some minor hits; now doing both full-time. KORG: Guns Dont Kill People, Lazers Do! is out and banging. How did you team up with Switch for Major Lazer? Diplo: Hes been a partner for years, and he just excels at mixing; while Ive got a lot of good hair-brain ideas. KORG: Any moments that stand out in your head from working on this? Diplo: Workin at Tuff Gong; going out to parties in Kingston; seeing how DJs mix on their boards as DJs The actual yard sound systems sound way better than what Im used to in a fancy club in the USA! But just being out here right now we are working again. This time with Santigold and Lykke Li and others; its pretty sick. Were getting some good songs. KORG: Any Diplo collaborations, Mad Decent


Technical specifications

Full description

As a songwriting station or as a back-up band, you can be sure the Pa 50sperformance will be truly musical. The Pa50 combines enhanced sequencing functions, powerful performance features, custom backlit LCD, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound quality.Excellent Sound and Instant Control Based on the TRITON synth engine the Korg Pa50 sound quality is second to none! Included with its 660 editable sound programs is a set of very expressive solo instruments, sampled with a natural vibrato. Four studio-quality effect processors are available and feature 89 different effect types. Four assignable pads, an assignable footswitch, the joystick, sync start, fade in and out, tap tempo, accompaniment reset and other front panel functions are available at your fingertips. Musical Styles Each of the 304 editable Styles provides up to eight accompaniment parts drums, bass, percussion and more that respond interactively with your playing. Eight parts, four Variations, two Fills, two



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