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Kyosho Engine RCGPM MP75080 Kyosho MP7 Option Alloy Adjustable Engine Mount with Heat Sink &...

Brand: GPM
Part Number: MP75080

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jadejitsu 12:47pm on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
WOW well i bought this product not from amazon but from pc world. but i needed to post a review on amazon. Nice Projector I chose this product because I needed a cost effective (for which read cheap) projector to use at presentations for my new business.
fronils 1:03pm on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
very surprised that a projector this cheap was so easy to work with and had so many features It has a clear.
rossisen 6:29am on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 
WOW well i bought this product not from amazon but from pc world. but i needed to post a review on amazon. Good Value Projector This projector was purchased for general office based slide shows. It is an excellent value package and.
CoryB 4:58am on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 
Very difficult for notebook to pick up DVD device to include cordless mouse. DVD player will not play and mouse will not link to notebook.

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POINTS INFO 02/11 1. Point Series Championships run for ten (10) weeks. Seven (7) of those weeks are counted toward your total points. Three (3) of those ten weeks can be dropped (lowest points) or missed. 2. Drivers are rewarded points for their finishing position. The higher the position, the higher the points rewarded. The winner of the A-Main gets 100 points, and the points and positions go down by one (1) point from 100. 3. Drivers with more A-Main finishes are considered Division 1 drivers. Drivers with more B-Main finishes are considered Division 2 drivers, etc. Drivers can be bumped-up or down to other divisions with each week s results. On the final points night, drivers with even numbers of different divisions end in the most recent and frequent division class. 4. Prizes, Gift Certificates, and/or Trophies are awarded the Wednesday and Friday night after the tenth night of each Championship so that trophies can be customized. Rewards may vary with each Championship. CLASSES Wide Body Stock Wide MR03, MR02, MR015/MA010/LM (Every Wednesday and Friday) Narrow Body Spec Narrow MR03, MR02/MA010/ MR015 (Every Friday) CAR RULES ALL CLASSES 1. CHASSIS: Must be Kyosho stock, clear or tinted (skeleton) chassis. 2. BOARDS: Any Kyosho Mini-Z board is permitted. Any FETS can be run. 3. BATTERIES: Any AAA batteries are permitted. Lithium batteries are NOT permitted. 4. TIRES: Only rubber tires are permitted. (No foam.) Tire traction compound is NOT permitted. Tires may be cleaned. 5. LEGAL MOTORS: Kyosho, Atomic USA, Pink, or Yellow, PN 39/43/50/70/80 Turn, Speedy 05, 07, 07BB, 07BBII. (If the motor is a stocked motor at Action RC, it is legal.) 6. BODIES: Only Kyosho, R246, TRP, or Iwaver bodies are permitted. Bodies can only slightly be modified if necessary for some suspension parts fit. Front, rear, and rear-side windows must be present, but front-side windows can be removed. Replacing the stock windows with Lexan windows is legal. Wheel wells may be SLIGHTLY expanded for longer wheelbases. (Must appear stock.) Add-on wings are legal. EXCEPTIONS AND SPECIFICS PER CLASS (Subject to change mid-series if necessary.) Wide Body Stock Class (Bodies must have wide front that fits wide chassis. Ex. 0 front rim with an MR02 chassis width.) - MR015 permitted only with EMU Racing Wide Front Kit. - MR02 must have standard chassis width or Reflex widening kit. MR03 must run wide front suspension. - AWD cars can run PN AWD I, II, & III motors in addition to listed motors above. Must run wide offset front wheels. Narrow Body Spec Class (Only narrow bodies are permitted. Typically AWD, MR015, Narrow MR03 body styles.) - Only box-stock Kyosho or PN/Reflex 70 or 80 Turn motors are permitted. (AWD can run Kyosho X-Speed.) - MR02 must be narrowed w/ PN narrow front kit. MR03 must have narrow front arms.


Item No. 31395F-B Red Bull Audi A4 DTM

PureTen GP Fazer

Realism, performance, quality and value have never been combined in one package as they are with the Fazer line from Kyosho. The Fazer is an outstanding product that delivers the realism and excitement of a powerful nitro-burning engine, and the meticulous scale detail of the Worlds most exotic race cars. The Fazer features a full line of factory-licensed body shells. Usually, only the best and most accurately detailed bodies can be factory licensed, and every body shell in the Fazer line has passed the factory test. All of this usually adds up to big price tag, but amazingly the Fazer is one of the least expensive of its breed. Lots of muscle, good DNA, stunning looks and at a bargain price it doesnt get much better than this!
Factory Assembled Go from the box to burning fuel in just a matter of minutes! The Fazer comes fully factory assembled and ready to run out of the box - simply pick up some model fuel and alkaline batteries for the radio system and the glow igniter and youll be burning up the road. Everything else that you need to operate the car is right there in the box. Licensed Bodies Most RC fans prefer to drive cars that closely resemble actual cars, and the Fazer delivers. Each body has endured a rigorous process of inspection and approval by the manufacturer to be sure that its an accurate and high-quality replica. The Fazer bodies are not only that, theyre also replicas of real race cars with all of the major sponsor logos in the proper locations for the ultimate in scale detail. The bodies are fully painted, decaled and trimmed right out of the box. Shaft Drive Low-maintenance is a key feature of the shaft drive system thats standard in the Fazer series cars. The molded composite driveshafts add an extra layer of protection by allowing a slight amount of deflection to help absorb any sudden and heavy loads on the drivetrain. A 39-tooth spur gear is at the center of the action, transferring the engines power to the front and rear of the car. A gear differential is installed at the rear of the car, while a solid axle (spool) is installed in the front. The combination provides a great balance of power and control with a differential set-up that is common in many expensive competition vehicles. GZ-15 Engine Big power comes from the GZ-15 engine, which features a low-profile cooling head. The low overall height keeps the CG low for improved cornering performance, and the vertical fins cool the engine more efficiently. A two-needle slide carburetor meters fuel precisely at idle and at top speed, so you can count on good performance throughout the RPM range. Low-CG Design In addition to the engine, many of the chassis components are mounted
as low as possible. Keeping the weight closest to the lower chassis plate reduces the center of gravity, which is just what you need for maximum speed and flat cornering performance. 3D Upper Deck Reinforcing the chassis plate and the front and rear bulkheads is the special 3D upper deck. As home to the radio receiver and battery pack, the upper deck also lends extra support to the front and rear bulkheads, which is helpful for performance and better protection against crash damage. Aluminum Manifold and Muffler The exhaust system of many nitro RC cars is often fragile and susceptible to crash damage, but the manifold and muffler of the Fazer are made from thick and durable cast aluminum. Its rugged construction means that the Fazer can typically drive away from a collision that would have broken or damaged a thinwall aluminum or plastic pipe. 75cc Fuel Tank The race-legal fuel tank includes a primer to help get fuel flowing to the engine for easier starting, and the fliptop lid makes it easy to refuel within a matter of seconds, even with the engine running. So, whether youre driving on a racetrack or in a parking lot, you can stay running as long as you keep refilling the tank. High-Grip Racing Tires A great car needs great tires, which is why the Fazer includes racing slicks rated at 40-shore in the front and the rears are 30-shore similar to racing tires that are used throughout the World. The combination is chosen for precise steering response and lots of traction, which helps to harness the power of the GZ-15 engine. One-Piece Linkage Rods Theres no hassles setting up the suspension or throttle/brake linkages all the guess work is eliminated at the factory, where the length of the all the linkage rods is pre-set. Sealed Radio Box Within the 3D upper chassis is the radio receiver and receiver battery pack. The specially designed lid screws into place above these important radio components to protect them from the elements. Set of 18 Ball Bearings Ball bearings are the standard for reducing friction and wear, and to increase efficiency. Its nice to know that the Fazer is full of bearings; literally. A full set of 18 ball bearings is used throughout the drivetrain to keep things running smoothly. Oil Shocks soaking up the bumps in the road became a lot easier with the oil-filled shocks that are standard with the Fazer. The coil-over design permits quick ride height adjustments by adding or removing the included spring pre-load clips. Theres also a volume compensating diaphragm in the shock caps to keep air out of the oil for smoother damping action. 2-Shoe Clutch A racing-style two-shoe clutch is standard in the Fazer. The lighter clutch shoes resembled the ones used in 1:8 offroad racing, which can be tuned with optional springs. Foam Bumper A racing-style foam front bumper protects the detailed scale bodies from excessive damage in a front impact.


Subaru Impreza WRC 2006 Item no. 31383F-B
Audi A4 DTM 2006 Item no. 31386F-B
Aston Martin DBR9 LeMans 2006 Item no. 31389F-B
ARTA NSX 2007 Item no. 31390F-B
Audi A4 DTM 2006 Team Red Bull Item no. 31395F-B
Gulf McLaren F1 GTR Item no. 31396B
Category: Wheelbase: Width: Ground clearance: Track width: Height: Weight: Chassis: Drivetrain: Differential: Transmission: Final drive ratio: Bearings: Suspension: Shocks: Driveshafts (F/R): Tires: Radio system: Engine:
1:10 4WD Nitro Touring Sedan 260mm (10.2 in.) 200mm (7.9 in.) 10mm (0.4 in.) 176mm (6.9 in.) 90mm (3.5 in.) 1775g (62.6 oz.) Aluminum plate w/molded upper deck Shaft w/enclosed gearboxes Sealed 4-gear (rear); solid axle (front) Single speed with 17/39T gears 7.06:1 Metal shielded ball bearings Lower A-arm w/upper camber link Molded composite oil shocks Composite dogbone 24mm off-racing slick Kyosho KT-6 2-channel GZ-15 w/recoil starter
Items needed for operation: Twelve AA-size batteries (for Tx & Rx), two D-cell alkaline batteries for glow igniter, and 15 to 30-percent nitro fuel.




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