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Informations sur la protection de lenvironnement Tout appareil lectrique us est une matire recyclable et ne devrait pas faire partie des ordures mnagres! Nous vous demandons de bien vouloir nous soutenir en contribuant activement au mnagement des ressources et la protection de lenvironnement en dposant cet appareil dans des sites de collecte (si existants).
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Thank you for purchasing the TM455 TOUCHMAN RADIO & SUDOKU personal assistant. Please read this manual carefully to ensure you understand the operation and keep it for future reference. Important Safety Instructions Do not carry the personal organizer in the back pocket of your trousers. Do not drop the organizer or subject it to strong impact. Do not expose it to extreme temperatures. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the outer body of the organizer. As this organizer is not waterproof, avoid using or storing in places where it might be splashed by water.


2.1 Push keys on the main unit FM SCAN/RESET : To scan and reset the radio frequencies. ON/OFF : To turn the organizer on/off. : Up and down arrow keys. To toggle different menu options. 2.2 LCD screen
TM455IM0077.indb 17 19/03/2007 10:43:49
2.3 Main function keys on the LCD screen To access the second function keys. To enter time display. To perform clock and alarm settings. To access the phonebook. To access the schedule, notes and to do list. To enter the game mode. To enter calculator, currency conversion and metric conversion modes. To access the translator function. To view the country code list. Press to confirm a selection or store data. Cursor keys. Press to move cursor / to view information out of the screen.
Press to select a symbol or special character. Press to edit fields and enter setting modes.
INS Press to insert a space before the cursor. Press to delete a character or an entry. Press to insert a space.
To toggle between upper case letters and lower case letters. The icon CAPS is displayed above the letter Q for upper case letters. To insert a decimal point/dot. To toggle daily alarm on/off. To toggle hourly chime on/off. To turn the schedule alarm on/off.

TM455IM0077.indb 18 19/03/2007 10:43:49
2.4 Second function keys on the LCD screen To set a password protecting the data of the phonebook, schedule and to do list. DST To toggle the daylight saving time on/off. To toggle the key tone on/off. MENU To access the setting menu. To toggle between 12/24-hour time display.


3.1 Batteries 1. Unscrew the large battery compartment located at the back side of the unit. Remove the battery door and insert 2 x AAA batteries (not included). 2. Remove the pull tab located inside the small battery compartment. If it proves difficult: a. Unscrew the small battery compartment. b. Remove the CR2032 battery, then the pull tab. c. Insert the CR2032 with the + sign facing upward. d. Replace the battery door and the screw. 3.2 Static label Remove the static label from the LCD screen. 3.3 Reset Before using your TM455 for the first time, press the RESET button located at the back of the product using the tip of a paper clip. RESET? is displayed onscreen. Press ENTER to confirm. This operation can take several seconds. 3.4 On/Off function Press to switch the organizer on. Press to switch the organizer off. key again to restart the organizer.
3.5 Auto-Off function Auto power off will be activated after 5 minutes if no key is pressed. Press the
TM455IM0077.indb 19 19/03/2007 10:43:49


4.1 Selecting the operation language Press the <2nd> key to enter the second function menu keys. Then, use the felt-tip pen to press the MENU icon. Use the up and down arrow keys to select LANGUAGE?, and press ENTER. Use the up and down arrow keys to select a display language among ENGLISH, ESPAOL, FRANCAIS, DEUTSCH, ITALIANO, PORTUGUS and NEDERLANDS. Press ENTER to confirm the desired language. 4.2 Date display format Press the <2nd> key followed by <MENU>. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select DATE SET?, and press ENTER. Use the up and down arrow keys on the unit to toggle between Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year and Day/Month/Year display. Press ENTER to confirm your settings. 4.3 Memory status To check the capacity left in the units memory, press the <2nd> key followed by <MENU>. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select MEMORY CHECK, and press ENTER. 4.4 Key tone Press <2nd> and then press to toggle the key tone on/off.
4.5 Backlight Press for two seconds to turn on the backlight. If no key is pressed during 15 seconds, the backlight will automatically turn off. 4.6 LCD Contrast In home time display mode, use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to increase or decrease the contrast of the LCD screen.

4.7 Special characters and symbols Press the <SYM> key to select a symbol or special character. The order of the symbols is as follows:
To enter an accented letter, first press <SYM>, then the letter until the correct accent is displayed.
TM455IM0077.indb 20 19/03/2007 10:43:50
1. Plug the earphones into the earphone jack located on the right side of the unit. 2. On the left side of the unit, slide the volume knob anti-clockwise to turn on the radio. The radio LED is on. Slide the volume knob until you reach the desired volume level. 3. Press the RESET button on the facing of the unit to reach the lowest radio frequency - 87 MHz. 4. Press the FM SCAN key to scan the radio stations upwards. The unit will automatically search the next radio station and stop on the bandwidth.


Press once for local time, twice for world time, 3 times for alarm mode and 4 times for the countdown function.
6.1 City list When setting the local time, you will need to enter the 3-letter code corresponding to your home city. For the world time, you can select a city for which you would like to display the time. Please refer to table included at the end of this user guide to find the corresponding city codes. 6.2 Local time
until you reach local time. A star icon (*) is displayed on the 1. If you are not already in local time display (default mode), press left of the local city to distinguish local time from world time. 2. Press <2nd> followed by <DST> to turn the daylight saving mode on/off. The icon # indicates that the daylight saving mode is on. 3. Press <12/24> to toggle between 12/24-hour display. 4. Press <2nd> followed by <EDIT> to enter home time setting mode, the city name will flash. 5. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select your home city or enter the first letters of desired city name. Press the key on the touch screen to set the date and time. 6. Input the year, month, day, hour and minute. Press AM/PM if you have selected the 12-hour mode to toggle between AM and PM. 7. Press ENTER to confirm. The day of week will be calculated automatically. The seconds start from zero.

TM455IM0077.indb 21 19/03/2007 10:43:50
6.3 World time once to enter world time. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( 1. Press confirm. The world time will be adjusted to the time zone of the selected city.
) to select another city, then press ENTER to
6.4 Alarm 1. Press twice to select the alarm mode. 2. Use the or key to select an alarm (1 to 3). 3. Use or key to turn the selected alarm on and off. When the alarm is on, digits are displayed, whereas it is off when a series of dashes are displayed onscreen. 4. Turn the alarm on, and press EDIT to enter alarm setting. 5. Press repeatedly to select the type of alarm: - The icon ((.)) is for the alarm, the icon (( / )) is for the schedule, and the bell icon is for the hourly chime. 6. Set the alarm time, and press ENTER. 7.While in alarm mode, you can select an alarm tone. Press the number 1 on your touch screen for the first alarm tone; press 2 for the second alarm tone, and 3 for the third alarm tone. Confirm with ENTER. 8. When the alarm rings, press any key on the touch screen to turn it off. Else, it will stop after 60 seconds. 6.5 Count down 3 times to select the count down mode. 1. Press 2. Key in the time to start the count down from. You can also use the and keys to set the time; the digit selected will increase/ decrease by one unit accordingly. 3. Press ENTER to begin the countdown. Press ENTER to pause/resume the count down. 4. When the count down reaches zero, an alarm will ring. Press any key to stop the alarm.


There are two kinds of phonebook directories: BUSINESS & PERSONAL. 7.1 Making an entry key once to access the personal directory and twice for the business directory. 1. Press the 2. Enter the contacts name, and press. 3. Enter the address, and press. 4. Input the phone number, and press. 5. Enter the contacts fax number if needed, and press.
TM455IM0077.indb 22 19/03/2007 10:43:50
6. Enter the contacts mobile phone number, and press. 7. Enter the contacts email address, and press. 8. Enter an URL address, and press. 9. Enter a note about the contact person if needed, and press 10. Press ENTER to store your entries.
7.2 Searching and viewing entries 1. Enter the directory: personal or business. 2. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to browse the entries saved. Use the or key to scroll the information of an entry. You can also type the first letters of an entry and use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to launch the search. 3. If one line exceeds 12 characters, use the or key to scroll leftwards and rightwards respectively. Press and hold the or key to activate the automatic scrolling of a line with 12+ characters. Press and hold the or key to deactivate the function. 7.3 Editing entries 1. Select the entry you wish to edit. 2. Press the EDIT key. 3. Use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the field you wish to edit. 5. Press <DEL> to delete characters and ENTER to save the changes. 7.4 Deleting entries 1. Select the entry you wish to edit. 2. Press the DEL key. DELETE? will be displayed onscreen. 3. Press ENTER to confirm. DELETE! will be displayed. Press any other key to cancel your action.


In this directory, you can store scheduled events, a to do list or even memos. Press the key once for the schedule, twice for the to do list and 3 times for memos. 8.1 Schedule 1. Key in the name of the event, and press. 2. Input the date and time of the event. 3. Press ENTER to store your entries. Note: if the time set is out of range, ERR will be displayed for 2 seconds. Input the events time again.
TM455IM0077.indb 23 19/03/2007 10:43:50
8.2 To Do 1. Key in the name of the entry, and press. 2. Enter the priority level of the entry (from 1 to 9). 3. Use the or key to select whether the entry is pending (P) or done (D). 4. Press. 5. Input the due date and time of the entry. 6. Press ENTER to store your entry. The letter P will be displayed next to the entries that are still to do. Note: if the time set is out of range, ERR will be displayed for 2 seconds. Input the events time again. 8.3 Memo Simply type in your memo, and press ENTER to store it. 8.4 Alarm 1. To activate the schedule alarm, make sure to turn on the icon (( / )). See section 6.4 Alarm. 2. The scheduled event will be displayed when the time is reached. The organiser will turn on automatically if it was off. Press any key to stop the alarm sound. 8.5 Managing entries To search, edit and delete entries, proceed the same way as for the phonebook mode (see sections 7.2 7.3 and 7.4).


You can secure the data contained in the phonebook, schedule, to dos list and memo. 9.1 Activating your password 1. In clock mode, press 2nd, followed by. Enter a new password (max. 6 characters) and press ENTER. Enter the new password once again, and press ENTER to confirm. 2. You will now have to key in your password every time to access the telephone directory, the schedule or the To do list, 9.2 Editing your password 1. In clock mode, press 2nd followed by. Enter your password, and press ENTER. EDIT PASSWD? is displayed onscreen. 2. Press ENTER. Enter a new password, and confirm with ENTER. 3. Enter the new password once again, and press ENTER to confirm.
TM455IM0077.indb 24 19/03/2007 10:43:51
9.3 Deactivating your password 1. In clock mode, press 2nd followed by. Enter your password, and press ENTER. EDIT PASSWD? is displayed onscreen. 2. Press ENTER. When your password is displayed, press 2nd followed by DEL. 3. Press ENTER to confirm the deletion of your password.


10.1 Hammer 1. Press. 2. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select a level (1 to 3). 3. Press ENTER. 4. Use the keys to move the hammer left and right respectively. Position the hammer above a brick, and press ENTER to destroy it. 10.2 Keyboard Wiz 1. Press twice. 2. Key in a game level (1 to 20). 3. Press ENTER. 4. Type in the letters and characters displayed on screen as they scroll from left to right. You will move to the next level after you type 12 letters. You lose when the screen is full.
11.1 Getting started 1. Press 3 times. 2. Use the up and down keys to select a level (1 to 3). In level 1, 36 to 43 numbers are already provided in the grid. In level 2, you will find 28 to 35 numbers already provided, and in level 3, 20 to 27 numbers. 3. Use the or key to select a grid. There are a total of 1 million different grids available. 4. Press ENTER to start game play. 5. The aim of Sudoku is to fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 square contains the digits 1 through 9. Each digit can only appear once in a row, column or square. The digits already provided in the grid cannot be changed; they are marked by a dot in the lower right corner of a cell. You have to work around them. Every puzzle has just one correct solution. arrow keys to move the blinking cursor to that cell. Enter 6. When you know which number goes into an empty cell, use the your answer using the number key pad. Press the SPACE key to delete a number entered.
TM455IM0077.indb 25 19/03/2007 10:43:51
11.2 Menu options 1. There are different menu options available: pause (PAUSE), help (HELP) and reset (RESET). 2. During game play, press MENU. Then, use the or key followed by ENTER to access the corresponding menu option. 3. When the game is paused, press ENTER again to return to game play. 4. You can use the help function up to 4 times. Move the cursor the cell for which you need help. Press MENU and select HELP. The correct number will be displayed in the cell. 5. If you select the reset menu option, a new grid will be displayed. 11.3 Solution 1. When you have filled all the empty cells, press ENTER. If you found the right solution, your score will be ranked in the top 5 list. The best score being the shortest time to solve a Sudoku puzzle. 2. If your score does not rank in the top 5 list, you may want to reset the top 5 list. To do so, press <MENU> when your score is displayed, and confirm with ENTER. 3. If your solution is wrong, ERR will be displayed on the left side of the screen instead of the time duration. Press ENTER, and try to find the mistake. Press ENTER again if you think you have found the solution. 11.4 Quit function If you press any function key during game play ( game; press any other key to continue playing. etc).

etc), the prompt QUIT? will appear. Press ENTER to quit the
11.5 Notes - When the schedule alarm rings during game play, the icon ((( / ))) will flash on the upper left side of the screen during one minute. You can continue playing. - When the unit is turned off (manually or automatically), your current game play will be stored in memory. Press the key, and continue solving the grid where you left off.
12.1 Calculator 1. Press to enter calculator mode. 2. Perform calculations. Use the CE key to delete the last number entered. Press AC to reset the calculator. Use the % key to calculate percentages. Use the MRC, M+ and M- keys for the memory function. Note: ERR will be displayed onscreen to signal results of over 10 digits and other error calculations.
TM455IM0077.indb 26 19/03/2007 10:43:51
12.2 Setting a currency exchange rate 1. Press twice. There are 5 pairs of programmable currencies: EURO USD, CAD USD, JPY USD, AUD USD, GPD USD. You can edit the fields of these currencies into any other pair of currencies. For example, you can replace the 5 pairs of preset currencies with: EURO GPD, GPD CAD, CHF EURO, SEK EURO and USD _CHF. You must set the rate for each pair of currencies before you attempt to make any conversion. 2. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to toggle the preset pairs of currencies. 3. Press the EDIT key. Key in the 2 currencies for which you wish to set the rate. 4. Press ENTER and key in the rate. 5. Press ENTER to store your settings. 12.3 Performing a currency conversion 1. Press twice. 2. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select a pair of currencies. 3. Select the source and the target currency (the arrow points towards the target currency). Use the of the arrow. 4. Key in the amount you want to convert, and press ENTER. 12.4 Performing a metric conversion There are 9 built-in conversion units: inch = inches cm = centimetres, yard = yards m = meters, mile = miles km = kilometres C = C F = F feet = feet m = meters oz = ounces g = grams lb = pounds kg = kilograms gal = us gallons l US = litres gal = uk gallons l UK = liter 1. Press 3 times. 2. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select a conversion. 3. Select the source and the target units (the arrow points towards the target units). Use the 4. Key in the amount you want to convert, and press ENTER.
key to change the direction
keys to change the direction of the arrow.
TM455IM0077.indb 27 19/03/2007 10:43:51


Translate words of up to 36 characters into English (ENG), German (DEU), Spanish (SPA) and French (FRA). key to access this function. 1. Press the 2. Use or key to select a source and a target language. The arrow should point towards the target language. 3. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( ) to select another target language. 4. Input the word you wish to translate, and press ENTER. If the word entered was not found in the database,NOT FOUND will be displayed onscreen followed by the closest entry. 5. If the translation is longer than 10 letters, use the keys to view the entire word.


This organiser includes 120 country phone codes. key to access this function. 1. Press the ) to browse though the alphabetical code list. You can also type the first letters or 2. Use the up and down keys on the unit ( the full name of the country you are looking for. Then, press the up or down key on the unit to launch the query. 3. You can also input a country code, and press the up or down key on the unit to find which country it corresponds to.


TM455 works with 1 x CR2032 battery (included) for the personal agenda function and 2 x AAA batteries (not included) for the radio function. You must replace the CR2032 battery within one minute to save your data. To replace the CR2032 battery: 1. Turn off the unit. 2. Open the small battery compartment using a screwdriver. Remove the old battery and insert 1 new CR2032 battery making sure the + sign is facing upwards. 3. Replace the battery door. RESET? is displayed onscreen. 4. Press any key except ENTER to keep the data previously stored.
TM455IM0077.indb 28 19/03/2007 10:43:51
WARNING! If the battery loses power or is removed during more than one minute, all your data will be lost. Incorrect usage can also corrupt or delete your data. Therefore, make sure you keep written copies of your data. Caution: If the unit receives an electrostatic shock and stops working, use the tip of a paper clip to push the RESET button located at the back of the unit. If this proves to be ineffective, remove the batteries and insert them again. All data will be lost.


This product is covered by our 2-year warranty. To make use of the warranty or after-sales service, please contact your retailer and supply proof of purchase, or return the unit the address given below complete with proof of purchase. Our warranty covers material or installation-related defects attributable to the manufacturer, with the exception of wear caused by failure to respect the instructions for use or any unauthorised work on the equipment (such as dismantling, exposure to heat or damp, etc.). Note: Warranty does not cover broken LCD displays. It is the nature of products utilising electronic memory that on rare occasions information stored in the memory of the unit may be lost. Lexibook cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of data caused by misuse, attempts to repair the unit, an error, replacement of batteries, use of batteries after their use-by-date has expired, or any other circumstance. Similarly we cannot accept any direct or indirect responsibility for financial losses or complaints of third parties, which could result from the use of this product. Note: It is recommended that all packaging be kept for future reference. Keep this instruction manual in a safe place as it contains important information. Disclaimer: In our constant concern for improvement, the colours and details of the product may differ slightly from those shown on the packaging. LEXIBOOK UK ltd, Unit 10 Petersfield Industrial Estate, Bedford Road, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3QA, United Kingdom, Freephone helpline: 3015

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