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richardf 3:18pm on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
My wife loves the unique design and function of this dryer. Extremely fine engineering and design NONE

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doc0 - Clothes dryers

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Clothes dryers

Below is the Ratings chart for clothes dryers. Within groups, models are listed in order of overall score. Click on any brand/model for more information, including our Recommendations & Notes and an expanded features list. Use our new product selector to narrow the list of models to those that best meet your needs.
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GE Profile Harmony

Profile Harmony DPGT750GC[ ] $850
Kenmore (Sears) Elite HE4


Elite HE4 8587[ ] $930, Elite HE4 9586[ ] $980, Elite HE4 9587[ ] $980

LG DLE5977[W]

DLG5977[ ] $900

$850 $580

84. 83.

GE Profile DPSB620EC[WW]

Profile DPSB620GC[ ] $600

Kenmore (Sears) Elite 6697[2]
Elite 6698[ ] $640, Elite 6699[ ] $640, Elite 7697[ ] $690, Elite 7698[ ] $690, Elite 7699[ ] $690
Maytag Neptune MCE8000AY[W]
Neptune MCG8000A[ ] $1070
Kenmore (Sears) Elite Oasis


Elite Oasis 7706[ ] $960, Elite Oasis 7707[ ] $1060, Elite Oasis 6707[ ] $1000
Kenmore (Sears) Elite 6692[2]
Elite 6694[ ] $500, Elite 6696[ ] $500, Elite 7692[ ] $550, Elite 7694[ ] $550, Elite 7696[ ] $550

Maytag Neptune


MDG9700A[ ] $850

$800 $800
Whirlpool Duet GEW9250P[W]

Duet GGW9250P[ ] $850

1 of 3

8/7/2006 10:32 AM

DBVH512GE[ ] $700, Adora DHDVH52GF[ ] (Home Depot) $680, Adora DHDVH52EF[ ] (Home Depot) $630
KitchenAid Superba Ensemble


Superba Ensemble KGHS20R[ ] $1110

$1050 $650 $380 $800

Whirlpool Gold GEW9868K[Q]

Gold GGW9868K[ ] $700

77. 77. 76.

Whirlpool LEQ8000J[Q]

LGQ8000J[ ] $430
Bosch Nexxt premium WTMC6300US
Nexxt Premium WTMC6500UC $850
Whirlpool Gold GEW9878J[Q]
Gold GEW9878P[ ] $480, Gold GGW9878P[ ] $530
Kenmore (Sears) HE2 8656[2]
8657[ ] $800, 9656[ ] $850, 9657[ ] $850
Maytag Neptune MDE7500AY[W]

Neptune MDG7500A[ ] $870

$800 $430 $400

75. 74. 74.

Amana NDE8805AY[W]

NDG8805A[ ] $500

Maytag MDE4806AY[W]

MDG4806A[ ] $450

Bosch Nexxt WTMC3300US
Siemens Ultra Sense WTXD5300US $790, Siemens Ultra Sense WTXD5500UC $840
Frigidaire Gallery GLER642A[S]

Gallery GLGR642A[ ] $390

$350 $480

71. 70.

Frigidaire Gallery GLEQ642A[S]

Gallery GLGQ642A[ ] $530

Kenmore (Sears) 6683[2]
6684[ ] $450, 6686[ ] $450, 7683[ ] $500, 7684[ ] $500, 7686[ ] $500

LG DL-E2514[W]

DL-G2524[ ] $650
Frigidaire LEQ2152E[S] (Lowes)
GLEQ2152E[ ] $670, GLGQ2152E[ ] $660, LGQ2152E[ ] (Lowes) $650


DWSR405GB[ ] $450

$400 $500 $370 $330 $280

65. 63.


DTSR495EG[ ] $530

Estate by Whirlpool


TEDS740P[ ] $370 62.

Hotpoint NWSR483EB[WW]

NWSR483GB[ ] $380

61. 58.

Roper RES7745P[Q]

RES7745R[ ] $280, RGS7745R[ ] $330
Admiral ADE7005A[W] (Home


ADG7005A[ ] $400

$350 $280 $600

Roper REX4634K[Q]

REX5634R[ ] $250

49. 46.

Speed Queen CES68AWF[W]

CGS68AWF[ ] $650

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LG CS Academy Users Guide v1.0
Published April 2006 by the LG USA Trainng Center Customer Service (and Part Sales): 1-800-243-0000 Technical Support (and Part Sales): 1-800-847-7597 USA Website: Customer Service Website: B2B Service Website: Training Website:
Introduction Login Site Layout Catalog Search Product Resources Training Courses Course Player Profile System Settings Course Catalog Product Resources Catalog 19


The LG CS (Customer Service) Academy website is a production of the publication and training departments of LG Electronics Alabama Inc (LGEAI). This website is designed to be a one-source platform for online training, Owners Manuals, Service Manuals, Training Manual, Firmware/Software Updates, and any other service or training product of LGEAI. The LG CS Academy (LGCSA) website may be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection by visiting either or , or you may use the link found at the top of GCSC pages. Training programs are delivered using a variety of learning methods and instructors. Most are self-paced, allowing you to go as slow or as fast as you desire, while others can be scheduled at specific time slots, with online instructors ready to walk you through each lesson stepby-step. Integrated learning sessions combine the best of both worlds, allowing time flexibility while also incorporating the benefit of a live person at certain times. You can enroll in the offering that works best with your learning style and schedule or add the event to a list for later attention. Convenient search functions allow you to search for and participate in classes, open chats and forum discussions, and product owners and service manuals. In addition to training courses, the LG CS Academy also provides access to all the materials provided by LGEAIs Technical Publications department. Simply perform a search on a model number (or part of a model number) and click the play button under one of the Product Resources headings in the search results. These resources become available minutes after they are created or updated.
Access Points Link from GCSC
Your Login name and password are initially set to the same login used for GCSC. Simply enter the login name into the Username: field and then enter the password into the Password: field. The Username and Password field are case sensitive. Make sure that you enter these fields correctly. Please note, pressing enter after typing the password will not activate the login request. You must either click the Login button or press the Tab key twice then press Enter. If your Login does not work, you have forgotten your password, or if you need a Login ID, please Email or call 256-774-4051

Site Layout

Help Logout Catalog Home Calendar Profile Search Catalog Browse Catalog My Learning Announcements
Click to view help files in a new window Click to exit the current session and return to the Login Screen Select to view, browse, and search courses Select to view enrolled courses Select to view and make personal schedules Select to view and edit personal information Used to search the entire catalog based on entered keywords Quick links to section of the course catalog Display of the coursed complete and enrolled in Displays messages from the LGCSA staff

Catalog Search

In the Catalog tab, there are two ways to find a course. 1. You can find a course directly by putting a keyword on a search field. You can use a wild card character '%' which replaces all kinds of letters. For example, '%vision' includes supervision, envision, etc.
You can find a course by selecting categories. There are two major types of courses, Training and Product Resources, covering Brown Goods, White goods, PC Products, and Wireless. Product Resource pages are not actual training courses. Instead, they are sections that provided all manuals and support materials for a given model number.

Sample Search Results

Below is a sample of possible search results. In this example, a model number was placed into the search field.
Term searched for. You may perform another search here. Number of results found [if more than 5, additional results will be on addition page(s)] Training Course found. Title of course is displayed as a link for additional information. Enroll button Will enroll in the course and the course will display on the home page in the Recently Accessed Learning field. Product Resource found. This is not a training course. Product resource pages are links to documents. Play button Click the Play button to go to the Product Resources page (enrollment is not necessary)

Product Resources

Model Number and brief description Image of product Product Description highlighting major specifications and features Links LGEUS [or Zenith Page] is a link to the product on the Sales website ( [or] LGEAI Forum is a direct link to the internal Q&A forum of LGEAI. This link is for internal users only, and is not accessible to users not employed by LG Electronics Alabama Inc Other useful direct links may be found in this section as well. Warranty The blue WARRANTY is a direct link to the Warranty Page of this selected product. A brief description of the warranty terms can be found in this field. (The actual Warranty Page will take precedent over this field if the terms are not the same.) Downloads A section hosting important documents for the selected model.
Additional Image Links to any additional images that may have been collected for the selected product. Dimensions A link to the cabinet dimensions of the selected product, when available. Exploded View A link to the Exploded View and Exploded View Parts List sections of the Service Manual for the selected product. Firmware Update Downloadable link to software or firmware files to update the selected product with. And ISO file will automatically create an update disc for DVD Players when opened (CD creation software required on the PC). Front Controls A link to the Front Image and Control layout section of the Owners Manual for the selected product. This link may also be labeled as Controls Installation Guide A link to the Installation Guide PDG document for the selected product. Owners Manual A link to the most recent and updated Owners Manual PDF document available from the Technical Publications departments. Parts List A link to the Replacement Parts List section of the Service Manual for the selected product. Quick Setup Guide A link to the Quick Setup Guide PDF document, if available, for the selected product. This link may also be for an EZ Manual. Rear Image A link to the Rear Panel and Connections section of the Owners Manual for the selected product or in some cases an image of the connections. Remote Image A link to either a drawing/picture of the Remote Control or the sections of the Owners Manual covering the Remote Control button layout and programming codes. Service Bulletins Links to PDF documents of Service Bulletins for the selected product. Service Manual A link to the most recent, updated, and complete Service Manual PDF documents available from the Technical Publications departments. Spec Sheet A link to the Spec Sheet PDF document. This is the same Spec Sheet that can be found from the Sales Departments. (Specifications are subject to change without notice) Training Manual A link to the Training Manual PDF document for the selected product. Warranty A link to the Warranty Page for the selected model. This document may also be found by selecting the blue Warranty link on the right of the page or at the end of the Owners Manual.

All documents will be in PDF format. No DJVU documents are on the LG CS Academy website.

Training Courses

Course title Course author This is also an Email link to the author. Course language Course description providing a brief explanation of the course Enrollment Options field allows you to Enroll in a course Outline field displays the individual sections of the course Points field displays the number of credit points for the course Note: Once you have enrolled in a course, the display will be shown as below.
Highlighted Outline section displays the resume point of the course Play Button will open the course player Unroll button will remove you from the course enrollment list

Course Player

Course Toolbar Course Title Side Frame (Either Outline or References) Player Window Course Features (any of the following features) Email Send an Email to the instructor References View Reference materials for the course. This may include software files, documents, etc. Outline Displays the Course Outline and progress Rate Rate and review the course Previous / Next Move one step forward or backward in the topic tree (Outline) Home Return to Learner Home (Click Home at the end of the course) Detach Navigator Detaches the Side Frame into a separate window Help Shows player help Outline Frame Status Indicators. Topic Completed Topic Incomplete Topic Not Attempted


Providing complete profile information will allow LG CS Academy to keep you up-to-date on any new updates and offerings. By keeping the address field correct, future rewards and promotional packages can be sent.
Profile Tab Click here to view and edit your profile Displayed Name This is the First & Last Name of the profiled user (If you change First & Last Name fields, this entry will change) Username This is the Username used for Login (This field cannot be changed, except by Admin) First & Last Name Enter your First & Last Name or Business Name (For Mailing Address) Email A valid Email address must be entered in this field. Nickname This is an optional field (may be used for an individuals name when Business name is entered in the Name fields) Password You may change your password using these fields Password Challenge Enter a Question & Answer in these fields to retrieve a forgotten password. Address Fields Enter your complete Mailing Address in these fields Timezone Entering your Time Zone will ensure that schedule times are displayed correctly

System Settings

For the best operation of LG CS Academy, we recommend the following: 1. Get the newest version of your internet browser. (A) Microsoft Internet Explorer Go to and install ALL the critical programs which will affect your browser performance and securities. (B) Mozilla FireFox Go to and get the newest version of FireFox. It is free from Active X security flaws and works well with learning-net system. (C) Netscape Go to and download the latest Netscape Browser version at the bottom of the page. 2. Stop any types of pop-up blocking functions. (A) For Microsoft Internet Explorer Select [Tools] > [Pop-up blocker] > [Pop-up blocker settings] menu from your Internet Explorer toolbar. Add "" and " to "Allowed sites". (B) For Mozilla FireFox Select [Tools] > [Options] > Web Features > Uncheck "Block popup windows". Or add "" and "" to Allowed sites list. (C) For Netscape Go to Right-click on the Login Tab and Select Show Site Controls then select I Trust This Site Or add "" and "" to Trusted sites list.
(D) For other types of popup blockers If you installed any Toolbars, you need to set the pop-up blocking options to allow pop-ups from and
3. Download the newest version of Java from Sun Microsystems. Got to and click the Java Software Free Download link The Java website has an utility to verify that you have the latest version installed
4. Check additional browser settings. 1. Always check for newer pages Select [Tools] from the browser menu Select [Internet Options] Select the [General] tab Click [Settings] Select Every visit to the page 2. Accept Cookies Select [Tools] from the browser menu Select [Internet Options] Select the [Privacy] tab Select Override automatic cookie handling Select Accept under both First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies Select Always allow session cookies 3. Set Internet Security Level to Medium Select [Tools] from the browser menu Select [Internet Options] Select the [Security] tab Set the Internet Security Level to Medium 4. Set default JVM to Suns Java Select [Tools] from the browser menu Select [Internet Options] Select the [Advanced] tab Scroll down to the Java (Sun) group Check Use Java 2 v1.4.2_05 for <applet> (or newer version number) Confirm that no options under the Microsoft VM group are checked

5. Download newest Windows Media Player Got to and click the Download Now link

Course Catalog

Brown Goods Training
A/V Connections Overview of Audio / Video connection types. (3 points, John Ferguson) LCD PC Monitor Repair Video Repair training for LCD PC Monitors. Models include: L1720P, L1920P (5 points, Nick Foster) LCD TV: ISP Solution Guide to how to upgrade Flash Memory of LCD TV VCTI and SCARLER for solving commonly-occurring firmware problems. This is a training course from the Korean Factory. (5 points) LCD TV: PAL & NTSC Chassis with LCD Screen This material is about the general system contents and function of LCD TV. This is a training course from the Korean Factory (5 points) 15LW1R Wireless LCD TV Training Introduction training on the 15LW1R Wireless LCD TV. (3 points, Nick Foster) LCD MD Optic Engine Repair 1.0 Instructions on repairing the Optic Engine of LCD MD TVs with Green line at the top of the picture and Blue line at the bottom of the picture. (5 points, Roger Greenhaw) LRM-519 Introduction Introduction training for the LRM-519 DVD/DVD with Microsoft Program Guide (5 points, John Ferguson)

Firmware Updates

15LW1R Update Method Instructions on how to update the firmware of the 15LW1R 15 wireless LCD TV to version (2 points, Nick Foster) 2005 DCR LCDTV Update Method Instructions on how to update the firmware of the 2005 DCR LCD TV product line to correct audio level problems. (Updated version 3.10) Models include: 26LX1D, 26LX2D, 32LP1D, 32LX1D, 32LX2D, 37LP1D, 42LP1D (2 points, Nick Foster) 2005 PDP Update Method Instructions on how to update the firmware of the 2005 PDP Product Line. Models include: 42PX2D, 42PX4D, 42PX5D, 50PX1D, 50PX4DR, 50PX5D, 50PY2DR, 60PY2DR (2 points, John Ferguson) 50PX4DR Firmware Update Method via Memory Card Instructions for updating the firmware of the 50PX4DR using supplied Memory Card. Updates the unit to firmware version 03.08.01 (2 points, John Ferguson) 50PY2DR Firmware Update Method via Memory Card Instructions for updating the firmware of the 50PY2DR using supplied Memory Card. Updates the unit to firmware version 03.11.01 (2 points, John Ferguson) 60PY2DR Firmware Update Method via Memory Card Instructions for updating the firmware of the 60PY2DR using supplied Memory Card. Updates the unit to firmware version 03.07.01 (2points, John Ferguson) DVD Player Update Method Instructions for updating the firmware of DVD Players via CD. ISO files for creating update discs for each model are included in the course. Models include: DVR413, LGDVB418, LGDVDR313, LGDVP7772, LGDVT418, LGXBR342, LGXBR446, XBR413, XBS444, XBV441, XBV442, XBV443 (2 points, John Ferguson) E44W46LCD Update Method Instructions for updating the firmware of the E44W46LCD (Also RU-44SZ81L) LCD Rear-Projection TV (2 points) E44W48LCD Update Method Instructions for updating the firmware of the E44W48LCD LCD Rear-Projection TV (2 points) L4200 Update Method Instructions for updating the firmware of the L4200 LCD Monitor. (2 points)

White Goods Training

LG A.C. Installation Basic works of LG A.C. (air conditioner) and to understand how to solve common troubles. This is a training course from the Korean Factory (5) AC Window Installation Video 20-minute installation video for LG and Goldstar Window Air Conditioners. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Dishwasher Installation Video 13-minute installation video for LG Dishwashers. Models include: LDF7810, LDF7811, LDS5811 WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Dryer Installation Video 24-minute installation video for LG Dryers. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Mayflower Dryer Disassembly Video 14-minute video covering the disassembly of the DLE5977 and similar models of LG Dryers. Models include: DLE5977, DLE5972, DLG5977 WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Mayflower Dryer Introduction Video 7-minute video introducing and featuring the Mayflower Line of LG Dryers. Models include: DLE5977, DLG5977 WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Mayflower Washer Disassembly Video 27-minute video covering the disassembly of the Mayflower Line of LG Washing Machines. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Mayflower Washer Installation Video 15-minute installation video for LG Washing Machines. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Mayflower Washer Introduction Video 8-minute video introducing and featuring the Mayflower Line of LG Washing Machines. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Over-the-Range Microwave Oven Installation Video 16-minute installation video for all LG and Goldstar OTR Microwave Ovens. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Donovan Fandre & David McCollum) Refrigerator Door Handle Installation Video 21-minute video for installing the door handles and kick plates of LG Refrigerators (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Refrigerator Door Reversal Video 26-minute video for reversing the doors of the LRDC22743 LG Refrigerator and similar models. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Refrigerator Ice Maker Installation Video 18-minute installation video for LG Icemakers. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) Refrigerator Water Connection Video 17-minute video covering the installation of the water connections on LG Refrigerators. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Calvin Thompson) LCD TV Refrigerator Repair Video 23-minute video covering repair training for the LCD TV Refrigerator model LRSC26980. WMV file requiring Windows Media Player (5 points, Nick Foster)
Product Resources Catalog

DVD Products

ABV341 DVB317 DVC2250 DVD5201 LDA-511 XBV323 ZDA-311 LGDVDR313 LRY-517 DVT216 LGHTW316 XBS444 ABV441 DVB318 DVC2515 DVD5591 LDX-514 XBV342 ZDX-313 LGXBR342 XBR411 DVT310 LHS-515 XBS448 DVB211 DVB352 DVD2200 DVP7771 LGDVB418 XBV343 ABR521 LGXBR446 XBR413 DVT312 LHX-557 ZHD-311 DVB216 DVB412 DVD2201 GBV241 LGDVP7772 XBV441 ABV511 LRA-516 ZRA-315 DVT316 XBS245 ZHX-313 DVB251 DVB413 DVD2250 GBV441 XBV243 XBV442 DVR313 LRH-518 ZRY-316 DVT412 XBS341 DVB312 DVC2200 DVD2381 IQDVD2300 XBV322 XBV443 DVR413 LRM-519 LHY-518 LGDVT418 XBS344

DLE0332W DLE5977xx DLG5932xx DLE2512W DLG0332W DLG5988xx DLE2514W DLG2522W DLE2532W DLG2524W DLE3777W DLG2532W DLE5932xx DLG3788W


WD-3243RHD WD-3245RHD WD-3274RHD WM0532HW WM1832CW WM2032xx WM2042CW WM2075CW WM2411HW WM2432HW WM2442HW WM2677xx WM3677HW WM1812CW WM2077xx WM3431xx WM1814CW WM2277XX WM3632HW

Air Conditioner

LT1030CR LT1430CR LW1804ER DH2510 DH40 DH50 DH50EL LCRM1240xx LMV1635xx LMV1976ST LRM1250xx MA-1303BRV MA-2120xx MV-1330xx MV-1555ST MV1735xx LT1030H LW1000ER LW5200ER DH2510A DH4010 DH5010 DH65E LMA840 LMV1645xx LMVM1935xx LRMM1430Sxx MA-1417xx MA-6400xx MV-1501xx MV1601ST LT1210C LW1000PR LW8000ER DH30 DH4010A DH5010A DH65EL LMAB1240 LMV1650ST LMVM1945xx LTM9000xx MA-1505W MA-972xx MV1502xx MV1604xx LT1210CR LW1200ER LT1230C LW1400ER LT1230CR LW1800ER


DH3010 DH4010B DH5010B DH70EL LMH1017 LMV1825xx LMVM1955xx LTM9010W MA-2003xx MV1304W MV-1515xx MV1615W DH3010B DH404E DH504E LD40 LMV1314xx LMV1915xx LRDM1240xx LTM9020xx MA-2005ST MV-1310xx MV-1525xx MV-1715W DH30E DH40E DH50E

Microwave Oven

LMV1625xx LMV1925xx LRM1230xx LTRM1240xx MA-2117xx MV-1320xx MV1526xx MV-1725xx

2005 LGEAI



7416MFG Desktop KFX 450R TX-15AT1 IP 8D VGN-TT11xn B RS2533RS Installation GR-DX300E WB2000 Gpsmap 496 DMR-E55 WF-T1051TP PPM42M5HB SX100 IS Recorder 400 Vert TR Iriver T30 C532N TS-WX77A KX-TG7321FR MDR-DS8000 Tuner CMT-NEZ31 CT-5372E LH-D6235D Alpha 7 WEB LS110 X D Receiver Card SGH-E390 ST4000 CR73G C5 II Multimedia 20 Tv410 Vocalist VL3D Dakota 20 GPS 12 Grill Version 1 Urc-3021 Cable Uk R05 D955XBK Creative Vado Lifestyle V30 MHC-GRX70J YS100 XL30U Rancher WF8604NHS AQV09ewan D-FJ041 AK33MA KX-TC500CID H650C Intuis Life KD-G342 Maxx V6 ML-1640 TEC CW600T 42PB2RR ROC 250 M2 Plus 01V96V2 KR510 PET706 BAR826HG 4045PDE FR-2650 Plus Kodak M820 1100P Plus 32PW9525 12 96-100 42PC1D-UB AF307 WV-BM80 ECS5200 FS-3800 AQV12FCN Casio SA-5 Widl 126 MHC-EC69I Pacific W2252V-PF KM-4530 IC-A110 Studio CQ-VD7003U - 650 Magicolor 7450 GA-K8vt800 PRO Mathtype CW-21Z403N HVT52 Easyshare C663 AX5000 2695 SMS


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