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Dorothy Angkahan 6:49pm on Sunday, October 31st, 2010 
great product easy to use. Attractive Design","Brilliant Display","Easy Navigation Heavy This is a great phone!!! i use it all the time, its fast compact and it has a great browser. Attractive Design","Brilliant Display". I have a few pictures I took WITH the phone of my brother Chris racing. Attractive Design","Big Buttons","Brilliant Display","Easy Navigation". N/A. Attractive Design","Brilliant Display","Easy Navigation
Hades32 2:00am on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
No sync sinks it This is an international model, so LG USA could not help me with any questions. its good for the price the lg kp500 is a good phone compared to others at this price problems: take a long time to turn on texting is hard to do inte...
kc0hwa 1:34pm on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
The good thing about this phone was the price. 100 dollars for a touch screen phone is excellent, until you actually use it. I used it for about..
lucy 3:55am on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
Got this phone as a gift from my cousin. Overall the phone is pretty cheap and bad to use. You have to get use to it to tolerate it. Had a little trouble when I first got the phone - easy fix. The price alone is worth 5 stars, but for the handwriteing deal.
MartinLemke 12:58am on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 
Small Easy and simple Great little device it is small and easy to use it is exactly what i paid for LP KP500 Cookie Unlocked Phone with 3.2 MP Camera and Digital Media Player (Black) Very FAST transaction. Love, Love, Love my new phone.
mrt181 1:08am on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 
Time to market: in 2008 Simple operation, beautiful appearance System is not very good, easy to Death LG KP500 is the weight of 89g, the size of 106.5mm × 55.4mm × 11.9mm, is a 3-inch 240 x 400 screen resolution.
jco 6:39am on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 
i love this,but do you have any idea about how much is this now?in 2010?pls respond. I love the "honest" review of the writer. Btw, can you also write a review for LG KM900(Arena)
bondolo 8:35pm on Saturday, June 12th, 2010 
l would recommend to anybody who wants to use a phone in africa to buy this LG KP500 unlooked cookie to use in Africa is the best to use in Africa tru... The phone is fairly user friendly.
%antione_64 10:22pm on Friday, May 7th, 2010 
“This one is the best so far” this is what I can say about my new cell phone LG KP500. Two months ago, on my birthday. I bought my LG Cookie few months back. I think, first week of January when I saw it advertised on TV; just received my 13th month pay then.
solarian 1:11am on Friday, March 26th, 2010 
I am a busy person and obviously I run a pretty tight schedule. My daily routine consists of shoots, cover magazine portfolio discussion. I recently got my hands on the LG KP 500, informally known as the LG Cookie.

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110L Upright Freezer NEW PRODUCT Available: AUGUST 2006


110L White External Electronic Control 4 Transparent Drawers 4.5 Star Energy Rating
* Actual product may differ slightly to that depicted for ongoing product development
Capacity Finish Temperature Control Freezer Compartment


110L White External Electronic Control 4 Transparent Drawers
Energy Rating Energy Consumption Dimensions(mm) Warranty EAN CODE
4.5 Stars 270kW/h 550(w) x 600(d) x 850(h) 2 + 3 Years* 6934585630335
* 3 additional years on compressor part only excluding labour
SHOP/SALESMAN: TEL/Mobile: FAX: e-mail:
LG Electronics Australia 2 Wonderland Drive Eastern Creek NSW 2766 Tel: 02-8805-4000 Fax: 02-8805-4001
Note: Features and Specs are subject to change for further product development.


Video camera..54

Shooting a quick video..54 After shooting a video..55 Getting to know the viewfinder.56 Adjusting the exposure..57 Using the advanced settings..57 Changing the video image size..59 Choosing a colour tone..60 Using the inner video camera.60 Watching your saved videos..61 Viewing your photos and videos.62 Using zoom when viewing a video or photo...62 Adjusting the volume when viewing a video..62
Setting a photo as wallpaper.63 Editing your photos..63 Adding text to a photo.65 Adding an effect to a photo.65 Cropping a photo..65 Adding a colour accent to a photo.66 Swapping colours in a photo.66 Editing your videos..67 Trimming the length of the video..67 Merging two videos.67 Merging a photo with a video.68 Adding text to a video..69 Overlaying a photo..69 Adding a soundtrack to your video.70 Adding live sound to your video.70 Changing the video speed.71 Adding a dimming effect.71 Creating a movie..71


Pictures..72 My images options menu.72 Sending a photo..72 Using an image..73 Printing an image.73 Moving or copying an image.74 Creating a slide show..74 Geo-tagging..74 Checking your memory status.74
Sounds...75 Using a sound..75 Videos..75 Sending a video clip.76 Games and Applications..76 Playing a game...76 Using the options menu..76 Installing a Java game and application..77 Use the M-Toy menu..77 Flash contents..77 Viewing an SWF/ SVG file.77 Documents..77 Viewing a file..77 Transferring a file to your phone.78 Others...78 Music..78 Transferring music onto your phone79 Playing a song..79 Creating a playlist.80 Deleting a playlist.80 Using the radio...80 Searching for stations..81 Resetting channels..81 Listening to the radio..82

Get organised

Adding an event to your calendar.83 Changing your default calendar view..83 Adding an item to your To Do list.84 Using the date finder..84 Setting your alarm..85 Adding a memo..85 Voice recorder..86 Recording a sound or voice..86 Sending the voice recording..86 Using your calculator..87 Converting a unit..87 Using the stopwatch..87 Adding a city to your world clock.88

PC Suite..89

Installing the LG PC Suite on your computer..89 Connecting your phone and PC.89 Backing up and restoring your phones information.90 Viewing phone files on your PC.90 Synchronising your contacts..90 Synchronising your messages.91 Music Sync..91 Transferring music using Windows Media Player...91

6 LG GC900 | User Guide

Using iSync..92 DivX Converter...93

Wi-Fi... 107 Phone Software update.. 110

The web

Browser..94 Accessing the web..94 Adding and accessing bookmarks.94 Using the RSS reader..95 Accessing a saved page.95 Viewing your browser history.95 Changing web browser settings.96 Using your phone as a modem..96 Access to Google Maps.97
Accessories.. 111 Network service.. 112 Technical data.. 112 Guidelines
Guidelines for safe and efficient use... 114 Trouble Shooting.. 120


Changing your screen settings.98 Personalising your profiles.98 Changing your phone settings.99 Changing your touch settings. 100 Changing your connectivity settings... 100 Using memory manager.. 103 Using flight mode.. 104 Sending and receiving files using Bluetooth.. 104 Changing your Bluetooth settings. 105 Pairing with another Bluetooth device... 105 Using a Bluetooth headset. 106
Getting to know your phone
Power key Turns the phone on/off. Earpiece Proximity Sensor WARNING: Moisture on the proximity sensor may cause it to malfunction. Please wipe any moisture off the sensor surface. Inner camera End key Press once to return to the home screen.
WARNING: Putting a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it can damage its LCD and touch screen functionality. Do not cover the protection film on proximity sensor of LCD. It can be caused the malfunction of sensor. 8 LG GC900 | User Guide

Memory card socket

Charger, Data cable (USB cable) TIP: Before connecting the USB cable, wait until the phone has powered up and has registered on the network. Volume keys When the screen is idle: key tone volume. During a call: earpiece volume. When playing a track: controls volume continuously.

Multi-tasking key

Camera key Go to the camera menu directly by pressing and holding the key.

Open view

Battery cover SIM card socket Flash light


Camera lens
TIP! You can turn the flash on by holding down the volume up key when the keypad is locked. Press the volume up key again to turn the flash off. This function is only available when the keypad is locked. 10 LG GC900 | User Guide

Turning off DTMF

DTMF lets you use numerical commands to navigate within automated calls. DTMF default is set to on. To turn it off during a call (to make and a note of a number) touch select Disable DTMF. Calls only - View a list of all calls you have made and missed. Messages only - View a list of all numbers that have received or sent texts and multimedia messages. VT only- View a list of all video calls. TIP! From any call log and Delete all to touch delete all the recorded items. TIP! Touch any single call log entry to view the date, time and duration of the call.

Viewing your call logs

From the home screen, touch , then touch Recent history in the Communication tab. Choose from the following: All history - View a complete list of all dialled, received and missed calls, voice calls only, video calls and messages. Missed calls - View a list of all calls you have missed.

28 LG GC900 | User Guide

Using call divert
and choose Call 1 Touch settings in the Settings tab. 2 Touch Call divert and select Voice calls and/or Video calls. 3 Choose whether to divert all call, when the line is busy, when there is no answer or when you cannot be contacted. 4 Touch Activate to activate. 5 Enter the number to divert to. NOTE: Diverting calls will incur charges. Please contact your network operator for details. TIP! To turn off all call diverts, choose Deactivate all from the Call divert menu.

Using call barring

1 Touch and choose Call settings in the Settings tab. 2 Touch Call barring and select Voice calls and/or Video calls. 3 Choose any or all of the five options: All outgoing Outgoing international Outgoing international calls except home country All incoming Incoming when abroad 4 Enter the call barring password. Please check with your network operator about this service.
TIP! Select Fixed dial number to turn on and compile a list of numbers which can be called from your phone. Youll need your PIN2 code, which is available from your operator. Only numbers within the fixed dial list can be called from your phone. Send my number - Choose whether to display your number on an outgoing call. Auto redial - Slide the switch left for ON or right for OFF. Minute minder - Slide the switch left to ON to hear a tone every minute during a call. BT answer mode - Select Handsfree to be able to answer a call using a Bluetooth headset, or select Handset to press a handset key to answer a call. Save new number - Select ON or OFF to save a new number.
Changing the common call setting
1 Touch and choose Call settings in the Settings tab. 2 Touch Common settings. This lets you change the following settings: Call reject - Slide the switch left for ON. You can touch the Reject list to choose all calls, specific contacts or groups or calls from unregistered numbers (i.e. not in your contacts).

30 LG GC900 | User Guide

Using emoticons

Liven up your messages using emoticons. There are some commonly used emoticons already on your phone. 1 When writing a new message, you can enter Emoticons from Insert in the options menu. 2 You can add a new emoticon by touching New emoticon. Text message centre - Enter the details of your message centre. Delivery report - Slide the switch left to receive confirmation that your messages have been delivered. Validity period - Choose how long your messages are stored at the message centre. Message types - Convert your text into Voice, Fax, X.400 or Email. Character encoding - Choose how your characters are encoded. This affects the size of your messages and therefore your data charges. Send long text as - Choose to send long messages as multiple SMS or MMS.
Changing your text message settings
Your GC900 message settings are pre-defined, so you can send messages immediately. These settings can be changed based on your preferences. Scroll to Message settings on the Settings tab and touch Text message. You can changes to the following:

42 LG GC900 | User Guide

Changing your multimedia message settings
Your GC900 message settings are pre-defined, so you can send messages immediately. These settings can be changed based on your preferences. In Setting tap select Message settings and Multimedia message. You can make changes to the following: Retrieval mode - Select Home network or Roaming network. If you then select Manual, you will only receive notifications about MMS messages. You can then decide whether or not to download them in full. NOTE: Additional cost may occur when MMS are downloaded when roaming. Delivery report - Choose whether to allow and/or request a delivery report.
Read reply - Choose whether to allow and/or send a read reply. Priority - Choose the priority level of your MMS. Validity period - Choose how long your message is stored at the message centre. Slide duration - Choose how long slides appear on screen. Creation mode - Restricted/ Warning/ Free Delivery time - Choose how long to wait before a message is delivered. Multimedia message centre - Enter the details of your message centre.
Changing your other settings
Scroll to Message settings on the Settings tab then: Voicemail - Touch New profile or to add a new Voicemail service. Contact your network operator for more information about the service they provide. Service message - Choose whether to receive or block service messages. You can also set message security levels by creating trusted and not trusted sender lists. Info. service - Choose your reception status, language and other settings.

44 LG GC900 | User Guide

Taking a quick photo
1 Press and hold down the camera key on the right side of the phone. 2 Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens towards the subject you want to take a picture of. 3 Press the capture button lightly and a focus box will appear in the centre of the viewfinder screen. 4 Position the phone so you can see the photo subject in the focus box. 5 When the focus box turns green, the camera has focused on your subject. 6 Press the capture button and hold it down. TIP! Face Tracking This automatically detects and focuses on human faces to help you take clearer pictures.
Once youve taken the photo
Your captured photo will appear on the screen. The image name is shown with four icons on the righthand side.
Rename Touch to edit the name of the selected picture. Edit Touch to edit the image using various tools.
Touch to return to the previous menu. Touch to delete the image. Touch to take another photo immediately. Your current photo will be saved. Touch to view a gallery of your saved photos.


Touch to send the photo as a Message, Email, Bluetooth or Blogger.
NOTE: Additional cost may occur when MMS are downloaded when roaming.
Use Touch to use the image as wallpaper.

46 LG GC900 | User Guide

Getting to know the viewfinder
Back - Touch here to return to the menu map. Switch mode - Change the mode between camera and video camera. Gallery - Touch this icon to view the gallery. Settings - Touch this icon to open the settings menu. Macro - Switch this on to take close up shots. Flash status - Set flash light mode to automatic, on or off. Exposure - See Adjusting the Exposure on next page. Scene mode - Set the camera to adjust to the environment.
TIP! You can close all the shortcut options to give a clearer viewfinder screen. Just touch the centre of the viewfinder once. To recall the options, touch the screen again.

Using the flash

The default flash setting is auto, but there are other options. 1 Select from the left side of the viewfinder to enter the flash sub-menu. 2 There are four flash options: Auto - Your camera will assess the light available for a good picture and use the flash as necessary. RedEye removal - The camera will flash twice in order to remove red eye. Always on - The camera will always flash. Always off - The camera will never flash. This is useful if you want to save battery power. 3 When you touch the option you want, the flash menu will automatically close, allowing you to take a picture immediately. 4 The flash status icon in the viewfinder will change, based on the new flash mode.

Swap camera - Switch to your LG GC900s inner camera to record yourself on video. Video size - Change the size of the video to save memory space. Colour effect - Choose a colour tone to use on your new view. White balance - The white balance ensures any white parts of your video are realistic. To enable your camera to adjust the white balance correctly, you may need to determine the light conditions. Choose between Auto, Incandescent, Sunny, Fluorescent or Cloudy.
Video quality - Choose between Super fine, Fine and Normal. The finer the quality, the sharper the video will be. The file size will increase as a result, meaning youll be able to store fewer videos in the phones memory. Duration - Set a duration limit for your video. Choose between Normal and MMS to limit the maximum size to send as an MMS. TIP! If you choose MMS duration, choosing a lower image quality will enable you to shoot a longer video. Memory in use - Choose whether to save your videos to the Handset memory or to the External memory. Voice - Choose Mute to record a video without sound. Hide icons - Select whether to hide the icons on the video camera menu automatically or manually. Reset - Reset all the video camera settings.

58 LG GC900 | User Guide

Changing the video image size
The more pixels, the larger the file size, which means the files take up more memory space. If you want to store more videos on your phone, you can change the video resolution to make the files smaller. 1 Using the viewfinder, touch in the top left corner. 2 Select Video size from the Preview menu. 3 Select a pixel value from the four options: 720X480 (D1) - The highest quality, widescreen option. 640x480 (VGA) - Standard sized VGA. 320x240 (QVGA) - Smaller image size, and therefore a smaller file size. This is ideal for saving memory space. 176x144 - Smallest image size and therefore the smallest file size.
4 Touch the OK button to return to the viewfinder. TIP! The great editing software on your LG GC900 is compatible with all video types except 720X480 (D1). Dont record in this format if you plan to edit your video. TIP! For video format conversion software, see the CD that came with your GC900.

Choosing a colour tone

1 Using the viewfinder, touch in the top left corner. 2 Select Colour effect from the Preview menu. 3 There are five colour tone options, Off, Sepia, Mono, Negative or Emboss. 4 Touch the colour tone you want to use. TIP! You can change a video shot in colour to black and white or sepia, but you cannot change a video shot in black and white or sepia to colour.
Using the inner video camera
Your LG GC900 has an inner 320x240 camera for both video calls and recording videos. 1 To switch to the inner camera, then select Swap touch camera then Secondary from the Preview menu. 2 After a few seconds youll see yourself in the viewfinder. To start recording the image press the capture button as normal, and press it again to stop recording. 3 After you have shot the video, youll be offered all the options available for a video shot using the main camera. 4 To return to the main camera and then Main. touch

60 LG GC900 | User Guide

TIP! You can still alter the image size, colour effect, white balance and quality by touching Settings in the same way as when using the main camera.
Watching your saved videos
1 In the viewfinder, touch. 2 Your gallery will appear on the screen. 3 Touch a video once to bring it to the front of the gallery. It start to play by touching play icon.

Your photos and videos

Viewing your photos and videos
1 Touch on the camera preview screen. 2 Your gallery will appear on the screen. 3 Touch the video or photo to open it fully.
Using zoom when viewing a video or photo
When viewing photos or videos, you can zoom in and out by pinching your fingers together or spreading them apart.
Adjusting the volume when viewing a video
To adjust the volume of a video while it is playing, touch the volume bar on the screen bottom after pressing the loudspeaker symbol. Alternatively, use the volume keys on the side of the phone.
TIP! Flick left or right to view other photos or videos. TIP! To delete a photo or video, open it and select Touch Yes to confirm.

62 LG GC900 | User Guide

Setting a photo as wallpaper
1 Touch the photo you want to set as wallpaper to open it. 2 Touch the screen to open the options menu. 3 Touch Use as. 4 The screen will switch to portrait mode. You can zoom in and out the image.

Editing your photos

You can do lots of great things to your photos to change them, add to them or liven them up. 1 Open the photo you want to edit and touch Edit to show the options. 2 Touch the icons to alter your photo: Crop your photo. Choose a square or circular crop area and move your finger across the screen to select the area. Draw something on your photo, freehand. Select the line thickness from the four options, then the colour you want to use. Adding writing on a picture. See Adding text to a photo on page 65.
Decorate your photo with stamps. Choose from the different stamps and touch your photo where you want to place them. Erase the editing you have done to the picture. You can choose the size of eraser you use. Touch to return to the gallery.

Undo Show text Preview

6 Touch the area of the screen in which you want the text to appear. If the photo is too big it will overlay the whole screen, not just the selected area. 7 Touch Save. Replace the existing file or save as a new file. 8 Repeat these steps to add more photos. 5 If the audio is shorter than the video, choose whether to play it Once or to Repeat it. 6 Replace the existing file or save as a new file.
Adding live sound to your video
1 Open the video you want to edit, option key. touch 2 Select Edit and choose Live dubbing. 3 Set the sound value to original sound or recording sound.
Adding a soundtrack to your video
1 Open the video you want to edit, option key. touch 2 Select Edit and choose Audio dubbing. 3 The My sounds folder will open. Choose the track you want to add to your video. 4 The original audio track on your video will be erased.

Audio mixing ratio

Original sound

Recording sound

70 LG GC900 | User Guide

Changing the video speed

1 Open the video you want to edit, option key. touch 2 Select Edit and choose Time scaling. 3 Select one of the options. This can vary depending on the frame rate. 4 Replace the original file or save as a new file.

Creating a movie

1 Touch then select Movie maker in Camera menu from Multimedia tab. 2 Touch Insert to add an image. 3 Touch the Style tab on the top to choose a movie style. 4 Touch the Sound tab on the screen to change the sound, e.g. for a voice recording. 5 Touch the Preview button to see the results. 6 Touch the Play Order tab on the screen to change the order. 7 Touch the Save in tab on the screen to choose where to save the movie, and touch the Usage tab to choose between storing it and MMS. 8 To save your movie, press play and then touch Save movie.

Adding a dimming effect

1 Open the video you want to edit, option key. touch Edit and choose 2 Select Dimming Effect. 3 Your video will now fade in at the start and fade out at the end. 4 Replace the original file or save as a new file.


You can store multimedia files in your phones memory so you have easy access to all your pictures, sounds, videos and games. You can also save your files to a memory card. Using a memory card allows you to free up space in your phones memory. To access the Multimedia menu, select My stuff from touch Multimedia tab. You can open a list of the folders that store all your multimedia files. TIP! To delete any files in then Delete. My stuff, touch

Transferring music using Windows Media Player
1 From the home screen select , then scroll to Connectivity on the Settings tab. 2 Select USB connection mode and choose Music sync. 3 Connect your handset and PC using a compatible USB cable. 4 When you try to connect the handset to your PC, your handset will read: Music Sync. followed by Connected. 91
Synchronising your messages
1 Connect the phone to your PC. 2 Click on the Messages icon. 3 All your PC and phone messages will be displayed in folders on the screen. 4 Use the tool bar at the top of your screen to edit and rearrange messages.
5 The PC will prompt you to launch your preferred music management software. 6 Select Windows Media Player. 7 Go to the Sync Tab, then drag and drop the music you wish to transfer to your handset into the Sync List pane. 8 Click on Start Sync button. This starts the transfer process. 3 An image device GC900 Music Sync Player will be displayed in the device list. 4 To remove the device, click Remove in the context menu. 5 Disconnect the USB cable from the GC900. 6 Install Windows Media Player version 11 (WMP 11). 7 When Windows Media Player is successfully installed, connect the GC900 to you PC.


Do not disconnect your phone during the transfer. NOTE: Music Sync is only available for music contents. NOTE: If GC900 is not recognised or is recognised as an image device by Window OS: 1 Click Start > Control on your desktop. 2 Select an image scanner device. 92 LG GC900 | User Guide

Using iSync

Install the iSync plug-in install file which is supported by Macintosh and connect the phone via Bluetooth or USB. To synchronise via Bluetooth, set up a pairing between the Macintosh and the phone. If you want to set up via USB, select the iSync menu in USB connection mode.
NOTE: When using Bluetooth, you have to select iSync on in option menu.

DivX Converter

Install the DivX converter, which is supplied on the same CD as the PC Sync software. DivX will convert media files on your PC to a format that lets you upload them and view them on your phone. Once installed select DivX from the Program Files on your PC, then DivX converter followed by Converter. Use the arrows in the application to change the conversion format to Mobile. If you right click on the application box and select Preferences, you can change the location where the converted files are saved.
Drag and drop the files into the application for initial analysis. Then select Convert for the process to begin. When the process is complete, a Conversion complete pop up will be displayed. ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX is a digital video format created by DivX, Inc. This is an official DivX Certified device that plays DivX video. Visit for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX video. ABOUT DIVX VIDEO-ON-DEMAND: This DivX Certified device must be registered in order to play DivX Video-on-Demand (VOD) content. To generate the registration code, locate the DivX VOD section in the device setup menu. Go to vod.divx. com with this code to complete the registration process and learn more about DivX VOD.

Using your phone as a modem
Your GC900 can be used as a modem for your PC, giving you email and internet access even when you dont have any wired connection. You can do this via the USB cable or by Bluetooth.

96 LG GC900 | User Guide

Using Bluetooth: 1 Ensure Bluetooth is switched On and Visible for both your PC and GC900. 2 Pair your PC and GC900 so that a passcode is required to connect them. 3 Use the Connection wizard on your LG PC Suite to create an active Bluetooth connection. 4 Click Communication on your PC. Then click Setting. 5 Click Modem. 6 Choose Standard Modem over Bluetooth link and click OK. It will now appear on the screen. 7 Click Connect and your PC will connect via your GC900.

Access to Google Maps

You can use Google Maps navigation services from the Communication tab. Select the Google Maps menu to launch the application. The GPS position your GC900 is providing will be processed. This service helps you to get around and to find your way by delivering maps onto your display. Note that additional cost may occur when using this service.
This folder lets you adapt your settings to personalise your GC900. Backlight - Choose how long the backlight stays on. NOTE: The longer the backlight stays on, the more battery power it uses and you may need to recharge your phone more often. Auto brightness - Adjust the screen brightness automatically.
Changing your screen settings
1 From the home screen, select then scroll to Display settings on the Settings tab. 2 You can choose the option menu from: Wallpaper - Choose an image for locking, switching the phone on or off, or making or receiving a call. NOTE: The setting will be reset if you select Reset menu. Homescreens - Widget/ Contact/ Multimedia/ Shortcut Lock screen - Choose the clock type on the lock screen. Font - Adjust the font size and style.
Personalising your profiles
You can quickly change your profile on the home screen. Just touch the status summary icon on the top, then touch the profile tab. Using the settings menu, you can personalise each profile setting. 1 From the home screen select then scroll to Profiles on the Settings tab. 2 Choose the profile you want to edit: Normal, Silent, Outdoor or Flight mode.

98 LG GC900 | User Guide

3 You can then change all sounds and alert options available in the list, including your Voice/Video ringtone, Volume, Message alerts and others.
Changing your phone settings
Use the freedom of adapting the GC900 to your own preferences. 1 From the home screen, select then scroll to Phone settings on the Settings tab. 2 Select a menu from the list below: Date & Time - Adjust your date and time settings or choose to auto update the time when travelling or for daylight saving. Power save - Choose to switch the value power saving settings to On or OFF.

Sending and receiving files using Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a great way to send and receive files as it uses no wires and connection is quick and easy. You can also connect to a Bluetooth headset to make and receive calls. To send a file: 1 Open the file you want to send, which will be typically a photo, video or music file. 2 Touch and choose Send. Select Bluetooth.
104 LG GC900 | User Guide
3 You will see where the file has been saved and choose to View the file or Use as. Files will usually be saved to the appropriate folder in My stuff.
Changing your Bluetooth settings
1 From the home screen select then scroll to Bluetooth on the Settings tab. 2 Touch. Make your changes to: My device information - Enter a name for your GC900. My device visibility - Choose to be Visible, Hidden or Visible for 1 min. Remote SIM mode on - Activate the remote SIM mode. iSync on - Choose to activate on iSync.
Supported services - See options to use Bluetooth in a ssociation with different services. Delete - Choose to delete the selected profile. Delete all - Choose to delete all profiles.
Pairing with another Bluetooth device
By pairing your GC900 with another device, you can set up a passcodeprotected connection. This makes pairing more secure. 1 Check that your Bluetooth is On. You can change your visibility using the Settings menu. 2 Touch Search. 3 Your GC900 will search for Bluetooth devices. When the search is completed Refresh will appear on the screen.
4 Choose the device you want to pair with and enter a passcode, then touch OK. 5 Your phone will then connect to the other device, on which you will need to enter the same passcode. 6 Your passcode-protected Bluetooth connection is now ready.
Using a Bluetooth headset
1 Check that your Bluetooth is On. 2 Follow the instructions that came with your headset to put it in pairing mode and pair your devices. 3 The headset will be automatically switched to Headset profile. 4 Touch Ask always or Allow without asking.
106 LG GC900 | User Guide
Wireless Manager allows you to manage Internet connections per Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) on your device. It allows the phone to connect to local wireless networks, or access the Internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi is faster and has a greater range than Bluetooth wireless technology and can be used for fast emailing and Internet browsing. NOTE: The GC900 supports WEP, WPA-PSK/2 encryption, and not EAP, WPS encryption. If your WiFi service provider or network administrator sets encryption for network security, fill in the key in the pop-up window. If encryption is not set, this pop-up window will not be shown. You can obtain the key from your Wi-Fi service provider or network administrator.

Exposure to radio frequency energy
Radio wave exposure and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) information This mobile phone model GC900 has been designed to comply with applicable safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. These requirements are based on scientific guidelines that include safety margins designed to assure the safety of all persons, regardless of age and health. The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. Tests for SAR are conducted using standardised methods with the phone transmitting at its highest certified power level in all used frequency bands. 114 LG GC900 | User Guide
Product care and maintenance WARNING
Only use batteries, chargers and accessories approved for use with this particular phone model. The use of any other types may invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone, and may be dangerous. Do not disassemble this unit. Take it to a qualified service technician when repair work is required. Keep away from electrical appliances such as TVs, radios, and personal computers. The unit should be kept away from heat sources such as radiators or cookers. Do not drop.
Do not subject this unit to mechanical vibration or shock. Switch off the phone in any area where you are required by special regulations. For example, do not use your phone in hospitals as it may affect sensitive medical equipment. Do not handle the phone with wet hands while it is being charged. It may cause an electric shock and can seriously damage your phone. Do not to charge a handset near flammable material as the handset can become hot and create a fire hazard. Use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the unit (do not use solvents such as benzene, thinner or alcohol). Do not charge the phone when it is on soft furnishings. The phone should be charged in a well ventilated area. 115
Do not subject this unit to excessive smoke or dust. Do not keep the phone next to credit cards or transport tickets; it can affect the information on the magnetic strips. Do not tap the screen with a sharp object as it may damage the phone. Do not expose the phone to liquid or moisture. Use the accessories like earphones cautiously. Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily.



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