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redboricua 8:42am on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 
There is no practical way to change the language. Also advertisement did not say phone OS was German. Attractive Design Difficult Navigation Probably a great phone, but w/o 3G signal in U.S. phone can not show off all its stuff. Sense UI is best I have seen, WinMo 6.5 is OK.
seva 12:38am on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 
Good for a Windows phone but... The HTC Touch HD2 is a great phone the problem is with Windows mobile. HTC HD2 The phone is everything I expected, excellant display and good operating software. No regrets buying this inovative phone.

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( )3 , 2 r. 7.Du C ange, r. ,A pp. l,o.7 9. 6.
1 8. F r a n z M e n i n s k i , 6. n. , o. 4 4. F r a n c i sJ o h n s o n ,6. n. , r. 2 , o. 4 a. 19. Henry Yule - A. C. Burnell, Hobson - Jobson. A Glossary of Cotloquial Anglo-Indian \(ords and Phrases,and of Kindred Terms, Etymological, Historical, Geographical and Discursiue, new edition edited by Villiam Crooke, Aov6[vo 1903, o. 979 x.i. 2 0. F r a n c i sJ o h n s o n ,5. n. , t. 2 , o. p. F r a n z M e n i n s k i , 6. n. , o o. - 5 5. 21. Pseudo-Plutarchus, fluuiis,lx6. K. Miiller, Geographi Graeci minores, t. 2,llapiot De ,K e p. 2 2. 2 , l - 4.

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29. Edward lfilliam Lane, An Arabic-English Lexicon, Deriued from the Best and Most Copious EastenxSources, 1-8, Aov6[vo 1863-1893, r. 3, o. l25lo. t. 30. R. Dozy, Suppldmentaux dictionnairesarabes,r. 1-2, Leyde 1881, r. l, o. 602p. 31. J. Payne Smith, A Compendious Syriac Dictionary. Founded upon the Thesaurus Syriacus 'O(96p51 of R. Payne Smith, 1903, avat. 1979, o. ll7p. 32. J.W. Redhouse,ATurkish and English Lexico4 Kcovoravrrvorino),r11890, o. 1012p. 3 3. E d. W. L a n e ,6. n. , r. 3 , o. p. 34. Francis Brown - S. R. Driver - Charles A. Briggs, A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, based on the Lexicon of lfilliam Gesenius,as translated by Edward Robinson, 'O(g6pE3 ( w i t h c o r r e c t i o n s )d v c r t. , o. 4 a. , 3 5. J. P a y n eS m i t h ,6. r. , o o. 7 a - 8 p. 'Epp. Kprapd, AMEA| , r.7, o. 5. 36. 3 7. E d. W. I - a n e , 6. n. , r. 4 , o. I 3 s. A. d e B i b e r s t e i nK a z i m i r s k i , D i c t i o n n a i r e a r a b e franEais,r. l-2, flapior 1860, r. 1, o. 1049a. Georg Vilhelm Freytag, Lexicon arabico-latinum, t. I - 4 , H a l i s S a x o n u m- , t. 2 , o. 2 8.


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A. Delattea6ix8iDer: yaAm 6 (arcir7g, Xcopigv& undpxer i ira.pd.prxpn &),Iq n).r1pogopia, iv6 o Du CangeaTdvaqeper inaxpcp 16,g: 6a1;q, "f Compositio ex Emblicis. Lexicon Graeco-Arabicum: fa),ia, 6 Zarcirt7g. Vide M atth. Si l v at ic usin v oc e Ga l l i a " , x o.\ d A ra , 6 (a n i l q* i n Lex. MS. ex "f Cod. Reg. 843. Vide faAAtov,ZanCr4E,,,,,/,ctpuritn;. Lexicon Botanicum ex cod. R.g. r90. faAAiq, (?) o (aprctt4E. An Galla vide faAfuov", ivrir 0ndp1er, xo-noco' o6yxuorl 6oov &.gop&. ti6 napcrnopri.g, yrati otil ),. y&)Arcv dvagdpead.Li <<ouorpoqhvetpou, apud Psellum MS. de Morborum nominibus. Nerui contorsioo, ivri-lelvar xcrdvontb 5tr otilv npoxeqtvn r!epintc-ro4 fi)t. yriAAcovEiv eivat &II4 dnb td petayevdorepo: yayyAiov 6i ve6pou ouorpog4 ('Ho6X.f l4), ?cpB.xo.\ 16: yayyA[ov iod veipou rcapd gt\ow ouorpogiy ocoparorcTcotnpvr1, 6noio 6raoo(etcxr. otil vec,ttep4 rd ).).4vxi1 yayAt, rd: otpog4, > yaTTAa, yd,yLa, payyAa, n : (1) "tg: ot po g 4. (2) ouot pog4 ( l A , 1 ). 'H peoarcovrxlas6).).qvrxi1 yvropi(er rn tr. (aprc6rt(v), (arcrt(o)v, rb : &pc-rptatrxl oJoia crnb tb (<,ropooXoya).r1,Zrbet (Driisenabsonderung der Zrbetkatze als Duftstoff) (: pooxoyatrrl, d,popatrxil o0ofa noU ixxptverq.t dnb toirg dDdveg tig poolola).i1q) &BG 640), nob ttupo).oyeitar dnb td &paprxba' Jt.j zabad: civet; a certain perfume, well known; rhe cat, i.e. the wild cat, which is like the tame, but longer and larger, and its hair inclines more to blackness; is brought from India and Abyssinia;the perfume above it mentioned is a fluid, or matter, exuded, resemblingblack viscousdirt, which collects beneath the animal's tail, upon the anus, noil Er1).oveu \C,to1totd oyoyaAq, xaOdg xai tilv dpcopratrxilo0oia noU npo6pxerar &nb a0t6, ivri 11 Bpioxeao;loi no),).ig yl,6ooeg50. I. 'H 1,.ya),m, yaAia dno6[Eer tb rcepooapcBrxb5t ghdliya: com".It* posi ti o su a v e olens , z ibe tu m ; c i u e t; a c o m p o s i ti o n s2of musk, ambergi s, c amp h o r, a nd oil of ben n u ts. Ga l i a s 3m o s c h a ta , a sort of perfume, w el l known; a certain compound of perfumes; musk mixed or boiled with other perfumes; or a perfume composedof musk and ambergrisand camphor and oil of ben; parfum54de couleur noire compos6 de musk, d'ambre et autres
46. A'. Delatte,nLe lexique de botanique du Parisinus graecus 2419", Serta Leodiensia 44
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48. I. N. Ka(<i(4g - T. A. Kapavaotcironc,,MMEA| 49. Ed. W. Lane, 6.2t.,t. 3, oo. 1209y-l2l0a. 5 0. K a r l L o k o t s c h ,6. r. , o. 0 , ) , 1 p p c r7 3. , 5 1. F r a n z N { e n i n s k i6. r. , o. 7 4. , 5 2. F. S t e i n g a s s6. n. , o. 9 o. 8. 53. Ed. W. Lane, 6.x, r. 6, o. 2289a. 5 4. A. d e B i b e r s t e i nK a z i m i r s k i ,6. n. , r. 2 , o. 8 9.

65. Oribasii synopsis Eustatbium libri ad Eunapium,irqt. J. Raeder, ad et ArJ.ria1926, p$)r. 3, xecp.218, l, 1. Paulus Aegineta, Epitomaemedicae libri septem.inrp. J. L. Heiberg,ArQia ,p r B I.2 , x e < p, I , - 2 2. 66. Armenag Bedevian, K. 6.2t., o.360, trippo 2094,o. 577,trippo 335g. 67. Mry. K. Itegavi8rlg,.Oro,oyvootrxl 6vopato).oyia,, Ae{uoypacptxbv,ApTetov 5 (191884. ) 'EAA4vud 68. K. I. "Apavrog, nBotdvyj,, 3 (1930) 346 y= f),aoomd peAer4para,'A01va 1964,o. 3301.
u po).oyrxiq xal o4 pao ro),oyrxi g rccrpcrrl prl oe q.
nAipnE", ivr,r o C. D. Buck6' Vo.q rc).4porpopei:"Most of the words for "gunpowder" are the same as those for "powder" in general,which are the same as, or derived from, those for "dust". lWhile they may be made more specificby compounds or phrases,like NE gunpwder, NHG schiesspuluer,Fr. poudre d fusil, d canon, they are ordinarily used alone, their special application being clear from the context or the situation. But sometimesthere is a choice between parallel forms for "powder", e.g. for "gunpowder" always Sp. po'luord ns. poluo. A few are words for "plant, herb", which included medicinal herbs and spicesand were applied to gunpowder from its resemblanceto ground spicesor medicaments). 'O Du CangeT0 Uyet xanalatpioec rl I. xai dvagi.peu "Zarabotlna, majaculatoriae species,Chalcocond. hb. 7: Vehebanturplurimde, quas chinae Zarabotanasnominant. Statutacrinal. Riperiae cap. 79. fol. 16: Si quis animo percutiendi sagittauerit cum balista uel arcu, uel Zrabotana aerea, uel ferri cum sagittis>,ivco f1 ). npodpxercrr dnb tb &paBoneporxbTr a;\L.^i zabatdna : tubulus flatu jaculatorrus, cerbottana,sarbatane; a long hollow tube, through which they shoot small birds with pellets forced out by the breath, noU 61el Dc,loer, otilv &pcrcBrxi172 tbv t6no ,*u"oli xoci zarbatdna : sarbacanedont on sert pour tuer les oiseaux, ivri napcrtrlpeitat 6u73: uLa adicicin de una r quiz6,se deba a influjo del nombre de otro jugu ete. zarbfit "peonza"", xcri 4 I. ppioxead.Loi 6).eg ti6 e0polnuixic,y).r,tooe6. 14 "(apo67cLov, ruga,platea,uicus.Glossae Graecobarb. dryuw; &4tcpo6a7a,6[oda, 6[otpara, (apoirua, p6ptE.Occurit ibi pluries,(DucGr 459). 'H ). dno8l8er inaxpuprog ry1vdpaBrxlT5 tr.r*l;\ j zdrftb: rue longue et dtrite; a long narrow lane. lJ "(atat(aou, fi Tekdav[a, in LexicoMS. ex Cod. Reg. 1843.Chelidonia" (DucGr App I 77).
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xeXpi), xcri a0td &nb rd rceporxbe3 tr;_l\3


miller; a kind of
vetch. t9 "CnkAa, a[ xav0ap(6eE, in Lexico Botanico ex MS. Reg. Co. 1843. Cantharides,, "(\papap, a[ xav0ap(6eq, in Lexico MS. ex cod. Reg. cod. 1843. Cantbarides, ( D u c G rA p p. I ).
1,. npo6pXetac dnd td &paprxbea.i 6^. 1J i, f tJ i zur4.;.;, rd(t, zurrft(t, zarrfip : cantharides;."nt.J{ ih."nth#ii or Sp)trirh fly; a kind of insect of red colour, spotted or speckled,with black, which flies, and is of poisonous nature; a kind of insect larger than the common fly, variegated with red and black and yellow, having a pair of wings with which it flies, and of deadly poisonous nature, 6rcou rt0orv6ro.ta tb 6rn).b rr :.r1q dpaBrxrlq dnoD60qxe pri :.6: -papa(p), ivConpogavrig tb: -(opd npodpXetar drcb i(axoLou04trxil dgoprolo-ron+p > (-(. 20 "(4xwov, 16, (1xwov pd),avoEDelAn II 3I3, 12. (4xw o paAavog ib. 333. 24" (LBG 643). 'o Du cangee5 ETet xanayc.rpioer rn tr.1 "(ixrcv,, Moschus in Limonar. cap. 203 1.1Capsulas verti interpre5", d).).d n).ripogopo6paoree6 bu fi ypcrgl (ixrcv i'1(txtov: (error for Btxtov, uessel,box, Jo. Mosch. prat. 203". otd npdrto rcapa0eptcr:(qxwov BaAavo* t ). Bd,TavoEnepr).app o.vero.t otilv dpxn toO iDrou y).oooapiou (DelAn II 309), xai 6pi(etar: Ba)avoE AtpavoueT ottippa, tb 6noio nr0av6ao.'co. dvdyetau otb nepor,xdet, J)JJ zewzek: semen(- ondppa), toD p+ bendirn [- Hyoscyamus, hen6alE; or a ce rta i n p lant hav ing a k i n d o f-g ra i n th a t c o n fu ses the i ntel l ect, and occa si o n s alienat ion of th e m i n d , o r i n s a n i ty ]; th e seed of hog' s bean (: 6oox6cpo6), pi &voporortrxii ntcoorl tflq ou),).cr9ngzew- ).6yco &n).o),oyIcrg. )l "(4Ata, i1Aloe:DelAnII3I3,8; 333,23; 379,20. (eAia 363, lT; 369., (LBG 5" 643). 'o Du canger'' Eyet xanaycopfoer rt tr., &),r& Dlv npoodlerat xo,ro.o
93. FrancisJohnson, 6.rc.,r. 3, o. 10368. 9 4. F r a n z M e n i n s k i , 6. r. , o. 3 2. E d. ! 7. L a n e , 6. 2 r. ,- c.3 , o. 0 a. 9 5. D u C a n g e ,6. r. , o. 4. 96. G. \r. H. Lampe, APatristic Greek-Lexicon,'o\9opDr1 1961, dvar. 1976, o. 592. 9 7. ' o l l. f. f e v v d D r o q , 6. z r. , t. 1 , o. 6 - 7 , p r c r g t r 4 p o g o p e l : n B o o o u e A A i a1. ) ' o n yvr,rotdg to6 ipnopioo A(pavog (tb xorvri-rgAtpdvti\ilupiapa, &pop. luban, roupx. xtouvAoix, ya),). encensil oliban,oryr. olibnum',6 rriv apxaicov )ipavoE, fuBavardq i1 06o)". 9 8. F r a n z M e n i n s k i , 6. r. , o. 8 5. F r a n c i sJ o h n s o n ,6. t. , r. 2 , o. 6 a. 'O 99. Ed. \W. Lane, 6.n., r. 1, oo. 258y-259a. E. L i t t r 6 , D i c t i o n n a i r e d e m e d e c i n e ,d e chirurgie, de phmmacie,de I'art udtdrinaire et des sciencesqui s'y r.tpportent, flapioc ,elg02. o. 139, dvagtpec "bang. Chanvre indien sdch6pour I'usagedes fumeurs,. 0. D u C a n g e ,6. n. , o o. 3 - 4 ,A p p. I , o. 7 8.

148. Pseudo-Kodinos, Traitd des offices, intp. Jean Vespeau, llaploc 1966, oo. 179,16182,10,6nou nepr,),apBdvovtas6).ctra Xcop[anob ncrpctBt:.ovtol naparrdv<,.r. 9. ' O I a n H e a t h , B y z a n t i n eA r m i e s 6 - , A o v E i v o , o. , n a p o o o t o. \ e r t r ) v elx6va ivog pu(crvtrvo6 orpatrcotrl xai avagdper: nFiguresof this type seem to starr appearing in the 10th century and are often thought to be Varangian Guardsmen. They only appear in biblical crucification scenes,however, and wear a type of headdresswhich in Byzantine art is normally associatedwith Jews. But at the same time their rich panoply certainly suggeststhat artists may have used the equipment of guardsmen as their model and interstingly this figure has a r a v e n - l i k e b i r d e m b l a z o n e d o n h i s s h i e l d. w h i c h c o u l d c e r t a i n l y a s s o c i a t eh i m w i t h a Scandinavian rigin". o 0. E r n e s tK l e i n , 6. n. , o. 2. 1. ' O R. G u i l l a n d , n E t u d e ss u r I ' h i s t o i r e A d m i n i s t r a t i v e d e I ' e m p i r e b y z a n t i n. L e S t r a t o p6darque et le Grand Stratop6darque", Byzantinische Zeitschrift 64 (1953) 72, oqpeu<bvet nLe stratopddarquedes p.ouptd.tot s'occupait d'une unitd palatine composde de soldats turcs devenus chr6tiens et que leurs anciens cordligionnaires (: op6Bprloxoq) avaient pour cette raison

Kcootaq Kapcnot6ooy).ou

toupxrxdts2 Ji1+ miirted(d) : 6 dnapvrlOeiq tbv io).aprop6v, dpvrioi0p4oxoq, xai dutd dnb tb dpaprxbrsl Jr;+ mrtadd : an apostate, a renegade.(5) Kai pe{ a|robE hepoL irdpapovai piv xai o6roq rcAi1v &veu d,A6yav, tyovteE dAAaydr@pat5a xai o6ro4 qtpovreE tv yepoi rcd,vreErdg orca1aE air6v. (6) tv rfi au72 6i ro1 rcaAariou orpartittat 6vopa(6vevot o6ra rcapapovai, tyovreE &,Aoya, Eg' riv xai dAAayarap. (7) Elca ehpbxovrat o[ 6vopa(6pevo: o@parocpLAaxeE r(axeves, tpipovreE xai o|rot d,rceAarixLa L.1Ai,pvtot rcapapovai perd, oxm6(uv, o[ r(d.xaveE 6i perd, xarcaoiav rpopottvreE xai trcavaxAiBavqrss rTepavea, TtowaE rcepi rb or4)oE txovra iorapevoug &,orcpouEBAircovrds d,vrupb xard, rcp6oanov' cboa6rag xai 6rco0ev. Td ov6pcrta t6rv a0toxparoprxdrv gpoup6v elvar, eue(r1yr1ta xai Div Trcrpouor,d(ouv xaprd 6uoxo).ia otbv ivtorcrol,rb.rtg npo6),euorig touq. 6 Stam. Caratzasr56 &gr,epoveroxe8bv rptocvto-nuxvoruTropdveg oe).iDegyrd v& irupo).oyr1oer,rn I. dnb tb \taxovog,, 6roo rcpooeyyf(er tb 06pa i(etd(ovtag (exroprotd td o4paoro).oyrx6, gorv4trxb xai popgo).oyrxb pdpo6, &I),& tb &notd),eopra Div eivar Oetrxb, yr,d vd DeX0oupetilv napasurnomms prouptd,rot rendgats.D'aprds le Pseudo - Codinos, les youpranol 6taient des gardes palatins i pied et arm6s de I'arcu. L52. l. Xtrop6q, 6.n., r.2, o. I633p. Gyula Moravcsik, Byzantinoturcica,t.2, Bepo),ivo 1958, o. I97: ,,ltouptatot werden byzantinischeHoggardisten ti.irkischerHerkunft gennantD,pi 'EAA4vmd zlapanopTril pd),rora otdv V. Laurent, 5 (1932) 143. 153.Francis ohnson,.n.,r.3, o. 1158y. 6 J 154.'O Benjamin Hendrickx, "Allagion, rzaousioset pr6tallagat6r dans le contexte Mor6ote: Quelques remarquesD,Reuue des Etudes Byzantines 50 (1992) 2I4, onpeu,rver:ole service du pr6tallagatdr (qui n'est donc pas identique aux allagat6res, qui n'ont pas de place dans la liste hi6rarchique) est uniquement de nature aulique, comme d'ailleurs celui de I'arcbonte de I'allagion (ou des allagial. Le pr\tallagat\r aide le grand primicier dans sa fonction d'ordonnateur du cortdge. Rien n'est dit ) propos d'un allagiorr escorte de I'empereur, et rien ne permer de conclure que Ie pr6tallagatdr en 6tait le commandant ou le lieutenant'. 155. Taxiarchis G. Kollias, Byzantinische Waffen,Brdvvl 1988, 6nou 6pcoq Div 6reuxprvi(etcrr 6tt fi ). xAtBavaprcg, ).crrtv. clibanarius = orpcrrrotriq noir gdpvet rbv Oorpaxcr noi-r dvopri(erac xAtBawov, 6iv 61er oaion pi tl ),. xpipavog, 6 - ei6oq go6pvou, d).).a:.the military term clibanarius has nothing to do with this word, it is borrowed from Middle Pers. gribdn "coat of mail" (from griua - pdna- "neck-protector", cf. hauberk "coat of mail", ultimately from Old High German halsberg "neck-cover"), see Rundgren Orientalia Suecana 6 (1957) 49 f.,. Oswald Szemer6nyi,Scripta inora,r.3,GreeL M Innsbuck 1987, o. 1592. Henrik Samuel Nyberg, A Manual of Pahlaui, Part II: Glossary, I07iesbaden1974, o. 85: ,griu neck; giri-bdn "collar",,, Trpp.Tl ),. "gurt1h a part of the warrior's armour, "*neck-protector". Skr renders the = serieszn u zrAh u gurt1hby saruasanndha- navozr),fa [.] following after zrd66 in the enumeration of a Zoroastrian warrior's armour, is rendered in Pahlavi by grtu-pdn "neck-prorector" with the gl. hdn i hac tarak apdc 6 zr bast stAt "that which is attached to the helmet at the back of the armour",' ol n),r1pogop(eqeival no).6trpreg xai Divouv pr,d &),ir1 Ecdoraorl oi Eva 0dprcx ro 6noio gavta\et appxd e0e(1yrpo. 6. S t a m.C. C a r a t z a s6. n. , o o. 0 - 6. ,

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&zcbtbv Thesaurust6z,,trded,povi, n,1.1Custodia,vel Statio va).aptBdvercrr Ai militaris ad custodiam Palatii.Anon. Ms. De castrametatione: rcapapovai r6v otpaaarCtv xai t6v d,py6vrav. StephanusComment. in Aristot. Rhet. Ms.: Tupavvi\oE 6t #Aog EuAaxq, iiyouv a[ Aeyopevd,t7rd,papovat", ivCo otil tratrvrxilt6l i1),,.statio : a standing, a standing still; a station:,post, adobe, residence;in military language:a post, station (v. custodia, vigilia); like our post, watch, guard, for those who are stationed to watch, who stand guard, sentries, sentinels, outposts-pickets;statione militum assumpta i.e. body-guard, life-guard, xai tb nt0av6tepo eivar 6tr 11)t. rcapapovf, h : gpoupd, v& elvar percrgpcrotrxb Edveto &nb tb Latrvrxb statio. 'H ),. npodpXetat dnb td dpaBLxdt64 6^:z,ii iipna, iQne, n).40. iiban, iipana: militum agmen sufficiensad tenendum oppidum et principi conservandum; a bodyt0s of men sufficing for the quarding, controlling, or firm holding, of a province, or city (: Ddvaprl &v8p6v yr& tilv npooraoia,, E).eyXo,4 ioXupil xanoAil, tr"o.pyio.q i1 n6lr1g); a troop of horsemen keeping force post in a country or town; a commander or commandant; garnisonl66, jette dans une place forte, ou d6tachementde cavaliersqui suffisantequ'on oi occupe un pays, une ville (: gpoupo-, trcapxilg D6vap4 nor) p|ru:'eruu iolupil rozro0eolo, t d.n6onoopa &nb Lrcreiq notr xata].appdver. pud (: gpoup6q); Xarpa, pnd n6),r1),Gardesoldat16T otpatr6trlg tfrg <ppoupaq, q0tb &nb tb Stadtkommandant,Polizeiprifect, Ausseher(: gpoup6g), xai rceporxb168 a;r,l. ia[tna = a viceroy; head of the police. cirg: r(e-x, To dpaBmb ii-[t, it(t rpaoe otil preoarovrxil 6].trr1vrxi1 - espdcede s i rb d l, zarbftl r (a-x, rcpB. t d & oaB r x b r6 e.l to t t J to J *
"rdeapovi, f, rb napapdver,v [.] ll napa Bu(., ora0p6g, gpoupri' 60ev rcapapovaprcq, o, 6 g 6 ) , a ( , g p o u p 6 g , c u s t o s D ,i v c o 6 A. A 1 p r p p c i x o g , 6. n. , r. 7 , o. , o 4 p e t o v e t y t & r d l 8 u o Odpa: "(4) pov. gutraxrl, gpoupti t.1 ll 0fr. gu),axi1 npdg xat6nrsuor, ivd8pav t6v i10pti.rv". 162. Thesaurus GraecaeLinguae, t. 6, o. 334. 'O[g6p8r1, 163. Ch. T. Lewis - Ch. Short,A l-atin Dictionary, 1879, dvat. 1966, o. 175L. A. Ernout - A. Meillet , Dictionnaire 1tymologique de la langue latine, I*Iap[or 1967, o. 652. Du Cange, Glossarium mediae et infimae latinitatis,r. T, oo.585-586. 164. Georg \?ilhelm Freytag, 6.n., r. 2, o. 400a. 165. Ed. W. Lane,6.n., r. 4, o. l5l4p. 166. A. de BibesteinKazimirski, 6.r., t. 1, oo. 1199p-I200a. und deutschenSpracbe,r. 1-3, 167. Adolf \flahrmund, Hrindworterbuch der neu-arabischen Brdwl 1876, dvar. 1974,o.965a. 8. F r a n c i sJ o h n s o n ,6. n. , t. 3 , o. 2 y. ' H ) ,. 6 i v n p d n e r v d o u y l d e t a t p r i t b i n i o r l _ < neporxd a^Q-* iahdna: royal, to 6noio itupo),oyeitar tb peoarovlxd i).).4vrxo oaXvaq T i t e l e i n e st t i r k i s c h e nE m i r s. G y u l a M o r a v c s i k , 6. n. , r. 2 , o. 1. B. H e m m e r d i n g e r ," 8 n o n r s communs grecs d'origin iranienne, d'Eschyle au grec moderne', Byzantinoslauica30 (1969) 31. ( F r a n c i s o h n s o n , t. n. ,t. 2 , o. I a. J 'Apyelov lT6vtou 37 169. K. Kcrpanot6ooytrou, nAuoetupo).oy1teq zrovttaxig trd{etq",

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camels near the temple of Jupiter Ammon, as it still is in Egypt; chemically Ammonium Chloride NHa Cl, formerly called muriate of Ammonia; used in tinning iron, in pharmacy, and for the manufactureof Ammonium Allum for the dyer,,, xal 11npod).euor1trlq ),. Div eivar &no).6tc,r oo.gnq, yratl otil S peodtovtxil ).atr,vr,xi1taz &veupioxetar 11). dlg: ammoniacLtm, armoniacum, &nd 6nou EXoupre otilv d.pyo'io-ya).).lxi1t83ror)g t6zrou6: armoniac, dffimoniac, dnd tb appevwxdvts4: rcpoepx6prevo dnb tilv Appevia, pL iv8rdpeoo r6no appowax6v, pi &nor6).eopra vd undpxer I &vti),4Q4tas 911 i"oy6eta0tinpoodyTroyi, dIId orlpepcr DeX6praotedp06tepdr86 5tr: "The connection with Ammon, an Egyptian god identified by the Romans with Jupiter, developed becausesal ammoniac was brought from the region of Libya near the shrine of Ammon". 'O "AvO. fo(tjqttt praq n).rlpogopel: "(I) d,pptovtax6v,t6. &AaE dpprvmxdv &).ag xa0ap6v, 11 dpuxtdv Xpriorprov npdg 6Qonortav' (&).a6 to6 prayecproD,&orcpov, i) &Iag r1).raop6vov, dnb &).atopo6vr). (2) x6p1t ix I vap0rlxoer,8o6qtlvog gutoD iv Arp61 yrv6prevov.I-lap& fa).v. d,ppavwxbv 1upiapa ).ey6pevov' Aatrv. Gummi ammoniacum. (xo1tpi64 toupxpap. Noavt[pr' tb 6nolov y[vetar eig tilv Agprxilv dnb 8dv8pov tb 6rolov elvat od xa),dpu)'Aoxp. E'. 126. xo'\f'. 98. ".6rdv dppawax6v.xaito\ro 6rc6g eou vap9nxoE yevvapdvou iv rit xard, Kup7v4v AtB6n"", xai 11). yroavr(pq rd : dprpr<ovraxbv &).ag, npodpletar dnb td toupxorceporxdrss ntgadr - &Ictg dprpovlax6v, d).),e n I. r(arcapuov zcapouom\et 1JL;r; Duoxo).[egorilv irupo],6ylorl ryjg. Itil poupavrxilrse d.tro.vrA t I. lipirig: ammoniaco, rcotr tilv tstu182. Mittel lateinischesWorterbuch bis zum ausgehenden1j. Jahrhundert, inrpt. Otto Prinz t J o h a n n e sS c h n e i d e r ,. 1 , M 6 v a y o , o. 1. 183. Walther v. Wartburg, Franzosisches etymologischesWorterbuch,t. 1, B6vv1 1928, o. 89: "Fr. ammoniac, gelerten ursprungs, seit dem l5 jh. belegt. Die neben form armoniac ist schon im 14. th. und lebt heute noch im centr.D' fid.p1o.toya),),rxi1),. armoniac dveupioxetar xaiotil peoaLcovrxiixunpraxil oq: d.ppovtax, t6,i6ta onltr;oio- (EAMEA| 1, 191). I84. LSJe,o.243'otii ptetayevdoteprl 6),).rivr,xii ). drcavr& oi no).),d lopicr, td 6noza 11 anartoDv i8raireprl npooopl ld tilv dxpcpil orlpaoia r1q. 185. Ernest Kllein, 6.r., o.30, pi TrcrpanopTril otb Epyo: Pauly-rJflissosa, Real-Encyklopcidie der klassischen Aherumwissenschaft, 1, o. 1861. t. 186. The Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology, inrp. Robert K. Barnhart, Nda Y6pxq 1988, o.

po).oyrxl6 xai or1 paoro).oyrxi g ncrparl prl oe rq.
TrepoLxb2tt if,tniz, iwewniz: sesamun;melanthium (: Nigella), npg. F*;-l;. xai tb E4p<,r8eg toupxtxbztz: coccem fc : dLl : Nuy6trtro tl Dapraox4vil (Nigella damascena),xorv6rs pdupoxorjxq xai yr& tb orlpaoco),oyrxb pdpo6 ?rpp. td veoeL).4vrxd ouvcovupro.i paupooohoapo, pa1po oouoapt. 4J "r(eEiE, atpav vuxrepi\oE, Sanguis noctuae,in Lexico MS. ex Cod. Reg. 1843", rd aipav t4q vuxrep(6oE","t(tgtE, xai o0r xai ohd,r, 6 lott d atpa rfiE "r(4EiE (DucGr 1565, 1567, vuxrep(6oE.ItaGlossae noctuae>> Saracenicae MSS. Sanguis


I. o\r xai ohdr noU Eivetar 69 pprlveupa otil )r. rQcpiE Eiv elvc(r, rirore &),).o napd td dpcrBrxb2ls tt_*_t watwdt: the bat (: vuXtepiEa), iv)t. r(eg1E, rCnqiE, rQgiE &rcote).ei ).a0eptdv4 drc6Doo4 otilv 6).).4vrxl to6 dpaBtxoSzta Ci Lo- luffAi _ vespertilio; the bat; a certain flying thing; that flies by night: so called becauseit can scarcelyseeby day: or becauseof the smallnessof its eyes and the weaknessof its sight, 6nou 6 oovraxtrlg too y).oooapiou ouyx6er td dpaBrxb rit C fuJ 1G e. ldZ), 6ncog btret dvo,gepOeixo,i no,poncrvco. 44 "{4p4r, rb Aou)d,xw, LexicoMS. ex Cod. Reg.1843" (DucGr 1568). in 'H L. rcpodpXetar dnb tb toupxtxb2rs J* $* giuid(i) - lvErx6v, x. ),ouAaxt' indigo; also, the indigo plant, Indigoferitinctoria; and perhaps, woad, lsatis tinctoria, rb 6noio dvayerar otd dplaro roupxrxb2r6 gilwit : some kind of dye-stuff prob. mineral, perhaps a coloured earth; [.] Know that gilwit is a generic name (ism cami') for all these dyestuffs (al-alwdn), it is differentiated by mentioning the individual colour with it. 45 "r(nxapia, n ioti piArcrv, in GlossisJatricisGraecobarb. MSS. ex Cod. Reg. 1047" (DucGr 1569r. 'H ),. e7var zrr,Oavbv &noEiEer tb &paBuxb2tTJ^.7. diapl, xai xupicoq vd tbv n).40. JLo dZibAI: apum : apum rex, the queeen-bee, yrati eivar yvc,rotb 6tr dpxerig ). tilg dpapmfiq Eyouv repdoet oi &).).egy).6ooeg, &nb tbv nLrl0uvtrxb, npB. rn l. gouxapd,E, 6, d.nd tb toupxrxb2rs t-;.aa 'H
2lI. Franz Meninski, 6.r., o. 2671.Francis 5.2t., 2, o. 770p. t. Johnson, 2L2.Tiirkiye'deHalk A{andan Derleme SdzliiEii, 3, "Ayxupa 1968, o. 1005. lngeborg t. Hauenschild, Tilrksprachige Volksnamen Krriuter und Stauden,mit den deutsche, englischen filr und russischen Bezeichnungen, Wiesbaden 1989, o. 115, trilppa 784. 213. Ed. W. Lane, 6.rc., 8, o. 2948a. r. 214. FranzMeninski,6.r., o. l9I7.Ed. W. Lane,6.2r., 2, o. 772a. r. 215.l. Xtrop6g, 6.n.,t. L, o. 670a.J. 'W.Redhouse, o. 748p. 6.n., 216. Gerard Clauson,An EtymologicalDictionary of Pre-Thirteenth-Century Turkish, 'O[96p61 1972,o. 395. 2I7. Franz Meninski, 6.n.,o. 1585. 6.rc., 1, o. 419a. t. Francis Johnson, 218. I. X).op6q,6.n., r. 2, o. l2l3u,I2l4rl*
po),oyrxi6 xai o4 paoro).oyrxig napct4prl o eL<.
= fukara : Trroxoi, nvrpeg, n).40. to6 &paBr,xo6.;*aa faktr zrroX6g, nttn;, &D6vatog. v1g, encr



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