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f o c u s



Not just for


ulti-purpose, multi-functional, multiformat.We see and hear these terms applied to almost all electronic devices these days. It seems that nothing is good enough unless it can do at least seven additional functions over and above said components core function. Dont get me wrong: I have nothing against a cell phone that can be used as a camera, camcorder, PDA, games console or wireless Internet access device. I just think that sometimes designers forget that apart from those functions already mentioned, a phone has to be easy and comfortable to use as a phone. Like I said, as long as a product proves to be good at its core function, all the other features can be considered a bonus. Fortunately for LG, their L173SA LCD monitor reviewed here happens to be a rather good monitor, and the fact that it can accept audio and video inputs from almost any device simply adds to its functionality. Briefly, the L173SA is a 17-inch diagonal LCD monitor that incorporates speakers and an array of inputs into a rather attractive and slim package. Instead of boring you to death by going into great depth in describing the spacing of the mesh on the speaker grilles, Id rather use the space to tell you what you dont see in the image on this page. You dont see that there is a slide-up cover on the rear of the monitor.This slides up so that you can gain access to the rear inputs.These include power, PC in (both audio and video), component video, S-Video, audio, and DVI. Once these cables are connected, one slides the cover down and clips on another supplied panel and all cabling is all but invisible.This helps ensure that your desktop - or tabletop if youre using the LG as a TV monitor - looks as clear and clutter free as possible. LG has recognised that consumers may also want to on occasion attach other devices to their monitor, and that they probably wouldnt want to remove the covers that hide the connected cables. For such an occasion, the LG is equipped with an additional set of inputs, located behind the left hand side speaker.These include A/V inputs, S-Video, and connectors for headphones and microphone. For my review of the monitor, I connected it to my PC via D-Sub cable, and hooked the audio out from my soundcard to the PC audio in. A little later during my review, I connected a DVD player to the monitor with component cables for video and stereo audio. A U D I O

p e a k s

VERDICT The LG L173SA proved to be a superb multi-functional device. It delivered good image quality, good sound quality, took up minimal space and looked good too. PRICE..RSUPPLIED BY LG Electronics SA 011-571-6700


PC resolution was fixed at 1024 x 768 pixels. This matched the maximum resolution obtainable (with a quick refresh rate) from my video card, and the resolution of the monitor. Apart from taking up far less space than my monitor and computer speakers, the LG also showed that it was more than a slim and pretty face. It for example proved to be a superb PC monitor, and one that was more than capable of displaying text and images with clarity, depth and fine definition. As with most LCD monitors that one sits so close to, it did exhibit some loss of light output as I moved away from a position directly in front of it.This, as is the case with technology, was not as noticeable as with older generation LCD monitors.
When watching DVDs on the LG, it again delivered a solid performance. As soon as I switched the component video out from the DVD from interlaced to progressive - the LG didnt like the interlaced input I witnessed video quality that proved to be good to look at. I could for example when seated at my desk, see stubble on Shreks chin and hair on his back. There were some rough edges to moving images, and once again, when seated within an arms length of the monitor, I could detect a slight haziness to some fast moving images. As soon as I moved to a distance more akin to that typically used when watching TV, those artefacts mentioned were all but invisible. Other notable image quality aspects that I enjoyed from close up or far away, were the good depth to images, the shadow detail, and the natural colours. On the audio front, the LG also delivered the goods. Admittedly one could never call the audio pure Hi-Fi, but it was good for a monitor, and separation and stereo imaging was more than acceptable. Overall, the LG showed that it was more than an able monitor. Add to that the fact that its additional features were accessible and added - rather than detracted - to its capabilities, and you have a more than good device. On the down side, I found that the chrome base sometimes reflected light onto the screen, and as I didnt have the retail price at the time of writing this review, I cant comment on overall value.


f e a t u r e


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RRRRRRRR326 (1m) RReach Reach Ra pair Ra pair Ra pair RRRRRRRRRRRRRR223 +-RRRRRR895 RNot supplied. RRRR32 575/RRRR(2.4 m pair) RR1525 Cover Feature R720 R760 R360 R280 RR135 (1m) RFrom R920 (1m) RR485(0.6m stereo pair) R(1m) RRR8975 RRRRRRRRRR7 990



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