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lhazel 1:13pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
Love my prada had it for over a year now its simple & easy to use & ive had none of the probs people have reported but i bought mine unlocked through ...
hermes360 7:31pm on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 
Bottom line is this is a nice phone for someone who uses a phone for not much more than to make calls while also making a fashion statement.
funkyfinger 5:39am on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 
This is a great phone, I did not buy it just because of the Prada logo but everything + the features on the phone is just fantastic.
pita 12:45am on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
i have had the phone for 3 weeks now. i love the design, but i have to say that i spent $399 on crap. does anyone have the unlock code for it??? its locked to the GRL network
kiwimunzy 12:43pm on Saturday, April 17th, 2010 
With good design conception and LG PRADA KE850 noble design together, black fuselage advocate silver bulky frame let KE850 PRADA LG is very elegant.
Junkit 10:44am on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
oke 09181311108 9808317292617 I bought this phone about 6 months ago when it was only being sold in Europe which was my stupid idea.
Jetlag 9:41am on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 
LG has out done any other company with their new product the Prada. Combining Wi-Fi connectivity, cell phone and MP3 the Prada will fly off the racks.

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LG STS ROUND CAVITY MICROWAVE Replacing: MS-324DL Available: JUNE 2006


34L Capacity 1100W Stainless Steel Finish Round Cavity - Easy to Clean 41 Aussie Menus Sensor Cook + Sensor Reheat Auto Cook + Auto Reheat + Auto Defrost Quick Defrost More/Less Adjustable Timer
* Actual product may differ slightly to that depicted for ongoing product development
Capacity Output Power Finish Turntable

Diameter Type

34L 1100W Max Stainless Steel 360mm Recessed Push Button Sensor Cook 15 Menus Jacket potato, Mashed potato, Fresh vegetable, Frozen vegetable, Fresh soup Rice / Pasta (6 menus) White rice, Porridge, Dry pasta, Fresh pasta, Frozen pasta, Instant noodle Cake, Brownies, Pudding, Stewed Fruit Desserts (4 menus) 6 Menus Sensor Reheat Dinner plate, Rice, Soup, Casserole, Risotto, Pizza 8 Menus Auto Cook Corned beef, Seasoned meat, Roast lamb, Roast chicken, Chicken pieces, Fish fillets Bacon, Casserole. Auto Reheat 4 Menus Pie, Beverage, Frozen muffin, Fresh muffin Auto Defrost 7 Menus Minced meat, Steak/Chops, Roast lamb Roast Beef, Whole chicken, Chicken pieces, Sliced bread Quick Defrost 1 Menu Minced meat Dimensions 556 Width (mm) 435 Depth (mm) 318 Height (mm) 17kg Weight (kg) 2 Years + 3 Years* Warranty 8801031596447 EAN CODE

Vegetables (5 menus)

Door Type Display
2-Line VFD Clock Time Remaining
Quick Defrost More/Less Adjustable Timer
* 2 years parts and labour + 3 years on magnetron part only excluding labour
SHOP/SALESMAN: TEL/Mobile: FAX: e-mail:
LG Electronics Australia 2 Wonderland Drive Eastern Creek NSW 2766 Tel: 02-8805-4000 Fax: 02-8805-4001



BH-104 CW-29M064N WFH1176F DC24SC ECM-T6 KP-53S4U 7055 EV4 Teac P-11 Ross-tech Vcds TX-P50c10Y RDR-HX727 WLI3-TX1-g54 E-trac Wt R50 Gigaset C340 940NW RX-206BK KX-TSC11W F2 0 LCR 2000 V6 0 EMX512SC Ue40c7000WP D-160 V2 TS300-E3 Ps4 HR1840 MC145 BM90E RW-12D KX-TG6312 SD-HX500 Dino-mite P-4040 Photoshop 16-133 RM-V402LIV AEG-electrolux T520 SLV-SE830B YP-S3jawy Pc PAL VR201 4088-6 KG BM 3982 EW814F VGN-TX3xp-B SLV-SE700 TDA-7568R C-3020 Zoom Commencer MP-9485SA R520M VR656 Viewsonic E70F EWD2204 CS-5530 Asus W5FM LA 3740 U5-232 L1752S PV-DV201D 2400 06 TSI 300 N610C CD4402S CU-E9ekeb PT-LB75VE Mc2408M 42655 Delonghi BAR4 DCR-PC120 X-140 SH-L2AM Gsxf 750 PV-GS15 Wesy96350 20F410T VK266 939A8X-M NV-HS800B NP-X60 CF-5100 Review SD940 IS ER-A670 GX-1001 UT32-HV700A WTA 27 KX-F750 SGH-J150 CMT-HX3 AR-M160 CT-5631 PKS 40 Recorder Bahamas MP46 E4716 IP-432 N412I PN42C450b1D PC1500 Compact 350


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