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abc_plus 5:24am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
Wealth of Features, Built Like a Tank, Screaming Fast Horrifically Flawed Software Fast, Quiet; integrated USB and FireWire 400 hub, RUGGED, BE I DID NOT LIKE THE INCLUDED BACKUP SOFTWARE AT ALL. (USE "SU
Luis 8:09am on Friday, September 17th, 2010 
The bold colors really make your labels stick out and the variety allows for visibility and easier organizing. Easy To Read Print,Good Colors. Great for marking disks. Easy To Read Print,Glides Smoothly,Good Colors,Ink Applies Evenly,Ink Dries Quickly,Long Lasting Ink
Bluntman 9:53pm on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
The zip drive is more flexible then burning files to a CD ( it is not permanent ). The Iomega Zip drive product is one we have used for many years.
Sottong 8:18pm on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
The zip format is very convenient. I have been using them for years. I used to mail the 100mb disks overseas in just an envelope without a problem.
Rupit99 10:44pm on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 
I am a mobile DJ and I purchased this because many of my gigs are set in a dark atmosphere. This product works perfectly.
ehvbs 2:57am on Tuesday, May 11th, 2010 
Overall a nice product. Two formats I regularly use on my computer and like to see on the screenplay are MKV and RMVB. I did my research around and until now iomega has this media player that competes with WD player. Need some space to upload my videos I got on a lot of different video cams (old and new).
noxx 6:25pm on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 
Nice, metal case. Works well. Worth every cent spent None thank go d I had my old adaptec snap server (that this new iomega was purposed to replace) still untouched with all the data.
nomaand 5:22pm on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 
highly recommend this product easy install, small footprint, good looking product none so far My husband LOVED this gift! Giant storage capability - you can back up the Universe on this thing! Very good service Excelente response time none
devitt 4:58am on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
I was intending to buy a network storage that offers content sharing with advanced security. I cannot use the encryption feature to transfer my classified files on the corporate intranet network.
zenzero 11:19pm on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
It is going quiet well. I am a kind of user who let me laptop run almost 20 hours a day. Easy To Install,Highly Compatible,Quiet,Reliable Works fine Easy To Install

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P/NO : MFL31520605

February, 2007 Printed in Korea



Safety instructions

PAGE 3~5




Major Specifications of each Model
Operations/Functions Manual

PAGE 8~16

PAGE 17~24
Main Components Disassemble/Assemble and Repair Instruction Electric diagram


PAGE 26~30
Troubleshooting and inspection direction

PAGE 31~33

PCB Circuit Diagram/Parts Layout

PAGE 34~36

Exploed View/ Svc Components inventory
For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or death.

Warning / Caution

Warning :
This symbol will alert you to hazards or unsafe practices which could cause bodily injury or property damage.
Caution : This symbol will alert you to the possibility of improper use that may result in damage.
Read instructions to avoid damage or injury.


When Installation
If the power cord becomes worn or damaged, the cord should only be replaced by a qualified service technician using genuine replacement parts. Do not plug other appliances into the same outlet. Overloading of any outlet can cause a fire or create an electrical shock hazard. Do not remove the round grounding prong from the plug. Do not operate this or any electrical appliance when you smell gas. Do not operate with wet hands or in a damp environment. Do not disassemble or modify the air purifier or the power cord. Do not use this or any appliance near flammable gases or liquids or other combustibles, such as gasoline, benzene, thinner, etc. If you hear abnormal sounds or smell smoke, immediately unplug your Air Purifier and have the unit checked by a qualified technician. Make sure the Air Purifier and cord is positioned where it does not create a tripping hazard. Do not roll heavy furniture over the top of the cord. Do not use near open flames. Keep this product out of the direct rays of the sun or other heat sources. Do not use the unit near water sources that could allow moisture to enter the unit. Overheating and/or water infiltration could lead to a fire or shock hazard and could result in failure of the product.


Make sure the power cord is plugged firmly and completely into the outlet. Do not operate with wet hands. If the power cord ever becomes frayed or damaged, do not attempt to repair. The cord should be replaced by a qualified technician. Never pull the power plug away from outlet by pulling on the wire. Always grasp the cord by the receptacle end. Do not install a place where there are much industrial Oil dust or metallic dust. If may cause fire and failure of product. When the power code is damaged, it should be repaired by the qualified person to prevent any risk. It may cause electric shock, fire or failure of product. Never pour or allow water to run onto or into the unit; it could damage internal components and create a shock and fire hazard. Keep objects such as curtains away from the air openings in the unit. The openings must be free from obstruction for the unit to work efficiently. Do not run power cords under carpeting or other coverings which could fray the cord and expose the wires. Frayed cords are a shock and fire hazard. Do not place the power cord or Air Purifier near a heater, radiator, or other heat source. This air purifier is not designed for use by young children. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with or climb on the air purifier. Do not use your Air Purifier to remove hair spray and insecticides from a room. These chemicals not only clog the filters but could damage the unit. Secure the air purifier to prevent it from rolling on smooth floors. When moving the product, insure that the power cord is unplugged from the wall. Do not move the air purifier by pulling or pushing on the front panel. Do not use the top of the unit for storage. Keep liquids away from the top of the unit. Other than cleaning and replacing the filters, there are no user replaceable components in your Air Purifier. Service of this unit should be referred to a qualified service technician. Do not apply pressure to the front panel of the air purifier. Keep hands and objects away from the air inlet and outlet. Do not clean the unit by submerging in water. Water in the unit will damage the insulation and create an electrical shock hazard. If water enters the unit, unplug immediately and contact Customer Service.


When using the unit, maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between the Air Purifier and any Television or audio product. Avoid installing the Air Purifier in direct sunlight and never operate the unit near or around open flames or other heat sources. Never use your Air Purifier to remove toxic gasses (such as Carbon Monoxide, Natural or Liquified Petroleum Gasses). Do not use your Air Purifier to remove food odors while cooking. Airborne oils that are released during cooking will plug the filters. Wait until cooking is completed before operating your Air Purifier. Install the unit on a stable, flat surface. Do not drop the unit. Maintain a minimum distance of 5 ft from any heat producing light source. For proper ventilation, maintain a distance of 6 inches or more from a wall. Do not use except AC 120V. It may cause fire or electrical shock. This unit is not designed to remove combustion by-products such as those produced by open flame burners. Toxic substances such as carbon monoxide should be ventilated from the room by either using an exhaust fan or by opening a window. Your air purifier is not designed to be used in moving vehicles such as cars, RV's or boats.
To prevent damage to plants or injury to pets, make sure they are not exposed to direct air flow from the air purifier. This unit is not intended to be used for the preservation of art objects or precision machinery. Clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Filter should be cleaned once a month. Do not start or stop operation by plugging in or unplugging the power cord. Always turn off and unplug the air purifier when it will not be used for extended periods of time. This conserves energy and reduces the chance of accidents. Clean filters on a regular basis. Improper filter maintenance can cause premature failure of the product. Turn off and unplug the unit before disassembling the unit for cleaning. A damaged filter can create an electrical hazard. If a humidifier is used in the same room as your Air Purifier, keep the humidifier a safe distance away from the Air Purifier. Moisture from the humidifier could clog the filters and create an electrical shock hazard. Do not use your Air Purifier to remove food odors while cooking. Airborne oils that are released during cooking will plug the filters. Wait until cooking is completed before operating your Air Purifier. Do not open the front panel during the operation of the product. Opening the front panel stops the operation. Keep batteries out of reach of children. After washing your filters, make sure they are completely dry before reinserting them into the Air Purifier. Do not run your Air Purifier with wet filters. Keep flammable products away from your Air Purifier. Failure to keep flammable products away from your purifier could lead to premature failure or create a fire hazard.


1-1. Negative ion
(1) What is a negative ion?
Atomic element in the air with negative electrons that releases a refreshing feeling. It can be found in a forest, waterfalls, thermal spring and etc. If the atom loses an electron, it turns into a positive ion. If the atom gains an electron, it turns into an negative ion.

Filters Introduction

(1) Pre-Filter
One filter performs antibiotic treatment, anti mold treatment, and dust removal, providing a purified air.
(2) Photo-Catalyst Plasma Filter
Photo-Catalyst Plasma Filter removes microscopic motes, odor, yellow-dusts, and allergy causing substance through a 3 stage process, plasma generation part, dust collecting part, and photo-catalyst filter
(2) The platinum three-dimensional antibacteria system.
99.9% highly purified platinum catalyst filter completely removes those factors which could cause the sickhouse syndrome such as VOCs, harmful chemical element and its smell.
(3) Anti-allergic Filter.
The anti-allergic filter could absorbs and decomposes the ingredients which causes the allergy, having the allergy preventive effect also removing the odor and anti-bacteria effect.
1-2. VOCs (Volatile organic compounds)

(1) What is VOCs?

Carcinogenic substances that cause allergies or respiratory ailments, such as a paint, adhesives, spray, construction materials, wax, carpet, and etc. Unlike the general perception that only cheap construction materials emit VOCs, high quality new constructions may also emit VOCs. It may stay remained in a closet or inside of furniture even after several years.

(4) Washable HEPA Filter

HEPA filter polluted by acarid deadbody, pollen, small dust and float mildew, animal bodyhair etc. can be washed.
(5) Washable Deodorization Filter
This filter was processed with activation treatment for stronger adsorption function (characteristic of charcoal). This deodorization filter has higher level of negative ion, minerals, far infrared lays generation ability than charcoal.
Major specifications on each model
Model name Power Supply Measurement(W H Application Space Weight Color Design Power usage Noise Wind speed(CMM) Negative ion Generation Inhale system Purifying system Major Filter System Filter composition Remote controller Sensor Display Display Information Operation Mode Function Selection Wind Speed D) 426mm PS-N550WPR 120V~60Hz 568mm 45m
12.0kg Red Easy design for convenient operation 55W(Turbo) Turbo(47dB) Turbo(6.4CMM) Generate 1million super negative ions side surface inhale system Three dimension filter system Pre-filter - Anti-allergic filter - Washable HEPA Filter Super Negative ion/ Sterilization Washable part - Replacement part Ez remote controller Digital 2 Sensor(dust, smell) Digital Wide LED display Dust, Smell, Purity level, Fan speed, Filter Checking, Function Selection, Operation Mode, Reservation time Speed, Automatic, Yellow Sandstorm, Sleeping Negative ion, Sterilization Turbo-Strong-Soft-Weak

Spare part Name

Safty Net: The inside of air outlet Filter case (Allergen filter + HEPA filter + deodorizing filter) Odor sensor Photo-Catalyst Plasma Filter Pre-filter

Dust Sensor

Front panel

Power Plug

Display and controller
Operation mode indicator Fan speed indicator Negative ion/ sterilization indicator

Operation indicator

Dust/Odor indicator
Reflects how well air is moving through the unit.

Purity level indicator

Level reflects how well the air purifier is cleaning the air.
Filter self-checking indicator
Check the filter when indicated by the light.

Time reservation display

Fan speed button Operation mode button Power On/Off button
ION button Remote controller receiver

Off timer button

Filter system (include the filter part only)

Filter name

Removes large particles Anti-bacteria function Anti- mildew function Plasma dust-absorb filter Plasma deodorant filter Pre-filter Plasma filter Photocatalyst filter


This filter has anti-bacteria, anti-mildew, and large particle filtering functions. In extreme filtering conditions, these filters may have to be cleaned or replaced more often. Filters large particles such as pollen, soot, and mildew. Absorbs odors and dust. Additional odor absorption and large particle filtering. Remove odor particles, VOCs, smoke smell, musty smell, decompose malodor ingredients and chemicals. Absorbs and eliminates allergens. Washable HEPA filter removes pollens, dirt particles, dust and mildew from the air. Eliminates food, pet and other odors. Removes alkaline, acid and organic compound odors. This filter uses jewelry grade platinum and should be disposed of properly when discarded.
Washing/Replacement cycle

Once a month

Photo-catalyst anti-bacteria filter Photo-catalyst deodorant filter Anti-allergic filter Washable HEPA filter Washable carbon Catalyst function Nano Platinum filter
6~12 months replacement cycle Every 6 months
Washable deodorization filter

Every 6 months

Allow the filter to dry completely before reinstalling. If not completely dried, it may cause the air purifier to malfunction or cause bad odors to be emitted during use. A replacement filter (Anti-Allergic Filter) can be purchased at an LG service center.

Remote Controller

Power On/Off
Turns the air purifier on and off Fan speed button Set Fan speed Off timer button Adjust the timer delay time
Switches the operation speed, auto mode, sand mode and sleep timer.

ION button

When turned on, the unit produces negative ions which can help sterilize the air.

Remote Control

Must be aimed at the remote control receiver window on the main unit.

Battery Installation

Press locking tab on the battery cover on the back of the remote and remove the cover.
Press only one button on the remote at one time.
Press only one button on the remote at one time. Pressing two or more buttons simultaneously will prevent the remote from working properly.
Insert new batteries into the battery compartment, being sure to note the proper polarity.
Do not drop or otherwise damage the remote.
Keep remote away from water.
Reattach the battery cover, making sure the locking tab clicks into place.
Keep remote away from heat sources or open flames.
Remove batteries when the air purifier is stored for extended periods of time. If controller fails to work after new batteries are installed, contact an LG service center for service.

Operation Mode

Air Purifying Operation Purify Indoor Air

Power ON/OFF

Turns the air purifier on and off. Press once to turn on, again to turn it off. A confirmation tone will sound to indicate that the unit is powering on or turning off. The unit will also produce a tone when the unit is first plugged in.
What is "Start-up Operation"
When first turned on, the unit will go through Start-up function which prepares the unit for operation. During this 2 minute period, the display will fluctuate to indicate that the unit is sensing the air quality in the room.
Speed mode User may manually adjust fan speed
Power ON/OFF MODE switches allows the user to select the various modes of operation including auto fan and sleep, sandstorm and self timer modes. Fan Speed
Adjusts the circulation fan speed between low, medium, high and turbo. The default speed is low. When the unit is shut off and restarted, the fan speed will default to the last fan speed used.
Automatic mode Air Purifier will automatically set the most appropriate Fan speed.
Power ON/OFF Automatic Mode
When in AUTO mode, the fan speed is automatically selected by the unit depending on pollution levels. Even in the AUTO mode, however, the user can still increase or decrease the fan speed by one level by depressing the fan speed button. The AUTO function only automates the fan speed. All other functions need to be set by the consumer.
Yellow Sandstorm Mode Purifies indoor air even in extreme conditions such as a sandstorm

Switch to sandstorm mode by pressing the mode button.
The correct fan speed will automatically be selected by the unit. The consumer can increase the fan speed to the next highest level by depressing the fan speed button. When in the sandstorm mode, the unit will automatically select the proper fan speed. All other functions must be manually selected by the consumer.
Sleeping Mode Provide quiet indoor atmosphere while sleeping
Power ON/OFF Press MODE button until the SLEEP light illuminates on the unit.
When in the SLEEP mode, the unit will automatically select low fan speed. The consumer can increase the fan speed to the next highest level by depressing the fan speed button.

Additional Function

Off timer mode function Automatically shuts down after a preset amount of time
Example:shut down automatically after 3 hours Power ON/OFF
Allows you to set a delay from 1 to 9 hours that will turn the air purifier off automatically.
When this mode is selected, the unit will automatically select 3 hours of run time. If more time is required, press the timer button again. Each time the button is depressed, the run time will increase by 1 hour. At the end of the selected time, the unit will automatically shut off.
Maximum reservation time is 9 hours Shut down automatically.
Automatically shut down 3 hours later.
Negative ion / sterilization function
In the Negative Ion mode, the unit generates and adds negative ions to the air stream. When in the sterilization mode, the negative ions will also remove bacteria from the air.
Power ON/OFF Press the function button to choose expected function.
Press button each time, switch according to negative ion - negative ion+sterilization - function abort - negative ion sequence.

Filter Checking Function

May remind users to clean or replace the filter after use for a certain period.
Filter self check light indicates to check filter. Power ON/OFF to shut the unit off. Open front panel to remove filter. Check filter, clean if necessary.
(see page 15 to clean filter). How often filter must be cleaned will depend on use and air conditions in the home.

Exterior Cleaning Method

Wipe the exterior of the air purifier with a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent.
Do not use harsh cleaners or very hot water. Do not wash in dishwasher.
Caution Never pour water onto the unit; it could damage internal components and
create a shock and fire hazard.

Dust sensor cleaning method
The dust sensor senses both small and large dust particles. The sensor needs to be wiped clean to maintain high performance. Open the front panel to access the the dust sensor cover.
Open the dust sensor cover.
Wipe the sensor lens of with a cotton swab.
After cleaning the lens, close the cover of the dust sensor in the reverse order.
Clean the sensor lens every 6 months. If the environment is very dusty, more frequent cleaning is recommended

Filter Cleaning

The prefilter should be cleaned on a monthly basis. Check the filter when the filter indicator light is on. Turn unit off and unplug before cleaning. Grasp the grips on the front panel, pull forward to open.
Remove the filter from the mainframe. Clean or replace.
Clean the pre-filter with a vacuum or soft brush.
Photo Catalyst Plasma Filter Cleaning Soak the filter in warm water with a mild detergent for 1 hour. Remove particles from the filter by shaking the water from the filter. Rinse the filter with warm water. Completely dry the filter before replacing the filter.
The ionization wire inside of the filter case is fragile. Please clean with care. Use a soft cloth when cleaning the photo catalyst plasma filter. The filter coating may peel resulting in reduced performance.
Separate filter case to remove the filter.
HEPA and Deodorizing washable filter. Soak in warm water for an hour. Rinse. NOTE: The anti allergic filter should NOT be washed. Washing this filter will reduce its efficiency.
Clean the washable HEPA filter and deodorization filter with warm water and rinse under running water. Dry filter in a well ventilated room until completely dry. Filter Type Pre-Filter Photo-Catalyst Plasma Filter Washable HEPA Filter Washable deodorization Filter Washing Cycle Once a month Every 6 months Every 6 months Clean Pre-Filter with vacuum or soft brush and mild detergent. Do not use water over 40 degrees Celcius (105 degrees F) Do not allow Anti Allergic filter to become wet.
Replace Anti Allergic filter every 6 to 12 months.
For your safety, turn off and unplug the air purifier before cleaning. Allow the filters to completely dry before using. Utilizing the unit before all the filters are completely dry may result in the creation of odors from the unit. Replace filter when unable to remove all dirt on the filter. Please do not rub the filter in your hands.


Remove plug from grounded outlet.
Clean and protect the air purifier's mainframe. Cover the air purifier when storing for an extended period of time.
Clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Exterior case may scratch easily
Major components Disassemble Assemble and Repair instruction Please read this before you disassemble
Please unplug the power before disassemble.
1. Most components are connected with bolts or mounted on the other parts. Please disassemble according to the instruction. 2. Please do not disassemble unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not disassemble any part that is not on the disassemble instruction.
Please unplug the power before disassemble
Replacing a fan, or a motor
1. Please remove 6 screws from the Case Back using a Screw Driver(+). Take Handle Cover and Back Cover off.
2. Unscrew bolts using a wrench. (Turn it counter clockwise.)
Major components Disassemble Assemble and Repair instruction
3. FAN is disassembled by holding and pulling fan.
4. Please remove 3 screws from the Motor Cover using a Screw Driver(+).
5. Remove the Motor Cover. Take out the Motor. Please be careful not to damage the Motor wire when removing the motor.
When replacing the display PCB and the touch key
1. Open the door assembly
2. Loosen the screws on the back of the display cover (3 positions) Disconnect one wire and 2 connectors When removing the display cover, disconnect a touch key connector
3. Loosen the screws on the front of the display cover (4 positions)
How to replace the tempered glass and the touch key
2. Loosen the screw (1 position) Open the cover and disconnect one wire and 2 connectors Remove the door assembly by pulling up.
3. Loosen the screws of the 8 positions on the door assembly. Remove the upper and lower deco covers.
4. Loosen the screws (3 positions). Remove the plate iron Remove the deco cover (Top)
5. Remove the side deco by pushing up. Remove the tempered glass (When removing, disconnect a connector) Be careful not to lose the magnet indicated in the figure.
6. After replacing the tempered glass and the touch key, assemble them in the reverse order of the disassembly

How to replace gas & dust sensor, HVB assembly, micro switch and cover terminal
1. After disassembling the door assembly, remove the filter. Loosen the screws of 6 positions When removing the front case assembly, disconnect the connectors on positions.
2. Remove the front case assembly. Replace the necessary parts.
HVB Assembly Smell sensor

Micro Switch Dust sensor

Cover Terminal
How to replace the guide filter, bracket, and magnet assembly
1. Loosen the screws of 6 positions on the front case assembly.
2. When removing the front cover, the guide filter is removed. When removing the screws of 2 positions on the front case, the bracket is removed.
3. Remove the magnet assembly using a driver. (Be careful not to damage the hook)
How to replace the power PCB
1. After disassembling the door assembly, remove the filter. Loosen the screws of 6 positions.
2. Loosen the screw (1 position) attached on the control PCB case using a screw driver. (Loosen the screws (2 positions) attached on the power PCB using a screw driver.) When disconnecting the connector, be careful not to damage the PCB.

Electric diagram

Please take a look at the panel arrangement and the circuit drawing.

Complete Malfunction

Is input AC voltage being supplied to both Power PCB ASM C01 terminals? YES
Make sure that power line is plugged in Check the fuse in Power PCB ASM FUSE.
Is DC voltage on both Power PCB ASM C09 terminals 12V?

Replace Power PCB ASM

YES Are DC PCB ASM and Power PCB ASM CONECTOR correctly connected? YES Is DC voltage on both C04 terminals of MAIN PCB ASM 5V? YES Check connections between Power PSB ASM and MAIN PCB ASM.


Does the Reset alarm occur when the power is turned on?
YES Check LED Display soldering

LED Display Malfunction

Are MAIN PCB ASM and Power PCB ASM CONECTOR correctly connected? YES NO

Check CN-ACDC connection

Is voltage on both C01 terminals of MAIN PCB ASM 12V?

Replace Power PCB ASM.

Dust & Odor LED Display blinking

Are MAIN PCB ASM and Dust Sensor & Gas Sensor CONECTOR correctly connected? YES
Check CN-GAS & CN-DUST connection.
Is the voltage of CN-GAS PIN 1.3/CN-DUST PIN 1.3 5V?


Fan Malfunction
FAN indicator on LED DISPLAY?
NO Check FILTER S/W contact
YES Is the voltage of POWER PCB CN-MOTOR PIN 1~4 310V? YES Is the POWER PCB ASM CN-MOTOR CONNECTOR plugged in properly? YES Is the CN-ACDC CONNECTOR of the POWER PCB ASM and MAIN PCB ASM connected properly? YES NO Check CN-MOTOR connection. (Check after power-off)


Check CN-ACDC connection.
Does the Operation shut off after 30 seconds of running?

YES Replace PCB ASM.

Negative Ion/Positive Ion generation malfunction
IS NPI(Negative ion/Positive ion) Selected?
Select Negative ion/Positive ion.
YES Are POWER PCB ASM and MAIN PCB CONECTOR correctly connected? YES Is the power of POWER PCB ASM CN-ACDC PIN2&8 (Negative Ion) and PIN2&9 (Positive Ion) AC220V? YES NO
Is the power of POWER PCB ASM CN-ASEI PIN1& 3 (Negative Ion) and PIN3&5 (Positive Ion) AC220V? YES
Are POWER PCB and NPI MODULE CONECTOR correctly connected? YES Replace NPI MODULE.
Check CN-NSEI connection.
Not able to set product function with a remote control.
Does an alarm occur when you operate the keys on the remote control? YES NO Check MAIN PCB ASM CN-REC connection NO Check batteries of remote controller.
Is the power of CN-REC 1&2 DC+5V?
Plasma dust collector malfunction
Is MICOM SWITCH connected properly?


YES Is the power of CN-HVB (CONNECTOR) PIN 1&3 12V? NO

Replace MAIN PCB.

YES Is High voltage on both terminals of HVB ASSY present? NO

Replace HVB ASSY.

YES Replace Plasma Filter ASSEMBLY.
PCB Circuit Diagram/Parts Layouts
DC PART Parts Layouts (Top View)
DC PART Parts Layouts (Bottom View)

R07 1K

R08 1K

R09 1K R10 10K

C10 103P IC06 KIA7805API R03 4.7K R02 1K R81 - 360, 1/2W C06 103P R82 - 360, 1/2W R83 - 360, 1/2W R84 - 360, 1/2W R85 - 360, 1/2W R86 - 430, 1/2W C09 103P R87 - 390, 1/2W R06 1K C07 103P C05 10uF 50V

L01 12uH R01 100

C01 330uF 25V

C02 104P

C03 104P

C04 330uF 10V

IC07 KIA7036P

R05 12K



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