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fredi-schmid 2:37pm on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
Easy to use I brought this just so I could copy my C drive for backup. USB hard drive This one appears to be reliable and robust. It has extra software for backups etc that you may find useful
PHS 11:35am on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
Excellent product Item arrived when expected and in perfect condition. Bought this particular hard drive as i needed something small and tough. BAD Theres a few things that i think is wrong today, it is not 500GB it is in fact 465GB there is 45 GIGS missing.
Lilu76 12:57pm on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 
This device was very easy to setup. I did format for NTFS for larger file transfers and I am not using the software that it came with.
lux 2:54pm on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 
I use this to keep my workout videos on and use it with the WD HD Media Player. works great and no problems with setup or startup everytime.
dragonfly 10:10pm on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
So far so good. I plan to take this travelling with me, so I hope it's as rugged as it promises. great product, this is the second one i've bought for another mac. installs in a snap w/ time machine and backup fast. No problems with it so far. I use it on my work computer, which is already slow. So it may not be the HDs fault that it backs up so slowly.
dillwead 7:16am on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
SORRY TIGER-MINE ARRIVED DOA. TRIED 3 COMPUTERS...ONLY THING THAT HAPPINS IS THE LIGHT COMES ON...WHOOPIE. STILL WAITING FOR RMA, 1 MONTH NOW. Worked exactly as desired...took exactly 10 minutes to get the drive installed in the case and to access the data on it. I highly recommend this...

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Suitable For:

OEM REF: 027832

PHILIPS AFL - AWB006, AWB010, AWB906, AWB912, AWG752; WHIRLPOOL AFL - AWG372, AWG376, AWL352, AWM807, AWM815, AWM875
DEFY AFL - DA455, DA504, DA505, DA508, DA656, 'DAW' SERIES (MK4), DEFY WASHER/DRYER - DW506

G130 A217


G138 A231

OEM REF: 011140
AEG AFL - 540, 560, BELLA, CLARA
INDESIT AFL - 090, 091, 092, 097, 099, 2092, 2093, 2094, 2095, 2097, W400 SERIES, W600 SERIES, WN461WO, WN657WF, WN663WO, WG521, WG623,

KM085 A238

OEM REF: 01405392
TO FIT INDESIT WASHER/DRYER - 2527, 2645, 525, 526
ARISTON AFL - AR410, AR444, AR616, LB150, LB410, LB412; HOOVER AFL - A2218, A2404, A2428U, A2460U; KELVINATOR AFL - A205, A206, A2005, A2006,


LG AFL - WD10130F, WD10160F, WD10165F, WD12150FB, WD80100, WD80130


OEM REF: 530000100
DAEWOO AFL - DX550, DX600, KIC - W600K, MERCURY - 518U, UNIVA - 550, HOOVER - HW600


FY2010 COUNTYWIDE RESURFACING ROADWAY IMPROVEMENT-LEHIGH ACRES # 23 Street 55TH ST SW 53RD ST SW BETH AVE S CONNIE AVE S 42ND ST SW 38TH ST SW 26TH ST SW 22ND ST SW 18TH ST SW 19TH ST SW 18TH ST SW 15TH ST SW 18TH ST SW HANK AVE S 20TH ST SW 22ND ST SW 32ND ST SW EARL AVE S ERIC AVE S DONALD AVE S 35TH ST SW 34TH ST SW 9TH ST W From Alabama Rd S Alabama Rd S 48th St SW 48th St SW Connie Ave S Connie Ave S Unice Ave S Ruth Ave S Yvonne Ave S Curtis Ave S Bruce Ave S Yvonne Ave S Curtis Ave S 19th St SW Floyd Ave S Floyd Ave S Eddie Ave S 32nd St SW 32nd St SW 32nd St SW Eric Ave S Eddie Ave S Joan Ave N To W-EOP W-EOP N-EOP N-EOP E-EOP E-EOP E-EOP W-EOP E-EOP Douglas Ave S E-EOP E-EOP E-EOP 15th St SW E-EOP E-EOP W-EOP N-EOP N-EOP N-EOP E-EOP W-EOP W-EOP D-2b 26 YVONNE AVE N 15TH ST W CARLTON AVE N 9th St W Colin Ave N Churchill Ave N S-EOP Denis Ave N Crawford Ave N 135 Lg 850 Wd 18 Tons 128
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PCN-4545 N68S Plus HS-655 NW-E016 HQ9190 FZ6-N-2005 Comfort SRU1060 Taan 2 SGH-T739 B815J MC 1033 Explorist 100 Motorrad Zumo Nokia 6170 Touch HD Telefunken T104 28 II CX-DP9061 Makita 6834 DK-A10 G-5000 LBP-1120 TX16W Casio 4732 SPA921 KX-TG2208 Mule 4010 CS-E9jkew VS4000 SC-VK81D KDC-W7544U AP-5131 ZCG5000S 650-PS 4000 W RT-29FB30RX AVR 5000 DSC-S700 3-300 Riva 450 XR-2750 S610C MX45-T-053-UK PCG-K23 A7V400-MX WA72145 AW2092F HR1851 RT-52SZ30RB VTH7090 MW149 Dvd-player E2550 DB166 NA148VA2 Wide Zoom Mate-MC AX-870 ML2010PR-SEE CA-R-pi 962 DP-2010E Urc-8800 32PFL9613D 8818 PC PNA 465 Globalnav II SF-4000 Bremen MP76 IS7-E2 320 Scsi CFD-G505 LSZ244M-4 KDC-V7521 Dvdr610 02 KDL-32P3600 RM-P41D MFC-5440CN CPI 1550 XL2270 10 8-LI Fostex D-80 ABC-VW24A Easyshare C300 Nokia 6234 LP820 Review LS-L1260CL NP-R780-js04ES Sans FIL DM2050 Video Game Software Presario 900 Star-2005 KX 250F PX-2076 FM200 Headset Automate 435 Cezai998


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