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moondrake 12:30am on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
I use this to keep my workout videos on and use it with the WD HD Media Player. works great and no problems with setup or startup everytime. Worked exactly as desired...took exactly 10 minutes to get the drive installed in the case and to access the data on it. I highly recommend this...
wickedpuppy 2:15am on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
please dont buy anything from transcend or relance time out ever. good looks, sleek model never worked out of the box !! resistente, durable liviano, compacto es perfecto simplemente
redsri 4:34am on Monday, September 27th, 2010 
So far so good. I plan to take this travelling with me, so I hope it's as rugged as it promises. No problems with it so far. I use it on my work computer, which is already slow. So it may not be the HDs fault that it backs up so slowly.
nymusicman 10:28am on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
great product, this is the second one i've bought for another mac. installs in a snap w/ time machine and backup fast. This device was very easy to setup. I did format for NTFS for larger file transfers and I am not using the software that it came with.
mili 12:18pm on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
I was advised by those in the know to purchase a Western Digital external hard drive but when I went into the shop.
tk422 8:51am on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
USB hard drive This one appears to be reliable and robust. It has extra software for backups etc that you may find useful
dennisonz 9:12pm on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 
Excellent product Item arrived when expected and in perfect condition. Bought this particular hard drive as i needed something small and tough.
chengkui 9:10am on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 
Easy to use I brought this just so I could copy my C drive for backup. BAD Theres a few things that i think is wrong today, it is not 500GB it is in fact 465GB there is 45 GIGS missing.
Graham 9:13am on Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 
haopengyou 8:51am on Thursday, April 8th, 2010 
For a person like me who works in the field sometimes, a portable hard drive is a very necessity.
Beata892 4:20pm on Saturday, March 27th, 2010 
Satisfied Cannot assess durability since I just bought the product recently but otherwise it seems to be working very well ( also cannot assess the an...

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National Local Government Workforce Development Forum 2324 March 2010
Common Room, University House, Cnr Balmain Crescent and Liversidge St, Australian National University, Acton, Canberra


To review and evaluate the impact of Federal Governments skills and workforce development initiatives on local government; To receive an update on the Federal Governments 2010 Local Government Draft Workforce Development Strategy; To present the National LG Workforce Development Steering Committees draft Blueprint for a Local Government Workforce New Decade and Beyond, and explore its implementation, including o LG National Employer brand; and o LG Indigenous Employment Program; To review changes and improvements to the education and training system and implications for the Local Government sector; To consider the impact of economic recovery on the sectors skills needs and skills supply; To review current attraction, retention, workforce participation and social inclusion initiatives and best practice as they relate to Local Government; and To facilitate increased collaboration and information sharing across the sector.
DAY ONE PROGRAM Tuesday 23 March 2010
12 noon Registration. Lunch and refreshments provided.
Acknowledgement to Country

5 mins

1.05 pm Welcome by Government Skills Australia (GSA) and Overview of GSA Activities and Direction Greg McLean, Assistant National Secretary, Australian Services Union and Government Skills Australia Director

15 mins

National LG Workforce Development Forum 2010


1.20 pm Overview of Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) Activities and Direction Melissa Gibbs, Acting DeputyDirector, ACELG 1.35pm Overview of 2009 Skills Forums and 2010 Forum Objectives and Focus John Ravlic, Chief Executive, Local Government Managers Australia Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government Program Partner Recap on previous national skills and workforce development forums and main events since then; and Review objectives and focus of 2010 forum.

10 mins 45 MINS

1.45 pm


Statistical overview and demographic analysis of current and future employment trends Include impact of economic recovery, acceleration of mining activity, and climate change initiatives on skills supply and skills needs. Ivan Neville, Branch Manager, Labour Market Skills Branch, DEEWR 25 mins Union representative to be confirmed 25 mins Facilitated forum discussion 15 mins 1 HR 05 MINS

2.50 pm

Afternoon tea and coffee
3.05 pm PROGRESS REPORTS PART 1 Workforce development issues currently being addressed by stakeholders


LG or LG related overview of Australian Government initiatives Sue Beitz, Head of Secretariat, Skills Australia Update on progress and overview of Australian Workforce Futures A National Workforce Development Strategy, and implications for sector 25 mins Nick Dudley, Branch Manager, Workforce Development, GSA GSA update, including workforce development role 25 mins Productivity Places Program facilitated forum discussion 20 mins Forum discussion on session 15 mins GSA/ACELG cofacilitated session 1 HR 25 MINS 4.30 pm

A facilitated open forum session will be conducted to explore LG positioning itself as a national employer. 1 HR
5.30 pm End of daytime sessions
Evening Events in the Great Hall, University House, ANU
7.30 pm Pre Dinner Drinks Dinner 8 pm
National LG Workforce Development Forum 21.3.2010
DAY TWO PROGRAM Wednesday 24 March 2010


Facilitated discussion based on key themes emerging from the activity reports provided by local government organizations in the lead up to the forum. 1 HR
9.30am NATIONAL WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK Review the progress of the Federal Governments 2010 Local Government Draft Workforce Development Strategy Mervyn Carter, LG Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government 20 mins Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Governments (ACELGs) and the LG Workforce Development Steering Committees draft Blueprint for a LG Workforce New Decade and Beyond Angela Zivkovic, Project Manager, LG Practice Unit, ACELG 15 mins Facilitated forum discussion 15 mins 50 MINS


Morning tea and coffee


Training and education focused reports from Government Skills Australia and Service Skills Australia Speakers: Alun Gallie, Government Skills Australia Alastair Wilson, Service Skills Australia Changes to training packages and implications for the sector, including Greening of training packages, including Green Skills Agreement Greater flexibility in revised versions of training packages Continuous improvement of the LG Training Package Other ISC matters of interest to Local Government 45 mins Graduates, apprenticeships and traineeships Session to cover graduates, the importance of maintaining apprenticeships and traineeships in good times and bad, and the benefits of Group Employment and Training Enterprises (GETEs) Facilitated forum discussion 25 mins 1 HR 10 MINS


Intro by ACELG representative on ACELGs role: to identify, record, promote and encourage replication of innovation and best practice in the LG sector. 10 mins Kathy Kelly, Manager Training Services, LGAQ Strategies for retention of mature age workers in LG 25 mins Roger Stephan, CEO, Hunter Councils Resource sharing: implications, benefits and impact on LG workforce development 25 mins Facilitated forum discussion 15 mins 1 HR 15 MINS

1pm 1.30pm

30 mins


Speaker: Linda White, Australian Social Inclusion Board Presentation to include review of Social Inclusion in Australia: How Australia is faring, importance of LG in job creation, and an update on LG related initiatives 30 mins Q&A and forum discussion 15 mins 45 MINS
2.15pm WORKFORCE PARTICIPATION Focus on women and Indigenous sections of the population. Women in LG Facilitated forum discussion on national Year of Women in LG (YoWiLG) activities. Benefits and measures of success. 15 mins Afternoon tea and coffee (working) Indigenous Employment in LG Session will explore LGs potential role in becoming a placebased employer that attracts and retains Indigenous employees. Short presentations will be followed by additional commentary from key stakeholders, and open forum discussion. Speakers and panelists to include: Angela Zivkovic, ACELG, on draft LG Indigenous Employment Program Green Paper Kerrie Nelson, Advisor Government, Reconciliation Australia Danny Lester, CEO, Aboriginal Employment Strategy Brenda Love, Director Strategic Policy, Indigenous Economic Strategy Group, and Madonna Tomes, Director Employment and Participation Policy, Indigenous Economic Strategy Group, DEEWR Discussion to cover remote, regional and metropolitan perspectives on the issues Presentations, commentary and facilitated forum discussion 2 hrs 15 mins 2 HRS 30 MINS 4.45pm
WRAP UP Forum review and conclusions
Neil Hartley, President, National LG WD Steering Committee 15 MINS Forum ends

4 21.3.2010



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