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ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliance Product List Updates May 2006 The appliance models listed in this document were either added to the qualified product list, deactivated from the qualified product list, or had their product specifications changed in the month of May. Deactivated products will remain on the qualified list in red for a year. If you have questions concerning this list, please contact David Ryan ( or Josh Butzbaugh ( at 301-588-9387. ENERGY STAR Qualified Clothes Washers New: Ariston AW129 Ariston AW149 Ariston AWD129 General Electric WZRE5260F Haier HLT364XXQ Haier XQS100-0677 Kenmore 4751*60+ Kenmore 4753*60+ Kenmore 4754*60+ Whirlpool WFW8500S*+ Whirlpool WTW6200*+ Whirlpool WTW6300*+ Whirlpool WTW6400S*+ Whirlpool WTW6600S*+ Changed: Bosch WFMC640SUC (MEF changed from 2.2 to 2.43; WF changed from 4.5 to 4.06; kWh/yr changed from 178 to 176) Siemens WFXD840AUC (MEF changed from 2.2 to 2.43; WF changed from 4.5 to 4.06; kWh/yr changed from 178 to 176) ENERGY STAR Qualified Refrigerators New: Amana ABL1922FE* Amana ABL2222FE* Amana ABL2522FE* Amana ABR1922FE* Amana ABR2222FE* Amana ABR2522FE* Bosch B20CS50SNB Bosch B20CS50SNI Bosch B20CS50SNS
ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliance Product List Updates May 2006 Page 1
Bosch B20CS50SNW Bosch B20CS80SNB Bosch B20CS80SNS Bosch B20CS80SNW General Electric DSF25MGS General Electric DSS25MSS General Electric GSH25IFT General Electric GSL22JFT General Electric GSS25MSS General Electric PSF26PGT Kenmore 4402*60* Kenmore 4403*60* Kenmore 5726*70* Kenmore 5727*70* Kenmore 5744*70* Kenmore 5745*70* Kenmore 5770*70* Kenmore 5771*70* Kenmore 5778*70* Kenmore 5779*70* Kenmore 5796*70* Kenmore 5797*70* Kitchen Aid KDDA27T**1* Kitchen Aid KDDO27T**1* Kitchen Aid KSCS23FS**0* Kitchen Aid KSCS25FS**0* Kitchen Aid KSRS25CS**0* Maytag MFI2067AE* U-Line 1175R Whirlpool ED2PBE*T*0* Whirlpool ET1FTE*S*0* Whirlpool ET8FTE*S*0* Whirlpool GD5NVA*S*0* Whirlpool GS6NVE*S*0* Changed: Danby DUF1596WE (defrost type changed from automatic to manual; volume changed from 16 to 15.8; kWh/yr changed from 582 to 409) Maytag MBF2255KE* (kWh/yr changed from 488 to 459) Maytag MBL2255KE* (kWh/yr changed from 488 to 459) Maytag MBR2255KE* (kWh/yr changed from 488 to 459) ENERGY STAR Qualified Dishwashers New: Bosch SHE58C02UC Bosch SHE58C05UC
ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliance Product List Updates May 2006 Page 2
Bosch SHE58C06UC Electrolux EDW5000DSS Electrolux MDW24S Changed: Fisher & Paykel DD124 (EF changed from 1.52 to 1.22; kWh/yr changed from 143 to 189) Fisher & Paykel DD224 (EF changed from 0.67 to 0.645; kWh/yr changed from 323 to 357) Fisher & Paykel DD603 (EF changed from 0.72 to 0.645; kWh/yr changed from 323 to 357) Fisher & Paykel DS603 (EF changed from 1.50 to 1.22; kWh/yr changed from 143 to 189) General Electric ZBD6905GSS (EF changed from.54 to.59; kWh/yr changed from 409 to 364) KitchenAid KUDD01D (EF changed from 0.72 to 0.645; kWh/yr changed from 323 to 357) ENERGY STAR Qualified Room Air Conditioners New: Amana AH093A35MA Amana PBC092A00MA Amana PBC093A00MA Amana PBC122A00MA Amana PBC123A00MA Amana PBH092A12MA Amana PBH093A35MA Friedrich CP05C10 Friedrich CP06C10 Friedrich CP06C10 Friedrich CP08C10 Friedrich CP10C10 Friedrich CP12C10 Friedrich SM18L30A Friedrich SM24L30 Friedrich WY10B33A Friedrich YL24L35 Friedrich YS09L10 General Electric AGM10AJ General Electric AGM24DJM1 LG Electronics LT1010CRY6 LG Electronics LT1030HR Whirlpool ACQ128XS Whirlpool ACQ158XS Whirlpool ACQ189XS Whirlpool ACQ249XS Whirlpool ACQL128XS Whirlpool ACQL158XS Whirlpool ACQL189XS Deactivated:
ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliance Product List Updates May 2006 Page 3
Whirlpool ACQ088MR Whirlpool ACQ128XR Whirlpool ACQ158XR Whirlpool ACQ189XR Whirlpool ACQ249XR Changed: LG Electronics LT1030CR* (model number changed from LT1030CR to LT1030CR*) LG Electronics LT1230HR (model number changed from LT1230H to LT1230HR) LG Electronics LT1430CR* (model number changed from LT1430CR to LT1430CR*) Goldstar WG1005R* (model number changed from WG1005R to WG1005R*) Goldstar WG8005R* (model number changed from WG8005R to WG8005R*) Goldstar WG6005R* (model number changed from WG6005R to WG6005R*) Kenmore 75119 (EER changed from 9.5 to 9.4)
ENERGY STAR Qualified Appliance Product List Updates May 2006

Page 4


Cheap chills
Electricity prices tend to rise with the temperature, but you can trim your energy bills and still stay comfortable. Heres how to use less air conditioning and cool your home more effectively:
Use fans more. Fans cost little to run, and they create a breeze that can help you feel up to 7 degrees cooler. Our ceiling fan tests found that price had little to do with performance. For advice on buying and installing a ceiling fan, see CloseUp on the facing page. Create some shade. Close the drapes and blinds, and roll out the awnings to filter the sun, especially for west-facing windows in the afternoon. All can help keep the rooms temperature from rising. Trees and bushes on the side of your home that gets the most western sun can also reduce your cooling costs. For more energy-saving landscaping tips, go to Swap lightbulbs. Incandescent bulbs produce about 75 percent more heat than Energy Starqualified compact fluorescent lights. Replacing a 60-watt incandescent bulb with a 15-watt CFL can save you up to $41 over the life of the bulb. Though all the CFLs we tested last much longer
than regular bulbs, the Feit Ecobulb Plus ESL13T/Eco, GE 8,000 Hour Long Life 41525, and N:Vision 423-599 lasted longest. CFLs contain small amounts of mercury. Go to for recycling programs in your area. Summerize your home. Adding insulation and sealing air leaks help keep you comfortable yearround and can also lower your energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year. Start by insulating the attic or adding to the insulation already there, then insulate ducts in unconditioned space.
If you have central air conditioning, cut your annual energy bills by about 10 percent by using a programmable thermostat. Turn it up 10 degrees when youre out. The $80 Lux Smart Temp Touch Screen TX9000TS, $60 Lux TX9000, $55 Hunter Set & Save 44360, $75 CTC 43503, and $125 White Rodgers 90 Series Blue 1F95-1277 were Quick Picks in our tests. Dont lower the air conditioners temperature when you turn it on. It wont cool the room any faster, but it will use more energy. On humid days, set the fan speed on low to remove more moisture from the air. Maintain your A/C. Dirty, clogged filters increase an air conditioners energy use. Vacuum dust and debris from inside a window unit before you install it. Clean the filter on window and central A/Cs monthly or as needed by vacuuming and washing. Some filters need to be replaced. Clear debris from outside louvers and coils. Keep plantings at least 2 feet from the condenser.
Use your A/C wisely. Installing an air conditioner in a shady spot could increase its efficiency up to 10 percent, according to the Department of Energy. Our latest tests of window-mounted air conditioners found CR Best Buys that cost as little as $240 for a large one. Energy Star-qualified models use about 25 percent less power than ones made before late 2000. For our latest air conditioner Ratings and buying advice, see page 34.

Consumer reports

Z JULY 2008 Exper t Independent Nonprofit


CEILING FANs help cut cooling costs
Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans wont lower a rooms temperature or remove humidity. Save energy and money by using ceiling fans and turning off the air conditioning or by turning up the A/Cs temperature a few degrees and letting the fan do the rest. But remember that ceiling and portable fans cool you, not the room, so dont run them when you arent there. Ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and finishes. We tested models from three of the most popular brands: Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, and Hunter. All 19 have three speeds. Most were 52-inch diameter fans, the most popular size, and have warranties that cover most parts for a year and the motor for life. Prices ranged from $45 to $270. We Blade Smooth blades found that spendare generally quieter ing more didnt on high speed than textured ones. guarantee better performance but did get you fancier finishes on the motor cover and blades. We also learned how to predict how Controls Remote or noisy a fan would be by wall-mounted controls just looking at its design. enhance convenience. Because most of the ceiling fans performed similarly on low speed and similarly on high speed in our air movement tests, our advice is not based on brand. Thats also why there are no Ratings. Heres what else our tests revealed: Airflow and blade shape matter. Look at cubic feet per minute (cfm) numbers on the box to get an idea of how well the ceiling fan moves air. A higher number means more air movement, but dont fret over small differences. Our tests showed comparable airspeed from fans rated from 5,000 to 5,600 cfm. Fans with the most airflow also made the most noise, but it was wind noise and fluttering, not motor noise. And be wary of fans with large blades that have ridges, bumps, or other surface texture; those often made more noise on high than fans with smooth blades. The $220 Hunter Caribbean Breeze 21647 and $220 West Indies Collection 23413 had leaf-shaped wicker blades. The $215 Harbor Breeze Paradiso 65388 had banana-leaf shaped blades. All were among the noisiest on high. But most were pretty quiet on the low setting. Wobble can be fixed. All the fans came with balancing kits, a combination of weights that you attach to the blades to make up for slight differences in blade weight and removable clips that help you determine where to place the weights. Our testers were able to eliminate most of the wobbling with the kits, but its a trial-anderror process. The Hunter models we tested touted their antivibration technology, but we didnt notice any advantage because we still had to use the balancing kit. Lighting affects energy use. Energy Star-qualified models can only use compact fluorescent lights. Other models use specialty, halogen, or standard bulbs. Those bulbs can double or triple energy use. In rease the efficiency of standard ceiling fans by replacing c the incandescent bulbs with CFLs designed specifically for ceiling fans.

What to look for

HOW TO CHOOSE Downrod Match downrod to Heres what to conceiling height and type. Low sider before you ceilings need flush-mounted fans; head to the store: sloped ceilings need an adapter. Select the right size. While 52-inch fans are the most popular, that size, give or take a couple of inches, Light fixture Compact works best in fluorescent lights use much rooms that are 225 less energy than standard to 400 square feet. or halogen bulbs. Choose a 42- to 44-inch model for 144 to 225 square feet. Opt for a larger fan if your room size is at the borderline, and run it on a slower, quieter speed. Suit your style. From basic to ornate, ceiling fans can bring back memories of Casablanca or have a Jetsons-like modern twist. Motor-cover finishes include brass, bronze, and pewter. Basic fan blades have a paddle shape, while variations include oval and leaf shapes or wicker-like textures; finishes include cherry, oak, maple, and painted colors. Know installation requirements. Install a ceiling fan in the center of the room at least 7 feet above the floor, 8 to 9 feet for optimal airflow. Generally blade tips should be no closer than 24 inches from the wall and from drapes. Check manufacturers directions for specifics. If youre replacing a light with a fan, you probably can tackle the project yourself if youve ever installed a ceiling light. But be certain that the electric box in the ceiling can support the weight of the fan. Not sure? Check the installation instructions or call an electrician. For most models, you assemble much of the fan while on a ladder, so having a helper is best. If easy installation is important, look for fans specifically marketed for that. Their design might be basic, but we generally found their installation claims to be true.

JULY 2008

Z 33


Cool comfort
Readers tell us that nothing seems to sell out faster than a top-rated air conditioner on a hot day. So in addition to nine Quick Picks, weve included reviews of six popular brands. All 37 air conditioners in our Ratings do an excellent job at cooling. They also have convenient features such as digital displays, built-in timers, and remote controls. Some units have touchpad controls, and a few change the direction of the airflow automatically to better disperse cool air throughout the room. But some models are noisy and others dont work as well during brownouts, when utilities reduce voltage to compensate for demand. Heres what else weve learned: Haier raises the bar. Unlike the other tested models, the top-rated $240 Haier uses R-410A, a new refrigerant that the Environmental Protection Agency says doesnt deplete the ozone conditioner, call your local sanitation department to learn how to properly dispose of the old unit. Brownouts overwhelm some A/Cs. If your area is prone to brownouts, buy a model that scored very good or higher for brownout in our Ratings. Those air conditioners compressors didnt shut off when we lowered the voltage. HOW TO CHOOSE

TOP-RATED The midsized GE ASM08LK, a CR Best Buy, combines excellent cooling and value with quiet operation.
If you find yourself looking at air conditioner models that arent in our Ratings, use these profiles of six of the most popular brands as a guide. Based on an analysis of test results over the past four years, all cooled very well, but some were better at other key features. We didnt have enough data to evaluate other brands.
layer. R-410A might also help boost Haiers Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) to 12.0. But it is too soon to predict its longterm performance. Beginning in 2010, new air conditioners will have to use non-ozone-depleting refrigerants. If youre replacing your air

Behind the brands

Friedrich Highs Often quieter on high setting Lows Slightly less convenient to use Frigidaire Highs Consistently excellent cooling on energy-saver mode Lows Overall performance is slightly less consistent Some models are noisy on high or low settings Slightly less convenient to use GE Highs Often quieter than most on high and low settings Lows Not as good at directing air to left Haier Highs Consistently excellent cooling on energy-saver mode Lows Overall performance is slightly less consistent Some models are noisy on high or low settings LG Highs None Lows Overall performance slightly less consistent Performance on energy-saver mode worse than others Some models are noisy on high Sharp Highs Consistently excellent cooling on energy-saver mode Lows Overall performance slightly less consistent Some models are noisy
Find out whether replacing your air conditioner makes sense by using the savings calculator on the room air conditioners page at Every 0.1 increase in EER translates into about a 1 percent drop in electricity use. Also keep the following in mind: Size it correctly. An air conditioner thats too small wont do a good job cooling the room.And one thats too big cools the area so quickly that it doesnt have time to remove enough moisture, so it leaves you with a clammy room and extra energy costs. To figure out what size unit you need, use our free calculator at Under Appliances, click on Air conditioners, then on Sizing worksheet. Note the noise. Models that scored excellent or very good in our noise tests are so quiet that the only sound you might hear is the fan running. But air conditioners that scored fair for noise could disturb light sleepers when set on low and are distracting on high. Factor in the window location. Air conditioners generally do a better job blowing air in one direction than in the other. That can be a problem if your window isnt centered on the wall. To uniformly cool a room, youll need to direct air to its center, so check whether your A/C needs to blow air to the right or to the left.


Brand & model

Key number

a ir condi t ione r s
Excellent Excellent Very Good Good
Availability Most models at stores through October 2008.

Fair Poor

CR Quick Recommendations
All of the 37 tested air conditioners are excellent at cooling a room. Youll find a model that operates quietly by checking the noise columns in the Ratings. The Ratings rank models by overall performance within size groups. Quick Picks highlights models that combine performance, features, and value.
Within types, in performance order. Blue key numbers indicate Quick Picks.

Overall score


Window widths (Inches)

Test results

Air direction

100 pfg vge

Ease of use

Noise, high

Noise, low



SMALL (5,000 to 6,000 BTU/HR.) Cool roughly 100 to 300 sq. ft.; weigh 41 to 70 lb. 9 Haier ESAD4066 GE ASM06LK ASM06LL Friedrich X-Star XQ05L10A Friedrich CP06E10 LG GL6000ER LP6000ER $320
6,000 12.0 23-37 6,000 10.7 25-36 6,000 10.7 26-39 5,500 11.0 25-42 6,000 10.7 21-36 6,000 10.7 23-36 6,000 10.7 22-34 5,200 5,250 11.0 23-36 10.7 25-36
Frigidaire FAA067P7A (Lowes) Sharp AF-S60MX AF-S60NX Frigidaire FAA055P7A GE ASM05LK ASM05LL
10 Haier ESA3065 ESAFrigidaire FAA065P7A 12 Kenmore Haier HWR05XC6 HWR05XCHaier ESA3057 Amana ACB057E 15 Kenmore Goldstar WG6005R WG6007R 18 GE ASM08LK 17 Haier HWR06XC6 HWR06XC7


6,000 10.7 22-36 6,000 10.7 22-38 5,300 10.8 23-34 5,200 5,200 6,000 6,000 9.7 21-34 10.7 24-36 9.7 9.7 22-36 23-36

6,000 10.7 25-40

&Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z
&Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &Z &C &Z &C &Z &C &C &Z &Z &Z &V &Z &Z &C &Z &Z &C &V &C &Z &V &Z &Z &Z &Z &C &C &Z &Z &Z &V &B

&C &X &X &X &X &C &X &C &X &C &X &C &C &C &C &C &C &X &X &V &C &C &X &V &V &C &C &C &C &C &X &X &C &V &V &C &C
&X &Z &Z &Z &X &X &Z &C &Z &C &X &X &X &C &C &X &C &X &Z &X &X &C &X &C &C &X &X &X &X &X &X &X &C &C &C &X &C
&X &X &X &C &C &C &C &V &X &X &V &X &X &C &C &X &C &X &C &C &X &C &X &C &C &X &X &X &C &X &C &C &C &X &X &X &C


Best small air conditioners: 2 GE $Frigidaire $150, CR Best Buy 9 GE $180 All of these models excel in energy efficiency, come with a remote control, and have a built-in timer that lets you turn the unit on or off at a preset time. The Frigidaire has a dirty-filter indicator light. If your area is prone to brownouts, consider the GE (2) and the Frigidaire. Best midsized models; both are CR Best Buys: 18 GE $Kenmore $230 Both are excellent at handling brownout conditions, have a built-in timer, and come with a slide-out chassis that simplifies installation. The Kenmore is capable and inexpensive. The GE is quieter on its high setting and is better at blowing air to the right. Best large air conditioners:
19 Friedrich X-Star XQ08L10A 20 Frigidaire FAA087P7A (Lowes) FAA085P7A 21 Kenmore Friedrich CP08EGoldstar WG8005R
MIDSIZED (7,000 to 8,200 BTU/HR.) Cool roughly 250 to 550 sq. ft.; weigh 53 to 75 lb. 8,000 10.8 25-36 8,000 10.8 25-42 8,000 10.8 23-36 8,000 10.8 24-39 7,800 8,000 10.8 21-36 9.8 22-36
24 Sharp AF-S80MX AF-S80NX 25 Haier ESALG LWHD8000R 28 GE ASM10AK 27 GE ASM12AL
8,000 10.8 22-34 8,000 10.8 23-35 8,000 9.8 22-36

28 GE $Kenmore $Haier $240, CR Best Buy 33 Frigidaire $240, CR Best Buy All except the Haier are excellent at handling brownouts. All have a built-in timer and a remote control. The Frigidaire, which is the only one of these that doesnt have a slide-out chassis, has a dirty-filter indicator light.
LARGE (9,800 to 12,500 BTU/HR.) Cool roughly 350 to 950 sq. ft.; weigh 64 to 92 lb. 12,000 10.8 26-40 10,500 10.8 26-39 10,000 10.8 27-39 12,000 10.8 27-39 10,000 10.8 26-41 10,000 10.8 27-39 10,000 10.8 23-36 12,000 10.8 23-39


Guide to the Ratings


Overall score is based mainly on comfort, noise, and energy efficiency. Btu is the manufacturers rating of cooling capacity. EER is the makers energy-efficiency ratio; higher is better. Window widths is the range the unit will fit. Comfort is mainly temperature and humidity control on low-cool. Brownout reflects the ability of the unit to run and restart during high temperature and low voltage conditions. Noise reflects judgments and instrument readings of indoor noise levels on high and low. Models judged fair to poor would have a distracting noise level. Ease of use includes controls, adjusting the louvers, and changing the filter. Air direction shows which models better direct air to the left or right, facing the unit; a dash means air flow came straight out of the unit and wasnt good in either direction. Price is approximate retail. All units require a 3-wire, 15-amp outlet protected by a fuse or circuit breaker; have a removable air filter; and have at least a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

30 Kenmore 75121

29 Kenmore 75101
32 Haier ESAFrigidaire FAC107P1A (Lowes)


31 Friedrich CP10E10
Frigidaire FAC127P1A 34 FAC125P1A FAC126P1A 35 Haier HWR10XC6
37 Sharp AF-S120MX AF-S120NX Has slide-out chassis.

36 Goldstar WG1005R

&Z 10,000 9.8 23-33 &Z 10,000 9.8 22-36 &Z 12,000 10.8 22-36 &Z
Z 35



J3500 Soundstream SVX4 Z-560 DC-T850 Timex W-62 HQ8240 18 Technical Data Review DG8030 Panther 240v K8V-x SE Studio 12 LG U400 WM3431HS RT-42PX12X EL-520VA CCD-TRV46E RCR 127 Motorola H9 Software DR6600S 32PC53 ESF2440 TA-E90ES Azur 740C Flash NM800 Travelmate 4000 VPC-TH1 Discovery 650 TC-W320 MC 350E MY X-1 37LG3500 AEU HBH-PV708 USR 200 KX-TG6073 Beta 58A Recode FAX 2600 Activa 220 K8A780LM DMC-FX40 100 IS AT111B-rally 21PV908 CDJ-350 VP-4200 P4000 HTS3565D P3470 SGH-Z140 WV-CL834 1695 KX-TG4323 Lightbridge Minolta 7085 Photostudio 2000 Pressure WD-1248RD KD-R312 Grill TX-SR803E 0 3 SD630 Maxima-1998 SA-DT100 KX-P3196 850 IS Samsung U5 X2650 Deskjet 5552 D2040 Coupe 37LT75 CDX-3000 G-4100 Elura 90 CDX-V4800 Assault TR888 MM-8300 SGH-F488 IFT-R10 GCC-4520B VSX6000 CK2320-80 IS-DV2 EWT13620W MX850 CF-18dhazxkm Motolivn D812 Bizhub 161F VL-WD250S Anywhere 2 RM2610 Electronic 2003 Image 1200 Senseo LE32C550


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