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A new 2 way radio
FX 100/200 radios operate on PMR446 frequencies and can be used in all countries where PMR446 frequencies are authorised, once the applicable regulations are observed. This unlicensed 2 way radio service is intended for use by families and groups for leisure activities, games, etc. Radio use outside of the country in which it is intended for sale is subject to governmental regulations and may be prohibited. Please read this manual carefully and ensure that you are familiar with the radios functions before using.

Set up

Installing batteries FX 100 The FX 100 2-way radio only operates with three AAA alkaline batteries. Installing the AAA alkaline batteries: Push the locking mechanism of the rear cover upwards to open the catch and release the battery cover. Insert three AAA batteries into the compartment as indicated. Replace the rear cover and push down until it clicks into place. FX 200 The FX way radio operates with three AAA alkaline batteries or with the rechargeable batteries supplied. Installing the AAA alkaline batteries or the rechargeable batteries Push the locking mechanism of the rear cover to open it. Insert three AAA batteries into the compartment as indicated or Insert the battery set supplied. Replace the rear cover and push down until it clicks into place. 23
Charging the batteries of the FX 200 Do not dismantle or open the battery unit. To charge the rechargeable batteries: Insert one of the jack plugs from the supply plug underneath the FX 200. Plug into the wall plug (220 V). The lights on the power LED flash. If the LED do not flash, the batteries have been incorrectly installed. Check the polarity of the batteries and if necessary turn them around. English

Alimentation secteur

Note : remove the radio after 16 hours to ensure that the batteries attain their maximum life. Do not charge the batteries beyond this period, because the lights will not flash or turn off to indicate that the batteries have been charged. Caution : Your radio will emit a beep when the cells are running low. NB : Remove the batteries if not using the 2 way radio for a long period. Batteries corrode with time and may permanently damage the 2 way radio. Pay particular attention when dealing with leaking batteries. Dispose of used batteries at a waste collection centre or in a recycling container for batteries, and not in a domestic rubbish bin. Information on battery recycling may be requested from your retailer. Turning the radio on and off To turn the radio on, press the To turn the radio off, press the
key until the radio emits a beep and a channel number appears. key until the radio emits a beep and the screen becomes empty.
Diagram of the 2 way radio
1 Press to Speak (PTT) Press to speak, release to receive. In menu mode, press to confirm your selection. 4 Increases the volume (the volume level flashes and v is displayed) In menu mode, changes to a higher channel (the number of the channel flashes) In menu mode, turns the scan on or off, is displayed, as well as or which flashes. 5 Decreases the volume (the volume level flashes and v is displayed.) In menu mode, changes to a lower channel (the number of the channel flashes) In menu mode, turns the scan on or off, is visible as well as or which flashes.

2 Press briefly to send a call tone.
3 Press for longer to turn the radio on or off. Press briefly to open the menu mode: - Press once to change the channel - Press twice to turn the scanner on or off. - Press three times to monitor activity on the channel.
Concerns only the FX 200: Outlet socket for battery charging.

Volume adjustment

Use the and the keys to adjust the volume. The volume level flashes and v is displayed. Press the PTT key to confirm. Channel adjustment The radio has 8 channels. For a group wishing to speak to each other, all radios must be tuned to the same channel. If interference is encountered, and you need to change channels, ensure that the channel is modified for the whole groups 2 way radios. Press the key briefly and then release. The channel number flickers. Press the key or the key to select a channel. Press the PTT key to confirm.
Advice for using the 2 way radio
It is important to monitor the channel for activity before speaking to ensure that you do not interrupt other users already present on the channel. Press the key 3 times to check for channel activity. If you hear static, the channel is ready for use.
Speaking To speak, press and hold down the PTT key. When you have finished speaking, release the PTT key and the radio will emit a beep (speech confirmation tone). For optimal clarity, hold the radio 5 to 7 cm away from your mouth and speak directly into the microphone. Do not cover the microphone when you speak. Receiving Make sure that you are not pressing the PTT key. Adjust the volume if necessary with the and

keys. key.

Sending a call tone The call tone informs others that you wish to speak. To send the call tone to other radios in your group, press the 26
Scanning Scanning may be used to monitor channel transmissions and to find someone in the group who has accidentally changed channels. Press twice on the key until the is displayed on the screen and a or flashes. Press the key or the key until is displayed to start the scan. Press the key or the key until is displayed to end the scan. Press the PTT key to confirm. When the radio detects activity on a channel, it stops scanning and the user can listen to the transmission. To respond, press the PTT key in the following five seconds.
Attaching Belt Clips Place the belt clip in the slot on top of the radio and slide it downwards until its in place. To remove a clip, pull the release latch and slide the clip upwards.

Front Cover

The 2 way radio is equipped with a removable front cover allowing you to customise the 2 way radio. Note : Do not use the 2 way radio without its front cover. To remove the cover Move the upper part of the front cover and the rear cover apart by pressing forwards. Gently remove the front cover, starting with the upper part, then the lower part to release the front cover tabs of the 2 way radio. To attach the cover Reinsert the front cover tabs into the casing. Then press to interlock the front cover.

Front cover of the FX 100 / 200

Additional Information

Conversation range The 2 way radio is designed to optimise performance and improve transmission range in the field. It is not advisable to use 2 way radios at a distance of less than 1.5 meters from each other to avoid interference. The conversation range depends on the zone concerned. It is affected by concrete structures, thick foliage and can be reduced when radios are used inside buildings or vehicles. Optimal range Outside Flat, open terrain Medium range Outside Trees or buildings Close proximity to residential buildings Minimum range Outside Dense foliage or mountains Inside a building English
Optimal range is obtained in flat, unobstructed zones, spreading over three kilometres maximum. A medium range is obtained when buildings or trees obstruct transmission. The range is minimal when foliage and mountains obstruct the transmission channel.


No display or incorrect display Unsent message English Reposition, replace or recharge the batteries Ensure that the PTT key is held down completely on speaking Reposition, replace or recharge the batteries. The shared channel may be in use Check the 2 way radios are tuned to the same channels Ensure that the PTT key has not been pressed accidentally Reposition, replace or recharge the batteries. Obstructions and use of the 2 way radio inside a building may disrupt transmissions. Change location. Check that the volume has been increased. A shared channel may be in use, try using a different channel. Steel or concrete structures, dense foliage and use in buildings reduces range. Check visibility is not obstructed to improve transmission. Carrying the 2 way radio close to the body, in a pocket or on a belt reduces its range. Change the 2 way radios location. The 2 way radios are too close together. The 2 way radios must be at least 1.5 meters distance apart. The 2 way radios are too far apart. Obstacles are disrupting transmission. 30

Message not received

Another conversation or noise on the channel Restricted 2 way radio conversation range
High levels of static or interference

Care and Use

To clean the radio Use a soft, damp cloth Do not immerse in water. Do not use spirits or cleaning solvents. If the radio gets wet Turn the 2 way radio off and remove the batteries. Dry with a soft cloth. All battery elements may be wiped with a dry, lint-free cloth. Do not use the radio while it is not completely dry. Technical Specifications Channels : Operating frequency : Conversation range : Power supply : Transmission power (Watts) : Channel separation (kHz) : 8 446.00625-446.09375 MHz 3 km maximum 3 AAA alkaline batteries 0.5 PAR 12.5 Frequency List PMRU6 1. 446.00625 2. 446.01875 3. 446.03125 4. 446.04375 5. 446.05625 6. 446.06875 7. 446.08125 8. 446.09375 English 31

Guarantee Information

How to benefit from the guarantee service The authorized Logicom supplier or retailer where you purchased your Logicom 2 way radio and/or accessories will respect a guarantee claim and/or provide a guarantee service. Return your radio to the supplier or retailer to benefit from the guarantee service. Do not return the radio to Logicom. To be eligible for a guarantee service, you must present your sales receipt or similar proof of purchase bearing the date of purchase. The radio must also clearly display its serial number. The guarantee will be considered invalid if the serial type or numbers have been manipulated, deleted, removed or made illegible. Beyond the scope of the guarantee: 1. Defects or damage resulting from incorrect or abnormal use of the product, or from incorrect application of the instructions contained in the user manual. 2. Defects or damage resulting from inappropriate or unsuitable usage, from accidents or negligence. 3. Defects or damage caused by tests, incorrect use, maintenance, modification or handling of any sort. 4. Damage to or breakage of the aerial, unless this is a direct result of faults in the equipment or a manufacturing fault. 5. Products disassembled or repaired in such a way that their capabilities are negatively affected or that an inspection or test cannot be carried out to verify the substance of a guarantee claim. 6. Defects and damage caused by the range. 7. Defects and damage caused by humidity, liquids or leakages. 8. Scratches or damage to plastic surfaces and other parts exposed to the elements during the course of normal usage. 9. Products rented on a temporary basis. 10. Periodic maintenance and repairs or the replacement of parts damaged in the course of normal usage.
General and safety information
Important safety information for effective use of the 2 way radio. Please read these instructions before use. Send and receive procedure The portable 2 way radio contains a send and a receive function. Do not transmit for more than 50% of the time. To send (speak), press the PTT key. To receive calls, release the PTT key. Portable radio use and exposure to electromagnetic energy (EME) Aerial Only the aerial supplied with the 2 way radio or an approved replacement model should be used. Any other unapproved aerial, modification or accessory may damage the portable 2 way radio and contravene regulations relating to electromagnetic energy exposure. Do not hold the 2 way radio by the aerial when it is turned on. Touching the aerial affects the conversation range of the radio.

Use in Walkie-Talkie Mode To use the 2 way radio like a walkie-talkie, hold it vertically with the microphone at 2.5 to 5cm away from the mouth. Data mode operation When the data transfer function is being used, with or without an accessory cable, the radio and its aerial must be held further than 2.5 cm away from the body. Electromagnetic interference/compatibility Note : the majority of electronic appliances are sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the event of insufficient protection, design or configuration regarding electromagnetic compatibility. Locations To avoid interference caused by electromagnetic radiation, turn off the radio when requested to do so by a public sign or an official. Hospitals and medical centres use equipment with external RF energy sources. Aeroplanes Turn off the 2 way radio when requested to do so on board an aeroplane. All radio use must be in accordance with airline regulations and cabin crew instructions.
Medical devices - Hearing aids Certain 2 way radios can create interference for certain hearing aids. If this is the case, contact the hearing aid manufacturer to discuss other possible solutions. Other medical devices If another type of personal medical device is used please consult the manufacturer to establish whether it is sufficiently protected against external RF energy sources. Your doctor can help obtain such information. Safety and use in a vehicle Drivers must check the laws and regulations relative to the use of 2 way radios in the areas where they are driving. Always observe these laws and regulations strictly. If you wish to use the radio when driving, stop and park on the shoulder of the road before sending or responding.
Medical Equipment - Pacemakers The Advanced Medical Technology Association recommends that radios should be held at more than 15cm. (6 inches) from a pacemaker. This is in accordance with research undertaken by the US Food & Drug Administration and their recommendations. Those with pacemakers fitted must: ALWAYS hold the radio at more than 15cm. (6 inches) from their pacemaker when the radio is turned on. Avoid carrying the 2 way radio in a chest pocket. Hold the 2 way radio to the ear on the opposite side of the body to the pacemaker, to reduce the possibility of interference. TURN OFF the radio immediately if there is reason to suspect the presence of interference.

Recommendations for use

Vehicles equipped with inflatable airbags. Do not place the radio in the area above the inflatable airbag or in the airbag deployment area. The opening of a safety airbag is very strong. If the radio is placed in the airbag deployment area and the airbag opens, the 2 way radio may be propelled with significant force and cause serious injury to the vehicle occupants. Explosion-risk areas Turn off the radio before entering areas where explosions may occur, except if the 2 way radio is of the built-in safety type specially designed for use in such areas. Avoid removing, replacing or recharging batteries in such an area. Resulting sparks may cause an explosion or a fire that could lead to injury or even death in an explosion-risk area. Note: The explosion-risk areas referred to here are fuelling zones beneath small craft, transfer plants or fuel depots as well as areas which may contain airborne chemical products, in the form of particles, steam, gas, dust or metallic powders. Hazardous areas also include any other zone where drivers are generally requested to turn off their engines. Explosionrisk areas are usually though not always clearly signposted. Dynamiting and Blasting Zones Turn off the 2 way radio when close to electrical detonators or in a dynamiting area, to avoid setting off an explosion. The 2 way radio should also be switched off when signs "Turn off 2 way radios" are posted. Observe these signs and all instructions. English

Operating Precautions

Aerials Do not use 2 way radios with damaged aerials. The skin may be mildly burnt if exposed to a damaged aerial. Batteries Batteries can cause damage and injury if a conducting object (for example, jewellery, keys or a metal bracelet) touches the exposed areas. The conducting object may create a short-circuit in this situation and become extremely hot. Empty or charged batteries must be handled with care, especially when placed in pockets, bags or into any other container for metal objects. NEVER TRY TO recharge the batteries themselves as they may explode and cause personal injury or damage the 2 way radio. English
Application of the guarantee
The LOGICOM supplier guarantee is valid for normal use of the applicance as defined in the user manual. Damage due to a cause external to the applicance is not covered in this guarantee. The guarantee is invalid if the 2 way radio has been damaged because of being hit or dropped, due to incorrect use, an incompatible connection as regards the instructions described in the instructions, problems relating to insufficient protection from heat, humidity or frost. In all instances, the legal guarantee for hidden defects will be applied in accordance with article 1641 and following articles of the Civil Code.
DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY The EC label testifies that products conform to the harmonised standards applicable at the product launch date, in accordance with directive R&TTE 1999/5/EC of the European Parliament and European Council and in accordance with the additional provisions 73/23/CEE for user safety and electromagnetic interference. This product is regularly checked for conformity to EC label standards.
This 2 way radio is intended for use in the following countries : France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


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