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MAGIX Fotos auf CD & DVD 8 deluxe Eigene Fotoshow!


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linda reinfeld 7:42pm on Monday, September 20th, 2010 
Awesome game player, and has replaced my laptop but I do not have to need for business and so I do not know about how those work. Great for traveling,...
tims-ooo 12:41am on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
My Company uses Citrix, so I am able to run Windows Applications, SAP, even flash and all my GO TO corporate applications on the device. The iPad is exactly what I expected, easy to use, very well executed so long as you understand that it is mainly a device to consume media.

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The easiest way to create perfect TV slideshows
MAGIX Photos on CD & DVD 8 turns your recordings into unique and unforgettable slideshows in a flash.
Get started in the world of living images!
In just three steps, you can liven up your pictures: Import images and video, add effects, text, and music, and present it all in cinema-quality directly on your PC, on TV, or online! With the help of practical wizards, numerous templates, and 1-click automations, you can create multimedia slideshows quickly and easily.
Slideshow wizard: Get the perfect slideshow quickly, easily, and without any prior skill. 3D titles & text animations: In gold, animated, or glowing individually customizable 1-click templates give the text in your slideshow a little more zest! Direct YouTube pload: Slideshow enthusiasts from all around the world will be able to experience your work and even comment. Supports screen resolution of modern mini laptops (netbooks) MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio for creating unique CD/DVD cases and labels Quickly and easily adjust the shape and aspect of your pictures however you want. Even easier to use; more specific improvements to detail And much more!
Transform your photos & videos into something special: quickly, easily, and individually!
With MAGIX Photos on CD & DVD 8, you can transform your photos and videos into exciting TV experiences almost without any work at all. Perfect results optimal user-friendliness. Experience special moments with family, friends, and acquaintances: Present your experiences as cinema-quality TV events with high-quality effects and matching music all without any prior skill.
Transform your pictures into breathtaking slideshows in only three steps and bring your memories to life! Even large photo collections can be presented entertainingly. 1. Select photos & videos Import your photos and videos from camera phones, digital cameras, memory cards, the Internet, and other sources simply at the touch of a button. 2. Add effects & music Edit your projects yourself or let the software do it automatically for you you have the choice! Practical wizards turn your photos and videos into cinema-quality shows almost without any work, including interactive, custom DVD menus! 3. The result: A moving photo experience! Enjoy the show with your whole family, friends, and acquaintances: You can experience your memories once again using a DVD player on TV. Also supports 16:9 format! Present your slideshow on the web to the entire world, too! Excitement guaranteed!

Uniquely customize

Design slideshows in your own style with dynamic camera pans, zooms, rotations, and selected decorations from the extensive Media Pool. Add a little magic to your photos & videos with 1-click animations, effects, music, and text according to your taste.
Design thematic slideshows
The right style for almost every occasion: Present your most beautiful photo memories in 10 extraordinary slideshow styles with the integrated MAGIX MovieShow Maker! From silent movies to music videos and beach parties, you'll find templates which you can use in combination with your photos in a flash to create your show. They contain fades, effects, decorations, sounds, and background music, and your pictures will be transformed into a movie with ease. Use the "chill-out" styles to automatically use the "Ken Burns effect" to your pictures and recordings. Slight pans and zooms or virtual camera paths help to automatically create a smooth and flowing sequence in your project.

NEW! Slideshow wizard

The ideal companion for the perfect multimedia show. The slideshow wizard is always available to help and can guide you quickly and reliably through functions and applications. Present professional results without any prior skill required and prepare optimal slideshows. There simply isn't an easier way to create photo and video slideshow experiences!

NEW! 3D titles and text animations
Simply impressive: Complete your slideshows with matching captions and text with a threedimensional look. 50 adjustable 1-click templates offer different font types, styles, and animations. Make letters rotate, tilt, or glow almost anything is possible! You'll find the right font for nearly any topic, and transparent backgrounds allow you to integrate your text seamlessly with your photos and videos.

NEW! YouTubeTM upload

Share your most beautiful, funniest, and spectacular slideshows with the whole world. Upload your photos and slideshows directly TM from the program to YouTube. Slideshow enthusiasts from all around the world will be able to experience your work and even comment. Just try it out!

Experience it online!

Present your personal masterpiece for free in your own MAGIX Online Album to the MAGIX Community or on other websites even as a TM Flash video!
NEW! Supports mini laptops*
So-called "netbooks" for on the go are the latest trend. To show your slideshow in perfect form on your netbook too, MAGIX Photos auf CD & DVD 8 also supports a screen resolution of 1024 x 600. This way, your most beautiful photo experiences can accompany you everywhere you go!
* See system requirements
NEW! Freely adjust shape & aspect
Quickly and easily adjust the shape and aspect of your pictures. Add your photos and videos into background images with precision and tell your own story with your images. Add your own images to a sign post, or transform them into the shape of a dragon. There's no limit to your creativity!
A must have: The right soundtrack
The integrated MAGIX Soundtrack Maker gets your slideshow moving. Highlight your whole slideshow easily with the right acoustic mood. Just select the music style and set the mood finished! Happy or melancholy, exciting or romantic; your show will have the right soundtrack to make it both optically and acoustically enjoyable! Select different moods for different sections and design your slideshows with a matching, dramatically appropriate musical score!

Personal DVD menus

Round off your slideshow with an animated DVD menu, e.g. with individual scenes, or with individual snapshots from your own material. Enjoy an attractive menu that runs automatically in the background, just like professional store-bought DVDs. The numerous menu templates can be redesigned however you want.
BONUS! Edit, manage, and print images
NEW! CD/DVD cases and labels

Round off the look of your slideshow disc with the perfect final touch: The integrated MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio helps you create and print unique CD/DVD cases and labels, and more. Especially practical: The DVD menu picture and the name of the slideshow is added into the cover & labeling project automatically. NEW! MAGIX Photo Manager 8 for convenient management, intelligent archiving, and much more. Mufin MusicFinder Base Find the right background music for your show!

The ultimate gift!

You've been invited to a wedding, Christmas is right around the corner, a relative is celebrating their birthday, or friends are moving away, and you have no idea what to give them? A slideshow DVD is a unique and personal gift that's great for any occasion. Let your imagination run wild and surprise your friends and acquaintances with a special gift guaranteed unforgettable!

NEW! Even easier to use

Extra improvements and adjustments simplify usability and make the program more accessible to beginners. NEW! Simplified effects control: All effects are now summarized centrally in the Media Pool. NEW! Quick navigation via keyboard shortcuts Navigate at lightning speed with the help of keyboard shortcuts like J, K, and L through your slideshow project. J: Play reverse K: Stop L: Play forward NEW! Windows-conformant menus for all media make it easier to get familiar with the program. NEW! Effects settings can now be conveniently and expediently copied to other photos, videos, and titles in the project.
NEW! Extra improvements to detail
Numerous detailed improvements ensure an even easier user experience and perfect results! NEW! Photo, video, text, music, added to the project 100% synchronously with the help of the timeline and audio editing. Ideal for music videos! NEW! Search for gaps to guarantee smooth transitions, including a warning before burning/exporting in case black frames are detected. IMPROVED! Automatic panorama montage with increased resolution, JPEG quality, and user guidance.

IMPROVED! Create slideshows in 16:9 format with intuitive user guidance and automatic fullscreen adjustment. IMPROVED! Precise removal of audio disturbances for video recordings, spoken commentary, and background music (noise, etc.). NEW! "Add" slideshows to each other, e.g. to old slideshows, creations and special effects from other users. IMPROVED! Hardware acceleration for previewing and 3D transitions.

Program interface

Well-connected: MAGIX products and Online Services Multimedia Knowledge Community
A direct connection to the Multimedia Knowledge Community enables you to easily find the right solutionsto any problems you might experience.Simply write your question within the program and upload it directly! At, you'll get clear, understandable help quickly and directly from other users, either in the form of answers or complete workshops. Or simply show your best photos and receive tips, tricks, and comments all about production, editing, and photographic technique! That's not all! If you want to learn more about what you can expect from upcoming MAGIX photo programs, or even if you want to make suggestions about new features yourself, then just visit our discussion groups. Ask. Learn. Discuss.
All functions at a glance!


Digital cameras, mobile phones, or from the Internet: Import your images and video clips simply and without any problems.
Slideshow wizard Load digital camera photos and videos Import photos from mobiles, photo CD/DVDs, memory cards, etc. Scan in paper prints Enter spoken comments Automatic format adjustment
NEW! Quickly and easily create the ideal slideshow without any prior knowledge Also works with 16:9 photos of modern wide-angle cameras Also supports KodakPhoto-CD(PCD) and external drives via USB 1 & 2, serial ports and much more Direct TWAIN scanner connection Record speech in sync with the images IMPROVED! Display photos in 3:2 format fullscreen without black edges (4:3 or 16:9). Ideal for digital SLR cameras and scanned-in images. NEW! For smaller screen resolutions like 1024 x 600, too

Supports mini laptops

Your pictures in brilliant quality: Improve your pictures according to your tastes.
1-click picture optimization
Auto exposure, auto color, selective brightness, focus, brightness/contrast, color adjustment, redeye, cropping/removal, rotation Exact picture size, positioning, rotation, mirroring IMPROVED! Polish up video sound, background music, and spoken comments 100% true color, fullscreen without cut edges or flickering, and more NEW! Improved for an even easier user experience, beginner mode, and more Practical and secure: Original files stay unchanged

Fine tune your photos & movies Sound optimization Top quality for TVs, PCs, projectors Intuitive user interface Non-destructive editing


Use numerous templates for effects, styles, and deco elements to design your slideshows just the way you imagine them.
Overview, storyboard, timeline Automatic MovieShow Maker Freely adjust shape & aspect Add amusing decorations to photos Panorama image montage Enhance portrait photos 1-click animations Transition effects Video effects & camera pans Title generator MAGIX Soundtrack Maker
Easily sort, rotate, arrange, and add sound to photos 10 styles for thematic slideshows NEW! Add photos, videos, and text precisely into background motifs 60 decorative elements and animations with sound (cartoons, speech bubbles, etc.) IMPROVED! For natural-looking panoramas Avoid black bars, create your own backgrounds, creative effects Bring single photos to life (optical and color effects, etc.) 60 templates (picture-in-picture, 3D effects, and fade sequences, etc.) 25 templates for special FX, zooms, camera pans, etc. NEW! 50 adjustable 1-click templates for 3D title and text animations Creates individual background music mood changes to match your individual pictures (fun, exciting, cool, and many more) NEW! Now you can align music, sounds, and speech with photos and events in videos in perfect synchronicity Plenty of songs for holidays, parties, etc. IMPROVED! Hardware accelerator increases performance to produce smooth fullscreen display

Detailed audio dubbing

Thematic background music Faster performance


On PC, TV, or online: Experience your photos and slideshows in the best quality possible every time.
Interactive DVD menus (4:3 and 16:9) Menus from your own images
40 individually customizable templates with intros, backgrounds (video/music), animations, and much more, including real-time previews 5 templates for DVD menus using motifs from your slideshow images (3D animations, fluid introductory transitions, and much more) Burn wizard for all disc types (DVD, (S)VCD, miniDVD, etc.) Photo/Video/Audio files and project backups on disc IMPROVED! Mixed albums (photos, videos, and music) with interactive presentation options (Flash templates, web DVD) NEW! Direct YouTubeTM upload Show screen contents on other PCs via the Internet. Ideal for personal communication and for helping each other. Knowledge exchange with users that share your interests

Burn slideshows for TV Archive Present it online

MAGIX Screenshare

MAGIX Community

File support

Photo: Import/Export JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PSD, and much more / imports from Kodak Photo CD (PCD) use animated Internet graphics as decorative elements (animated GIF import) Video: Import MOV / import/export AVI, WMV 9, MPEG 1&21, and much more / export Real HelixTM (RealVideo & RealAudio) / Import and export MPEG-41 videos (plug-in required) Audio: Import camera sound, non copy-protected CD titles, MP3, OGG, WAV, and much more / audio capture
All video, image, and music files may be used without licensing fees according to the license conditions (see program installation). 1 MPEG-2 codec can be used right away after free activation. MPEG-4 only after a fee-based activation.

System requirements

For Microsoft Windows XP I Vista Minimum configuration: PC with Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1 GHz and higher Min. 512 MB RAM 500 MB free hard disk space for program files, min. 1 GB free for video files (5 GB recommended). 16-bit sound card, CD drive, Microsoft compatible mouse SVGA graphics card with min. 32 MB RAM, Photos on CD & DVD 8: min. resolution 1024 x 600 All additional programs included: min. resolution 1024 x 768 at 16-bit High-Colour TM 3D power effects with OpenGL/DirectX9 support and Microsoft Windows Media Player version 7.0 or higher Minimum requirements for hardware-accelerated preview: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card, mind. 128 MB graphics card memory (256 MB+ recommended), and Pixelshader 2.0, ATI X300 and better, NVIDIA GeForce 6600 and better Creates CDs with SCSI or IDE CD-R(W) burners, DVDs with DVD+/-R(W) burners MAGIX Online Services and integrated browser require an internet connection, Microsoft Internet TM Explorer version 6.0 or higher recommended Min. 56k modem for transferring screen contents via the Internet. ISDN or higher Internet connection recommended. MP3 export requires Windows Media Player
installation installation version 10 or higher

* From the leading multimedia company: MAGIX sold the most products of all publishers in the European retail segment for "photo, video and music software". Based on: GFK Weekly TrendSetter Software / Germany; GFK Panelmarket Software Benelux, Spain, France; Chart Track UK; Period: January, 2008 to April, 2009 (as of April, 2009). ** 30-time award winner refers to the following versions of MAGIX Photos on CD & DVD: 7, 6.5, 6, 5.5, 5, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.5, 2.0. Award wins from other countries refer to the country-specific version. More information at
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MAGIX is a registered trademark of MAGIX AG. Other named product names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.
This product uses MAGIX patent pending technology. This product brochure is copyrighted material. Please request permission from MAGIX for further use.



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