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aswick 10:54am on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 
Pretty good but not great I had a "SRU8010 Icon Universal Remote" that I wore out before I purchased this remote. MARANTZ The marantz remote is great you can use the instructions to learn to use it.
tumbeliina 10:20am on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 
Pretty good but not great I had a "SRU8010 Icon Universal Remote" that I wore out before I purchased this remote.

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RC1400 Universal learning remote control
The RC1400 provides complete control of every component in a home entertainment system, eliminating the need for multiple remotes. The Marantz RC1400 Universal Learning Remote Control is an easy to use all-in-one remote control, that provides total control of a complete home entertainment system including TV's, cable boxes, satellite receivers, DVD video players, VCR's, and virtually all types of audio components. The RC1400 even includes advanced programming capabilities such as Macro keys that can transmit a series of commands at the touch of a single button. Unlike other all-in-one remotes that are difficult to program or are limited in functionality, the RC1400 sets up in minutes, with powerful programming capabilities that let you customize it to match your exact requirements.


LCD display read out Programmable keys Macro function keys EL back light Rename function Clone function

Clock and timer function

Complete and userfriendly control feedback using LCD readout Entire system control by assigning IR commands from any device, into one learnable remote Multiple IR commands activated with one key for maximum ease of use Easy read out and operation, even in the dark Conveniently change and personalize the screen button labels Transfer all the IR codes and macros from a fully programmed RC1400, to prevent repetitive programming or to make a back-up remote Let the remote operate your home environment every day again with user friendly convenience

Technological glossary:

Control your world Designed for easy-to-use, intuitive control, the Marantz RC1400 is the latest addition to the Marantz line of programmable system remotes. Want to control an entire entertainment system at the touch of a button? With the RC1400 programmable remote, it is no problem. Derived from the award winning and reviewer acclaimed, Remote of the Gods RC2000mk2, it features one button macro operation and is also preprogrammed to operate an entire Marantz audio video system right out of the box. If that isnt enough, the RC1400 provides powerful learning and program capabilities to meet and exceed your systems requirements. Personalize for your convenience The RC1400 is pre-programmed to control Marantz audio and video components and can operate different brands as well. With the Marantz Digital Learning capability featuring a learning frequency up to 70kHz the RC1400 can easily learn the codes from most non-Marantz component, including IR-controlled accessories such as a motorized projection screens and lighting. The large non-volatile flash memory ensures that non of the personal programming is lost even when the batteries run out. The RC1400 can record your favorite communication sequences as macros, to transmit multiple commands at the touch of one button. Programmable keys Every Marantz AV-amplifier or AV-receiver comes with a system remote control to basically fully control every Marantz component in a system. This system remote control however offers even more! In order to have maximum control flexibility, the remote can also be used to control non-Marantz components in a system. The RC1400 can handle 11 devices and has 54 keys at your service, of which 52 are programmable. In total this beauty can handle 462 codes to make sure that you can operate every device in your home. The screen contains two pages with 5 buttons each. The labels of these buttons can be changed according to your preference. The EL backlight function makes sure that this remote service you even in times of darkness. Macro function keys To combine multiple commands, this remote offers the possibility to define macro's. By activating a macro, a sequence of commands is transmitted. The RC1400 can handle 20 commands in one macro and even has an adjustable macro interval time. Very usefull if you want to switch on your entire system. It just requires pressing one button.

Bypacked Accessories

User manual Batteries


Transmission IR/RF/2w-IR/2w-RF Learnable: IR/RF Pre-Programmed (RC-5) Pre-Programmed (Other than RC-5) Screen Type: Touch / Display Direct Access Buttons Programmable Direct Access Buttons Display: Color / BW Contrast Control Backlight Screen: white/blue/green Backlight Hard Buttons: blue/green File Type PC Editing Program PC Software Compatibility Setup Protection Macros PC Connection: Serial / USB Non-Volatile Flash Memory Clock Timer Motion Sensor Light Sensor Universal DB /-/-// -/ -/ -/// -/ Color Dimensions (W x H x L) Weight (With Batteries) Learning Distance Learning Angle RF Operating Distance (Open Air) RF Carrier Frequency 2w-IR Operating Distance Number of Commands per Macro Battery Life (normal use) Operating Temperature
Preliminary Specifications

3-10 cm 6m 5-45 C

Light silver 57x224x30 mm 200 g


LCD Screen Size (W x H) Editable Screen Area Resolution Colors Greyscale Levels Flash Memory Size SRAM Memory Size IR Operating Distance IR Angle IR Carrier frequency 24x40.5 mm 5x7dot, 5digit x 1 line 1 512kB 8m 160 14KHz - 70KHz
Design and specifications are subject to change by Marantz without notice


RC1400 Universal Learning Remote
Marantz offers a complete line of programmable system remotes. Want to control your system at the touch of a button? No problem! Every remote features one button macro operation and is pre-programmed to operate an entire Marantz audio/video system. In addition, they all feature powerful learning capabilities. The intuitive hard buttons provide instant access to critical functions and easy navigation between screens. Our touch screen remotes provide many enhanced features. The high resolution black and white or color displays feature anti-glare coatings so you can read them easily even under difficult conditions. If youre into computer technology, Marantz-supplied software and your PC can create custom icons, graphics, even animations so the remote you choose is truly yours. Marantz remote controllers are versatile and expandable.
Easy-to-Read LCD Display with Adjustable Contrast Backlighting Feature for LCD and Buttons Simplified Programming, Naming & Control Functions Separate Channel and Volume Up/Down Keys Located for Easy, Comfortable Access Large Memory Capacity Non-volatile Memory Assures Programmed Commands will not be Erased from Memory Macro Capability Programmable Timer function Built-in Commands for Marantz A/V Components and Other Major Manufacturers Products


IR/RF Transmission Capability Pre-Programmed Touch Screen LCD LCD Type LCD Backlight Programmable Macro Command Programmable Timer Software Upgradeable Non-Volatile Flash Memory Edit Software PC Connection Battery
/X (Marantz and Major Manufacturers) B&W - Semi Dot Matrix Blue


LCD Size (W x H) LCD Resolution Color/Gray Scale Memory Size IR Operating Distance RF Operating Distance RF Frequency Range 15/16" x 19/16" Black & White 512kB 24ft -


Recharging Dock Station PC Connection Cable Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery AC Power Adapter RX-77 RF Extender -


Color Dimensions W x H x L (Inches) Weight (oz.) Light Grey 25/16" x 813/16" x 11/4" 6.1
*All specifications, dimensions and weights are subject to change without notice. D&M Holdings, Marantz, Marantz America, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries will not assume any liability for errors within this document.
Marantz America, Inc. 1100 Maplewood Drive Itasca, IL 60143 Phone 630-741-0300 Fax 630-741-0301 2005 Marantz America, Inc.



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