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dobermunk 1:20pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
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Article No. SW-02 Article No. CS-01
SDIO 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Card
The Worlds Smallest SD WLAN Card with LED
This is a compact size wireless card for the PDA and other mobile computing device. The card is designed in the concept to get friendly with battery. When connected to a WLAN, the card is typically in listening mode almost the time except the short period of packet being transmitted and received. That means your battery life will be maximized. The card works with a lot of wireless LAN security protocols. Open, 64-bit and 128-bit WEP encryptions are supported.


IEEE 802.11b/g compatible Supports infrastructure WLAN and Ad Hoc peer-to-peer connectivity Small external antenna reduces the card size Security supported WEP, WPA, WPA2 LED indicates connection status SDIO interface compatible Support Pocket PC 2002/2003, Win CE 4.0, Windows Mobile 4.2/ 5.0


Standards Connectors: LEDs: IEEE802.11b/g SDIO Power/ACT: always blue ON for power up / Blue blink for data transferring 11g: 6,9,12,1824,36,48,54(OFDM)Mbps 11b: 1,2,5.5,11(DSSS/CCK)Mbps Frequency Range: Range: 2.412 ~2.484 GHz band Indoors: ~ 100 meter Outdoors: ~ 300 meter Physical characteristics: Dimensions: 40L x 24W x 2.1H mm Weight: 3.25g Power consumption: Transmission: 250 mA (Max) Idle:3 mA Sleep: 1mA FCC/ CE

Data Rate:

C Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 Storage Temperature: -25 to 70 C,

Compatibility List:

Pocket PC Acer n35 n50 n50 Premium Asus Bluemedia Dell MyPal A730 Bluemedia PDA 255 Axim X3 Axim X30 Medium / High Axim X30 Standard E-Plus Fujitsu Siemens LOOX 410 LOOX 420 LOOX 710 LOOX 718 LOOX 720 LOOX N500 LOOX N500 Mobile Navigator|5 Bundle Hewlett Packard iPAQ H1930 iPAQ H1940 iPAQ H2210 iPAQ H4150 iPAQ H5450 iPAQ hx2110 iPAQ hx4700 iPAQ rx3715

Pocket PC Phone Edition

iPAQ hw6515
Medion MD 95000 Medion MD 40600 Medion MD 41600 Medion MD 96700 Mio Mio 168 Mio A701 Mio A701 inkl. MioMap 2.0 O2 Xda mini Xda mini Limited Edition Eisblau Xda mini Limited Edition Schwarz Palm Qtek Palm Treo 700w Qtek 2020 Qtek S100 Qtek S110 T-Mobile MDA compact MDA II Typhoon Vodafone MyGuide 3500 VPA compact VPA III Yakumo alpha GPS delta 300 GPS delta 400 deltaX GPS
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0419;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 40" 0423;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 400" 0420;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 430" 0421;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 50" 0424;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 500" 0422;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 55" 0893;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 60" 0892;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 65" 1265;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 70" 0425;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 700" 1264;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 75" 0426;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 750" 0789;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 800 IS" 1040;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 850 IS" 1513;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 860 IS" 1041;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 900 Ti" 1461;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 950 IS" 1514;"Canon";"Digital IXUS 960 IS" 0430;"Canon";"Digital IXUS i" 0815;"Canon";"Digital IXUS i Zoom" 0427;"Canon";"Digital IXUS i5" 1042;"Canon";"Digital IXUS i7 zoom" 0428;"Canon";"Digital IXUS II" 0894;"Canon";"Digital IXUS Wireless" 0431;"Canon";"EOS 10D" 0433;"Canon";"EOS 1D" 0432;"Canon";"EOS 1D Mark II" 1271;"Canon";"EOS 1D Mark III" 0429;"Canon";"EOS 1D Mark ll N" 0434;"Canon";"EOS 1Ds" 0435;"Canon";"EOS 1Ds Mark II" 1516;"Canon";"EOS 1Ds Mark III" 0437;"Canon";"EOS 20D" 0816;"Canon";"EOS 20Da" 0438;"Canon";"EOS 300D" 0439;"Canon";"EOS 300V" 0931;"Canon";"EOS 30D" 0417;"Canon";"EOS 350D" 1039;"Canon";"EOS 400D" 1515;"Canon";"EOS 40D" 0436;"Canon";"EOS 5D" 0441;"Canon";"EOS D30" 0440;"Canon";"EOS D60" 0289;"Canon";"MV30i" 0442;"Canon";"PowerShot A400" 0443;"Canon";"PowerShot A410" 0900;"Canon";"PowerShot A420" 0895;"Canon";"PowerShot A430" 1267;"Canon";"PowerShot A450" 1268;"Canon";"PowerShot A460" 0444;"Canon";"PowerShot A510" 0445;"Canon";"PowerShot A520" 0896;"Canon";"PowerShot A530" 0897;"Canon";"PowerShot A540" 1215;"Canon";"PowerShot A550" 1270;"Canon";"PowerShot A560"



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