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tbonepower07 4:24am on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
Great performance at a decent price This is equally as good as the power adaptor that came with the laptop; it has the quality look and feel of an off...

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Advent Advent 8050 Mitac Mitac minote 8050 8050d 8050dc Mitac minote 8050dc Mitac minote 8050d Mitac minote 8050 Mitac 8050dc Mitac 8050d Mitac 8050 Amitech (bp-8050) Fujitsu-siemens amilo l / m (bp-8050) Fujitsu-siemens amilo m1420 Fujitsu-siemens amilo l1300 Fujitsu-siemens amilo c1300gc Fujitsu amilo m1420 Fujitsu amilo m-1420 Fujitsu amilo l1310g Fujitsu amilo l1310 Fujitsu amilo l1300 Fujitsu amilo l 1310g Fujitsu amilo l 1310 Fujitsu amilo l 1300 Fujitsu amilo d1420 Fujitsu amilo d-1420 Siemens amilo m1420 Siemens amilo m-1420 Siemens amilo l1310g Siemens amilo l1310 Siemens amilo l1300 Siemens amilo l 1310g Siemens amilo l 1310 Siemens amilo l 1300 Siemens amilo d1420 Siemens amilo d-1420 Issam smartbook i-8050d Issam smartbook i-8050 Lion sarasota 8050d Lion sarasota 8050 Bluedisk artworker 8050d Bluedisk artworker 8050 Bullman a-klasse 6 cen Qdi millennium 8050d slimline widescreen Qdi m-8050d Systemax neotach 3300 Yakumo 8050


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441685710002 BP-8050 BP-8050(P) BP-8050(P) BP-8050(S) BP-8050(S) BP-8050i Model Fits : PACKARD BELL EasyNote R0 / R1 / R2 / R3 / R4 / R5 / R6 / R7 / R8 / R9 Series PACKARD BELL EasyNote R0 Series PACKARD BELL EasyNote R0901 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1000 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1004 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1005 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1800 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1978 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1908 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1980 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R1984(1) PACKARD BELL EasyNote R2 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R2000 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R3 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R3320 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R3400 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4250 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4340 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4355 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4360 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4510 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4622 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R4650 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R5 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R5155 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R5175 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R6 Serie PACKARD BELL EasyNote R6110 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R6510 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R6512 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7 Serie PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7710 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R7717 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7720 PACKARD BELL EasyNote R7723 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7725 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R7745 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8 Serie PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8720 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8740 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R8770 PACKARD-BELL EasyNote R9 Serie

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MITAC MiNote 8050DC MITAC MiNote 8050D MITAC MiNote 8050 MITAC 8050DC MITAC 8050D MITAC 8050 Amitech (BP-8050) Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L / M (BP-8050) Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1420 Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L1300 Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo C1300GC FUJITSU Amilo M1420 FUJITSU Amilo M-1420 FUJITSU Amilo L1310G FUJITSU Amilo L1310 FUJITSU Amilo L1300 FUJITSU Amilo L 1310G FUJITSU Amilo L 1310 FUJITSU Amilo L 1300 FUJITSU Amilo D1420 FUJITSU Amilo D-1420 SIEMENS Amilo M1420 SIEMENS Amilo M-1420 SIEMENS Amilo L1310G SIEMENS Amilo L1310 SIEMENS Amilo L1300 SIEMENS Amilo L 1310G SIEMENS Amilo L 1310 SIEMENS Amilo L 1300 SIEMENS Amilo D1420 SIEMENS Amilo D-1420 ISSAM SmartBook i-8050D ISSAM SmartBook i-8050 LION Sarasota 8050D LION Sarasota 8050 BLUEDISK Artworker 8050D BLUEDISK Artworker 8050 BULLMAN A-Klasse 6 CEN QDI Millennium 8050D Slimline Widescreen QDI M-8050D SYSTEMAX Neotach 3300 YAKUMO 8050 YAKUMO Q7M Mobilium Wide II YW YAKUMO Q7M Mobilium Wide YW NEC NEC Versa M540

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BENQ BENQ MAM2080 BENQ MIM2120 BENQ MIM2130 BENQ A32E winbook BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 battery manual New winbook BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 battery needs charging and discharging cycle first before the regular usage. Because battery from factory to the users' hands that exists the time differences, and the electrode materials will be its passivation for the battery of the longer time difference, which is why the purchase of new batteries need to be completely filled with charging and discharging cycle three times to eliminate electrode materials passivation, to activate winbook BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 battery performance, to reach maximum capacity. Meanwhile, the laptop has the data transmission agreement end between battery and the computer, after the need of two or three times charged and discharged cycle, the percent of its real capacity can keep pace with the percent of content on the computer's screen. Cycle's steps: insert into computer to discharge until the shutdown, and then recharge the winbook BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 battery, charging time must be over 12 hours, to repeat the action of charging and discharging for three times. When using the battery for winbook BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487, fever is a normal phenomenon, because in the process of the winbook BP-8050 BP-8050i 40006487 battery pack charged and discharged, energy conversion will result in heat and at the same time the amount of heat will be transmitted to the battery. But if overheated (burning), stop using it immediately and ask for the professinonals to check. Link: battery related link: ### buy battery, batteries rechargeable, lithiun-ion rechargeable battery, offer rechargeable laptop battery replacement for Sony, HP, Gateway, Medion, Panasonic laptop batteries, with high quality and low price
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