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JonC 1:01pm on Friday, October 8th, 2010 
After a couple of pictures, the batteries are dead Easy to Use Easy to use. Instruction manual well written. Battery Life is terrible.
Farran 8:29am on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
Works but is such a pain to use Radio works but reception is spotty even in a metro area SAME is ok and works as programed but hard to get the unit to... does not alert you to emergencies June 10, 2008: The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Watch for the entire state of Vermont.
Blaise 1:15am on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
great shots, many different camera modes, great marco shots slow (when taking the best quality of shots) , short battery life.
comettrouble 9:48pm on Monday, June 21st, 2010 
Other sources needed to stay alive This radio is great if you have a t.v. or internet to get your alerts. If the speaker is on. does not alert you to emergencies June 10, 2008: The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Watch for the entire state of Vermont.
wag.thomas 4:51am on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
This was my secound camera I ever had (I did have a 3rd one, but one day I fell and then a few months later it stopped working completely.
Suthern 12:31pm on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
Overall, this camera is the bomb. Actually ease of use, all the cool features and software Battery life, some specs in the pics at nite
hammeraus001 9:15am on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
This is the best digital camera I have ever had. This camera can take super great pictures!, with its 3.2MP. This is a very simple to operate and easy to use digital cameral. The resulting files are crisp and vivid. Do get NiMH batteries for this thing.
fatchan 9:12am on Monday, April 12th, 2010 
This camera produces amazing images, perticularly in low light... However: Battery Life is simply appalling. A good pocket cam while travelling araound. Slow focusing. Short battery life

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Manageable and extremely practical



Key Lock

Power Save

Battery level

Monitor Roger beep Battery type 1 Pin

Version: Color:

Midland G5: PMR446


PMR446: 8 Tones: 38 CTCSS

Main features

Keypad lock Auto power save: automatic battery saving circuit Battery low indicator VOX for hands-free communications CALL SCAN Monitor Roger beep LCD Display with backlit Operates with: 3 batteries AAA Audio accessory jack: 1 Pin 2,5 mm stereo Compatible wall charger: MW G5

Packaging and codes

G5 Blister Blister with Radio pair, 1 wall charger with double plug, 6 batteries rechargeable, belt clip, wrist band code C735.06

Alan K1

Small, manageable and ergonomic


Baby sitter
Out of range Roger beep Battery type 1 Pin


Alan K1: PMR446
PMR446: 8 + 20 Preprogrammed Tones: 38 CTCSS


Rubber Grey

Main Features

Baby Sitting function Keypad lock Auto power save: automatic battery saving circuit Battery low indicator VOX adjustable on 3 levels for hands-free communications Roger beep LCD Display with backlit Operates with: 3 batteries AAA Audio accessory jack: 1 Pin 2,5 mm stereo Compatible wall charger: MW G5
K1 Blister: Blister with Radio pair, 2 wall charger, 6 batteries rechargeable, belt clip, wrist band cod C761


Midland G5



Two-colour and Dual Band PMR/LPD transceiver
Midland G7 XT Blister Box: Cod. C776.10 Midland G7 XT E Blister Box: Cod. C776.14 Midland G7 XT single box black: Cod. C776.12 Midland G7 XT single box mossy oak: Cod. C776.13 dual band (LPD/PMR446) E Version, only PMR446 dual band dual band
Blister Box: 2 Midland G7, belt clip, double desktop charger, wall adaptor, 2 NIMH 800mA/h battery packs. Single Box: 1 Midland G7, belt clip, wall-charger, 4 rechargeable batteries Ni-MH AA 1,2V/1800 mAh.
Midland G7 handheld transceiver: quality, sturdiness and reliability.
Combining the latest technology in radio communication along with a sturdy mechanical frame, the MIDLAND G7 X-TRA TALK makes the ideal and effective solution for both the professionals who need to stay in touch with colleagues (construction sites, buildings, hotels, trade fairs, shows) or with leisure users that just want to keep up with friends and family. Its robust frame, ease of use and simple design mean that it is ideal for use in any activity. The MIDLAND G7 X-TRA TALK is extremely practical and operates on both PMR446 and LPD bands (please see chart in user guide for restrictions on use). The MIDLAND G7 X-TRA TALK incorporates all the functions that you would expect to see on the latest and most advanced two way radio transceivers and guarantees reliability, maximum efficiency at a very competitive price. Other key features include an LCD backlit display, a Vibrating call alert feature for use in high-noise areas and an auto power save function which reduces battery consumption by up to 50%. All of the features on this outstanding radio are easily accessible thanks to the centrally mounted controls. MIDLAND G7 X-TRA TALK to stay always in touch, anytime and anywhere; also for those who love sports and outdoor activities and want to exploit the advantages deriving from the technology that improves the quality of our lives. IN CONFORMITY WITH CE/99/05 REGULATIONS: PMR446: EN 300 296-2, EN 301 489-05 EN 60950; LPD: EN 300 220-3, EN 301 48903.

Alan Electronics GmbH

Daimlerstrae 1 k D-63303 Dreieich Tel.: +49(0)6103-10 Fax: +49(0)6103-60 Dovenkamp 11 D-22952 Ltjensee Tel.: +49 (0)4154-Fax: +49 (0)4154-00
Main functions: Dual Band LPD/PMR transceiver VIBRACALL function LCD display with backlight Low battery indicator Auto power save: automatic current economy circuit 38 CTCSS tones in TX and RX CALL button with 5 tones selectable Automatic squelch adjustment Buttons for the channel selection SCAN function Dual Watch function Keypad lock Hi/low power selection Roger Beep on/off VOX for hands-free communications Jack for ext. mike / ext. speaker / battery pack recharge

Mossy oak design

Points of strength:
Dual Band LPD/PMR transceiver Hi/low power selection Sturdy and ergonomic design VIBRACALL function

Areas of use:

Thanks to its size and sturdiness, MIDLAND G7 is the ideal solution in extreme conditions such as in working situations. The Vibracall function is very useful when you need to be in touch with your colleagues without disturbing other people. Very good solution for your free time and in situations where a sturdy and practical radio is essential.
Daimlerstrae 1 k D-63303 Dreieich Tel.: +49(0)6103-10 Fax: +49(0)6103-60
Dovenkamp 11 D-22952 Ltjensee Tel.: +49 (0)4154-Fax: +49 (0)4154-00



DCR-HC52E XNV-770BT TX-SR500E TX-32PS12P EW1115W CDR560 108 T Monday 3531WK-MA NAD C542 TF1002 SM 400 A5 V101 447N SB Ideapad U165 HS082HB JBL ES30 PD-F1007 AVR-1604 HL-2460N GTG3000GB CLP-990-CLP-990M DSC-S700 TH-C46fd18A Salmosa KS800S Acoustics GT22 Navman S50 ST-4108 KH 2032 DUO 2000 14AA3327-01B AX-390 Ryobi JM80 Asus U5 Aspire-5000 Adobe CS2 220TW9FB Kosmos WS9024 Magnus TX-SV424 System KDL-40P5650 ALL-IN-ONE Juiced Module Deluxe Voice KG275 Review GR-DV3000 ZC1000 MC-4620 VPL-BW7 Krups GVS1 RL41wgtb IC-F2010 PC500 Ericsson Zylo TI-68 MP128 Watch 3111 DMR-EH59 Dect2211S KIT R1 Keytis 2 HT-7100DH Doro BM50 DI2510 37LC55 AEN Ducati 695 21PV288 CFX-9850GC Plus SMC2804WBR Stopwatch S056 Sonos ZP80 RX-V795A DC570 A1300 P4M800-m7 PRO 4 Dc-nikkor Handheld AV-S70 Sbcru545-00U RE-200 PRO VLA N68C-SE Kd-g343 CDP-227ESD Controllertransmitter TR441 CF-430 Avsf 120 PX-EH16L GX-F71 DC S40 Nokia 6730 Edition RC-5900M


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