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Installation Instructions
KM 400 Electric Cooktop KM 402 / KM 403 Fryer KM 408-1 Contact Grill KM 410 / KM 411 Electric Barbecue
To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions before installation or use.

M.-Nr. 863

IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. 4 Installation. 4 Safety distance above the appliances. 5 Appliance dimensions. 6 KM 400 / KM 408-1. 6 KM 402 / KM 403. 7 KM 410 / KM 411. 8 Installation. 9 Cutting out the countertop. 9 Laying out the support bars and clamps. 10 Securing the support bars. 11 Wood or Corian countertops. 11 Granite countertops. 11 Securing the spring clamps. 11 Wood or Corian countertops. 11 Granite countertops. 11 Locking the appliance into place. 12 Electrical connection. 14
Note to the installer: Please leave this instruction book with the consumer for the local electrical inspectors use.


The minimum distances given in these Installation Instructions must be observed in order to ensure safe operation. Failure to do so increases the risk of fire. To prevent appliance damage, the cabinetry and venting hood should be installed first. The countertop must be bonded with heat resistant (212 F/100 C) adhesive to prevent distortion. The cooktops should only be installed in the illustrations, while maintaining the required safety distances shown. Do not install the cooktop between two tall cabinets, this is a fire hazard. a = Minimum safety distances: KM 400 = 2" (50 mm) KM 402 / 403= 2" (50 mm) KM 408-1 = 2" (50 mm) KM 410 / 411 =10" (250 mm) Deep fryers must not be installed next to gas cooktops. Gas flames can ignite splattering oil. A distance of at least 12" (305 mm) should be maintained between these two appliances.


not recommended

not allowed

Cooktops should not be installed above a dishwasher, washer, dryer, freezer or refrigerator. The high temperatures radiated downwards from the cooktops could damage these appliances. This equipment has not been designed for maritime use or for use in mobile installations such as aircraft or recreational vehicles. However, under certain circumstances it may be possible for an installation in these applications. Please contact the nearest Miele Dealer or the Miele Technical Service Department with specific requirements. Make sure that the power cord to the cooktop does not come into contact with any mechanical parts once the cooktop has been installed. Safety distance above the appliances
As a general rule there must be a minimum safety distance of at least 30 inches (760 mm) between the top of the appliance and any cabinet above it, b. The minimum distance of combustible surfaces located above and to the side of the cooktop, c, is 18" (457 mm). If the cabinet manufacturer recommends a different distance, follow that manufacturers recommendation. The minimum safety distance between the KM 410 / KM 411 and the bottom of a venting hood should be no less than 26" (650 mm).
If more than one appliance is installed beneath a hood and they have different minimum safety distances, the greater distance should be followed.
Keep this instruction book in a safe place and pass it on to any future owner.

Appliance dimensions

KM 400 / KM 408-1
a Clamps b Please allow an additional 3/4" (18 mm) depth below the cooktop for clearance of the power cord.

KM 402 / KM 403

a Clamps

KM 410 / KM 411

Cutting out the countertop
Installing one or multiple appliances: Cut out the countertop using the dimensions listed in the following table. Number of cooktops 5 All Miele combisets have the same length and width. Make sure that there is enough room beneath the countertop to allow for the depth of the various appliances. When installing a KM 402 / KM 403 or KM 410 / KM 411 remember to allow clearance for the drain valve that will be located in the cabinet beneath the appliances. Cut out width Dimension "B" 10 13/16" 22 1/8" 33 7/16" 44 13/1/8" 67 1/2" 78 13/16" (274 mm) (562 mm) (850 mm) (1138 mm) (1426 mm) (1714 mm) (2002 mm)
The tolerance for each dimension is 1 /16" (1 mm).
The following safety distances must be maintained: Between the cooktop and rear wall: 2" (50 mm). Between the cooktop and side wall or cabinet: KM 400 = 2" (50 mm) KM 402 / 403= 2" (50 mm) KM 408-1 = 2" (50 mm) KM 410 / 411 =10" (250 mm) Refer to section "Important Safety Instructions" for further information.

When installing more than one combiset cooktop, a support bar must be installed between the appliances. Install the support bars as shown on the following page before setting the appliances into the countertop.
Laying out the support bars and clamps
a Clamps b Support bars This illustration shows the layout for 3 combisets, their respective support bars, b, and the 14 spring clamps, a, required for correct installation. If more than 3 combisets are being installed, add an additional 11 3/8" (288 mm) to the overall width of the cut out for each extra combiset, or use the table on the preceding page.
c Slight gap between support bar and countertop.
Securing the support bars Securing the spring clamps
Wood or Corian countertops ^ Arrange the bars, b, as shown in the illustration ^ Drill 1/16" (1.5 mm) pilot holes through the brackets and secure them using the supplied screws. ^ Fill the gap, c, between the bars and the countertop using the supplied silicon sealant. Wood or Corian countertops ^ Place the spring clamps, a, as shown in the illustration. ^ Drill two 1/16" (1.5 mm) pilot holes for each clamp and secure using the supplied screws.
Granite countertops For granite countertops, the support bars, b, can be secured using double-sided construction tape. Do not allow the bars to "float", they must be securely fastened. Fill the gap, c, between the bars and the countertop using the supplied silicon sealant. The screws are not necessary for granite countertops.
Granite countertops For granite countertops, the spring clamps can be secured using double-sided construction adhesive. Do not allow the spring clamps to "float", they must be securely fastened. The screws are not necessary for granite countertops.
Locking the appliance into place
Make sure the cooktops are aligned correctly before setting them into the countertop. Once the spring clamps are engaged, a special tool is required to release the cooktop from the clamps.
^ Guide the power cord through the cut out and connect the appliance to the electrical supply. ^ Position the cooktop over the cut out. With a hand on each side, above the clamps, a, press the cooktop down, locking it into the spring clamps. Make sure that the cooktop rim lies flat against the countertop on all sides.


The cooktop must not be permanently sealed into the countertop when installed. The sealing strip under the edge of the cooktop provides a sufficient seal for the countertop. If the cooktop is sealed into position, the countertop or the appliance may be damaged if the cooktop needs to be removed for maintenance or service.

Electrical connection

,WARNING: Disconnect the appliance from the main power supply before servicing. To reduce the risk of electric shock, make sure that the appliance is properly grounded after installation. To guarantee the electrical safety of this appliance; continuity must exist between the appliance and an effective grounding system. It is imperative that this basic safety requirement be met. If there is any doubt, have the electrical system of the house checked by a qualified electrician. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the lack, or inadequacy of an, effective grounding system. Power supply: 240 V, 60 Hz, 15 A fuse rating or 208 V, 60 Hz, 15 A fuse rating

The oven is equipped with a power cord consisting of 3 leads. They must be connected to a dedicated line through the use of an approved junction box Black : connect to L1 (hot) Red: connect to L2 (hot)
Green: connect to GND (ground): For further information, see the wiring diagram provided with the appliance.
All electrical work should be performed by a qualified electrician in accordance with local codes and the: National Electrical code ANSI / NFPA No. 70-1481 for USA
or - Canadian Electrical Code Part I (CSA Standard C 22.1) for Canada Note to the installer: Please leave these instructions with the consumer.
Alterations rights reserved / 0705

M.-Nr. 863 / 01 en - US



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