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gabriel.marchionni 5:14pm on Saturday, July 17th, 2010 
This is a nice drive for the cash I spent. Product works well so far. Received it before the email came that said it shipped!! Positives I find this unit is compact for my laptop backup. Dell has these WD products at a lower price than WD even on sale.
jdtrent 4:57pm on Saturday, June 19th, 2010 
I got this drive to replace a slow 5400 rpm Seagate drive and is amazed at the screaming performance and its quietness. Garbage item Only used about one month and it was broken. I had to back up data, reinstall OS and exchange the item with WD.
Bauke 5:05pm on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 
Somewhat Satisfied After two years, this drive finally went South on me. I wish hard drives were not so short lived. I guess two years is not so bad.

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Cobray MAC-10, 11, 12

MAC-11 with suppressor

Parts for MAC

The same.
A Mac 11 9mm with suppressor. Un folded.


Gordon Ingram returned from his duties in the US Army during WWII with an eye toward producing a submachine gun that was both more reliable and more efficient than those he'd seen during the war. He created a series of models that resembled the Thompson Submachine Gun outwardly; unlike the Thompson, however, these new guns required a minimum of machining and were simple to operate. Of the Ingram series, the Model 6 enjoyed a very few sales, mostly to South American governments. Unfortunately Ingram's timing was bad; there wasn't much of a market for submachine guns and what little market there was, was being filled with surplus arms from WWII. In 1964 Ingram set out to rethink the basic submachine gun design. The end of his efforts was the Model 10 or M-10. This gun is little larger than a conventional pistol but has a telescoping/folding metal stock and a front strap for aid in controlling the gun. The bolt telescopes around the barrel which extends back into the gun to just in front and above the magazine well. Two chambering of the M-10 were offered, one in 9mm Luger and the other in.45 ACP. Later Ingram created an even more compact version of the gun, the M-11, chambered for.380 ACP. All fire with extremely high cyclic rates; this may very well have been the factor that kept these guns from being accepted by potential buyers. In 1967 Ingram joined forces with Mitchell Livingston WerBell III, a silencer designer. Soon the two had formed a business alliance with the WerBell suppressers being mounted on the M-10 pistols as a complete weapons system that was both compact and quiet. The two inventors spent much time trying to secure contracts from the US government (which was embroiled in the Vietnam War). But there
efforts never produced any results. Military personnel were very interested in the new arms, but the orders never followed. In the early 1970s, the rights to the gun/suppresser combination were purchased by MAC (Military Armament Corporation) and the guns became known as the MAC10 and MAC-11. Unfortunately WerBell and Ingram lost control of the company at this point and the new owners practically booted both of them out of the operation. A number of other variants of the M-10 have since been produced including the M11/9 (a compact 9mm version of the M-11) and semi auto "assault pistol" versions of the gun. All of these have met with varying success. But the original goal of Ingram, to create a viable military submachine gun, has never really been realized. The military just never seemed to become more than mildly curious about the inventor's super-compact submachine guns and has instead opted for "chopped" rifles like the M-16 variant, the M4 Carbine, or the HK MP5 submachine gun.



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