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PLOTTERS & PRINTERS JV3-75SPII - Solvent Based Plotter
The Mimaki JV3-75SPII is our new, economical 31.88 solvent inkjet printer that, despite its smaller size, it doesnt pull any punches. This 4-head machine is capable of printing photo-quality outputs up to 1440x1440 dpi at twice the speed of competitors 2-head printers, and packs up to 6 colors + White. Its ideal for sticker, sign, banner and silkscreen markets with inks that will stand up to indoor/ outdoor displays. Plus its a perfect fit with our CG-75ML bar code automated electric eye cutter giving you maximum versatility, accuracy and productivity
JV5-130S/160S - Solvent Based Plotter
NEW! Announcing the JV5-130S and 160S, next generation of Mimaki wide format solvent inkjet printers using newly developed print heads. The new JV5 series provides an ultra-high print speed of 430sq.ft/hr with a new high quality 540 x 1080 dpi mode, designed for short distance signage and photorealistic applications. The new generation JV5 responds to the needs of power users and quick delivery by using a newly developed print head which carries 4 times as many nozzles as the current JV3 series.

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CG-160FX - Cutting Plotter
The next step in the evolution of cutting plotters: The Mimaki CG-130FX. Its capable of hitting even the most complicated contour cuts with the kind of speed and precision you need. Older cutters simply cant compare. Best of all its automatic. The breakthrough technology of our photo-electric eye sensor allows for precise continuous cutting of your entire roll of media, giving you the greatest gift of all: freedom.

C a A in H E s M C d

CG-130FX - Cutting Plotter CG-75ML - Cutting Plotter JV3-250SPF - Solvent Based Plotter
Our new large format plotter is engineered to give you classic results. With features designed for speed and quality, the JV3-250SPF Baby Grand, delivers big up to 98 inches wide. Supporting media weight up to 242 pounds, the solvent inkjet printing of the Baby Grand can help you orchestrate outputs at a dazzling 422 square feet per hour. Why just play the same old song, when Mimaki can help you write a whole new score.
All the same great features as the CG-160FX at a smaller size, and even more affordable! Mimakis CG-75ML is your choice for just about any cutting job up to 31 inches. This awesome automatic contour cutter can detect multiple sets of registration marks, and comes equipped with Fine Cut 3 for CorelDRAW and Fine Cut 4 for Illustrator. It can deliver big results at a small price! Plus its a perfect match with our JV3-75SPII Inkjet Plotter.

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CF2 Pro Series - Flatbed Cutting Plotter
JV3-160SP - Solvent Based Plotter
Mimaki Engineering has done it again with the release of the latest entry into the world of large format inkjet printers. Weve taken our top-selling JV3-160S and made it better all the way around! The new JV3-160SP is an affordable, low maintenance, 63 solvent inkjet printer that prints on inexpensive untreated media, at speeds up to 422 square feet per hour at 360 x 360 dpi (4 X 2) and photo quality print modes up to 1440 x 1440 dpi.
Cutting, creasing and drawing with interchangeable heads our CF2 Pro Series has various features for convenience that improve cutting quality and also minimizes your work of preparing data in the application software. High Speed and High Quality!
mimaki plotters Mimaki Plotters are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.
JV3-130SPII - Solvent Based Plotter
The JV3-130SPII takes all the great features of larger models and delivers them at a more affordable size. Equipped with 4 heads for fast printing, it provides great print quality (up to 1440 dpi). Other options include 4-color (2 sets of CMYK) or 6-color (CMYKLcLm) printing giving you greater color range. Plus Mimakis new solvent cleaning solution enables you to switch between solvent ink and our new Eco Solvent3 (ES-3) ink. Its up to you!
For more information on the Mimaki plotters or to schedule a demo, call Gregg at 841-7683

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$ 808-841-7683

11/14/2007 3:36:02 PM

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Engineering Class Cutting Plotters SignJet Pro InkJet Printers
Graphtecs latest additions to the SignJet Pro series, the 72 inch wide JS310-18ES and the 100 inch wide JS310-25ES, will get you started in the Wide and Baby Grand format printing arena with systems that deliver high quality, high margin prints for a rapid return on investment. ompatible with popular RIP Applications from SAI, ONYX C and CADLink. ccepts roll or sheet fed media from 8-1/2 inches to 72 A inches or 100 inches wide igh Productivity Output - up to 296 square feet/hour H asy Access, high capacity external ink and cleaning E solution tanks. ultiple Printing modes to match the printing application: M Choose 200 or 400 dpi; single and multi-pass, uni or bidirectional up to 8 passes

The new Graphtec CE5000-60 (24) and CE5000-120 (48) engineering class cutting plotters update the extremely successful CE3000Mk2 series with improved features, as well as a cleaner, greener electronic design and manufacturing process to minimize the environmental impact of the equipment throughout its life cycle.**
CE5000 Series - Engineering Class

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JS310-18ES InkJet Printer
ler On the job, the CE5000 series offers real cost/performance advantages over other brands of cutting plotters. With faster cutting speeds and higher cutting force, youll have the flexibility to handle a wider range of material. The USB 2.0 high speed data interface or RS232C Serial Port ensures a reliable connection to the computer, either on a Mac or Windows PC. The CE5000 comes with ROBO Master Pro design software (Windows 2000/XP) and the completely new Cutting Master 2 Production Manager and Plug-in for the latest versions of CorelDRAW including X3, and Illustrator 8 thru CS2 on Windows 2000/XP, and ver. 10 through CS2 on Mac OS X on PowerPC and Intel Core processors. The CE5000-60 (24) delivers a maximum cutting force of 300 grams and a maximum speed of 24 inches per second (in all directions.) The CE5000-120 (48) features a cutting force up to 450 grams, and a maximum cutting speed of 40 inches per second (45 degree angle.) The SignJet Pro JS310-25ES 100 Eco-Friendly, Low Solvent InkJet printer is ideal for indoor and outdoor hanging banners, lightpole banners, small billboards, and other large format print applications where you need economical, durable print graphics. WIth a choice of print quality settings in uni or bidirectional and single or multi-pass modes, the JS310-25ES performs at print speeds from 80 to 296 square feet per hour. Youll find the SignJet is very economical to run with ink costs from 10 to 15 cents per square foot.
signjet pro inkjet printers SignJet Pro Printers are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.

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The SignJet Pro JS310-18ES 72 Eco-Friendly, Low Solvent InkJet printer is ideal for indoor and outdoor hanging banners, lightpole banners, small billboards, and other large format print applications where you need economical, durable print graphics.
JS310-25ES InkJet Printer

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The built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the High Speed USB 2.0 control interface, the CE5000 is compatible with legacy computer systems as well as the latest PCs available now and for several years to come.

CE5000 SERIES CUTTING PLOTTERS CE5000 Series available by special order. Other Graphtec plotters are also available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.
2007 OSCAT Pgs 003-058 SIGNMAKIN7 7

Plotters & Printers

Gerber enVision - Sprocket Plotters
A Gerber enVision plotter is the ultimate workhorse rugged, reliable, accurate, and fast. When it comes to precision and unparalleled performance, Gerber plotters are the benchmark against which all others are measured.
Gerber SOLARA UV2 - Large Format UV Inkjet Printer
The GERBER SOLARA UV2 is versatile and intelligent capable of printing either roll-to-roll or as a flatbed and on a variety of materials up to 60 wide including rigid materials up to thick or 13mm. Evolving from the original SOLARA UV inkjet printer design, SOLARA UV2 is ideal for shops wanting to print durable outdoor/indoor signs, point-of-purchase displays, banners, and backlit signage that is instantly dry and ready to cut and apply. With a small conversion process, the SOLARA UV2 can be easily switched to accept either rigid or roll stock material types, allowing shops to run a full material portfolio. The unique properties of the UV inks allow easy maintenance with low odor and no ventilation requirements or harmful VOCs an ideal solution for sign shops struggling to solve problems presented by other solvent ink technology. Gerbers exclusive CMYKVG inkset and multi-drop technology also allow SOLARA UV2 to produce a broad range of beautiful and vibrant colors critical to the production of stunning signs and specialty graphics. The user interface is simple and easy to use; operators receive jobs from a remote personal computer via an Ethernetconnection. Sign shops using Gerbers exclusive OMEGA software, can easily convert their designs into EPS files then import them into Image RIP Pro or Image RIP Plus by Onyxthe software used to drive the SOLARA UV2. The Image RIP series also supports print-to-cut using manual and automatic targeting plotters such as the Gerber P2C plotter line. SOLARA UV2 offers versatile printing methods, which allows todays shops to meet changing and diverse customer needs. For those end users who require printing on flexible materials, such as banner, vinyl, and backlit materials, shops can print via roll-to-roll. When jobs require rigid materials, such as foam board, corrugated plastic, polycarbonate, and aluminum, shops can utilize SOLARA UV2s flatbed. The SOLARA UV2 is part of Gerbers Matched Technology System which provides users with a complete, integrated start-to-finish solution. With Gerber products and Gerbers renowned Matched Technology System, there are no surprises, just cost-effective, top-quality results.

gerber solara uv2 printer Gerber Printers are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.
Choose enVision 375, the 15 tabletop model, or enVision 750, the 30 floor-standing version. Designed for the rigors of everyday use, these workhorse machines offer the ultimate in durability. Both run on Gerber software, as well as most popular design software platforms supporting HP-GL. Both offer ultra-precise tracking and easy material alignment. And both are the fastest sprocketfeed plotters currently on the market! The Gerber enVision is the ultimate partner for the GERBER EDGE and EDGE 2 phenomenal color graphics with unsurpassed color-tocolor and print-to-cut registration at lightning speed! Create the ultimate digital production system: the GERBER EDGE2 and enVision 375 the fastest 15 sprocket plotter around!
gerber envision sprocket plotters Gerber Plotters are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.

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Gerber Edge FX - Thermal Transfer Printer

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The GERBER EDGE FX is a digital printing solution that is ideal for any business which creates outdoor signage, indoor displays, and other specialty graphics. EDGE FXs exceptional color and material range provides unsurpassed versatility, accommodating a wide range of applications in a single, affordable printing and contour cutting system. The GerberColor FX foil line features Spot, Process, Transparent, Medal, L.T. Heat Transfer, Finishing, and Special Effects Series, enabling unique effects and a wide gamut for color matching. The full selection of EDGE READY Materials includes cast and calendered vinyls in addition to a breadth of specialty materials such as magnetic, reflective, metallic colors, heat transfer, label stock, and much more. The EDGE FX is ideal for any business that creates visual signage including screen printers, sign companies, exhibit houses, trophy shops, fleet graphics artists, museums, and ad specialty sellers.
gerber edge fx thermal transfer printer Gerber Printers are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.


11/14/2007 3:36:04 PM
2007 OSCAT Pgs 003-058 SIGNMAKIN8 8
Wide Format Inkjet Printers
Introducing the all new Epson Stylus Pro 7800 and Epson Stylus Pro 9800.
Inspired by our past generation of photographic printing technology, our latest 24-inch Stylus Pro 7800 and 44-inch Stylus Pro 9800 professional wide-format printers incorporate forward-thinking designs with a breakthrough new 8-color ink technology, resulting in a final print of uncompromising quality. Epson UltraChrome K3 Ink technology represents a defining moment in the history of ink jet printing. Based on our newest generation of pigment ink, Epson UltraChrome K3 incorporates eight new color pigments, including a new three-level black technology, dramatically raising the bar for professional color and black-and-white prints. Incorporating our latest 1-inch wide print head, produces almost twice the print performance of our previous model line, while an astonishing resolution up to 2880 x 1440 dpi delivers a level of image quality that even exceeds our previous best. Capable of handling virtually any media type, in roll or cutsheet, up to 24-inch or 44-inch wide, Epson once again sets the standard for professional media use. Whether youre producing sellable color or black-and-white photography, fine art reproduction, or color accurate proofs for client approvals, never before have creative professionals had such a powerful tool allowing them to produce their vision without compromise. Our latest wide-format printers represent a level of technology unprecedented in Epsons history. Combining the extreme precision of an Epson Stylus Pro print engine, along with the extraordinary performance of UltraChrome K3 Ink technology, Epson has once again redefined the future of wide-format printing.

EPSON wide FORMAT INKJET printerS Epson Printers are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.
Wide Format Inkjet Printer
KODAK 1200i Wide-Format Printer
At Kodak, we know that controlling costs is vital to your wideformat business and we wanted to enable you to reach new heights of profitability with a quality solution. The result was the complete KODAK 1200i Wide-Format Printing System.

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Rapid evaporation drying system
A dual-component drying system offers a heated nose and ambient air plenum to improve drying efficiency for instant take up and faster print-to-lamination time.
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Intermediate ink reservoirs
Ink reservoirs enable users to use 100% of their ink, maintain a constant supply of ink to the print head, and allow ink bottles to be changed on the fly for uninterrupted printing.
Variable speed for each application
Optimized variable print speeds cover the full spectrum of application needs from high-quality to high-volume production (23 sfph 220 sfph / 2.5 20.4 smph).
Intelligent Mask Technology
Patented Intelligent Mask Technology helps optimize color gamut, density and vibrancy without compromising speed.
Advanced thermal print heads
Advanced thermal print heads apply optimized drop size and are designed for easy, clean-hands installation during replacement or maintenance.

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Intelligent software suite
The 1200i software suite enables remote monitoring for overnight, unattended printing. With automated text messaging to your cell or e-mail, stay informed and on top of your work. The software also offers supplies and job tracking for profitability management.
KODAK WIDE FORMAT INKJET printerS Kodak Printers are available by special order. Call 841-7683 for more info.

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Epson Stylus Pro 9800
2007 OSCAT Pgs 003-058 SIGNMAKIN9 9



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