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officetest 5:45am on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
Experience : This is a great utility hauler for general purposes, moving, towing small rigs, debris etc.
XP_man 2:00am on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 
After each visit I called Saturn corporate to...  Good deal for the features I started having problems 4 mos after buying it.
aestra 11:46am on Thursday, May 27th, 2010 
Its fun to drive thats when they start. I bought my mini cooper 1.6 automatic after my peugeot died. I absolutely love my mini more than any other car I have owned.
NTmatter 12:45pm on Monday, May 17th, 2010 
The Mini Cooper is the best car I have owned in my history of cars. Not only is it value for money as it is a quiet.
kellner 2:39am on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 
Interior This is a great car for space hands down. You could fit your family, your extended family, three dogs, a cat.

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Racing in the blood

Coopers are in Britains blood. All over the world Cooper means not just British automotive excellence, but personal passion and demand for the very best. The name says far more than Turbo or GTI ever can, standing as it does for the expertise and passion of three generations of one family. A MINI Cooper is that rare thing, a uniquely affordable fast, fun car with a heritage to be proud of. Fit a John Cooper Works tuning kit to your MINI Cooper!
From Mini Cooper to MINI Cooper
In 1959 the British public was introduced to the amazing Mini with the first Mini Cooper launched in 1961. The injection of John Coopers racing know-how created a world-beating fun, fast car that had few rivals. In 1970 Mini Cooper production came to an end. Years were to pass before demand and enthusiastic interest led to the Mini Cooper revival.

A history of winning

Formed in 1946 to design and produce the Cooper 500 Formula 3 racing car, the Cooper Car Company was an affordable way for amateurs to get into motor racing. The Cooper Car Company became the worlds first and largest post-war, specialist racing car manufacturer culminating in winning the Formula 1 Drivers and Constructors World Championships in 1959 and 1960 with Jack Brabham at the wheel. Soon after, Coopers went to Indianapolis
John Cooper legendary F1 constructor and Mini Cooper originator.
in America and the rear engine concept soon became the norm. Then, in the late 50s, a new car caught John Coopers eye. The Mini.
John (Smoking) Rhodes racing one of the famous Works Mini Coopers.


to give his unique insight into what a MINI Cooper should drive like, sound like and feel like. The result the new MINI Cooper is a car worthy of its famous name.

Tried and tested

From 35 degree heat in Southern France to minus 20 degrees in Scandinavia, from 20,000 miles of high-speed testing to 150,000 road miles of durability testing, the John Cooper Works tuning kit has been meticulously put through its paces. Development testing was conducted at world-class engineering facilities throughout the world including Spa, Goodwood and Miramas (the BMW Williams test track) was used extensively. The development was carried out using the latest test techniques, processes, tools and facilities as used by vehicle manufacturers and racing teams.
John Cooper Works for your MINI Cooper
The Works Team was the name given to Coopers own drivers racing in the 50s and 60s. Today, John Cooper Works produces the perfect fitting tuning kit for the MINI Cooper. Almost three years in development, the John Cooper Works tuning kit is the definitive addition to your MINI Cooper. Fifty years of racing heritage and experience, coupled with the latest computer design and testing, have resulted in a tuning kit that takes the already quick and nimble MINI Cooper to new levels of driver appreciation.

Mike Cooper continuing the family tradition.
John Cooper engine-tuning kits and performance parts were shipped all over the world to enable new Mini Cooper owners to satisfy their dreams. In the late 1990s the MINI project asked John Cooper and his son Mike to contribute their expertise. Given unprecedented access to the initial designs, Mike Cooper was personally invited
Badged for performance excellence.
What makes the John Cooper Works

Acceleration Performance

0100 kph (062 mph): 8.9 sec. 80120 kph (5075 mph) 4th Gear: 10.1 sec. Top Speed: 204 kph (126 mph)
Advertise your tuning kit
Naturally, the MINI Cooper tuned by John Cooper Works stands out on the road, but the John Cooper Works side and rear chrome enamel badging and the engine bay plate with unique car number also ensures that it stands out equally well when stationary.
Each JCW component is an integral part of the whole. Matched and balanced, together they combine to deliver the breathtaking performance and handling that discerning MINI Cooper drivers require, together with responsible fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels.

JCW cylinder head

Two years of cylinder head development, using full 3D computeraided design (CAD) were initially needed to get the performance John Cooper Works demanded. Using this CAD data, the heads are fully CNC machined. This ensures the highest standards of accuracy, repeatability and performance. Statistical data taken from the production of many cylinder heads and blocks enabled the compression ratio to be optimised within the limits of performance, engine calibration and production tolerances.

JCW exhaust system

The exhaust system has been developed to give optimum performance and superb interior and exterior sound quality.

JCW engine calibration

Performance figures.


Using real-time data from the engine and thousands of maps and constants, all engine control functions including combustion airflow, fuelling and spark advance have been optimised. The result is lively throttle response and increased acceleration when overtaking in the all-important mid-range torque band.

Full warranty

When you have a John Cooper Works tuning kit fitted to your MINI Cooper, either at our facility or at authorised MINI dealers worldwide, your MINI warranty is unaffected. In addition to the individual component tests, the John Cooper Works tuning kit has been functionally checked and validated using extensive test cycles and sign-off procedures. A John Cooper Works tuning kit gives you additional power and performance plus peace of mind.

1. 2. 3. 4. New John Cooper Works cylinder head. 3 4
John Cooper Works engine bay and engine plate. Unique John Cooper Works badge. New stainless steel exhaust trim. Air filter.

JCW sports seat

The power and handling of your MINI Cooper tuned by John Cooper Works need your full control to deliver their best. To really get to grips you need a John Cooper Works sports seat. Increased side-hold keeps you firmly at the wheel while tougher shoulder areas and adjustable thigh support mean greater comfort. This seat comes in most of the normal colours and fabrics with the option of heating and lumbar support, and Easy Entry as standard.


John Cooper Works tuning fast forward into the future
Your MINI Cooper tuned by John Cooper Works is a unique road machine. The latest incarnation of a name that is known around the world as a stylish comfortable four-seater car that is fast, fun driving in a world of boring, wind-tunnel carved sameness. When you drive a MINI tuned by JCW, you follow in the tracks of those brilliant racing legends that drove Coopers over the years. John Cooper Works has the experience and expertise to make your MINI Cooper even better, delivering greater performance and handling without affecting your MINI warranty.

JCW alloy wheels

Deliver more power to the road with a set of John Cooper Works alloy wheels. Distinctively good-looking with star spokes, prominent sporty styling with big breakouts and the all-important JCW logo, these 18 inch wheels take 205/40 R 18 tyres on 7Jx18EH2 rims that support the Runflat System. So even with a total flat, you can drive a few kilometres without damaging your great new alloys.


Errors and omissions excepted. Subject to change. John Cooper Works. This brochure has been printed on environmentally-friendly chlorine- and acid-free paper. Order no. 402 K. Printed in Germany 03/2003.



Scale: 1:10 Category: Electric Chassis Type: M-01 FWD


1825124 Body 9005443-D A Parts (A1-A4) (50651 Replaces 9005443) 0005550-D B Parts (B1-B12) (50652 Replaces 0005550) 0005551-D*1C Parts (C1-C10) (1 pc.) (50653 Replaces 0005551) 0005552 -D*1D Parts (D1-D15) (1 pc.) (50654 Replaces 0005552) 0005553 H Parts (H1-H3) 0115187 J Parts (J1-J7) 0115065 P Parts (P1-P7) 50569 *1 Mini Cooper Wheel (2 pcs.) 50568 *1 M-Chassis Radial Tire (2 pcs.) 53204 M-Chassis Inner Sponge (4 pcs.) 9465529 Screw Bag A (BA1-BA6) 9465530 Screw Bag B (BB1-BB6) 9465531 Screw Bag C (BC1-BC6) 50631 M-Chassis Spare Gear Set (BG1-BG4, BV1-BV3, BC2, BC4) 9415102 Shaft Bag (BS1-BS5) 9805503 Drive Shaft (BS5 x2) 9415103 Tool Bag (BT1-BT14, Grease.etc.) 50602 Differential Bevel Gear Set (BV1-BV3) 50356 20T, 21T AV Pinion Gear Set (SA1.etc.) 9805485 Coil Spring (SA2 x2) 9805368 Gear Box Joint (SA3 & SA6) 9805369-D Front Wheel Axle (SA4 x2) (50823 TG10 Front Wheel Axle Replaces 9805369) 9805502 Rear Wheel Axle (SA5 x2) 50171 Heat Resistant Double Sided Tape 7435044 Motor 6095003 Antenna Pipe 9495205 Sticker & Masking Seal 9415105 Speed Controller Bag Instructions x1 Speed Control Rod x1 Speed Controller x1 3mm Washer x4 Switch Iubricant x1 3x10mm Tapping Screw x11 Resistor xInstructions
53001-D 53095 53132-D 53153-D 53206
4mm Ball Connector (BB1 x5) 5mm Ball Connector (BB2 x10) 2x10mm Shaft (BC6 x10) M-Chassis Drive Shaft & Cup Set Dynatech 01R Motor 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) 3x10mm Titanium Round Head Screw (10 pcs.) 3x15mm Titanium Tapping Screw (10 pcs.) 4mm Aluminum Nut (20 pcs.) 4mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (10 pcs.) 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (2 pcs.) 850 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) Pin Type Wheel Adapter RS-540 Sport-Tuned Motor Manta Ray Ball Diff Set 3x10mm Titanium Tapping Screw (10 pcs.) R/C Fluorescent Color Antenna Pipes (4 pcs.) Acto-Power Touring Special Motor Acto-Power Formula Motor Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set (4WD & FWD Touring & Rally Car) Aluminum King Pins (4WD-TA02 / FWD Chassis) 4mm Anodized Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts (Blue) 4mm Anodized Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts (Red) 4mm Anodized Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts (Gold) 4mm Anodized Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts (Black) M-Chassis Universal Shaft Set M-Chassis Ball Bearing Set
*1 Requires 2 sets for one car
50411-D 50412 50413-D Tool Set (Box Wrench, Hex Wrench, BC1 x4) Snap Pin Set (BT4 x5, BT5 x10) 16T, 17T AV Pinion Gear Set 18T, 19T AV Pinion Gear Set Flex Sticker Sheet (Fluorescent Red) Flex Sticker Sheet (Fluorescent Yellow) Flex Sticker Sheet (Fluorescent Green) Hi-Torque Servo Saver R/C Rover Mini Cooper Body Parts Set 2x8mm Tapping Screw (BC2 x10) 2.6x10mm Tapping Screw (BC3 x5) 3mm Grub Screw (BC1 x10) 3x10mm Tapping Screw (BA2 x10) 3x14mm Step Tapping Screw (BA5 x5) 3x15mm Tapping Screw (BA3 x10) 4x10mm Step Screw (BB4 x5) 3mm Washer (BA6 x15)


Tamiya America, Inc. 2 Orion, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 (949) 362-2240 Fax: (949) 362-2250 Consumers: (800) TAMIYA-A Dealers: (800) 5-TAMIYA



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