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MINOURA RDA Inter-Rim Ergo-10 / 50 Instruction manual
Please read this instructions carefully before use
(This figure is the Remote Control version)
Thank you for purchasing Minoura's Inter-Rim Ergo Trainer with RDA and Magturbo. With its unique rim-drive system, the RDA Inter-Rim Magturbo is our most sophisticated bicycle home trainer for both road and mountain bikes. Minoura has long been an innovator in stationary trainers, and our new Inter-Rim trainer continues that tradition. The Rim Drive Action (RDA) system has special drive pulleys that contact only the rim, avoiding wear and tear to the tire and any unpleasant noise. With the RDA system, training is smoother, more adjustable, and quieter, and you avoid the cost of replacing worndown tires. The RDA system can handle almost any bicycle with a wheel diameter of 26 to 28 inches and is the best trainer yet for mountain bikes.
Read all instructions carefully before use. Some assembly required. Keep the manual handy at all times. Lost instruction materials can be replaced through Minoura or your local dealer. Do NOT use trainer for any other purpose than instructed. The trainer is manufactured to precise standards. You may not disassemble or rebuild it. "Inter-Rim" and "RDA" are trademarks of Minoura and may not be copied.
Please obey warning signs.
Couplings Hub-clamp handle Mag Unit Height Adjust Knob Mag Unit Remote Control Lever Drive roller Frame U-Leg Drive-pulley lever
Mag unit installation slot Assistant roller unit installation slot Rubber Foot Cap

(Fig. A)

Open the frame and U-Leg and place on level floor.
Prior to assembly of the Magturbo unit, locate the two bolts and two washers. Locate the left-side slot on the Minoura trainer. While placing the Magturbo unit at the desired position on the inside of the slot, attach it with bolts and washers by using the included hex wrench. (see Fig. B) After installing the Magturbo unit, put the Height Adjust Knob (maybe an option) through the hole on the pre-installed bracket on the left side slot, and then tighten it to the thread on the Magturbo support base. This optional Height Adjust Knob will help your adjustment of Magturbos height in order to fit the rubber roller properly to the rim side wall. (see Fig.C)

(Fig. B)

(Fig. C)
Mag unit must be assembled on the left side of RDA Trainer and the Assistant Roller Unit on the right. Do not mistake directions, see diagram for accurate placement. After deciding the height of the pulleys tighten handle securely to avoid damage to equipment and/or rider. (see Fig. D)

(Fig. D)

Handle with care! Damage may occur if Mag unit is dropped.
Install the assistant roller unit to the right side of the frame, using the same process as with the left-side Mag unit. Make sure the assembly is secure and accurate. (see Fig. E)
The Inter-Rim is foldable and portable without requiring future disassembly of the Magturbo unit and assistant roller unit. The Magturbo unit must be on the left side of the Inter-Rim Ergo's frame, and the assistant roller unit must be on the right side. Both drive pulleys must be adjusted so as not to touch the tire. You do not need to set this adjustment at this stage of the assembly --- you can adjust it later, before use. Once you have set the height of the pulleys, you must fix them firmly. If they are loose, they may break and/or damage your bicycle.

(Fig. E)


(Fig. F)

Before installing your bicycle, rotate both hub-clamp handles counter-clockwise to create a wide clearance between the couplings. (see Fig. F) Place the bicycle's rear hub between the two couplings, making sure that the quick-release skewer (or hub nut) is not yet touching either couplings. Then rotate the hub-clamp handles clockwise to fix the rear hub. Tighten until securely fastened, but do not overtighten. During this attachment process, you should adjust the position of the rim with checking the Rim Center Position Indicator on the Assitant Roller. (see Fig. G) -4-

(Fig. G)

Once you have set the correct position of the rim for your bicycle, you can install or remove your bicycle by rotating only one hub-clamp handle. This feature saves time. The Left-side coupling has a cut-away section to accomodate the shaft of the quickrelease lever. You must align this coupling with the shaft of the QR. Failure to do so may cause the coupling to improperly support the bicycle.
The couplings are designed to acommodate a certain style of quick-release lever. If you use an incompatible quick-release lever, it may not be properly supported be the coupling --- so you must change your quick-release to the correct style in order to prevent accidents.

The yellow levers control the release and placement of the rollers to the rim. By adjusting these levers, you will see that the two rollers contact the rim sidewall with equal tension. If they are not resting on the rim properly, but on the tire, then you must re-adjust the height of the drive pulleys so that the roller contact is solely with the rim. (see Fig. H)

(Fig. H)

If the rollers are rubbing against or touching the tire, it may cause the tire to burst. Roller-to-rim contact ONLY! (see Fig. I)

(Fig. I)

Be careful not to pinch fingers in springs while adjusting. (see Fig. J) (Fig. J) -5-
To remove your bicycle from the trainer: First, push down both yellow levers, which releases the rollers and drive pulleys from the bicycle rim, and then rotate the hub-clamp counter-clockwise until loose, and pull out the bicycle. (see Fig. K) (Fig. K)


The Magturbo unit has seven different levels of load force, replicating actual riding resistance. The load settings range from high (H) to low (L) and can be adjusted via the yellow lever on the Magturbo unit. The rider may also adjust the load force by shifting up or down among his gears, depending on the level desired. We recommend that you start with a medium to low load force and gradually work up, increasing force as muscled warm up.
To decrease the load force, move the yellow lever on Mag unit toward the (L) symbol. The lowest selection is not zero load; there still be a small level of force. When your Mag unit is a remote control type, twist the lever on your handlebar toward the (L) symbol.
To increase the load force, move the yellow lever on the Mag unit toward the (H) symbol. When your Mag unit is a remote control type, twist the lever on your handlebar toward the (H) symbol. You must not be riding the Inter-Rim trainer when you are adjusting the yellow lever for load force. Make sure all parts have stopped spinning. Do not try to adjust the lever with your feet while riding.


In 1998 Minoura is offering an option to the RDA Magturbo system called ICE (Interactive Cycling Experience) system. This computerized option will give the rider continuous automatic load changes according to preprogrammed software supplied by UltraCoach in California, U.S.A. This easy-to-install unit provides a more enjoyable and accurate training experience. -6-
When you first start riding, the Inter-Rims rim rollers may be stiff and cause the rim to slip. But the rollers will soften after a few rotations and will impart the proper rim grip. The rubber rollers may melt or wear by heating from longtime use. The rim-drive rollers will eventually wear and need to be replaced. When you find that your load force has diminished altogether or that you feel some vibrations that cannot be avoided through minor adjustments, then it is time to invest in a roller replacement set, available from your Minoura dealer.
To remove: Apply a 10mm wrench to the nut behind the pulley while turning the bolt with a M4 hex wrenc h. (see Fig. L)
If you are changing the roller on the Mag unit (left) side, go to step 3. To change the roller on the assistant-roller-unit (right) side, pull back the pulley and remove the rubber roller.

(Fig. L)

To remove the pulley on the Magturbo unit (left) side, you must loosen the two bolts that are located on the surface of the Mag unit with a M4 hex wrench. Push the Mag unit in the direction of the drive roller to loosen the V-Belt and then pull out the pulley. (see Fig. M)

(Fig. M)

Do not remove the bolts that control the tension on the V-Belt. Drive pulley

Rubber roller

As you did with the right-side roller in step 2, pull out rubber roller from the pulley. (see Fig. N) Plastic shaft
Be sure to replace both rollers at the same time to prevent uneven wear to the rim and to ensure a more balanced ride. -7-

Under pulley cover

(Fig. N)
After replacing the rollers, you must fix the pulleys upper and lower covers firmly. On the Mag unit side, after applying the pulley you must pull the Mag unit to tension the V-Belt. Then, tighten the two bolts while holding the V-Belt in the proper tension. When you fix the upper and lower roller covers, you must make sure these covers are parallel. If the covers are not parallel, it may result in vibration that may loosen the rollers and cause an accident. (see Fig. O) (Fig. O)


If strange noises or vibration persist, discontinue use immediately and return to your Minoura dealer or place of purchase for assistance. You may also contact Minoura Co.,Ltd.: 1197-1 Godo, Anpachi, Gifu 503-2305 Japan, or contact to Minoura North American R&D Center at 1-510-739-1395. Always check for tightness of bolts and nuts before using. Check V-Belt and couplings for excessive wear or damage. Remove all oils and moisture from drive pulleys and other devices. Keep dry and out of weather.


To dispose of an old or broken trainer, please disassemble as much as possible and recycle properly. Do NOT dispose of trainer in trash. Harmful gas may occur if burned. Keep abandoned parts away from children.
Slope Level and Resistance
600W 500W 400W 300W 200W 100W 0W -100W








300 W 250 W 200 W 150 W 100 W 50 W 0W

0 km/h

5 km/h

10 km/h

15 km/h

20 km/h

25 km/h

30 km/h

35 km/h
The RDA Magturbo can simulate a maximum upward slope of 4 percent. These data were measured on official testing equipment at the Japan Bicycle Technical Center. They may very according to size of the bicycle and rim and weight of the rider.
Effective training requires some load resistance. Even in the minimum load setting, the Inter-Rim Ergo offers some resistance. A gradual increasing of the load force is better for your muscles and a more effective form of training. By manipulating the load force and your bicycle gears, you can get your preferred level of resistance. We reccomend that you consult a knowledgeable fitness trainer about your personal training program. Always stretch before riding the trainer, warm up when you begin riding, and cool down slowly when you are finishing your session. This will help to avoid injury to muscles and joints.
For best results, it is important to maintain a consistent cadence through any changes in load force.

Next page is a sample trainer workout for a rider who is using a mountain bike with the Inter-Rim Ergo trainer. This exact workout may not be suitable for everyone, but you can modify the gear ratio and load settings to suit your power and preference. If you need further guidance, please ask a professional for a personal training program. -9-

40 km/h

WORKOUT SAMPLE Front chainring* Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Middle Rear cog Cadense 28T 90 rpm 24T 21T 18T 16T 14T 21T 90 rpm 90 rpm 90 rpm 90 rpm 90 rpm 70 rpm
15 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes
* You may shift to the outer ring, but the inner ring will not be effective for training.
This magnetic resistance device may be able to realize you such an impossible situation as you can run at over 35 MPH speed easily because your tire doesnt contact the earth, but only the rollers. As you know, in fact, there is no way when you ride on the road, but you can do it on this Inter-Rim Ergo trainer with lowest resistance load force and high gear ratio. And such a stupid high speed training may cause a problem on bearings and/or shaft. This magnetic resistance device is designed for usual training under 35 MPH (56 KPH) speed, so you should keep your training speed under the limit. If there is an awful noise or vibration from your magnetic resistance device during your training, please contact your purchased dealer or Minoura immediately.

- 10 -

You can get the following replacement parts for your Inter-Rim trainer through your local dealer; ORDER #400-1240-00 DRIVE ROLLER (MAG UNIT SIDE) ORDER #400-1255-00 35mm DIAMETER RUBBER FOOT CAP
(This part is not compatible with 1998 or older model.)
ORDER #400-1246-00 HUB HANDLE
ORDER #400-1247-00 V-BELT (K-16)

- 11 -

MINOURA NORTH AMERICAN CENTER FOR RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING 37653 B Argyle Rd., Fremont, CA 94536 U.S.A. Phone 510-739-1395 / Fax 510-790-1108 E-mail : MINOURA TECHNICAL & WARRANTY CENTER Toll Free 800-601-9592 MINOURA CO., LTD. 1197-1 Godo, Anpachi, Gifu 503-2305 JAPAN Phone +81 584-27-3131 / Fax +81 584-27-4258 E-mail: MADE IN JAPAN



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