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daryl314 6:35pm on Saturday, October 9th, 2010 
C385 Great Value! I bought this phone in November for £60, with £20 credit and 3p texts for 6 months. So technically I paid £40.
HeinrichW 4:33am on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 
Does what it says........... Was looking for a new mobile phone but wasnt looking for 1 with a camara and all the other gadgets. C385 Great Value! I bought this phone in November for £60, with £20 credit and 3p texts for 6 months. So technically I paid £40.
praveen_bv 7:18pm on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 
Average Resonable screen but poor quality, cheap feeling, plastic buttons are not easy to use.
gazola42 2:30pm on Monday, May 24th, 2010 
There is no doubt that the price is excellent and that the Motorola C385 mobile phone delivers a vast range of features.
whugento 2:36am on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
Was looking for a new mobile phone but wasnt looking for 1 with a camara and all the other gadgets.
xboxrulz 3:08am on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 
I bought this Motorola C385 mobile phone in November for ?60, with ?20 credit and 3p texts for 6 months. So technically I paid ? Its lightweight...

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Motorola C380/C385
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motorla c385 download files/pic's is there a free download that will allow me to get my files, pictures, and information from my phone to my pc. unlock motorola c380 i have a motorola c380 phone. can you help me to unlock my phone? thanks. driver usb c380\c385 haw i can download driver for c380 or usb to connect my phone to pc??? please gift me usb drive motorola c380 please gift me usb drive motorola c380 find usb driver for motorola c380 please.kasih gw driver usb motorola c380, biar hp gw bisa connect to my pc needs driver for motorola c380 hi guys. i really need your help. i need this driver badly = motorola c380. email me at motorola c 380 please tell me how to transfer messages, mms and photographs from phone to pc and vice versa. is there a pc suite. driver usb motorola c385 for w98se wouls be greatfull you could send me the driver abobe, i've got information in this old mobile that i want to transfer to my new movbile through my pc aand can't find it anywhere. thanks in advance please help me my phone cannt hear voice motorola c 380 i want c 380 pc suite. how to get it? need mobile usb drivers please send to me motorola c380/c385 usb drivers. downloader usb driver for motorola c380
Motorola C380/C385 manual, tips, reviews i would like to download usb driver, please send me a downloader usb driver for motorola c380 to my email, thanks for everything. motorola c380 free download drivers for motorola c380 minta di mana ya untuk cari driver cable data usb for motorola c380. downloader usb driver i would like to download usb driver, please send me a downloader usb driver for motorola c380 to my email, thanks for everything. internet connection dear sir, i am from sri lanka. my connection is "dialog" problem :- difficult to get connection to the web site from c380.already gprs has activated.settings are already ok.when connecting always display" this page cannot be display".there is no any connection error.please help me. usb driver for motorola c380 please send me a usb driver for motorola c380 to my e-mail, thanks c380 usb driver needed. hi, do u have the usb driver for motorola c380 ? i need to connect to internet thro' my mobile. pls helpon asap. can send to the email regds, chandra tanya setting gprs motorola c380 bagaimana setting gprs motorola c380 unlock code for motorola c380 can any body help me unlock my phone. i have used it once in australia on the optus network. i am now in the solomon islands and would like to use the phone here. thank you. desperate. driver motorola c385 hello, i need the windows 98 usb driver for motorola c385. can you send it to me? driver motorola c1380 gimana cara download driver conectiviti cable untuk motorolla c380 i need a complet manual on the use of motorola c could you please send me a manual? i've lost mine and i need a user guide to effectively use my cellular phone. thanks for the help how motorola c385 work with pc i connected pc to the mobile ,window xp sp2 detect it but it didnot work blacklist for motorola c380 i have c380 mobile phone, and i want my phone can reject unwanted call/sms. what should i do ? usb driver motorola c380/ c381 for the product, in the future is good, but, that your product is not becoming with completely included of package ? would you send me for the usb driver ? we are waitting, and waitting ! motorola c380 for yr info i already connect usb to my phone but still cannot download to my phone pls. cellulare motorola c385 dove posso trovare i drive per configurare il modem del telefonino al mio computer IM application how can i configure my c380 Im application? wer can i find a server provider? motorolla c380 java app loader any one can help me? i can't up load java applications in my c 380 anybody have the software? how can i activated that applications i don't find it in my c 380 motorola c385 How do I connect my c385 to PC through USB cable and where can I download that software for free? C380 Tolong carikan dong usb drivers untuk motorola c381/c380 install java on c381 I can't find Java App Loader on my C381, how to activated Java App Loader on my C381???



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