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Page 1 of 4 technical bulletin

Series Diode Replacement



STATUS: Routine



30 minutes

A manufacturer error has been found with some VL2000 series lamp power supplies (APS). When diodes manufactured by someone other than Motorola or ON Semiconductor are found, they should be replaced with Motorola or ON brand diodes. The incorrect diodes may be manufactured by another company (such as Fairchild or General Semiconductor) instead of Motorola or ON. Replacements should only be made by an authorized Vari-Lite service center when an APS is sent in for repair. This technical bulletin contains the information necessary to determine if the diodes need to be replaced.
Luminaires and Ballast PCB Assemblies
This technical bulletin affects the following VL2000 series luminaires and associated ballast PCB assemblies:

VL2000 Series Luminaire

VL2201, VL2413, and VL2414 VL2202 and VL2402 VL2415, and VL2416

Ballast PCB Assembly

400/625W Ballast PCB Assembly 700W Ballast PCB Assembly 1200W Ballast PCB Assembly
82.4308.4937 82.5340.or 5 EA DIODE, 1N4937 FAST 600V 1A 4 EA DIODE, ZENER 1.5KE250A TVS 250V 1500W




Page 2 of 4 technical bulletin


Replace Diodes (as necessary)
WARNING: All maintenance procedures are to be performed with power removed from the luminaire. Step 1. At ballast assemblies, using Figure 1, verify manufacturer of four diodes installed at D203, D204, D213, and D214. (Figure 3, Figure 4, and Figure 5.)
Identifying marks on the incorrect diode.
Identifying marks on the Motorola diode.
Figure 1: Identifying Motorola Diode Part Number 82.5340.0001 Step 2. Depending on the ballast PCB assembly being checked, perform one of the following steps: a. For VL2201, VL2413, and VL2414 luminaires, at 400/625W Ballast Board PCB Assembly (APS), using Figure 2, verify manufacturer of four diodes installed at D206-D209 (Figure 3). b. For VL2202 and VL2402 luminaires, at 700W Ballast Board PCB Assembly (APS), using Figure 2, verify manufacturer of five diodes installed at D206-D210 (Figure 4). c. For VL2415, and VL2416 luminaires, at 1200W Ballast PCB Assembly, using Figure 2, verify manufacturer of five diodes at D206-D210 (Figure 5).
Page 3 of 4 technical bulletin
Figure 2: Identifying Motorola Diodes Part Number 82.4308.4937 Step 3. If diodes are NOT Motorola or ON, replace with Motorola or ON diodes.

D213 & D214

D203, D204 & D209
Figure 3: 400/625W Ballast Board PCB Assembly (VL2201/VL2413/VL2414)
Page 4 of 4 technical bulletin
Figure 4: 700W Ballast Board PCB Assembly (VL2202/VL2402)
Figure 5: 1200W Ballast PCB Assembly (VL2415/VL2416)


Specification Sheet

D200 Series

Digital Cordless Phone

onversations can be complicated C cordless phones dont have to be tylishly simple, value-for-money digital S cordless phone

Key Features

0 number Phone 5 Book 4-Segment backlit 1 LCD andsfree H aller ID (Type I/II) C ntercom I all transfer C onference call C uto answer A 5 Ringer tone / 5 melodies Clock / Alarm Talk Time: 10 hours tandby Time: S 170 hours
Codes & part numbers Sales Model S/T Description S11UNB2DA0AA SCUX5000A Dect D201 (Single) UK S11UNA2DA0AA SCUX5001A Dect D201 (Single) FR S11UNC2DD0AA SCUX5028A Dect D201 (Single) DE S11UND2DE0AA SCUX5029A Dect D201 (Single) ES S11UND2DB0AA SCUX5030A Dect D201 (Single) IT S11UND2DD0AA SCUX5031A Dect D201 (Single) PT S11UNC2DC0AA SCUX5002A Dect D201 (Single) NL S11UNE2DB0AA SCUX5032A Dect D201 (Single) PL S11UNF2DA0AA SCUX5033A Dect D201 (Single) TK S11UNA2DB0AA SCUX5003A Dect D201 (Single) RU S12UNB2DA0AA S12UNA2DA0AA S12UNC2DD0AA S12UND2DE0AA S12UND2DB0AA S12UND2DD0AA S12UNC2DC0AA S12UNE2DB0AA S12UNF2DA0AA S12UNA2DB0AA SCUX5004A SCUX5005A SCUX5034A SCUX5035A SCUX5036A SCUX5037A SCUX5006A SCUX5038A SCUX5039A SCUX5007A Dect D202 (Twin) UK Dect D202 (Twin) FR Dect D202 (Twin) DE Dect D202 (Twin) ES Dect D202 (Twin) IT Dect D202 (Twin) PT Dect D202 (Twin) NL Dect D202 (Twin) PL Dect D202 (Twin) TK Dect D202 (Twin) RU
EAN 5031753004118 5031753003784


Registration Number of registrations for HANDSET to BASE Number of registrations for BASE to HANDSET GAP GAP compatible Dialing Tone/Pulse Dial Pre-Dialing (On-hook Dialing) Flash Redial memory Maximum Redial dial length Mix Dial Chain dial CID Type I /Type II Caller ID Caller ID memory Call feature Intercom Call transfer Conference call Auto answer Barring HS from dialing Talk MUTE Receiver volume Display talk time Handset Handsfree SPKR Volume Phone book Phone book memory Maximum Phone book dial length Import fom CID memory to Phone book Name Character Length Ringer Ringer tone (Handset) Ringer Melody (Handset) Ringer Volume (Handset) Base Ringer Ringer tone (Base) Ringer Volume (Base) HANDSET indication LCD specification MENU languages Clock Handset Name HANDSET OTHER Out-of-range warning tone Low battery warning tone Talk Time Standby Time Battery Charge Time Range (indoor/outdoor [m]) LCD back Light Alarm clock include snooze option BASE OTHER Page Charging LED Accessory User Manual Handset Battery AC Adaptor ACV230 50Hz/DC6V 400mA TEL CORD Colour Brushed satin silver 14seg x 12 + 16icon 12 yes yes yes (ON/OFF) yes (ON/OFF) 10h 170h 16h to 20h 50 / 300 yes yes yes yes yes AAA 550mA NiMH x EURO STANDARD
yes yes yes yes (SHORT/LONG) yes yes yes 40 yes yes yes yes (ON/OFF) yes yes 5 yes yes 5 (Handset SPKR) yes 5 Mute + 5steps yes 5 Mute + 5steps
Weight of gift box Dimensions of gift box (Depth x Width x Height mm) Number of gift boxes per overpack Weight of overpack Dimensions of overpack (D x W x H mm) No of overpacks per pallet Dimensions of pallet (D x W x H mm)
D201 (Single CID) 520g 123 x 143 x 2601g 162 x 632 x 800 x 1200 x 725
D202 (Twin CID) 1020g 149 x 151 x 5101g 171 x 767 x 800 x 1200 x 995
D203 (Triple CID) 1500g 146 x 190 x 9000g 209 x 752 x 800 x 1200 x 980
For more information please contact your local Motorola Authorised Dealer or Distributor
MOTOROLA and the Stylised M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Motorola, Inc. 2007. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice. All specifications shown are typical. Radio meets applicable regulatory requirements.

Motorola, Ltd. Jays Close, Viables Industrial Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4PD, UK




HR-XV2 Hiphone Moov 500 RX-V390RDS SS-MF400H CAP-4100 Nuvi 1240 YH-925 HM120JI-D 15LB450S EB 270 AD-54 Bizhub 160F CW-21Z453N Polaroid A515 Satellite 1710 BT62cdbst 75388 KG 2 5 I8910 Srie H1 Sheet XG-NV4SE Dvdr3300H-05 PA800X Yamaha QY10 2720 GPS Fo-155 355 TM-733 Stylus C82 SA-XR700 81035 Philips FW40 Storage Disk Nokia 1508 ASF2643 AT4220 1 0 PV-GS150 P1292 VP-D76I DCR-TRV310E Review Bolex SM8 EX-D5 SX425W Speedmaster Roomba 5105 Factor TX-DS484 CQ-C1400N CCD-TR620E EN7300 Switch DCP-8060 AD15VT MAX-B420 Kenwood 500 85919 Well Tens Motorola L72 DV-981HD Huawei U120 345GSM Ricoh 2075 Mount PM-D750 DVP-CX995V Alesis QS82 S8100FD XRS 9940 Optiplex 745 PD528 Samsung ST61 PPC6700 Toshiba L300 Nuvi 360 Ericsson Aino LSP-3000 SGH-B320 Dvdr3597H CDM-7835R ESF610 MH-607YS PC-1246S 1248 STR-DG510 DP-23F UE-32C6000 Galeo 5850 181 DJ VPC-C5EX 32PW8608-12 6FF3FPW DCR-TRV725E KX-T4310B MW600 CCD-TR728E HAP 220 LAM400R 3224C SPF FB 325


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