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Motorola GP 2000Valley Enterprises Radio to Radio Cloning Cable for Motorola GP2000

Brand: Valley Enterprises
Part Number: RPC-MGP2000-CC
UPC: 0811714014654, 811714014654

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OTTO (Made in US) Earpiece for 2pin Motorola Radio CP040, GP300, ...


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elociaz 7:06am on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
I am seriously impressed with the quality and features of this phone. id definitely recommend it. I have owned this phone now, for over two weeks.
bmackenz1 10:18am on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
great camera for a cell phone. nice pictures n great displays, ability for full screen display of picture/video review is nice too. I got this phone through the insurance program with Sprint. I originally had a Samsung A900 "The Blade" that went to cell phone heaven.
n00b 2:37pm on Monday, May 24th, 2010 
Great phone. Very Rugged. I am very happy with my MOTORAZR2 V9. I have recommended it to many of my friends and encouraged them to get one. I like the Motorola RAZR2 V9 because it is a flip phone. The battery life could be better.
beloncio 3:47am on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 
Terrible phone wish I could take my old V3 back in its place, bluetooth car kit conyinually drops out, number 9 is key pad is hit and miss. I bought the motorola V9 about a year ago. It has been a very good sequel to the V3. The battery life is wonderful when bought new.

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0155-19697 GP2000 bro 6/2/02 5:45 PM Page 1


Tired of finding ways to boost productivity and yet keep costs to a minimum?
Motorola GP2000 Alpha Series Radio

Unique Features

Compact, lightweight & ergonomically-designed 99 Channels Front Panel Programming Average Battery Life of 8 hours Private Lines
Private Lines Set up your talkgroups/users with unique Private Lines(PL) / Digital Private Lines(DPL) to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency. The GP2000 has 3 PLs more than the industry standard enabling further customisation of your communication. Battery Saver Features The GP2000 offers 3 power levels - Economy Low, Low and High. When communicating in close proximity, the Economy Low option allows users to save on battery use; extending talktime by up to 6 hours. Using the High power level allows users to enjoy wider communication coverage. In addition, the GP2000 offers normal and enhanced battery saver modes; conserving vital battery power when idle for a specific period of time. User-friendly Navigation With two navigation buttons, you can easily scroll through the radio's menu. The four programmable buttons allow you to assign up to eight commonlyused features - giving convenience at your fingertips. 8-Digit Alpha-Numeric & Iconic Display Iconic battery and signal strength indicators enable you to determine the radio's operating performance at a glance. Text and number displays such as channel alias and frequency number, provides critical information for your operations. Prime Channel The GP2000 enables you to set your frequentlyused channel as your prime channel. You can now directly access your specified channel and return to your prime channel - all at a push of a button. This feature can also be programmed to automatically return to the prime channel after a specified time lapse - saving you valuable time. Priority Scan Monitor the activity on your priority channel more frequently than any other channel - so that you can keep watch on that channel's activities and not miss out on critical information.

Two-way Communication?

Companies with people on the move need twoway radios. Realise the benefits of two-way radios.
Contact people who are mobile and at different Talk simultaneously to a group of people at a

simple push of a button

Modern Efficient
Respond quickly in emergency situations
Increase Productivity With the ability for one-to-many communication with just a simple push of a button, two-way radios allow staff to keep in touch with one another while on the move - providing vital information to the right person at the right time - instantly. Cost-savings Unlike cellular telephones, two-way radios are not billed on airtime basis providing you an economical communication solution for your operations.

with Exceptional Value

Additional Features
Motorola's GP2000 Alpha Series Radio - the exciting two-way radio solution that enhances operational efficiency at exceptionally cool prices! The GP2000 radio is compact and ergonomically-designed for greater portability. Feature-rich yet affordable, the GP2000 is ideal for businesses to stay in touch with their mobile staff and be in control of their operations. The GP2000 is efficient and easy-to-use with front-panel programming and user-friendly navigation buttons. It also provides clear audio quality through an audio-enhancement feature that allows users to manually adjust to the desired squelch level. Ideal for communication in high noise environments.
Talk Around 3 Scan Lists Busy Channel Lockout Nuisance Channel Delete Selective Call Low Battery Alert Backlight Setting (auto/toggle) Channel Alias Receive-only Channel 12.5/25 kHz Channel Spacing Adjustable Squelch Level Coded Squelch Time-Out Timer (from 0 to 10 mins)

Confident Performance

An invaluable asset for your operations, the GP2000 is cost-effective and comes with Motorola's reliability and quality standards that you can trust for a job well done. Ideally suited for hospitality, service, manufacturing and construction industries, the lightweight GP2000 workhorse gives you the confidence to move faster and with greater efficiency.
Hospitality & Service Industries The GP2000 is compact, lightweight and highly portable ideal for the fast-moving pace of this industry. It is ergonomically-designed and efficient providing your customers with world-class hospitality and customer service. Coordinate inter-department operations Contact key personnel instantly for critical decisions Enhance operational resource allocation and logistics Improve guest and property security

Should Use GP2000?

Easy-To-Use Features That Boost Productivity
Motorola's GP2000 two-way radio offers a wide range of features that helps you manage and control your operations with ease. Compact, lightweight and ergonomically-designed Motorola's GP2000 two-way radio is designed with a modern, ergonomic style that facilitates better handling. The channel knob is replaced with an easy-touse navigation button that allows you to quickly scroll through the user channels. 99 Channels Ideal for operations with a wide group of users, the GP2000 enables you to assign your work teams into 99 talk groups. The channel button located at the front of the radio, provides easy and quick access to the different talk groups. Front Panel Programming Easily programmable functions through its front panel buttons. This feature allows you the flexibility of customising and re-setting your radio profile while in the field - without relying on programming equipment such as computers, cables and power supplies. Average Battery Life of 8 hours @ 5-5-90 duty cycle Allows you to enjoy up to 8 hours of talktime without the need to charge or carry additional batteries during a typical 8-hour work shift.
Additional GP2000 Features
Talk Around 3 Scan Lists (each with priority channel) Busy Channel Lockout Nuisance Channel Delete Selective Call Low Battery Alert Backlight Setting (auto/toggle) Channel Alias Receive-only Channel 12.5/25 kHz Channel Spacing Adjustable Squelch Level Coded Squelch Time-Out Timer (from 0 to 10 minutes)
Manufacturing Keep your production line going. The GP2000's clear audio enables communication in noisy plant conditions. Its wide coverage improves teamwork and cooperation with increased productivity to your bottom line. Instantly communicate changes in the production process Reduce downtime through equipment breakdown alerts Better management and coordination of staff and resources Enhance plant safety and security with fast response to emergencies Construction Better manage your work site, staff and resources with the highest levels of efficiency and safety. The GP2000 is rugged and compact - ideal for the harsh environment of the worksite. Coordinate on-site manpower and resource deployment Instant access to project supervisors and architects for quick decisions Enhance work site security; minimising theft and accidents Improve staff safety through better monitoring of hazardous operations


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The GP2000 two-way radio is compatible with Motorola's new ergonomically-designed and cost effective MAG ONE accessories series as well as existing GP68 accessories.

Your Radios Capabilities

GP2000 Specifications


* Frequency Range
VHF 136 - 174 MHz 99 -30 to +60C (Radio) -20 to +60C (With NiMH battery) HxWxD 403-440 MHz

UHF 435-480 MHz

Memory Channels Operating Temperature Range Dimensions Standard Capacity NiMH Weight Standard Capacity NiMH Average Battery Life @ 5 - 5 - 90 Duty Cycle Standard Capacity NiMH Sealing Shock & Vibration Dust & Humidity Display digits with backlight Transmitter RF Output Channel Spacing Spurs and Harmonics Frequency Stability High Power 5W VHF Lower Power 1W High Power 5W 8 Hours Low Power 1W 11 Hours
A comprehensive range of accessories is available so that the GP2000 two-way radio can be customised to suit your needs. Adding proper headsets, microphones, batteries, chargers or carrying cases can enhance your operational productivity. Motorola's accessories are built with the highest quality standards and are specially engineered to ensure maximum performance of your radio, no matter what business you're in.
115.5mm x 56mm x 35mm (38mm top) 350g High Power 4W 8 Hours Low Power 1W 11 Hours
Passes rain testing per IPX4 (EN60529:1991) Diecast with impact resistant polycarbonate housing, passes EIA RS - 316B Weather resistant housing passes EIA RS - 316B 8 UHF High Power 4W 63dB 2.5ppm 40dB +/- 5kHz (25kHz) / +/- 2.5kHz (12.5kHz) +1, -3dB Lower Power 1W

12.5 / 25 kHz switchable

Battery PMNN4046_R - NiMH Hi Cap battery
Earbud with Mic & PTT/VOX switch
FM Hum and Noise Modulation Limiting Audio Response (from 6dB/oct. Pre-Emphasis,300 to 3000Hz) Audio Distortion @ 1kHz tone, 60% rated max dev.
Slow Rate Wall Adapters (plug directly to radio) PMTN4053 PMTN4047 PMTN4052 Rapid Rate Charger PMTN4048 PMTN4049 PMTN4050 Audio Accessories PMLN4294 PMLN4425 PMLN4442 PMLN4443 PMLN4444 PMLN4445 PMMN4008 Carrying Accessories PMLN4467 PMLN4468 PMLN4469 4285820Z01 HLN9844 JMZN4020 RLN4815 - Carrying Case, Soft Leather Black - Holster Case, Neoprene Grey - Holster Case, Neoprene Blue - Light Duty Shoulder Strap - Spring Belt Clip, 1.5 inch belt width - Radio Handstrap - Universal Radio Pak - Earbud with Microphone/PTT - Earset Boom Mic with Ring PTT - Earbud with in-line Microphone & PTT/VOX switch (MAG ONE) - Ear Receiver with in-line Microphone & PTT/VOX switch (MAG ONE) - Earset Boom Mic with in-line PTT/VOX switch (MAG ONE) -Ultra-light Headset with in-line PTT/VOX switch (MAG ONE) -Remote Speaker Microphone (MAG ONE) -Rapid Charger (90min), US 2 Pin 110V -Rapid Charger (90min), EU 2 Pin 230V -Rapid Charger (90min), UK 3 Pin 230V - Slow rate (16 hr), US 2 Pin,110V -Slow rate (16 hr), EU 2 Pin, 230V -Slow rate (16 hr), UK 3 Pin, 230V

<5% VHF 25 kHz 12.5 kHz 0.25V 65dB 65dB 65dB 60dB 60dB 60dB <5% 40dB -57dBm 500mW into 24 65dB 65dB 65dB 60dB 60dB 60dB 25 kHz UHF 12.5 kHz
Receiver Channel Spacing Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) Selectivity (EIA) Intermodulation (EIA)
Ear Receiver with Mic & PTT/VOX switch
Spurious Rejection Audio Distortion Hum and Noise Conducted Emission Audio Output @ <5% Distortion (7.5V / room temperature)
Standard Capacity NiMH (Hi-cap) battery.
* Availability subject to countrys law and regulations.
All specifications shown are typical and subject to change without notice.
Portable Military Standards 810 C, D and E Applicable MIL-STD High Temperature Methods 501.3 502.3 503.3 505.3 507.3 509.3 510.3 514.4 Procedures 1 1&1 MIL-STD 810C, D and E Stamp of approval from the U.S. Military for use in rough environments. ISO 9001 Standard Compliance with ISO 9001 Standardan international quality system assurance on design, development, production, installation and servicing of a product. Accelerated Life Testing Stringent Motorola Accelerated Life Testing simulating five years of hard use in real life, EIA RS-316B in Shock, Vibration, Dust, Humidity, IPX4 for Sealing.
Earset Boom Mic with PTT/VOX switch
Low Temperature Temperature Shock Solar Radiation Humidity

Unique PTT/VOX switch

Salt Fog Dust Vibration


Availability subject to change without notice.

PMLN4468 PMLN4469

Modern, Efficient & with Exceptional Value
GP2000 Alpha Series Portable Radio


AC3-04-011 Rev-1
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