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Motorola H710 Quick Guide

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Motorola H710Motorola H710 - headset - Over-the-ear, Monaural

for Cellular phone, 0.5 oz, Mic: Built-in, Mono

For the most uncompromising user, the Motorola Universal Bluetooth Headset H710 provides all of the most advanced features in one of the most discreet headsets. H710 offers the latest echo and noise reduction technology so others can hear you quietly.

Here you can find all about Motorola H710, for example manual and bluetooth mono headset, bluetooth headset w multipoint, instructions, charger, passkey, troubleshooting, review, bluetooth headset. You can also write a review.
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slowmail 3:54am on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
Got 2 of these 6 months ago, had owned the h500 and h700 models before. This looks like the h700, but battery life is fantastic.
theholycow 8:54am on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
I purchased one of these for my own use and I carry it around in my pants pocket with my cell phone and it does not have an easy life.
MiraMike 12:45pm on Monday, September 13th, 2010 
Great item but loose on the ears I brought this as a replacement for an older version and it is a very good improvement.
CKOTEHOK 12:44pm on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
I have an H700. I like it. I ordered an H710. Easy pairing, no issues, Noise canceling works, much improved over previous models, but the technology still is not perfect. Great set.
rocketman 1:50pm on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
great product... wonderful battery life... the only problem with these blue tooth devices is I keep loosing them, this is my third MOTO headset...
quiroz.gc 12:53am on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
Motorola H710 Bluetooth Headset I previously had the H700 and particularly liked the flip boom to activate facility.
Bruce 4:48pm on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
excellent i have only had it for a day but i am impressed. It is easy to set up and fits on my ear very well. Fantastic headset Over the years I have used various makes and models of bluetooth headset and invariably I have been disappointed with them all for v...
karlotto 7:53pm on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 
Motorola support is non existant, I would never buy anything off them again. I have the first generation and It just started acting up after three years of constant wear. With all the abuse this product went thru (sweat, dirt.
cwquantock 4:46am on Monday, April 26th, 2010 
great buy the sound quality is way better than i expected. excellent buy for the $. i had it within days of ordering. no probs, no complaints.

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Before using this product, read the Important Safety and Legal Information pamphlet and follow its instructions.

motorola H710

Take a moment before you get started to familiarize yourself with your new H710 Headset.
Volume Buttons Call Button Multi-Color Indicator Light Boom

Quick Start Guide

Speaker (on reverse side)
Microphone (on reverse side)


Your Headset's Battery


Your Phone
Charge your headset's battery for 2 hours:
Your phone's Bluetooth feature is off by default. To use your headset, you must turn on the Bluetooth feature in your phone. For most Motorola phones (at the main menu): 1 Press M (Menu ) > Settings > Connection >
1 Plug the Motorola charger into the end of
the headset. The indicator light turns red when the battery is charging. It may take up to 1 minute for the indicator light to turn on. When the headset's battery is fully charged (about 2 hours), the indicator light turns green.
Bluetooth Link > Setup.
2 Scroll to Power. 3 Select Change. 4 Scroll to On. 5 Press Select to turn on the Bluetooth
feature. The Bluetooth feature remains on until you turn it off.
Note: These steps are for most Motorola phones. For other phones, see your phone's user's guide.
2 Disconnect the charger.
Note: Headset is not functional while charging. Note: This product uses a lithium ion, rechargeable, non-replaceable battery. Under normal use, the expected life of the rechargeable battery is approximately 400 charges.

Your Heads

set and Phone Step B - SET YOUR PHONE TO LOOK FOR YOUR HEADSET For most Motorola phones:
Before you can use your headset, you must pair (link) it with your phone. Step A - ENSURE HEADSET IS IN PAIRING MODE Open the headset boom to power on the headset and initiate pairing. After a few moments, the indicator light will be steadily lit in blue to indicate headset is in pairing mode.
Indicator Light (steadily blue for pairing mode)
1 On your Motorola phone, press M (Menu ) >
Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Handsfree > Look for Devices.
The phone lists Bluetooth devices it finds.
2 Select Motorola H710. 3 Select OK or Yes to pair your headset with 4 5
your phone. Enter the passkey: 0000 Select OK.
If the headset does not enter pairing mode, see TROUBLESHOOTING for help.
When your headset successfully pairs with your phone, the indicator light flashes purple and blue.
Motorola, Inc. Consumer Advocacy Office 1307 East Algonquin Road Schaumburg, IL 60196 1-877-MOTOBLU 1-888-390-6456 (TTY/TDD United States for hearing impaired) Guide Number: 6809520A03-O


Your phone and headset are now paired and ready to make and receive calls. To confirm they are operating properly, make a call:
1 Place the headset over your ear. 2 On the phone, dial the number you want to
call and press SEND key on your phone.
3 If your phone and headset are successfully
paired, you will hear ringing on the headset.

Bluetooth QD ID: B013079

MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. The use of wireless devices and their accessories may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products. The Bluetooth trademarks are owned by their proprietor and used by Motorola, Inc. under license. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Motorola, Inc. 2007.

After you have successfully paired your phone and headset, you don't need to repeat these steps. For daily use, ensure that your headset is turned ON and that your phone's Bluetooth feature is ON. To conserve power, close the boom to turn your headset off. Re-open the boom to make a call.


Multipoint technology allows you to make and receive calls from two Bluetooth enabled devices like your personal and business phones. To pair a second phone to your headset, follow these steps:


2 Use your first phone to connect to your
headset. a On your Motorola phone, press M (Menu )
1 Turn off any phones or devices that are 2 3
already paired with your headset. Turn off your headset by closing the headset boom. Perform Step 2 (Start Bluetooth Feature), and Step 3 (Pair), and Step 4 (Test and Use) to pair your headset with your second phone.
> Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Audio Devices.
b Select Motorola H710. c Select OK or Yes.
Your headset is now connected to both phones. The last paired phone (your second phone) is now your primary phone for voice dial functionality. After you have successfully paired both phones with your headset, you don't need to repeat these steps. For daily use, ensure that your headset is turned ON and that your phone's Bluetooth feature is ON.
To reconnect your headset with your first phone (and thus be connected to both phones), follow these steps:

1 Turn on first phone.

Use the following tips when using H710's multipoint technology:


My headset will not enter pairing mode. Make sure that any devices previously paired with the headset are turned off. If the indicator light is flashing in blue, first turn off the other device, then close and reopen the headset boom. The indicator light becomes steadily lit in blue indicating the headset is now in pairing mode. My phone doesn't find my headset. Make sure the indicator light on your headset is on (lit in blue) and steady when your phone is searching for devices (see step 3). My headset worked before but now it's not working. Make sure your phone is on and the Bluetooth feature is turned on in your phone (see step 2). If the Bluetooth feature was turned off or was turned on only temporarily, you may need to restart the Bluetooth feature (see step 2) and pair your phone and headset again (see step 3). My headset will not pair with my phone. Open the boom flip. Press and hold both Volume buttons and the Call button for more than 10 seconds. The indicator light flashes blue 3 times and then become steadily lit. The headset is now in pairing mode (see step 3B) to complete the pairing process. Support. If you need more help, contact us at 1-877-MOTOBLU or visit us at
Incoming calls can be answered from both phones: When answering a call, the idle phone is disconnected from the headset. When the call ends, the idle phone is automatically reconnected to the headset. Last number redial dials the last outgoing call made from either phone. Voice dial is accessible from either phone via different key actions: For your primary device (last paired phone), tap the Call button until you hear the tone. For your secondary device (other paired phone), tap the Call button and either Volume button until you hear the tone.

Features and Functions Guide
To turn your headset on, open the headset boom. The indicator light flashes blue (if connected with a device) or is steadilly lit (if ready to be paired). To turn your headset off, close the headset boom. The indicator light will turn off.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to first follow the Quick Start Guide on the reverse side of this guide to complete initial setup of your H710.
Multi-Color Indicator Light


1 Open the headset boom, then open the


You can wear your H710 headset on your left or right ear. The headset comes ready for the right ear. To change the headset for the left ear:
2 Loop the earhook over your ear. 3 Press the headset to your ear. 4 Point the headset boom towards your


1 Open the headset boom,
then open the earhook (90 from the headset).
2 Gently lift and pull the
top of the earhook up and off the upper hinge pin. Then, pull it away to remove it. 1 Open Earhook 2 Pull Earhook
3 Flip the headset over. 4 Hook the bottom of the
earhook onto the lower hinge pin, then lift and pull the top of the earhook over the upper hinge pin.

Hinge Pin

You can also change the orientation of the volume buttons on your headset.


When not in a call, open the boom to check your headset's battery charge level by pressing and holding both Volume buttons. The indicator light displays charge status until you release the buttons. See below for details on indicator light and available talk time based on charge status. Headset Indicator Red Yellow Green Available Talk Time Less than 2 hours 2 to 4.5 hours Up to 6.5 hours
1 Close the boom to turn the headset off. 2 Press and hold down the desired
"volume up" button and open the boom. Keep the button pressed until the indicator light flashes blue three times.

Volume Buttons

Call Button
European Union Directives Conformance Statement
Hereby, Motorola declares that this product is in compliance with: The essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. All other relevant EU Directives.


Function Make a voice dial call (Primary phone) Make a voice dial call (Secondary phone) Action Tap the Call button and speak the name after the tone Tap the Call button and either Voume button and speak the name after the tone Tap the Call button, and hear a high-to-low tone Open the boom or tap the call button (if boom is ready open), hear the ring tone, then a low-to-high tone Press and hold either Volume button until you hear a tone

End a call

Product Approval Number

Answer a call

The above gives an example of a typical Product Approval Number. You can view your products Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to Directive 1999/5/EC (to R&TTE Directive) at To find your DoC, enter the product Approval Number from your products label in the Search bar on the web site.

Reject a call

Note: Some features are phone/network dependent.


Function Redial last call Action Press and hold the Call button until you hear a tone Press and hold the Call button (places first call on hold), and hear a tone Press and hold either Volume button until you hear a tone Press both Volume buttons and Call button, and hear a descending tone Tap both Volume buttons until you hear a mute tone


Audio Tone Ring tone Short tone High to low tone Two short tones when pressing Volume button during a call Ascending tone Low tone (repeated every 15 seconds) Descending tone Low to high tone Headset Status Incoming call Phone network not available End call Volume at minimum or maximum Mute enabled Mute reminder
Answer a second incoming call
Reject second incoming call Transfer a call from the headset to the phone

Mute or unmute a call

Note: Your H710 supports both Handsfree and Headset Profiles. Accessing call functions depends upon which profile your phone supports. See your phone's user's guide for more information.
No audio indications; deteriorating quality Two tones repeated every minute
Mute disabled Connection confirmation/voice activation Out of range Low battery


With No Charger Plugged In Headset Indicator Off Three blue flashes Steady blue Quick blue flash Slow blue pulse Slow blue flash Headset Status Power off Powering on/off Pairing mode Incoming/outgoing call on primary phone Connected (on a call) Standby (not on a call)
With No Charger Plugged In Headset Indicator Red flash Slow purple pulse Quick red flash Headset Status Idle (not connected to phone) Connected call muted Low battery
Quick blue/purple flashes Pairing successful
Tip: Set your primary and secondary phones to different ring tones to know which phone is ringing when wearing the headset. See "Tips for using H710 with Two Phones" for more information.

With the Charger Plugged In Headset Indicator Headset Status Red Battery level less than 50% charge Yellow Green Battery level more than 50% charge Charging complete
Note: After 20 minutes on a call or of inactivity, the light stops flashing to conserve power, but the headset remains on. Note: To disable the indicator light, press and hold both Volume buttons while turnng headset on.


Memo Motorola H710 Returns
December 4, 2009 Effective immediately Mobileistic will no longer accept any returns on the Motorola H710 Bluetooth Headset. This headset is discontinued by the manufacturer and they will no longer be issuing any credits or exchanges to dealers. Consumers who have already purchased H710 headsets will continue to be eligible for replacements only. Please advise your customer to initiate the returns process directly with Motorola. Motorolas Accessories Return Center can be contacted at: 1866-289-6686

Thank you,

Nabil Mahmood of Returns Dept. Mobileistic 516-203-7033


Technical specifications

Product TypeHeadset - Bluetooth
Weight0.5 oz
Recommended UseCellular phone
Additional FeaturesNoise canceling circuit, mute button, answer/end button, echo cancellation, volume control
Headphones TypeHeadphone - monaural
Headphones Form FactorOver-the-ear
Connectivity TechnologyWireless - Bluetooth
Sound Output ModeMono
Microphone Operation ModeMono
Wireless Link
Transmission Range33 ft
BatteryHeadset battery - rechargeable
Run Time (Up To)6.5 hour(s)
Universal Product Identifiers
Part Numbers89183N, 89370N, CNETMOTOROLA89183N---000NORP, H710, MotorolaH710, SJ0673A
GTIN00072375589183, 00723756000000, 00723755891838



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