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SecondHead 9:53pm on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 
I am quite pleased with my cordless phone set from Motorola, called the Motolivn D702 Twin Dect Cordless Phone.
SickBoy 4:46am on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 
Does the job Very versatile design in that the two handsets have their own docking station.

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digital cordless phones

Slim, sophisticated digital cordless phone, incorporating two-line, blue-backlit display handset and location-free base unit, providing ultimate flexibility in positioning the phone around the home. This new, must-have gadget is feature packed and eco-friendly offering 3-way conferencing and caller ID recognition.

Highlighted Features

High quality speakerphone Intercom 3-way conferencing Caller ID 2


Large bright illuminated display Location-free base unit High quality speaker phone 100 entry phonebook ECO mode for power saving Up to 100 hours Standby time (approx) Up to 10 hours Talk time (approx) Up to 300m outdoor range1 Up to 50m indoor range1


10 Polyphonic ring tones Caller ID function with 50 entry call log2 Microphone mute Intercom 3 Way Conferencing Call Transfer Alarm GAP compatible Use D701 handset on up to 4 bases Operation of up to 5 handsets with D701 base Wall mountable

D701 - Single Pack

D702 - Twin Pack
Technical Specifications GAP Compatibility Recall / Flash Battery Type Talk Time (approx) Standby Time (approx) Display Features Display Type Display Backlight General Features Multi-base / Handsets Handsfree Microphone Mute Intercom Languages Tone / Pulse Dialing 3-Way Conferencing Call Transfer Alarm Low Battery Warning Wall Mount Location Free Base Phonebook Features Phonebook Memory Phonebook Copy 6 including OFF Polyphonic 4/5 Multi-language 2 Line B & W Dot Matrix plus hard icons Blue LED Switchable 2 x AAA Ni-MH 10 100


SINGLE PACK Carton Outside Dim: 467x213x255mm Carton Inside Dim: 453x199x227mm Carton Weight: 482g Units per Carton: 5pcs Giftbox weight of full pack: UK: 915g/ EU: 1148g Carton weight of full pack: K: 5057g / EU: 6222g U TWIN PACK Carton Outside Dim: 452x258x289mm Carton Inside Dim: 438x244x261mm Carton Weight: 588g Units per Carton: 5pcs Giftbox weight of full pack:UK: 1215g / EU: 1475g Carton weight of full pack: K: 6663g/ EU: 7963g U
MARKETING CODE D701 D701 D701 D702 D702 D702
EAN 5031753003357 5031753003364
SOUNDS AND AUDIO Ringer Melodies Ringer Volume Ringtone Type Caller ID Features2 CID Type 1 & 2 Last Number Redial Call List Entries Advanced Features Eco Mode
1. The communication range quoted is calculated based on an unobstructed line of sight test under optimum conditions. Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to: terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference, and obstructions. 2. Certain phone features may not be activated by your service provider, and/or their network settings may limit the features functionality. Contact your service provider for details. All features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. MOTOROLA and the Stylised M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their registered owners. Motorola, Inc. 2007



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