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Motorola V300Motorola V300 Cellular phone 5 MB - Not specified - GSM - Blue

External antenna, Up to 390 minutes talk, Up to 200 hours standby, 4.3 oz

The Motorola V300 bursts with features like a bright color screen, integrated VGA-quality camera, multimedia message services (MMS) and worldwide use to deliver what you need to live your wild mobile lifestyle. And if that's not enough, check out the model V300's external caller ID, gaming capabilities, picture phonebook and fast downloading speeds for a complete wireless experience.
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sunking 8:05am on Monday, September 13th, 2010 
I like that the large screen allows you to read a tex message without having to scroll... Well i have a variety of phones and one of the first camera phones.
nickfederico 3:41am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
Had to get a replacement battery for an old phone. Ordered and received it a few days later. No problems. Old battery had been failing for a while and the wife said get a new phone.
awoodland 12:34pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
One of the very best. Flip the phone and make it small. Have owned one for last 1 yr. This is my second one.Highly recommended. Good talk time.
rmace 11:13pm on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 
This phone here the motorola v300 was my first phone on my 15th birthday which i thought the phone was excellent. I got this phone about two years ago for my birthday and I was very very dissapointed with this phone.
mmxhere 5:28am on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 
Sonocaddie V300 I purchased my Sonocaddie V300 in February 2010. It arrived with all necessarry components (hardware, software. Sonocaddie V300 I bought this because I liked the idea of no annual subscription, and most importantly I wanted some help with distance confirmation.
Nitin 11:33pm on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
This Motorola V300 mobile phone is very good and kept me interested for a couple of weeks but the thing i found very annoying inde...

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Using AOL Instant Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM ) lets you exchange short messages, in real time, with other users who are signed on to AIM from their phones or PCs.
Sending and Receiving Instant Messages
After you open your Buddy List to find people online, you can exchange messages. Press 1 S 2 SEND IM (+) or VIEW (+) open a conversation in progress Press WRITE (+) to enter new text. enter message text send the message To scroll to a name on your Buddy List start a conversation with the person
Setting Up an AIM Screen Name
You need a screen name to sign on to AIM. To set up a screen name, see Tip: If you have a screen name from the following, you can use it with AIM: AOL, CompuServe2000, My News, AOL Hometown, or Personal Finance Channel on
Finding Other People Online
To find out who else is online, sign on and check your Buddy List : Find the Feature Press 1 keypad keys 2 OK (+) 3 keypad keys

M > AIM > Sign On

3 keypad keys 4 SEND (+)
To enter your Screen Name submit your Screen Name enter your Password (case-sensitive)
Your phone displays the conversation history, where you can see the text you sent and the persons replies as they arrive. In the conversation display, you can: Press WRITE (+) BACK (-) To enter and send more text return to the Buddy List, where you can open more conversations Note: You can have up to 5 open conversations.
To return to the home screen, without signing off of AIM or closing the conversation Note: Your phone displays # New IM if you receive a message while on the home screen or in another application. view the screen name and online status of the person in this conversation add the screen name to your Buddy List end the conversation block messages from the screen name for the current session

Setting Your AIM Alert

AIM plays an alert when new messages arrive, or when a person for whom you have set an alert signs on to AIM. To turn off the AIM alert, select Settings > Set Sounds from the AIM Online menu.

Changing Your Password

To change the password for your sign-on name, select Settings > Change Password from the AIM Online menu.

M > Get Buddy Info

Signing Off of AIM
To sign off, select Sign Off from the AIM Online menu.
M > Add Buddy M > End Conversation M > Decline IMs
Note: If you sign off of AIM, you can still view the conversation text by pressing M > AIM > Offline Convs. from the home screen. Turning off your phone erases the conversations.
Setting Up AOL Instant Messenger
Adding and Removing Buddies
Your Buddy List can contain 30 names. To add a name, open your Buddy List or a conversation and press M > Add Buddy. If you are not in a conversation, enter the new screen name and press OK (+). AIM returns an error if it cannot verify the name on the server. To remove a name from your Buddy List, highlight the name and press M > Remove Buddy. Tip: To send a message to someone not on your Buddy List, open the list and press M > Send IM To.

Voice Dial

Press and release the voice key and say the entrys voice name (within 2 seconds).
To scroll to the entry open the Phonebook Menu scroll to Delete select Delete confirm the deletion

Storing Longer Numbers

A phonebook number can contain a maximum of 32 digits and characters. You can create multiple phonebook entries to store a dialing sequence that exceeds the 32-character limit. Then you can send the entries in sequence to dial the number. To store a dialing sequence longer than 32 characters: Action 1 Create a phonebook entry to store the first part of the dialing sequence (for example, the number for your long-distance service provider). 2 Create a second phonebook entry to store the next part of the dialing sequence (for example, the country code and phone number for an international call). 3 Repeat step 2 as necessary to store the entire dialing sequence. (For example, create a third phonebook entry to store your calling card number and PIN number.) To dial a dialing sequence stored as multiple phonebook entries: 1 Action Dial the first phonebook entry. Perform any pause or wait tasks, if necessary, to complete the dialing sequence. Your phone returns to the home screen. Press M > Phonebook to reopen the phonebook. Highlight the second phonebook entry, then press M > Send Tones to send the next portion of the dialing sequence. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary to send the entire dialing sequence.
Setting the Phonebook List View
You can view phonebook list entries as a single line of text, or view each entry by its name, number, and picture caller ID photo. Find the Feature Press 1 M 2 S 3 SELECT (+) 4 S 5 CHANGE (+) 6 S 7 SELECT (+)
To open the Phonebook Menu scroll to Setup select Setup scroll to View by select View by scroll to List or Picture select the list view
Sorting the Phonebook List
You can sort your phonebook list by name (the standard), speed dial number, voice name, or email address. Note: The voice name sort is identical to the name sort, except that the entries with voice name tags display first. Find the Feature Press 1 M 2 S 3 SELECT (+) 4 S
To open the Phonebook Menu scroll to Setup select Setup scroll to Sort by
Press 5 CHANGE (+) 6 S 7 SELECT (+)
To select Sort by scroll to Name, Speed No., Voice Name, or Email select the sort order

Press 1 S

2 SELECT (+) 3 DONE (-)

To scroll to All, Business, Personal, General, VIPs, or another category that you created select the category view set the category view
If you select Speed No., Voice Name, or Email, the procedure is complete. If you select Name, you must specify whether you want to view all numbers or just the primary number for each name: Press 8 CHANGE (+) 9 S 10 SELECT (+) 11 DONE (-) To change view preference scroll to Primary Contacts or All Contacts select the view preference set the view preference
Note: The phonebook category view is reset to All each time you turn the phone on.

Creating a New Category

Your phone includes several predefined phonebook categories. You can create additional categories, and customize the way your phone notifies you of incoming calls from entries in different categories. Find the Feature
M > Phonebook M > Categories M > New
To set an entrys primary phone number, see the following procedure. Tip: When the phonebook list displays primary numbers only, you can scroll to a name and press S left or right to view other numbers associated with the name.
A name is required for the category. All other information is optional. You can enter the following information for a category. Option Name Description Enter the category name. Tip: Press M to select a text entry method Open the list of phonebook entries that you can add or remove from the category. Set a distinctive ringer alert for the category. Your phone uses the alert to notify you when you receive a call from an entry in this category. To activate ringer IDs, see page 18. Note: A ringer ID for an individual entry overrides the category alert.
Setting the Primary Number for a Phonebook Entry
When you enter multiple phone numbers for the same name, you can specify the primary number. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 M 3 S 4 SELECT (+) 5

Ringer ID

To scroll to the entry open the Phonebook Menu scroll to Set Primary select Set Primary scroll to the number you want to set as the primary number set the primary number

Editing a Category

Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 M 3 S 4 SELECT (+)
M > Phonebook M > Categories

6 SELECT (+)

Depending on how the phonebook list is sorted, the primary number is listed first, or is the only number that displays for a phonebook entry.

To open the Phonebook Menu scroll to Phone Capacity or SIM Capacity select Phone Capacity or SIM Capacity Your phone displays the phone memory meter, or the number of SIM card phonebook entries available.

5 keypad keys 6 OK (+)

Setting 1-Touch Dial Preference
You can set 1-touch dial to call the entries in your phone memory phonebook or the SIM card phonebook. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 SELECT (+)
M > Settings > Initial Setup

> 1-Touch Dial

To scroll to the list you want select the list
Synchronizing Phonebook Entries
You can synchronize phonebook entries between your phone and computer or hand-held device with BVRP Mobile PhoneTools software, an accessory for Motorola phones. See the Mobile PhoneTools users guide for more information. Note: Mobile PhoneTools software is designed to synchronize with basic features of many popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software and hardware products.

Personalizing Your Phone

Personalizing a Ring Style
You can change the alerts that notify you of the following events: incoming calls, text messages, voicemail messages, data calls, fax calls, alarms, and reminders. Any changes you make are applied to the current ring style. Find the Feature
M > Settings > Ring Styles

Setting Reminders

A reminder is an alert that rings or vibrates at regular intervals to notify you about a message that you have received. Find the Feature
> Style Detail > Reminders

> Style Detail

Note: Style represents the current ring style. Press 1 S To scroll to Beep or Vibrate to set the reminder alert type, or Off to turn off all reminders select the reminder alert
Note: Style represents the current ring style. Press 1 S 2 CHANGE (+) 3 S 4 SELECT (+) To scroll to the event select the event scroll to the alert you want select the alert

2 SELECT (+)

Setting a Personal Greeting
To set a personal greeting that displays when you turn on your phone:

Activating Ringer IDs

When ringer IDs are turned on, your phone uses distinctive ring tones to notify you of incoming calls or messages from specific entries in your phonebook. Note: To assign a ringer ID to a new or existing phonebook entry, see page 12. Find the Feature

Using a Voice Shortcut

Action 1 Press M to open the menu. 2 Press and release the voice key and say the shortcuts name (within 2 seconds) to go to the menu item with that shortcut name.
Editing or Deleting a Shortcut
The shortcut list is sorted by key. If you change a shortcuts key, you change its place in the list. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 M

Creating a Shortcut

You can create a keypad shortcut and an optional voice shortcut to a menu item. A voice shortcut takes you directly to the menu item when you say the shortcut name. Tip: Make your recording in a quiet location. Hold the phone about 4 inches (10 centimeters) from your mouth, and speak directly into the phone in a normal tone. Action 1 Press M to enter the menu system. Press S to scroll to the menu item. Press and hold M to open the shortcut editor. Press YES (-) to view shortcut options. Press CHANGE (+) to change the keypad shortcut number or Press DONE (-) to select the default number or Press S to scroll to Voice to assign a voice shortcut. Press RECORD (+) to begin recording. Press and release the voice key and say the shortcuts name (within 2 seconds) to record the shortcut name. When prompted, press and release the voice key and repeat the name. Press DONE (-) to store the shortcut name.
To scroll to the shortcut open the Shortcut Menu to perform various procedures on the shortcut
The Shortcut Menu can include the following options: Option Edit Description Edit the shortcut. Tip: Use this option to delete the associated voice shortcut. Change the shortcut list order. Delete the shortcut. Delete all shortcuts.
Reorder List Delete Delete All
Getting More Out Of Your Phone

Making a Conference Call

Connect an active call and a call on hold so that all parties can speak to each other. Press 7 S To scroll to To (for Detailed forwarding, scroll to If Busy, If No Answer, or If Unreachable) select To enter the forwarding phone number select a number from the phonebook or recent calls lists store the number save call forwarding settings

Press 1 keypad keys 2

To dial the first partys number call the number put the call on hold.
8 CHANGE (+) 9 keypad keys or BROWSE (+)
3 HOLD (+) (if available) or M > Hold 4 keypad keys 5 7
dial the next partys number call the number connect the 2 calls end the conference call

10 OK (+) 11 DONE (-)

6 LINK (-)
Note: Repeat this procedure to enter forwarding information for other call types.
Tip: Repeat steps 3 to 6 to add additional parties to the conference call.
Checking Call Forwarding Status

You can set a credit limit so that the phone displays your remaining credit during calls. The phone notifies you when you near your limit, and ends the call when you reach it. Find the Feature

> Call Cost Setup

Expiration Date
Viewing and Resetting GPRS Packet Data Timers and Data Volume Meters
Your phone may use a high-speed General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) network connection to transfer data during a data or fax call. This type of procedure, where an external device uses your phone to upload or download data, is referred to as an external data session. Your phones micro-browser also may use a GPRS connection to upload and download data from the Internet. This is an example of an internal data session. Your phone tracks, in 1-minute increments, the approximate time spent and approximate volume of data transferred during these data sessions. The amount of data session time and data transfer volume you track on your resettable data timers and data volume meters may not equal the amount of data session time or data transfer volume for which you are billed by your service provider. For billing information, please contact your service provider directly.

Last Deposit

Last Call

All Calls

Data Timers
You can view the approximate time spent on the last data session, view the approximate total time spent on all data sessions, and reset the All Data Sessions timers. To view timers for the last data session: Find the Feature
M > Recent Calls > Data Times

> Recent Data Session

Select 1 of the following options: Option External Data Session Internal Data Session Total Time Description Approximate time spent on the last external data session. You cannot reset this timer. Approximate time spent on the last internal data session. You cannot reset this timer. Approximate total time spent on the last external and internal data sessions. You cannot reset this timer.
Viewing Credit Information

Prepay Option

If you subscribe to a prepay option, you can view the amount of credit available, its expiration date, and the date of your last deposit. Find the Feature

> Credit Info

Advice of Charge Option
If you subscribe to an advice of charge option, you can view the amount of credit available.
To view or reset cumulative timers for all data sessions: Find the Feature
Select 1 of the following options: Option External Data Sessions Description View data sent, data received, and total volume of data sent and received for all external data sessions since the last time you reset this volume meter. View data sent, data received, and total volume of data sent and received for all internal data sessions since the last time you reset this volume meter. View data sent, data received, and total volume of data sent and received for all external and internal data sessions since the last time you reset this volume meter. Reset all data sessions volume meters.

Ending the Data/Fax Connection
When the data or fax transfer is complete, end the call from the connected device to close the connection.
Making a Talk Then Fax Call
You can place a call where you talk and then send a fax to the same phone number within the same call. Connect to the device that will send the fax, and do the following: Press 1 keypad keys 2 M 3 S 4 SELECT (+) To enter the phone number open the Dialing Menu scroll to Talk Then Fax select Talk Then Fax Your selection applies to the next call only. make the call Speak and, when ready, initiate the fax transfer on the connected device. When the transfer is complete, end the call from the connected device.

Synchronizing Data

You can synchronize phonebook and datebook information between your phone, computer, and PDA with BVRP Mobile PhoneTools software, an accessory for Motorola phones. See the Mobile PhoneTools users guide for more information. Note: BVRP Mobile PhoneTools software is designed to synchronize with basic features of many popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software and hardware products.
Adjusting Network Settings
Your service provider registers your phone to its network. In some situations, such as using the phone as a modem or connecting it to a TTY device, you may need to change the network registration. Note: Some settings and/or options described in this section may not be available for all phone models.
Network search Type options: Option Automatic Manual Description Scan for networks automatically based on priority. View a list of all networks from which you can choose.
Network search Speed options: Option Slow Medium Fast Continuous Description Slowest network search and repeat rate. Medium search/repeat. Fast search/repeat. Continuous search until a network is found.
Viewing the Current Registered Network
M > Settings > Network

> Current Network

Your phone displays the network ID.

Deleting a Preferred Network List Entry
To scroll to the entry open the network menu scroll to Delete select Delete confirm the deletion

Adjusting Service Tones

You can set your phone to beep each time the network registration status changes. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 SELECT (+)

> Service Tone

To scroll to On or Off select the option
Setting the Call Drop Alert
You can set your phone to emit an alert tone whenever the network drops a call. Because digital networks are so quiet, the call drop alert may be your only indication that a call has been dropped. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 SELECT (+)

> Call Drop Tone

Monitoring Battery Charge
To view a detailed battery charge meter: Find the Feature

> Battery Meter

Personal Organizer


The datebook is a calendar that you can use to schedule and organize events such as appointments and meetings. Note: You must set the correct time and date to use the datebook. To schedule or review datebook events: Find the Feature
M > Tools > Datebook

Day View

Select a day and press VIEW (+) to see the days events. Untimed Event Reminder Alarm Scroll down for more events. Return to previous screen.
You can set the datebook to display a calendar for the month or week. To change the default view, see page 31.
THU 20-NOV Joe's Birthday 8:00A Marie, meeti. 9:00A Jim meeting 9:30A conference c. 11:00A status report 12:00A Jane lunch 14:00A presentation 15:30A weekly sale. BACK M VIEW

y Day of Week

Events Show event details.

Month View

When default view is set to month, the datebook initially displays a calendar for the month. An indicator in the lower right corner of the date box indicates that 1 or more events are scheduled for the day.

* or # to

Press M to open Datebook Menu.

Event View

Select an event and press VIEW (+) to see event details. Reminder Alarm Duration Alarm Time Repeat Interval

Month (press

select previous month or next month) Scheduled Events Indicator Exit datebook.
October 2003 # S M T W T F S

y Days of the

Week Dates of the Month (press S to select) Selected Day
ATHU 8:00am Marie, meeting for status reports (1 hrs) A 10 min before None

y Day & Time

Event Details

Go to selected day.

Press M to open Voice Records Menu.
Playing a Recording Turning Off an Alarm
When an alarm sounds, your phone displays the alarm name, time, and date. The alarm rings for 3 minutes, then snoozes for 8 minutes. The alarm repeats this cycle for up to 90 minutes, or until you perform 1 of the following procedures. Press DISABLE (-) or O SNOOZE (+) To turn off the alarm turn off the alarm for 8 minutes The alarm is reactivated at the end of 8 minutes. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 PLAY (+)
To scroll to the recording play the recording
When you connect an optional Motorola Original headset or FM Stereo Radio Headset accessory to your phone, playback is automatically routed to the headset. Tip: You can play a recording while taking a call. It will not be transmitted to the other party.

Playback Screen

The playback screen is displayed as the recording plays. Indicates % played. Press S left to rewind. Return to previous screen.

Voice Records

You can record personal messages and phone calls on your phone.

Voice Record 3

y Recording


Making a Recording
Use this procedure to create a voice record from the home screen, or to record a phone call in progress. Your phone plays an alert tone to notify the other party that the call is being recorded. Note: Recording phone calls is subject to varying state and federal laws regarding privacy and recording of conversations.
Press S right to fast forward. Erase recording.


Voice Record Controls
Stop playback & go to Voice Records Menu. Stop playback & return to voice record list. Raise or lower playback volume. Press left to rewind 3 seconds. Press left and hold to rewind to beginning. Stop playback, view options to unlock or delete voice record. Press right to fast forward 3 seconds. Press right and hold to fast forward to end. When playback is complete, press right to restart. Press up/down to stop playback & scroll to next voice record.
Press 4 SELECT (+) 5 YES (-) or NO (+) Notes:
To select the highlighted option confirm the deletion cancel deletion
You cannot delete a locked recording. You cannot recover a deleted recording.


You can use your phone as a calculator and currency converter. Selected Function Press S to select function. Press ce to clear last entry. Exit calculator.

y Entered

35 + 20 55


Press any number key to alternately stop/start playback.
Use keypad to enter number or insert decimal point. Calculate the result.
Locking and Unlocking a Recording

Storing a Picture File

Press 1 STORE (+) 2 S To view storage options scroll to Store Only, Apply as Wallpaper or Apply as Screen Saver perform the storage option of your choice

3 SELECT (+)

Storing a Sound File
Press 1 STORE (+) 2 S 3 SELECT (+) To view storage options scroll to Store Only or Set As Ring Tone select the option If you select Store Only, the procedure is complete. If you select Set As Ring Tone, your phone displays Set As Which?, and lists the events for which you can set an alert. scroll to the event store the sound and set it as the event alert
Starting a Micro-Browser Session
Note: Browser may have a different name on your phone. Find the Feature Press 1 S 2 SELECT (+)
M > Web Access > Browser
To scroll to a bookmark, service, or application select the item
Shortcut: If you open a text message with a Web address (URL) embedded in it, you can press M > Go To to launch the micro-browser and go directly to the URL. If you are unable to establish a network connection with the micro-browser, contact your service provider.

4 S 5 SELECT (+)

Selecting or Creating a Web Session
Use this feature to select or create a Web session, or network connection profile. You can use different Web sessions to connect to the Internet in different ways. Find the Feature

M > Web Access

Interacting With Web Pages
SELECT (+) keypad keys, followed by OK (+)
To scroll through text, or highlight a selectable item select the highlighted item enter information Tip: Press DELETE (-) to delete 1 letter at a time if you make a mistake. go back to the previous page open the Browser Menu

> Web Sessions

To create a Web session, you must configure the following settings. Contact your service provider to obtain the following information, if necessary. Actual field names and values may vary depending on the technologies available to your service provider. Some settings may not be available for all phone models. Option Name Homepage WAP IP 1 WAP Port 1 WAP IP 2 WAP Port 2 Description Enter the Web session name. Specify the default home page. Primary WAP gateway IP address. Primary WAP port number. Secondary WAP gateway IP address. Secondary WAP port number.

Games and Applications

open the Pictures Menu to perform other procedures Your phone may contain Java games that you can play between calls. Each game includes online playing instructions. Your phone may contain additional Java applications that add features and functionality to your phone. Java games and applications are stored in the Games & Apps folder on your phone.
The Pictures Menu can include the following options: Option Zoom Description Change the zoom factor of the selected picture. New Picture Activate the camera to take a photo. New Picture Album Collect a group of pictures in a single presentation. Apply As Wallpaper Set the picture as your phones wallpaper image. Apply As Screen Saver Set the picture as your phones screen saver image. Apply As Phonebook Entry Assign the picture to a phonebook entry to enable picture caller ID. Resize Image Change the size of the selected picture. Edit Edit picture details. Reorder Change the picture order in a picture album.
Downloading an Application With the Micro-Browser
Note: Browser may have a different name on your phone. Find the Feature
Go to the page that contains the application, then: Press 1 S 2 SELECT (+) 3 DWNLOAD (+) To scroll to the application view the application details download the application
Note: If you do not have enough phone memory to download a Java application, you can free memory space by deleting unused Java applications.
Downloading an Application From a Computer
See page 26 for instructions on connecting your phone to a computer. On the computer, locate and prepare the file you want to download, then select the following phone menu option: Find the Feature
M > Settings > Java Tools

Using Control Keys

Your phones keys perform the following functions in a Java application. Key
Function Move up, down, left, or right in a game. Fire your weapon in a game. End the application. Call a number in the application. Open the Java applications menu.

> Java App Loader

Launching a Java Application

M > Games & Apps

To scroll to the application launch the application, or open the list of applications in a suite scroll to the application you want, if necessary launch the application
Analyzing or Deleting a Java Application
To scroll to the application open the application manager menu scroll to a menu option select the option to perform procedures as described in the following list

3 S 4 SELECT (+)

Editing Network Connection Settings
Entering the DNS IP Address
Your phone must be set up with a valid Domain Name Service (DNS) IP address before you can run Java applications that require an active network connection. In many cases, your service provider has already entered this address for you. Contact your service provider to obtain the DNS IP address, if necessary. Find the Feature Press 1 keypad keys 2 OK (+)

I cannot open my text message inbox. How do I see the calls I sent or received?
My phone will not send voicemail commands, passwords, or other codes.
My phone beeped when I attached the data cable, but my data and fax applications do not work.
2 Press S to scroll to Long or Short. 3 Press SELECT (+) to select it.
Problem When sending data with the data cable, why does the computer show a connection rate of 19200 Kbps?
Solution 19200 Kbps is the data transfer rate of the connection between your computer and the phone in a standard Circuit Switch Data (CSD) connection. The rate of the connection between your phone and the network is displayed on your phone, and will be either 14400 or 9600 Kbps. Note: A GPRS connection may have a higher data transfer rate.
I cant end my data call by closing the application on my computer. What can I do? I launched the micro-browser but the display says: Network Not Available. I launched the micro-browser but the display says: Server Not Responding.
Try pressing O on your phone. Also try disconnecting the cable or turning off the phone. If possible, always close the connection through your computer. These alternative methods may disrupt the application on your computer. You may be in an area without service, or you may be connected to a network that does not support Internet access.
Try again in a few minutes. The servers may be temporarily busy.
accessories 22, 25, 26, 32 AIM 10 alarm clock 31 alert creating 41 downloading 8, 36 setting 18, 36 animation downloading 8, 36 managing 38 screen saver 36, 38 wallpaper 36, 38 AOL Instant Messenger. See AIM application, locking and unlocking 35 appointments. See datebook
data call making 26 timers 24 volume meters 24 datebook alarm clock 31 reminders 30, 31 synchronizing 27, 31 using 30 dialing fixed numbers 22 quick dial numbers 22 service numbers 22 display greeting 18 language 19 menu icons, showing or hiding 19 personalizing 19 drafts folder 5, 7 DTMF tones activating 22, 44 defined 22 sending 23
incoming call forwarding 21 indicators GPRS 36 message waiting 7, 8, 9 phonebook number type 12 voice name 12 information services 8 information services message reminders, receiving 9 instant messenger. See AIM

phonebook capacity, checking 16 category views 15 copying entries 16 creating an entry 12 deleting an entry 14 dialing a number 14 editing an entry 14 email address, storing 12 entry category 12 entry details 12 list view, setting 14 long numbers 14 mailing list 13 number type indicator 12 number, storing 12 picture caller ID 12, 14, 38 primary number, setting 15 ringer ID 12, 15, 18 sorting entries 14 speed dial number 12, 13 synchronizing 17, 27 voice name, recording 13 photo downloading 8, 36 managing 38 picture caller ID 12, 14, 38 screen saver 38 sending 6 wallpaper 38 picture downloading 8, 36 managing 38 screen saver 36, 38 sending 6 wallpaper 36, 38 picture caller ID 12, 14, 38 picture message draft 7 receiving 7 sending 6, 7 PIN code defined 35 entering 35 storing with phonebook entry 13 unblocking 35 PIN2 code entering 22 unblocking 35 PUK code 35 PUK2 code 35
reminders datebook 30, 31 defined 18 information services message 9 text message 7 turning on/off 18 ring alert creating 41 setting 18, 36 ring style, personalizing 18 ring tone creating 41 downloading 8, 36 editing with MotoMixer 40 sending 6 setting as event alert 36 ringer ID setting 12, 15 turning on/off 18 ringer volume, setting 18
screen saver 36, 38 scroll, menu 19 service dial 22 short message service. See message shortcuts 19 standard 3 SIM applications 42 SIM Blocked message 35 SIM card applications 42 locking 35 service phone numbers 22 SIM Blocked message 35 SIM Disabled message 35 unblocking 35 SIM Disabled message 35 SIM PIN code defined 35 entering 35 unblocking 35 SIM PIN2 code entering 22 unblocking 35 SMS. See message sound downloading 8, 36 sending 6 speakerphone activating 25 automatic answer 26 speed dial number, setting 12, 13 sorting phonebook entries 14 Start Here guide 1 synchronizing data 17, 27, 31
quick dial 22 quick note 5 quick view message 10
telephone number storing in phonebook 12 viewing your number 3 theme 37 timers 23, 24 TTY device 22
unblocking the SIM card 35 unlock application 35 users guide 1
vibrate alert, setting 18 voice dial dialing a number 14 dialing from headset 26 recording voice name 13 voice key dialing a number 14 recording voice name 13 recording your voice 32 voice name dialing 14 indicator 12 recording 13 voice record playing 32 recording 32 voice shortcut 20 volume keypad 18 ringer 18
wait character 13 wallpaper 36, 38 Web pages 36 Web sessions 36


Technical specifications

Product TypeCellular phone
Phone DesignFolder type phone
Integrated ComponentsDigital camera
Width1.9 in
Depth1 in
Height3.5 in
Weight4.3 oz
Body ColorBlue
BandGSM 900/1800/1900 (Tri-Band)
Service ProviderNot specified
Software Platforms SupportedJ2ME, Java
Messaging & Internet
Cellular Messaging ServicesMMS, EMS, SMS
Mobile Email ClientYes
Supported Email ProtocolsPOP3, IMAP4, SMTP
Internet BrowserYes
WAP Protocol SupportedWAP 2.0
Downloadable ContentThemes, games, ring tones, screensavers, wallpapers
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)Yes
Telephone Features
Voice DialingYes
Call TimerYes
Conference Call CapabilityYes
Speech CodecAMR
Ring Tones21
Polyphonic RingerYes
Ring Tone FormatsMIDI, MP3
Vibrating AlertYes
Additional FeaturesIntelligent typing (iTAP), picture phonebook, melody composer
SIM Card Based Directory250 names & numbers
Phone Book Entries Qty1000
CalculatorYes , business/financial
Alarm ClockYes
Synchronization With PCYes
User Memory5 MB
Security Features
Phone LockYes
Keypad LockYes
SIM Card LockYes
Restrict Access to Phone BookYes
TypeLCD display - color
Display Resolution176 x 220 pixels
Color Depth65,536 colors
Display IndicatorsSMS indicator, divert indicator, digital clock, GPRS indicator, signal strength, voice message waiting, battery meter
Display Illumination ColorWhite
Multi-language MenuYes
FeaturesWallpaper, screensaver
Display (2nd)
TypeLCD display - monochrome
Display Resolution96 x 32 pixels
Display Illumination ColorBlue
TechnologyLithium ion
Capacity650 mAh
Run Time DetailsTalk - up to 390 min Standby - up to 200 hrs
Included AccessoriesPower adapter
Universal Product Identifiers
Part NumberV300
GTIN00820361003072, 05025322280102



Torno CDE-9873 CS-C95KE TDM-BT1 Automate 410 10685 L172WT P244W VX2000 SGH-A707 TX-32PS10F NWZ-S616F C5650 S800H 4VN-880 PAR 245 DVD-V6700 DSC-P150 DC728KA CRS-155 AN-12 300 RV FO-2950M WF-J1454V T720 Cdma Digital GZ-MG57AG Start Melaflash GR-DVL107 Advantix C650 886-1 G Reset LN40A330 FJR1300-2004 SC-PT956 Suikoden III Katalyx HT-R667 CIT300 SCC-101AP TX-32LXD700 Specs 32PFL5405H Cell Phone DR-4800PM YP-T6Z Phonefax 2410 Singer 128 V10 Plus KDL-46NX810 DVX440 Unlock C-2500L S860 Blue Tassimo Battery K 701 Microondas NN-CD767 Doctor 350X B1015J Dynax 7 CE340pnnf Scph-77004 DSC-T100 R Samsung NV8 DSR-2000 Toshiba G7 2900I 32FD9954-69S CDC655TZ FAX-phone B150 AV-21KM3SN DCR-TRV6E Arcadia Unlock Code Free E460DW 1000S ML-2850D-ETS MH-685HD VT440 Conditioner L6415 GW512 L3020A DX609 BC-200SX Unlock Code Review CS-TE12HKE Revolution X Kodak Z730 CFD-S20CP HP188F2K SHR-2160P250 PSR-31 EOB98000X EAX1300 TX-32PF10 K8upgrade-VM800 CDE-9802RB SPF-85V NV-DS11 Phonefax 43S Telephone 40574 QC5170


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