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burgelu 10:40am on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 
If you want to buy a GPS, buy it for its GPS features and not for other gadgets. It will cost you much less. Hewegg 5 stars, Garmin 3 stars. British Male voice less alarming. Maps perfect and traffic congestion reports a good-send.
dla 1:16am on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
I received this unit quickly for TigerGPS. Opened the box, registered online with Garmin, downloaded the new software. Garmin Nuvi 760 Adapter Kit This product works very well with my Garmin 760T. Good product at a good price.
Funk 8:05am on Friday, August 6th, 2010 
Garmin Nuvi, the global vehicle carries the navascope first brand; The glacier supplies especially global multilingual editions, Jan Zhong, numerous. GPS navigator at the size specifications on the machine is measured by the screen size, 2.8 inches by 3.5 inches, 4.0 inches, 4.3 inches, 7. My first Garmin C320 from and has been Garmin lovers, used Nuvi 310, 60CSx, Mobile Nuvi 660 etc, XT model.
dobby 6:58am on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 
This Garmin is a piece of junk. This is a very good unit, but needs significant improvement for the price. On start-up, it will drop the voice commands on occasion.
justyang 10:06pm on Saturday, April 24th, 2010 
Like the one that came with the Nuvi to begin with Somehow our original charger contraption broke. As expected Works like it should. OEM from Garmin not a third company. The car adapter was different in size and shape than the original.
jas_john128 8:27pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
We had an old street pilot....I am so please we decided to get the Garm has all the features we were looking for ....PLUS. GREAT PRODUCT Does the Job No issues at all - worth every penny. I use this all the time and it always stays put.
ctobini 12:26am on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 
"i have used many gps and i can say that this is the best one i have used. I have alwayz used garmin cuz they make the best gps.. "I took to LA the first weekend that I had it. There were fires and Interstate 5 was closed down. "First time GPS user and not a very "Hi-tech" person., but this thing is easy. "i like it so mutch it easy also i like the staile and fm radio conect if i will travel i will taek the Garmin Factory-Refurbished nĂ¼vi 760 Portable G...

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01955 NAPCO

You have taken a major step in protecting your home or business by having a Napco Magnum Alert-800/800S Alarm Control Center installed. Please read this guide thoroughly to familiarize yourself with your new security system. Keep this booklet handy for future reference. Note especially the ALARM PLAN on page 15. Your alarm specialist will help you fiH it out and explain the various features and operating procedures for your new Magnum Alert SOW 800s.
A delay period that allows the system to be reset before it reports to a cantml station.
Reports burglary and emergencies directty to the central station over telephone lines. Napcos Digit-Key keypad puts Control Center functions at r fingertipa It can the be mounted either a Y Control Center or anywhere in your premises. Lets you exit and enter your premises without setting off an alarm after the system is armed.


Labeled% on the Digit-Key keypad. Lets you manually remove one or more protective zones from the system. Independent,c~&at protect specific areas of Auto Zt? unfed Zone: A zone capable ;ftiMopt ~utomatkally bypassqt (shunted) R ~ectionsystemffrtism trouble ( My) v&en you attempt to arm the system.


Identifies the areas of our premises protected by each zone orprotection and lists zone features (see page 15). Anrrkrg/Turning yours tern ON or OFF. This can be done by enr. a code on the D itenng Ke keypad, or by turning an optionalR eysw Y tch. Ann/-1 _lJ cod. A code of up to six digits which is used to arm and disarm the system from the keypad. Standb battery is laced in the Control Center 6,x to provPde backup protection in the event of a power lose. ConRfal futkn Monitors incomin burgla and emerr gency messages 8 rom a D gital Communicator, and alerts the proper authorities (optional feature).
Mb+Buzzer at each Digit-Key keypad warns that entry delay time is In progress. It also sounds when you attempt to arm the s tern if a rticular zone is in troubte. It ar so ve ,lpa contact with a central station ies (optional).


Two buttons (* and #) on the Dig&Key keypad which will alert the Central Station of an emergency. A communication sent to a Central Station indicating a specific change in condition of the security system (alarm, trouble, low battery, etc.). (Optlonai)
Zone: When a zone selected for the feature is in trouble tt will be impossible to arm the Control Center. Troubfe Zones: Zones that cannot bs armed because of an open window, door or other ombfem in the area 24 Hour Zones: Are always armed and ready at all times to respond to an emergency situation.


The heart of the Maanum Alert-800/800!3 security system; it Gntrols all system functions.

lndlcator ughts


wm 1-1

Steady - system is armed. Flashes - system is in alarm. Count the number of flashes to tell in which zone the alarm occurred. Example: Fourflashesalarm in Zone 4.
smU9Mf-l l Steady - system is disarmed, all zones okay. l Flashes - zone in trouble (incapable of being armed). Count the number of flashes to determine zone(s). Example: Four flashes - trouble in Zone 4. shunt Ught (Y8lknw) l Steady - one or more zones are shunted (bypassed) from the system.
When you enter your premises, the tone reminds you to reset the Control Center before the end of a timed entry period so you do not activate the alarm. The Mini-Sounder also sounds if you attempt to arm the system when a particular zone is in trouble.


Faceplate of Digit-Key keypad lifts up to reveal convenient reference index of zones protected.
Each security system is custom tailored to the owners needs, but all MAGNUM ALERTBOO/ 800s have the following:


f=Wkay_J Lets you perform the following functions: arm/disarm the system; check the status (condition) of each zone; temporarily shunt (remove individual zones from the system); and send an emergency alert to a Central Station(optional).


When any zone is activated, the Contr?l Center responds by soundng an audble alarm and/or alerting a central station (optional). Your alarm specialist has programmed your system to react in a specific manner to each type of emergency. Be sure you understand how your system responds to these emergencies.

Your system contains up to six separate zones. Each zone is an independent circuit that protects specific areas of your home. For example: your afarm specialist may have set aside a zone for window protection, exit/entry delay, interior space protection, safe and valuables protection or emergencies. Each zone can be programmed to react in a specific manner. Check and be certain that you know what each zone protects.
uslrBgyourcdetoaml addiurmtheqs8mm
If your system includes the Napco Digit-Key keypad you can choose your own private code to arm and disarm the Control Center. To program your code, slide the switch (upper left hand corner of your Control Center) into the LOAD position. Go to the Digit-Key keypad and enter any combination of numbers up to 6 digits (there is no zero). Use a number you will remember such as your birthday (12-s-47) rather than something obvious like your address. The nUmberSYOU choose become the only code recognized by your system. Return to the Control Center and slide the switch to the RUN position.* YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM WILL NOT OPERATE IN THE LOAD POSITION. Once you enter your personal code into the Napco Digit-Key keypad, the red ARMED/MEMORY light will go on to show the Control Center is armed, and off to show it is disarmed. If you enter the wrong code, your alarm system will fail to respond. Be sure to WAIT 5 SECONDS before attempting to re-enter your code.
Chmg@lyMlrm Slide the switch into the LOAD position. Enter a new c&e into the Digit-Key keypad. Return the switch to the RUN position.* REMINDER: When arming or disarming, if the red light does not respond, you may have entered the wrong code. Wait 5 seconds before trying to enter your code again. When entering your personal code for the first time, or reentering your code after an extensive power failure, enter the code again after moving the switch to 6
the RUN position. This will activate the keypad lights and arm the system.
First, check the green STATUS light at the keypad or keyswitch. If this light is on steadily, enter your code. The red ARMED/MEMORY light will come on and the green lamp will go out. Leave immediately through the entry/exit doorway before the delay time runs out. If you delay too long in leaving the premises, you will hear the Mini-Sounder warn you that the exit delay time has run out. To avoid causing an alarm, quickly return to the keypad and enter your code to reset the Control Center. You may then rearm and try to exit again.

trouble and incapable of being armed. The green light will flash the number(s) identifying the zone or zones in trouble. For example, if your back door is open on Zone 1 and a window is open on Zone 3, the green STATUS lamp will flash once for Zone 1, pause, then flash three times for Zone 3. (Refer to your Alarm Plan for zone locations.) Look for something you can fix yourself in the area protected by the zone(s) in trouble. In this example, you can fix the zones yourself by closing the back door and the window. If the zone cannot be fixed immediately, the green light will continue to flash. Try to arm. If the zone(s) in trouble have been programmed as AutoShunt zones, the red ARMED/ MEMORY lamp will come on, the green light will go out, and your system will be armed. The sounder will come on for 4 sec-
onds to remind you that you armed with one or more zones shunted (turned off). When you try to arm with a zone programmed as a Priority Zone in trouble, the Control Center will not arm. Enter your code again to silence the sounder. If you cannot fix the zone, call your alarm specialist. Check the Alarm Plan in this manual to remind you which zones are programmed as Priority zones and which are AutoShunt. The Alarm Plan will also indicate which zones, if any, csn be manually shunted. Manually shunt with caution. Shunting too many zones will leave your premises unprotected, even with your system armed. To arm with zone(s) manually shunted, count the flashes on the green STATUS light to be sure the zone in trouble is capable of being manually shunted. Press the 7

kmlngwlthaIn trouble

When the green STATUS light is flashing, one or more of your burglary protection zones are in
SHUNT button, labeled S, and enter your code. The yellow SHUNT light and the red ARMED/ MEMORY light will come on. The green light will be out. All zones programmed by your alarm specialist to respond to manual shunting will be shunted (even if some are not in trouble). Leave quickly when the red ARMED/MEMORY light goes on. Be sure to have all zones in trouble repaired as soon as possible.

DlSWfBllng when you return
When you enter through the exit/entry door, the entry delay Mini-Sounder will come on.
Check the red ARMED/ MEMORY light. If it is flashing, an alarm occurred while you were gone. Disarm the system with your code from the keypad to silence the sounder. NOTE: If your system has a digital communicator, there may be a delay while it is reporting an alarm before your system disarms. If the red ARMED/MEMORY light was flashing before you disarmed, it will go out briefly then begin to flash a number of pulses identifying the zone(s) that had an alarm. Write down the number of times the alarm memory lamp flashes, so you will have a record of which zone(s) need attention. You may then arm and disarm to cancel the flashing alarm memory. If a zone is still in alarm condition, you will hear the Mini-Sounder for three seconds. The red ARMED/ MEMORY light will go out. The
green STATUS light may start flashing if zones are still in trouble from the alarm. If there was an alarm and the red ARMED/MEMORY light did not flash, the alarm was a 24 hour zone (see your Alarm Plan). The cause of the alarm will have to be removed before you can clear the alarm signal.
Arming with zone shunting
You might have chosen one or two zones that you can manually shunt out of the system from the keypad. A shunted (bypassed) zone cannot cause an alarm. Zone shunting may be used for turning off interior protection, or allowing you to turn on only your perimeter protection.
To arm with zone(s) shunted, first check the green STATUS lamp to make sure that no perimeter zone is in trouble. Then press the SHUNT button, labeled S, and enter your code. The yellow SHUNT light and the red ARMED/MEMORY light will come on. The green light will be out. The SHUNT light will go out when you disarm the Control Center.

hlstant protection

Your alarm specialist may have installed an optional switch that may be used to cancel the exit/ entry delay period at the time of arming the system. Use this feature when at home to sound an instant alarm upon intrusion through the exit/entry door. Activate the switch prior to arming. Be sure to restore the switch to the normal position, disarm the system, and then re-arm the system if you are leaving the premises.
Alrmlwhhthe systam dlsarmed
If an alarm signals at a time when your system is not armed, an alarm is occurring on a 24 hour protection zone, or your standby battery is low. The cause of the alarm must be corrected and then the Control Center reset by arming and disarming again in order to clear the signal. (Consult your Alarm Plan to determine which, if any, of your protection zones are 24 hour.)

Panic alarm

To activate a panic alarm and call for outside help, press the two buttons marked and # on the Digit-Key keypad. Makesure you press both buttons at the s8me time. The panic zone is capable of sending asilent signal to the Central Station when a Digital Communicator is being used (optional). The Penic Ai8rm is always active, whether your system is armed or not.

Your Alarm Specialist may have programmed your security system to be monitored by a Central Station. The built-in digital communicator can transmit emergency signals to the Centml Station 24 hours a day.


Note which zones on your alarm plan have abort delay. This is a 16 second delay that enables you to reset the system before a zone condition report is sent to the Central Station. Non-24 hour zones, however, must first be repaired.

Cantfal Madon

mribwk The Central Station will acknowledge the fact that you have armed your system by ringing back with a short beep of the Mini-Sounder. An optional feature that permits the Central Station to receive a signal each time the system is armed, disarmed or both.
The following information is applicable only where local ordinance permits use of your alarm Control Center for fire detection
Controrlklg Your Fin Circuit
general power outage. If there is, you will be operating from your standby battery. When AC power is restored, the Mini-Sounder will come back on. Press the springloaded switch again to silence the Mini-Sounder.


After a fire alarm, the red FIRE ALARM light will be on. Press the SILENCE 8 FIRE RESET switch to clear the smoke detectors. Alann/BaRtefyTese The fire alarm bell/siren and standby battery should be tested weekly. Disarm the Control Center. Push the BATTERY a BELL TEST switch down and listen to the bell/ siren. If the alarm sounds weak, the battery is faulty. Call for service.
If your alarm specialist installed smoke detectors or heat sensing thermostats, you have 24 hour fire protection. This optional Fire Protection Zone is always active, even though your system may be disarmed. An optional Fire Supervision and Indicator Station on the Control Center provides the following fire circuit controls.

Fire-zone check

The Mini-Sounder on the Fire Supervision and Indicator Station signals a problem on the Fire Zone. Press the spring-loaded SILENCE 8 FIRE RESETswitch toshutoff the Mini-Sounder. The red TROUBLE light will come on until the Fire Zone is cleared. When the zone is restored, the Mini-Sounder will signal again to indicate that the Fire Zone is functional. Press the SILENCE 8 FIRE RESET switch once again to turn off the MiniSounder.
Would You Uke More sawylnformatlon?
For information on home fire detection, burn safety, and home fire safety, contact the National Fire Protection Association, Public Affairs Dept.O5A, Battetymarch Plaza, Quincy, MA 02269.


If the yellow AC light on the Fire Supervision and Indicator Station is off, the Control Center is not receiving AC power. Press the springloaded SILENCE 8. FIRE RESET switch toshut off the Mini-Sounder. Check lights to see if there is a
NOTE: If there is no Fire Supervision and Indicator Station on your Control Center and your Fire Zone uses smoke detectors, have your alarm specialist show you and explain the switch he has installed for resetting the smoke detectors after an alarm.

an escape plan

Even with the most advanced fire alarm system, adequate protection requires an escape plan. To prepare your plan: Draw floorplans of your building (see sample). Show two exits: a front or back door and a window from each room. (Make sure the window works. You may need a special fire escape ladder if the window is high up.) Write cipaw,~ your outside meeting Rehearse: (1) Everyone in their room with the doors closed. (2) One person sounds the alarm. (3) Each person tests his door. (4) Pretend the door is hot and use the alternate escape exit. (5) Everyone meet outdoors at the assigned spot. lMFoRTANTl - Read Carefkally
Discuss these escape procedures with those who use the building. (1) If the premises is a residence, sleep with the bedroom door closed. A closed door will hold back deadly smoke while you escape. (2) When the fire alarm signals, escape quickly. Do not stop to pack (3) Test the door. If it is hot, use your alternate route through the window. If the door is cool, brace your shoulder against it and open it cautiously. Be ready to slam the door if smoke or heat rush in. Crawl through smoke, holding your breath. Close the doors again on leaving to help prevent the fire from spreading. (4) Go to your specific outdoor meeting ~2 so you can see that everyone IS (5) Assign someone to make sure nobody returns to the burning building. (6) Call the fire department from a neighbors telephone.

Area Protected

Zone Features

(doors, windows, etc.)


Central Station?

optlonal katun,


, Telephone#

Service Person




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