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Bill M 12:27am on Monday, October 11th, 2010 
It was easy to install and it is very complete in terms of the security. I feel like I can go to any site and have no worries about a virus.

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Realize Your Most Inspired Visions
Flexible: Enjoy the Freedom to Design the Way You Want Versatile: Create, Model, and Present with One Application Intuitive: Work the Way You Think Smart: Make a Good Investment in Yourself
This is no ordinary year. This is a milestone release for the Vectorworks Landmark software. Incredible new tools will transform your workand your worldfor the better. Now, its easier than ever to create beautiful designs and accurate site plans. Document existing sites with the new Existing Tree tool, analyze slopes on site models with a new parametric Grade tool, and create stepped walls and retaining walls with just a few clicks. Site models update faster than ever before, and with new contour colors, you can make your drawings and presentations as beautiful as their inspiration. This breakthrough release will have a dramatic impact on both your workflow and your designs.
For more information, please visit us online at


Enjoy the Freedom to Design the Way You Want Work on any size project in 2D or 3D. Design whatever you can dream up. With the Vectorworks Landmark application, youre not limited by the software. The possibilities are wide open. Range of Projects Work on any type of project with a flexible design environment. Design residential plans at -inch scale up to urban plans at 1:1,000 or larger. The elegant design tools easily scale up or down to accommodate your work. Graceful 2D Designing Sketch out concepts, create illustrative master plans, and produce precise construction drawings. The sophisticated 2D drafting tools and unique 2D presentation capabilities of the Vectorworks Landmark program make it easy.
Powerful 3D Modeling Whether youre working in 2D or 3D, the unified view mode lets you draft or model within a unified coordinate system. Intelligent objects display correctly in both views. With an intuitive interface, you design from any 3D view, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D so easy. The SmartCursor helps you by showing hints, like the angle from the previous segment, as you draw. Plus, an advanced suite of solid and NURBS modeling tools allows you to create any freeform shape and easily explore organic geometry. Blend, twist, sculpt, deform, or punch holes. Create stunning 3D renderings and even animated flyover and walk-through movies. Limitless Designs Bring your ideas to life. The Vectorworks Landmark program goes beyond planting plans. You can design anythinggraphics, ornamentation, hardware, furniture, decking, urban master plans, or whatever you can imaginewithout having to learn or use additional applications. Efficient Workgroup Capabilities Break up complex projects. Whether youre a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or a large firm dividing work among different members of the team, workgroup referencing provides a flexible way to split even the most complicated project into manageable pieces.
Courtesy of Graham Landscape Architecture
Easy-to-share CAD Files Easily exchange files with builders, architects, surveyors, and engineers using AutoCAD, MicroStation, or other CAD applications that support DXF/DWG. Google Friendly Import concept models from SketchUp and access thousands of models from Googles 3DWarehouse. Export 3D models to Google Earth. Endless Digital Images Make your work even more compelling and easier to communicate with digital imagery. Import scans, digital photos, or web images. Import or export a wide array of image files, including Illustrator EPS and native Photoshop PSD files. Export your design for use in your companys marketing materials and website.

Courtesy of Adrian McGregor, Managing Director, McGregor Coxall
Vectorworks Landmark 2011
Courtesy of Jeffrey Gordon Smith


Create, Model, and Present with One Application Move easily between tasks. From design concepts to documentation, and every design phase in between, the Vectorworks Landmark software marries precision drafting and flexible modeling with state-of-the-art technology. Create, model, and present easily and precisely with one application. With the Vectorworks Landmark application, you can do it all. The software boasts a comprehensive set of design tools to support your entire practice. Youll have complete functionality for: Streamlined Site Documenting This is where it all begins, and no one does it better. Add survey data to the drawing and use it as the basis of your site model, or import CAD drawings and data from architects, builders, or engineers to use as base plans. Download GIS files from the city or state. Scan in planting plans and trace over them with ease. Or, simply enter your field measurements. Use the property line tool to define a sites boundaries and setbacks. Building tools and site objects easily document existing structures and site conditions.
Easy Sketches and Presentations Find your inspiration. Then rework and refine it with intelligent site model toolsall while analyzing your design for areas, volumes, slope, and other data like zone of visual influence and site model section studies.
Awesome! Brilliant! Thanks a million. -Peter Cipes, Peter L. Cipes Building Design
Detailed Construction Drawings Use our suite of precision drawing tools and intelligent landscaping, irrigation, site design, and road objects to make it easy to lay out plans, elevations, sections, and detail drawings. The exclusive Place Plant tool creates planting beds, with plants at exact intervals or in groupings. Our unique Freehand tool lets you draw organic shapes for beds and water features. Our convenient Hardscape tool creates patterned walkways and areas. A flexible Massing Model tool and suite of architectural objects creates model buildings. When youre ready, you can batch print drawing sets or export them as multi-page PDFs at full or reduced sizes. Thousands of Free Drag and Drop Resources Take advantage of our large, free landscape libraries, which include furniture, outdoor equipment, lighting, and irrigation objects. Theres no need to re-draw objects when you can use pre-drawn plants, plant images, and thousands of symbols, tile patterns, and hatches from manufacturers like Unilock.
Courtesy of Luciole Design, Inc. Courtesy of ecoPlan and Design Graphics

Automatic Reports and Lists Stop counting items in your drawings. Automatic data tracking does the tedious work for you. The application goes further than automated plant lists and materials takeoffs. It provides a user-defined way to assign custom data to any object and use that information to list materials and perform calculations. Other automated reports calculate and list site volume and cut and fill volumes, or report existing trees, plants, landscape areas, and other data. Superior Presentations Define and communicate your signature look with presentation capabilities that are famous for helping our users achieve beautiful, graphically rich presentations. Add gradients, tile and image fills, stipples, and hatching. Easily import digital images and graphics. Unique Hard/Soft Rendering Switch Use our distinctive sketch rendering and exclusive plant styling technologies to blur the line between construction and presentation. You can switch between hard-lined drawings and soft, hand-sketched illustrations in the same drawing. Unique page layout capabilities make it a cinch to arrange presentation boards. Accurate Mapping and GIS Integrate maps into your work with ease. Import geo-referenced aerial/satellite images and GIS data to be used as they are, or use the outstanding drawing, modeling, and graphics capabilities to embellish them with 2D or 3D graphics for compelling presentations. Advanced Site Modeling Capabilities Create grading plans, calculate cut/fill, analyze the site for slope and flow, and present the site in 2D and 3D. Vectorworks Landmarks site modeling capabilities make it all possible.
Courtesy of Morris Architects
Bountiful Plant Images Flex your green thumb. Weve partnered with Xfrog, the industrys premier developer of botanical models, to provide you with one of the largest plant image libraries available in any CAD application. Youll find photorealistic plant images in several views, including top, elevation, and 3D, as well as seasonal and growth views. Plus, you can dig into a library of stylized plants for more impressionistic presentations. Renderworks If you think that RenderworksTM looked good beforewait until you see this! Weve teamed with the award-winning CINEMA 4D render engine to provide dramatic speed and quality gains that are integrated right into your application, so you wont waste time importing or exporting the model as the design changes. Youll have deft control of texture mapping and more intuitive shader options to create photorealistic or artistic renderings like never before. And, youll really move with speed increases that are five to seven times faster for global illumination renders!


Work The Way You Think The Vectorworks Landmark software is intuitive. The application was created to mirror the way landscape architects and designers work, so you dont need to focus on the logistics. Youre free to focus on the project itself. Easy-to-use Interface and Drafting Tools Do what you like to do bestdesign. You wont waste time getting up to speed because the softwares simple, customizable interface and what-you-see-is-what-you-get display make it easier to learn and use than standard CAD applications. No matter what youre switching from, the Vectorworks Landmark software interface will be familiar. Vectorworks SmartCursor technology replaces manual drafting tools, so even inexperienced CAD users can make the switch easily. Tailored for Your Success Work in tandem with the application. The Vectorworks Landmark solution is ready to meet the needs of designers, landscape architects, and planners. In addition to designing with lines, arcs, and circles, you can design with tailor-made objects like plants, hardscapes, and walls. Landmarks intelligent objects are easy to edit. If you need to change a plants spacing or the height of a retaining wall, just type in the changes instead of redrawing them. Plus, intelligent objects display correctly in both 2D and 3D views. With our Pascal-based scripting language, VectorScript, you can program everything from simple scripts that automate routine tasks to full-blown commercial applications.


Invest in Yourself Affordable, customer focused, and proven worldwidethe Vectorworks Landmark software is a smart investment in you. Affordable Shop no furtheryou wont find another professional design application that includes so much for such a reasonable price. In one package, you get state-of-the-art tools and technology along with the ability to work from conception to completion a great value. You also get free software updates and affordable upgrades. With free technical support and reasonable training costs, you get value far beyond your initial savings. We never force subscriptions, so youre free to upgrade when and how you choose. As your business grows, we add extra seats at a discounted price. For you, that means a lot of great value and no hidden fees. Customer Focused Relax. Were here for you every step of the way. We listen and learn from your inputthats how the Vectorworks Landmark product is created. So your relationship with us doesnt end when you install the software. Thats just the beginning. We provide many channels for you to get the information you need. If youd like training, take advantage of our multiple offerings: onsite, online, or in the classroom. If a technical issue stumps you, contact our technical support team for help. You can also tap into our Vectorworks community with over 450,000 enthusiastic users worldwide and user groups on the local level. E-mail listservs provide assistance around the clock, or you can use a service directory and job board to find help.

Vectorworks users often find themselves in Internet-based dialogues with our engineers and managers. We take pride in cultivating lasting relationships with our users, and we translate their feedback into positive product developments. With your input, we can continue to develop software that exceeds your expectations. After all, your success is our success. Proven Worldwide Be part of a long tradition of excellence. Vectorworks was founded 25 years ago, and now counts more than 450,000 design professionals worldwide. Vectorworks is the best-selling cross-platform professional CAD software and the preferred application for world-renowned landscape architects like DirtWorks PC in New York, Adrian McGregor in Sydney, Andrew Fisher Tomlin in London, and Peter Walker Partners in Berkeley, as well as countless others who power the design world forward every day. Vectorworks Landmark is produced by Nemetschek Vectorworks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nemetschek AG, which is the worlds leading IT company for the design, construction, and management of buildings and real estate. Nemetschek software solutions are used by design professionals in 142 countries and translated into eight languages. With Vectorworks Landmark 2011, the tradition continues.
The developers of Vectorworks Landmark have been amazing at taking our input, and incorporating them into tools for landscape architects. In many cases, these tools are what I would have created for myself if I knew how to write software.
- Todd McCurdy, FASLA, Landscape Architect
Vectorworks Landmark Realize Your Most Inspired Visions
Courtesy of Morris Architects-Morris Terra
Courtesy of Bianchi Design
Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. 7150 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD 21046-1295 USA T 410-290-5114 | F 410-290-8050
2010 Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. All rights reserved. Vectorworks is a registered trademark of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. Renderworks, SmartCursor, and VectorScript are trademarks of Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.
Cover imagery courtesy of (left to right) Visual by Jonathan Reeves,; Office of James Burnett; Rubn Hernndez Fontana, Modo Forma; Morris Architects-Morris Terra
System Recommendations Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later QuickTime Intel Core 2GHz or better DVD-ROM drive (dual layer) Screen resolution, 1280 x 800 recommended Display color depth 15 bit or higher Windows XP SP 3 Windows Vista SP 2 Windows 7 QuickTime 7.6.0 to 7.6.6 (higher versions not recommended) Pentium 2GHz or better DVD-ROM drive (dual layer) Screen resolution, 1280 x 800 recommended Display color depth 15 bit or higher Vectorworks RAM 1GB minimum, 2GB recommended Hard drive space 10GB free Vectorworks with Renderworks RAM 2GB minimum, 4GB recommended Hard drive space 10GB free Vectorworks Designer RAM 1GB minimum, 2GB recommended Hard drive space 10GB free Vectorworks Designer with Renderworks RAM 2GB minimum, 4GB recommended Hard drive space 10GB free See for updated information.


Top Features in Vectorworks Landmark 2011
Easy-to-use Landscape Objects With new tools to further assist in the creation of plans and to simplify their interpretation, the new Landmark 2011 version just makes change easy. Try your hand at converting a 3D locus to a stake object to begin creating a site model. Site models update faster than ever before, and contour colors make your drawings and presentations as beautiful as their inspiration. With the Vectorworks Landmark 2011 software, you can take your plans even further than before. Exceptional Text Capabilities The Vectorworks 2011 version is packed with new and improved text capabilities. Text styles, perfect preview of text while editing, improved text fills, and easier access to check spelling are just some of the new options that make creating text even better. Make 3D as Easy as 2D Vectorworks software is now, more than ever, a true 3D modeling environment. 2D planar objects can be created and edited within a planar context, where they display with all their attributes. You can work in Top/Plan view as usual, or switch to a 3D view and continue working in the same way, with the same tools and operations! Best in Class Render Engine Renderworks 2011 is faster, easier, and more powerful than any of our previous versions. Now based on the robust CINEMA 4D render engine, the results are breathtaking and easier to achieve. Our new engine is fully integrated into Vectorworks, so it works seamlessly to allow you to visualize your work throughout the design process, producing clear and accurate renderings. With the click of a button, rendered viewports will update as your design evolves. Top 11 features in Vectorworks Landmark 2011 1. New Retaining Wall Site Modifier Architectural walls can be used to create retaining wall site modifiers, increasing the accuracy of cut and fill calculations for the site model. This new parametric object allows you the flexibility to sculpt the terrain around the wall. New Existing Tree Tool Document existing site trees for evaluation before construction work or landscaping, or use it for management and reporting purposes. New Grade Tool This innovative new tool creates a parametric grade object to annotate terrain slopes on site plan documents. Grade objects can be networked together to show slope characteristics across a surface. New Create Stepped Wall Command Now a simpler method for creating a stepped wall that contains wall peaks at even intervalscreate with a constant rise at each interval, or one with a variable rise conforming to the underlying terrain. Site Model Improvements Site models are more robust than ever with these enhanced options: Easily map aerial images onto site models
Contact: Lisa Lance Public Relations Specialist Global Marketing Communications T 443-542-0719
Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. 7150 Riverwood Drive Columbia, MD 21046 USA T 410-290-5114 F 410-290-8050
Use color to illustrate grade changes between contour lines Display cut and fill with a new option Pick different colors to delineate existing and proposed major/minor contours, and enjoy the smoother 2D contour display improvements Get the list of all calculations used in the creation of a cut and fill volume so you can provide verification of your calculations to those reviewing your site model 6. Improved 3D Environment The 3D environment is much more intuitive in the Vectorworks 2011 software. Working in 3D is similar to the ease of 2D, for a truly unified and simplified experience. You can: Draft any shape, on any plane, in any view, using the tools you already know how to use Edit planar objects from any view using familiar 2D operations Dimension objects in any plane Display graphic attributes of planar objects in any view Working in 3D has never been easier. Push/Pull Tool The tools name tells you how it worksjust push and pull. The Push/Pull tool can edit solid faces and planar objects just like it would in the real world, so you get dynamically interactive feedback and instant results as you work. Design Layer Section Viewport Create section viewports directly on design layers so you can create elevation views right on the design layer. These section viewports can be referenced into other files for enhanced team workflows. "Perfect Preview" Text Editing Were taking the guesswork out of your work. With perfect text preview, text appears the same when editing as it does on the drawing, saving you time and effort. Rotated text can be edited in place, or un-rotated if needed.
10. New Scalable Symbols Now you can adjust the scale of a symbol right from the Object Info palette, without having to create a new symbol for each size that you need. When you import symbols, you wont get a new symbol for each size, simplifying your files. Thats not allsymbols can now be page-based or world-based when created, so if you have an annotation symbol, it will always display at the size you want. 11. New Renderworks with CINEMA 4D Render Engine Introducing the award-winning CINEMA 4D, the exciting and powerful new 64-bit render engine in the Renderworks 2011 version. Together, they provide dramatic speed and quality gains, with a robust integrated rendering option thats right inside your Vectorworks application. Youll be blown away by simpler, more intelligent controls, and render speeds that are five to seven times faster for indirect lighting rendering! There are many other areas of improvement including simplified file exchange features, and a number of significant usability improvements. Please check out for full details of Vectorworks 2011.



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