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Cersdog 6:12am on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 
Great Portrait lens! I got this lens a few weeks ago, and have used it lightly around the house. It takes amazing pictures!
markusf 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 
Sharp portraiture lens gives you room to work with subject. Ideal for close up work. I find the image sharp on both auto focus as well as manual. I have had this lens for about a year and always have great success with it.
m.haenel 11:41pm on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
Sharp, excellent contrast, 1:1 with no accessories, sharp (did I mention it was sharp?) AF slow, expensive compared to Sigma, Tamron.
brandoncolorado 9:50pm on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
The Nikon 105mm Micro-Nikkor The lens performs as advertised. When used within the suggested parameters the results are great. More than a macro-lens This is not only a superb macro lens (though the offerings by Zeiss and Leitz are reputed even sharper.
makRoSoS1 12:42pm on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
J&R just threw the Nikon box containing the lens inside a box just large enough for the Nikon box WITH NO ADDITIONAL PACKING MATERIAL. This is a pricy lens, but if you are even considering moving up to an fx from dx, get it. Its a worth while investment.
jherda 4:42pm on Monday, June 7th, 2010 
I got this lens based on the recommendation of a 35 year photo-pro. He talked me into getting this lens over the 85mm f/1.8. I use this lens for all my pet portraits. The only negative thing I can say about this lens is that it is heavy. Of course.
dubis 1:34pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
Works like a charm I upgraded from the older Nikon 60mm macro and can see the difference in image quality in the viewfinder.
IanPowolny 11:23pm on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 
As mentioned by other reviewers, this is a great lens, and especially good for portraits, people and landscapes, and for macro.
manasol 2:00am on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 
It is virtually impossible to use auto focus without using a tripod when using the macro mode. However. This is a wonderful lens for specific usage, namely, mid range zoom and of course, macro work. Ok, I have had this lens a couple of months now. What at first seemed like a very good lens is now one I consider exceptional. Ok, I have had this lens a couple of months now. What at first seemed like a very good lens is now one I consider exceptional.
paolinux 6:54am on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
Very sharp focus, excellent bokeh. This lens is mounted on my D90 and used with R1C1 system. Sharp Focus Heavy
zacwitte 4:27am on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 
"Here we have what appears to be a made-in-heaven lens from Nikon combining thier excellent 105 2.

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I am selling a Minolta Vectis s-100 for only $100.00.It is a $569.00 dallor camera.It is almost brand-new.I have only taken 1 roll of 24 pictures in it.I am selling it for a good cheap price. Because I need the money for bills and fast. Thank you - Raymond <> Bronica ETRS Limited edition for sale. 120 film back with 75mm standard lens. Immaculate condition. Selling for RM 3,500 - Keith lau <> Nikon equipment in K.L.: (1) Nikkor 300mm MF f4.5, with tripod mount, sharp, near perfect, R.M. 1450; (2) Nikkor 75mm-300mm AF zoom, like new, in box, still under warranty, R.M. 1,000; (3) Nikon F3 HP finder, Exc, R.M. 550; (4) Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AI'd, Exc-, R.M. 650. - Phillip <> Hi, is there anyone out there who has a Nikon N2020 model. I desperately need a manual for it as the guy I bought it from did not have it. If you can help me please send mail to Thanks Kevin - Kevin <> NIKON F60QD+35-80mm F3.5-5.6D (90%NEW)RM1200. NIKKOR 80-200mm F2.8D ONE TOUCH (90%NEW)RM2200.Call:03-77847713 Ryan Tey - ryan tey <> LOOKING FOR: Eye Cup for Canon T90. Please E-Mail me if you have one or know where I might be able to purchase one. Thanks. Ron - Ron <> Selling Nikon mount Tokina ATX Pro 80-200 f2.8 for RM1500 ONO. Excellent condition and newly cleaned. Very sharp. Some websites for photos and info: Klang Valley only - Faiz Azmi <> Pentax LX with FA-1 finder. Clean and fully functional except mirror has intermittent "hitch" in it. sometimes bad, sometimes not so bad. Selling as-is. $200. - Ron <> I have a Rolleiflex SL35E for sale or trade. It is in fair condition but needs some work: meter is off about 4 stops and the rewind knob is broken off. I also have 3 lenses for it: 28mm, 55mm, and a 135mm, along with a flash, and original instruction manual. Prefer to trade for used Nikkon N60 or something in that neighborhood, if not willing to trade please make me a reasonable offer - Jason Long <> Looking for a good used Fixed Focal CANON EF 200mm f/2.8 L USM Lense. E-Mail me your price. - MR <> Nikon FE body,,,1:4.5 F=300mm,,, 1:3.5 F=28mm,,,1:3.5F=55mm Micro,,,1:1.4F=50mm,,,1:2.5 F=105mm,,, Flash Plus filters - <> I AM LOOKING FOR A NIKON RS CAMERA AND ASSORTED LENS ETC - MICHAEL POSNER <MADDOC48@AOL.COM> Wish to purchase SB-16B Nikon TTL flash to fit Nikon 801. Also wish to obtain Multi adaptor AS-10 for multi Nikon flashes. Call 05-2536649(O) 05-5453637(H). Thanks - W.T.Wong <> Selling Tokina ATX Pro 80-200 f2.8 for RM1500 ONO. Excellent condition and newly cleaned. Very sharp. Some websites for photos and info: Klang Valley only - Faiz Azmi <> Hi i'm looking for Canon 300mm f.4 L lense.used one of course. if you have pls e-mail with the expected price or you can call me at +6017-8886620 deal in Malaysia only. TQ - Peter Lim <> Looking for 35mm f2 Nikkor and 105mm f2.5 Nikkor lens.Body condition is not important as long as the lens elements are perfect.Preferably in KL area. - Yuzheng <> Looking for a Nikon MD4 motordrive.Body condition is not important as long as it is still in good working order. - Yuzheng <> I'm interested in buying a 55mm f2.8/3.5 Micro Nikkor.Body condition is not important as long as the lens elements are perfect. - Yuzheng <> I'm interested in buying a Nikkor AI 20 or 24 mm manual focus lense for N2000 body. - Roman Beck <> 1963 Nikon F body & lens, serial # 6499366, excellent condition, unsure of value--best offer - Lisa Gudding <> looking for 2nd hand manual camera body + 50 mm lense. Preffered brand is Nikon. For your info, I'm studying in KL. - fariz <> NIKON LENS 50MM F1.4,80%NEW,(m)LENS.PLEASE CALL 012-3833372. - MR CHONG <> NIKON CAMERA F3,85%NEW,WITH MOTORDRIVE MD-4.IN VERY GOOD CONDITION.CHEAP PRICE.(URGENT) K.L. PLEASE CALL 012-3833372. - MR CHONG <> Nikkormat FT2 Blk S/N 5148xxx condition = Good , works fine, missing self timer switch. Great to use for parts and/or as backup to your better camera. - Dave Philippe <> I'm looking for good condition Carl Zeiss lenses for Contax. Wideangle, 18mm, 21mm or 25mm and 28mm or 35mm. Standard 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.2. Zooms are welcome too. - Wee Liam <> Great manual Pentax ME-Super SLR to be grabbed. Come with lenses ; 1) SMC-M 50mm, f/1.2 & SMC-M 35-70mm, f/2.8. Also Pentax 200TTL flash and 12" cable release. For all, willing to let go at RM1000. - Jack <> Fujica AX-3 body and 50mm/1.9 Fujinon lens, Pentax Spotmatic(screw mount)body. Both in full working condition. RM450.00 - Marul <> If you want to sell your Nikon F4s body , and the condition must be mint or ex.+++ Please call me by E-mail. I will pay good price. - David Law <> I want to buy a Hasselblad Lens 250mm F/5.6 C SA or CF-SA. But I like to buy from personal not pro-used - David Law <> Looking for 38mm close/up lens for Nikon Medical Micro Lense 200mm F/5.6 of the 1st. version. (a set of six or part) and AC power pack - LA-1. - David Law <> Rolleiflex Post War Black Baby 4x4 Camera and original case and strap. It works perfectly and is in excellent mint condition with the following information: #2066786 DBP DBGM On Lenses: Heidosmat - Schneider/Kreuznach Xenar 8931024 On the case it says Rollei F&H Germany. Best offer over $500 U.S. - Toni Marie Caravello <> Nikon F90X (Body) + MB10 (Vertical Grip) + Vivitar Series 1 Lens 28-105mm f2.8 - Sham <> Never Used, Brand New, F-3 w/leather case and 50mmf/1.4 lens.Will pay for shipping. - Bob Davis <> Looking for used or new Yashica/Contax mount extension tubes. Stanley Yeoh <> I am looking for a Zoom lens for my canon T50. any other accessories also. - shannon <> Minolta Auto Winder D for XD5-7 wanted new or second hand. 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WHITEY <> Wanted to buy: MF-12 Databack for Nikon and others. and HN-5 Lens Hood. Not too Exotic but that's all I need. TNX - WHITEY <> Canon mount Tamron 28-200mm LD Super(champange edition).Very good condition,minimum focus distance 0.5m at all focal lenght,impressive!.5-6 months old.Rm700. Thank You. SAM <> Nikkor 135mm/3.5. Mint condition. RM300.00 - Nan <> anyone has a used lightmeter for ambient/flash for sale? - haDi <> Fujica ST-705 + Helios 2/58mm + Jupiter 2/85mm, very good condiction, price 180$ - Gregory <> nikon f4e for sale. highest offer secures. excellent working condition. owner upgrading. e-mail or call M'sia 0738 alf <> BUYING ALL COLLECTIBLEs AT HIGH PRICES! Nikon, Leica, Canon, Alpa, Zeiss, Contax, Voigtlander etc. - e11 <> I NEED A INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR A CANON T70 michael <> NIKON LENS 20-35MM,F2.8(D) WITH LENSHOOD.ASK FOR RM4500.PLEASE CALL 012-2032732. - JEFFREY <>


Page 1 #1 FALL/WINTER 2000 ABOUT US.
Underwater Photo-Tech specializes in the Sales & Service of underwater photographic equipment. We manufacture unique Photo Accessories and offer sales of Camera & Housing systems. We are an Authorized Service and Warranty Facility for Nikonos, Aquatica and Sea & Sea equipment. Underwater Photo-Tech is a Nikon Advanced Systems Dealer and an Authorized Sea & Sea Dealer. In addition, we have products from many major manufacturers to assist you in making the most of your underwater photography. Included in our product line are camera lanyards, hard and soft cases, dive lights with holders, instructional photography books and videos, strobes arms, extension tubes and much, much more. Please enjoy this newsletter/flyer. If you do not see something you would like or have a photo tip to share with your fellow underwater photographers, please feel free to call or email us.
Your complete underwater photography center!


If you have a strobe such as Sea and Sea that has stick on decals for the exposure guide you can make a photo slate for your wrist. By placing the exposure guide on the slate all you have to do is glance at your arm instead of moving the entire camera system away from your face. Take a piece of 3 diameter PVC pipe and cut it to about four inches in length, then cut it in half length wise. Sand the edges and drill a hole in each corner. Use surgical tubing to make the straps by cutting it to the proper length and then weaving through the holes. Tie a not in each end and youre done. This Photo tip was sent to us from Mike Lodise. He is a very active underwater photographer whos had several articles published and regularly sells his underwater photos.
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Kodak Sea Processing!

We began offering Kodak Sea Processing to our customers in July, and results have been great. It provides crisp colors and a sharpness not found in conventional processing, making a good photo great! Adding a picture CD to your roll processing at the time of development makes it easy to share your photos with family and friends quickly. Although designed specifically for divers and snorkelers who shoot print film, we have found the digital processing creates fantastic prints from slides. No more inter-negatives which, unless done by a professional lab, lose quality when printed. The cost for enlargements is very reasonable. An 8 x 12 in quantities of 6 or more is only $5.25 per enlargement and a 12 x 18 is only $13.75. To take it a step further, Kodak Sea Processing also offers you the ability to have your favorite photos embossed on a coffee cup, T-shirt, mouse pad or hat! All photos are stored in their computer for up to 10 days, making ordering these special gift items a snap!



10 PC-KAG0 E

OUR VIDEO PACKAGE INCLUDES: Sony PC-100 camera, MAKO PC-100 camera housing, battery pods, a battery charger, two light heads, batteries, o-rings kits, and a nifty travel case.

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Nikon anced Adv ems Syst r Deale

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We see many SB-105 strobes that customers have been sending in complaining that the strobe is intermittent. What we have found is the clips on the battery holder become fatigued and cause the batteries to not make good contact. The fix is easy. Reform the two metal plates that are on the battery cartridge by squeezing them between your thumb and forefinger and pulling them up. It is also good to take an eraser on the end of a pencil and reach down and clean the four contacts inside the strobe. We have found that this cures 90% of the intermittent power problems.
OUR DIGITAL PACKAGE INCLUDES: Olympus C-3000 3.3 mega pixel camera, a Light and Motion all aluminum Tetra housing with Nikon style strobe bulkhead, Sea & Sea YS-60 strobe, Ultralight strobe arm and pelican case.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: Nikon F-100 camera, Nikkor 60 MM lens, Sea & Sea NX-100 housing, Sea & Sea custom flat port, Ultralight three piece arm system, Sea & Sea YS-60 Strobe, Porter photo case, and Underwater Photo-Techs target light holder with Tektite light.

: Our Deluxe Package $

A Whale On Her Own A childrens book
by Brian Skerry. (1-56711-431-8). $18.95
All standard arm systems contain lower arm, double ball arm, upper arm, two clamps and a lower connecting screw. Buoyancy arm sets contain lower arm, two buoyancy double balls, upper strobe connector, three clamps and lower connecting screw.
Its Case.a ote.a Cart. Its a Case.a Tote.a Car t. ALL IN ONE!

Meets airline carry-on requirements 42 padded telescoping handle 4 ball bearing wheels Exterior tie down strap Will can carry up to 200 lbs.
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More saturated color. At a more versatile speed. Kodak Tr y NEW Kodak Elite Chrome EXTRA COLOR film today! ALL FILM KODAK USA!
Slide Film EBX-135-36.. $7.99 Slide Film EBX-135-26H (2 pack). $14.99 Print GA 135-Gold. $4.50 Print GC 135-MAX.. $4.75
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Nikonos Guide

by Jim Church (JCEGNS).. $22.95
For nearly two decades I have relied on Underwater Photo-Tech for technical support. From purchasing new equipment, to repair, to designing special application gear, they have continually "delivered the goods!" Making high quality images underwater involves many things, not the least of which is using good, properly working gear. Underwater PhotoTech takes care of that side of things so that you can do the rest. Br ian Skerr y Brian Skerr erry

Nikonos V Q-Cards

by Jim Church (JCEGNSQC). $12.95
NEW Kodak Sea Processing Pre-Paid Envelopes. $16.49
The New Guide to Sea & Sea

(S89301).. $25.95

The Underwater Photography Handbook

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Standard arm sets by Ultralight
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Underwater Photography

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orld lds The Wor lds Toughest, Water tight Equipment Protector Cases!
1454 Interior 15L x 10.5W x 6D. 1520 Interior 18L x 13W x 6.75D.. 1554 Interior 19L x 14W x 7.75D.. 1654 Interior 29L x 18W x 10.5D..
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Underwater Wonders

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TLC standard arm system

Macro & Standard - 488NK or 484.. $140 Wide angle - 21515 or 22020.. $140
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#1 Bay Island Aggressor IV April 1421, 2001 Join Underwater PhotoTech and Andy Martinez for a week of Photo orientated diving off the islands of Roatan, Utilla and Cayo Cochinos. #2 Bonaire Dive Festival June 9-16, 2001 Join Underwater Photo-Tech on a week long adventure with free seminars on underwater photography and environmental awareness at Captain Dons Habitat Dive resort. Participate in the Dive Festival Photo Contest or just come and have fun. Great for families and individuals alike!! #3 Nikon School of Underwater Photography August 4-11, 2001 On the Island of Cayman Brac at the Divi Dive Resort. Come and learn how to take great underwater photos from the pros from Nikon. This class is for beginners or individuals wanting to improve on their photo techniques. All Nikonos photo equipment is provided. #4 Curacao Annual Coral Spawning October 13-20, 2001 Do you own a housing and want to get the most out of it? Would you like to try a housing and see if your photos improve? If you answered yes, than this is the trip for you. Join Underwater Photo-Tech for a week of diving off the coast of Curacao at Habitat Dive Resort. Included will be workshops on getting the most from your housing system, different lens and port configuration and lighting techniques. There will be several different housing systems available for participant use. #5 Indonesia April 2002 We are putting together a two-week trip for travel to Komodo Island National Park to photograph Komodo Dragons and dive the South China Sea around the island of Bali. Leading this trip will be Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock, two dive professional underwater photographers who have traveled extensively to this part of the world.





We make

underwater photo accessories so you can concentrate on making your underwater photos.
TARGET LIGHT HOLDER Aiming and focusing light holder for cameras & housings. Easily expandable with the use of add-on pop arms.
(UW-9401) Light Holder w/4 pop arms.. $49.95 (UW-9401-2) Additional Pop Arm sect. $1.00 (3A-5100) Tektite Light.. $19.95 (3A-5101) Red Lens.. $3.95


We are now carrying a new product called the Absorber. The Absorber is a small drying towel which is made of a revolutionary fabric that dries better than a sponge or chamois. Its great for drying your camera or housing system before loading film between dives. The introductory price is only $9.95.
SPOT-SHOT FOR CLOSE-UP Amazing focusing aids replace framers! For Nikonos brand close-up kit.
(UW-9806) Anodized Aluminum. $99.95
MACRO SHOE ARM Eliminate bulky tray and arm when using an SB-105 strobe for macro photography.
(UW-9302) Macro Shoe Arm. $79.95
CAMERA FIRST AID KITS How-to kits with tools to minimize H2O damage in the event of a flood. Stop water damage before its to late!
(UW-9402) Nikonos V, Lenses.. $59.95 (UW-9612) Sea & Sea Cameras. $59.95
MACRO SPOT-SHOT Available for 1:2 & 1:3 extension tubes and used with Nikonos 35mm lenses. Anodized Aluminum.
(UW-9902) Spot-Shot for 1:2 Macro. $84.95 (UW-9903) Spot-Shot for 1:3 Macro. $84.95 (UW-9901) Set of both 1:2 & 1:3. $149.95
BODY CAP & LENS CAPS Lens caps are hard to lose, screw-on design made from durable PVC plastic and have threaded tops to provide a secure fit.
(UW-8909) Body cap. (UW-0135) 28, 35 & 80mm lens caps. (UW-0120) 20mm lens cap.. (UW-0115) 15mm lens cap.. $17.95 $14.95 $24.95 $39.95
DOUBLE TRAY with HANDLE One handed operation with remote shutter access!
(UW-8911) Double Tray.. $99.00 (UW-9001) Double Tray with Handle. $149.00 (UW-8910) Handle Only. $54.00
HOUSING CAPS AND COVERS Durable, affordable and made to stay put, these caps and covers will protect your gear from scratches and dust.
(UW-9801) 8 Lens Shade Cap for Aquatica. $69.95 (UW-9807) 6.25 Lens Cover for Subal & Tussey. $15.00 (UW-9808) Lens Shade Cover for S&S Std. Dome $35.95 (UW-9904) Rear Port Cap for Sea & Sea.. $34.95 (UW-9905) Body Cap for Sea & Sea.. $44.95

All used equipment sold by Underwater Photo-Tech has been serviced, tested and comes with a limited six month warranty.


CAMERA CHECK LISTS Dont rely on memory! Our step by step check lists help you to be sure your equipment is ready to go under.
(UW-9802) Sea & Sea MMII Check List.. (UW-9803) Nikonos Check List.. (UW-9804) Aquatica Check List.. (UW-9805) Sea & Sea Housing List. $9.95 $9.95 $9.95 $9.95
WET BAG Portable rinse tank! Protect your photo gear from salt water damage - Great for boat dives!
(UW-103) 17x10x12.. $54.95 (UW-104) 21x10x12.. $59.95
TRIPOD Ideal for helping to get that perfect shot. Available in assorted sizes.




16 Manning St. #104 Derry, NH 03038 603-432-1997 e-mail:
HOUSINGS US4611Demo S&S CX-600.. $11950 US5601 Demo S&S NX-90.. $1295 US54100 Demo S&S NX-5 PRO. $2400 LENSES US6300 Used S&S 15mm Nikonos.. $699 US6400 Used S&S 12mm Nikonos.. $850 US03010 Used 3T MACRO/MM-II.. $75 US0302 Used 20mm COV/MM-II.. $255 US0304 Used 2T MACRO/MM-II.. $125 US0402 Used MX-10 MACRO. $110 US0403 Used MX-10 Close-up.. $40 VIEW FINDERS US0150 Used High Eyepoint.. $195 US0160 Used S&S 12mm. $299 OTHER GOODIES US18101 Demo S&S YS-120 Strobe. $499 US0407 Used MX-10/YS-40A System. $395 US500 Complete SX1000 Housing PAK. $699 N70SUB Complete SUBAL PAK W/Camera, 60 Macro & Strobe.. $2995
PACKA CKAGE PACKAGE INCLUDES: MX-10/YS-40A Kit, 20mm Wide Lens with Sportsfinder, Macro Lens, Close-up Lens, Lens Caddy, Underwater Photo-Techs first aid kit, Custom Pelican Case with die cut foam plus the new Taking Pictures with the MX-10 Video and a Waterproof MX-10 Instruction Card! Save $187.90! Also includes 1yr. DEPP Flood Insurance Coverage! (A$75.00 value!) MX-10 CAMERA/YS-40A
PACKA CKAGE PACKAGE INCLUDES: Seamaster PRO-EX Camera, YS60TTL/S Strobe, W Stay Set, Sea Arm IV, 20mm Wide Lens, High Eyepoint Viewfinder, 2T Macro Lens, Lens Caddy, Custom Pelican Case with die cut foam, plus the New Guide to Sea & Sea and Underwater Photo-Techs Camera First Aid Kit. Save $487.90! Also includes 1yr. DEPP Flood Insurance Coverage! (A $75.00 value!) SEAMASTER PRO-EX/YS-60TTL/S

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Lens Testing
By Brian Skerry Given the long list of obstacles that can get in the way of producing great underwater photographs, it makes sense to do everything possible to increase your odds of success. One of the key elements in obtaining crisp images is using quality optics. To that end, the lens used must be functioning properly and must be capable of delivering a high quality image. Purchasing what you believe to be a high quality lens may not be enough. Several years ago I began having each new lens I purchased bench tested. Few camera shops are capable of performing such a test, however I found it very useful in evaluating various lenses. Each test yielded a report card that showed if the lens elements were decentered as well as testing for flare, chromatic aberration and astigmatism. Perhaps the most important information the report card showed was resolution and was expressed in lines per MM. During one such test the report card showed that a brand new lens I had just purchased performed poorly. I returned it for another and had this one tested. It too tested rather poorly. I returned that one for a third and finally received a report card with high marks. The third lens had much greater resolution than the previous two. It is not necessary to bench test every lens, but it is important to perform your own tests. A simple test is to photograph a large brick wall. Under a loupe you should be able to tell if the lens is sharp and working to your liking. For Nikonos lenses a similar test can be performed in a swimming pool. In shallow, clear and brightly-lit water photograph the tiles of the pool or a homemade chart. Test the lens at various distances and f-stops. This should even be done from time to time with older lenses since time can take a toll. It is an easy way to prevent problems in the field or more accurately, on the light table! Brian is the author of several books and articles on underwater photography and his work is published in many well known magazines including National Geographic, People, Sports Illustrated and Smithsonian. $ Body Only ENGINEERED TO EXHILARATE Fast Auto Focus with Automatic Focus Tracking Precise 10-segment 3D NEW! Matrix, Center-weighted and Spot metering systems Built-in Speedlight with 3D TTL Multi-Sensor Automatic Balanced Fill-Flash


*FREE - 2 additional years of warranty!
FAST, ACCURATE, PROFESSIONAL Advanced Autofocus with Focus Tracking with Lock-on at 4.1 fps. Precise 8-segment 3D Matrix metering Exposure Control in 1/3 EV steps Wide-area and Spot Autofocus - 2 additional years of warranty!

76995* Body Only

FREE - 2 additional years of warranty!


116995* Body Only
The F100 is for advanced amateurs who want a superb pro-class camera like the F5, one thats smaller & lighter, and with superior precision. Features include: Dynamic AF, High-speed Focus Tracking, Superior exposure performance, D Matrix Metering and much more.
Reliable performance with the best response. Fast speeds with consistent accuracy. Practical innovations for demanding professionals. The strength to take on punishing assignments. The flexibility and intelligence to customize for specific requirements.
Nikon Inc. three year limited warranty included.

s NikonoGV E

AF Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D ED-IF.. $1529.95 This fast, ultra-wide-angle zoom lens incorporates high optical performance and 0.9 ft. closest focusing. AF Nikkor 14mm f/2.8D ED. $1459.95 With a 114 picture angle and f/2.8 fast aperture. AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D. $499.95 Versatile ultra-wide-angle lens for same angle as Nikonos 15mm AF Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D. $399.95 Most common lens used underwater. AF Nikkor 105mm f2.8D.. $669.95 Ideal for those hard to reach creatures.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: Nikonos V, Nikonos 35mm F2.5 Nikkor lens, Nikonos extension tube set, Nikon U.S. Warranty, Sea & Sea YS-60TTL-N strobe, single strobe mounting tray, 2 8" TLC lower arm sections, TLC clamp assembly, Sea & Sea adapter, large knob for lower arm, Pelican Case w/ padded inside dividers and 2 rolls of Kodak Elite Extra Color film! You save $226 off of the $ regular retail price. Nikonos V/Sea & Sea YS-60 Deluxe Package TTL-N Strobe
3x zoom lens 432 step autofocus Compact, 8.1 oz. 10 titles in 12 languages can be imprinted on the back of pictures
Protective lens cover 2x zoom Autofocus & 95 $ Auto Exposure Built-in auto flash
38-120mm zoom lens with exclusive Nikon ED glass lens technology $ 95 for superior quality photos DATE Panorama
Nikon nced Adva ems Syst r Deale
All Nikon products include Nikon Inc. one-year limited warranty




2.11 Megapixel CCD Resolution 1600 x 1200 2x Zoom-Nikkor lens 2.5x digital zoom Print large, 11x14 high quality prints


3.34 Megapixel CCD Resolution 2048 x 1536
with $75 off with mail-in rebate Offer ends 12/31/00
3X Zoom-Nikkor lens 4x step-less digital zoom Exclusive 256 Element Matrix Metering


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