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Please read this manual carefully before using your meter for the first time. The technical specifications and operating methods included in this manual are subject to changes without notice. In case of any inquires after a period of usage, please contact the manufacturer. Please charge the battery before using your meter for the first time. (Recommend 5 hours)


Chapter I. Introduction..3 Chapter II. Function..4
A. Front Panel..4 B. Quick Operation..5 1. Language setting 2. Quick operation guide C. Detailed operation Guide..6 1. Turn on the equipment..6 2. Satellite Setting (1) Edit Satellite (2) Add TP (3) Delete satellite (4) Auto Scan 3. System Setting..6 4. System Information 5. Current Program Information 6. Dish angle calculation..12
Chapter III. Power Supply..14 Chapter IV. Specification..15
Chapter I Introduction SM-1100 digital satellite meter is simple and convenient for setting and aligning a satellite dish. Using the parameters of satellite, you can set and align a satellite dish quickly, easily and accurately. Chapter II Function

A. Front Panel

(1) LNB INPUT Satellite signal input port, connects directly to satellite antenna using coaxial cable. (2) LCD Screen Shows MENUs and Programs clearly (3) Power Light Indicates ON or OFF state. (4) Signal Light This light will be on when signal is locked. (5) Function Key Made of 4 keys, F1 -- F4. (Tip) F4To show information about the current program (6) Arrow Key and OK key Use the Arrow key to select the right item, OK key to confirm. (7) Numerical Key To enter numerical settings directly. (8) FIND Key: Go to the easy satellite find menu, can set and align a satellite dish quickly. (9) MENU Key: To enter or exit the main menu. (10) EXIT Key
To exit from the present menu and move to the previous menu

(11)ANGLE Key

Go to the AZ and EL calculation menu

(12) SYSTEM Key

To set all system parameters.
(13) Power On Key To turn the meter onpress and hold for 2 seconds to power on the meter. (14) Power Off Key
To turn the meter off (15) Charge port: to connect with the charger cord. (16) USB Port:
connect to PC to upgrade.

B. Quick Operation

Through this function, user can quickly and easily find the right satellite and accurately set the dish. Menu language Setting 1. Turn on your satellite meter 2. Press the SYSTEM button to display the system setting menu <Figure2-2>


3. Use [][] button to change the language. Select the language that you want.
2 Quick operation guide 1Press the FIND button to display the signal finding menu <Figure2-3>


3 Use [][] button to select the satellite. 4 Select the item that you want to edit, and set its parameters as desired. LNB TypeSelect C/Ku/Universal L.O. LOWSet the parameters as desired L.O. HIGHSet the parameters as desired 5Use [][] button to move to the TP Index, select the TP frequency you want. FREQUENCYSet its parameters, can input numerically. SYMBOL RATESet its parameters, can input numerically. POLARITYSelect between Vertical and horizontal. 6 When signal finding: you can see the bar meter of the LEVEL and QUALITY, and the numerical of S/N and C/N, at the same time the LOCK light will come on and the speaker will sound. 7 Adjust the dish slightly to get the strongest signal 8 Highlight SCAN and press OK to scan for channels.
C. Detailed operation Guide 1Turn on th equipment 1Press and hold POWER ON button for 2 seconds to turn on the satellite meter 2SATELLITE SETTING
EDIT SATELLITE 1 Press the MENU button to display the main menu 2 Use[][]button to move cursor 3 Press OK on SATELLITE SETTING The following window will appear.<Figure2-4>
<Figure2-4> 4. Press OK on EDIT SATELLITE The following window will appear<Figure2-5>


5. Use [][] button to move cursor, select the satellite you want to edit. LNB TypeSelect among C/KU/Universal L.O. LOWSet its parameters as desired L.O. HIGHSet its parameters as desired 22KSelect among ON/OFF DiSEqCSelect among LNB1/ LNB2/ LNB3/ LNB4/OFF 6If the default satellite name is not appropriate, you can select the item that you want to edit. Edit Satellite Name Press OK on SATELLITE NAME ,Use[][]button to select the letter you want to edit. Use[][] button to select./0-9/a-z/A-Z , press OK to confirm.
Edit Longitude Press OK on LONGITUDEto edit parameters as desired Press OK under YES to save the selected satellite ADD TRANSPONDER 1 Press OK on ADD TRANSPONDER The following window will appear.<Figure2-6>
<Figure2-6> 2 Use [][] button on satellite name, select the satellite that you want 3 Use [][] button to select the item that you want to edit, and set its parameters as desired FREQUENCYSet its parameters as desired SYMBOL RATESet its parameters as desired POLARITYSelect V or H 4 Press OK under YES to save the added TP DEL SATELLITE 1 Press OK on DEL SATELLITE The following window will appear,<Figure2-7>
<Figure2-7> 2 Use [][]button to select the satellite name that you want to delete 3 Press OK on the satellite name, 4 Use [][]button to select YES or NO(YES:delete;NO:dont delete)
AUTO SCAN 1 Press OK on AUTO SCAN The following window will appear,<Figure2-8>
<Figure2-8> 2 Use [][]button on SCAN MODE to select the scan mode that you want 3 Highlight YES and press OK to scan the selected satellite <Figure2-9>
<Figure2-9> 4saves the channels in memory. 3System Setting 1SHUT OFF Through this setting you can select the satellite meter shut off time a) Press the SYSTEM button to display the system setting menu <Figure2-10>


b) Use [][] button to select shut off time from 00 to 45 minutes (00 means always on) 2TV STANDARD This menu allows you to specify the video output Video FormatSelect the video output format.(Auto/PAL/NTSC) 3LNB POWER Select ON or OFF

6FACTORY DEFAULT This sub menu allows you to restore the factory default value<Figure2-11)
<Figure2-11) Factory SetErase all channels and restore the factory default settings.
3Channel Selection Press OK You can use [][] to navigate between channels until you find the channel you want<Figure2-12>
<Figure2-12> If you know the channel number, you can enter it with the NUMERIC buttons and wait 2 seconds until the channel is changed
4Channel Information While watching a channel, you can press the F4 button to display the information menu <Figure2-13>
<Figure2-13> Use this menu to check the satellite name, channel name, TP parameters, Signal intensity, etc.
7SYSTEM button You can check the current information about your satellite meter such as meter S/W(software) version, <Figure 2-11> NoteThis information is useful to see if there is a newer software available. 8Calculation 1Press the ANGLE button to display the Calculation menu <Figure2-14>
<Figure2-14> 2 Local longitude : input your local longitude 3 Local Latitude : input your local Latitude 4Satellite Longitude: input the the longitude of the satellite you want to install 5Antenna azimuth: shows the azimuth of the chosen satellite. 6Antenna elevation: shows the elevation of the chosen satellite.


System capabilities Fully DVB compliant Connector Frequency range Signal lever LNB supply LNB switch control DiSEqC Front end Symbol rate SCPC and MCPC Capable Spectral inversion Processor SDRAM FLASH EEPROM MPEG 2 Data Rate Resolution Video format Aspec Ratio MPEG 1 layer 1&2 Type Sampling rates Connector Battery Supply voltage charger Digital tuner input Size(3.5x6x1.75) Weight(Net) 1.05 pds IEC 169-24,female 950MHz-2150MHz -65dBm~-25dBm 13/18V,max400mA 22KHz Ver 1.0/1.1 QPSK 2Msps~45Msps Auto conversion 32bit processor (133MHz) 8Mbyte 2Mbyte 32Kbyte Main Proflie@Main Level up to 15M bits/s 720*576,720*480 NTSC,PAL 4:3,16:9 Mono,Dual mono,Stereo,Joint Stereo 32,44.1 and 48KHz 9pin D-sub male,Max 115k bps 1950 mA 12.6Volt 90-240V IEC 169-24 9.5x15.5x4.5 (cm) 0.5 Kg

LNB/Tuner input


System resource

Video decoder
MPEG Audio Serial data interface Power supply Rear Panel connectors Physical Specification
Chapter III Power Supply The meter battery is Li-oN battery.



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