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Owners Manual

hlins Shock Absorber TPX/TTX44 Automotive
Rally Rally Raid Rally Cross
hlins Racing AB - The Story
It was the 1970ths, a young man named Kenth hlin spent most of his spare time pursuing his favourite sport: motocross. A careful observer, Kenths attention was continually drawn to one specic detail - motocross bikes had more engine power than their suspension could handle. It was not long before Kenth realised that better performance could be achieved by improved wheel suspension. hlins Racing was established in 1976, and just two years later the company won its rst World Championship title. Despite being in the business for 30 years, the search for perfection and new functions is still the main focus of the company.


You are now the owner of an hlins Shock Absorber. More than one hundred World Championships and other major world titles are denitive proof that hlins shock absorbers offer outstanding performance and reliability. Every product has gone through rigorous testing and engineers have spent thousands of hours, doing their very best to use every possible experience from our 30 years within the racing sport. The product that you now have in your possession is pure racing breed that is built to withstand. By installing an hlins shock absorber on your vehicle you have made a clear statement you are a serious rider with a focus on getting the maximal handling ability and outstanding feedback from your vehicle. Along comes the fact that your shock absorber will be a long lasting friend, delivering the very best of comfort and performance every time you go for a ride. Go explore!


Design and Function Spring Preload Compression and Rebound Damping Adjustment and Set-up Camber bushings Inspection and Maintenance 11
hlins Racing AB. All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of hlins Racing AB is prohibited. Printed in Sweden.

Safety Precautions

hlins Racing AB cannot be held responsible for any damage to the shock absorber or vehicle, or injury to persons, if the instructions for installing and maintenance are not followed exactly. Similarly the warranty will become null and void if the instructions are not followed.


Installing a shock absorber, that is not approved by the vehicle manufacturer, may affect the stability of your vehicle. hlins Racing AB cannot be held responsible for any personal injury or damage that may occur after installing the shock absorber. Please study and make certain that you fully understand this manual and the mounting instructions before handling this shock absorber. If you have any questions regarding proper installation procedures or maintenance, please contact an hlins dealer. Refer to the vehicle service manual when installing this shock absorber!

Safety Signals

In this manual, mounting instructions and other technical documents, important information concerning safety is distinguished by the following notations:
The Safety Alert Symbol means: Warning! Your safety is involved.
hlins products are subject to continuous improvement and development. Therefore, although these instructions include the most up-to-date information available at the time of printing, there may be minor differences between your shock absorber and this manual. Please consult your hlins dealer if you have any questions regarding the contents of the manual. Before riding the vehicle, always make sure that the basic settings made by hlins are correct. See the Mounting instructions for recommended Set-up data. Contact an hlins dealer if you have any questions about setting the shock absorber.

The Warning Symbol means: Failure to follow warning instructions can result in severe or fatal injury to anyone working with, inspecting or using the shock absorber, or to bystanders.


The Caution Symbol means: Special precautions must be taken to avoid damage to the shock absorber.
The Note Symbol indicates information that is of importance regarding procedures.

Design and Function

Congratulations on choosing the hlins TPX/TTX Rally shock absorber - the most unique and powerful racing shock absorber available today. The TPX 44 is of a McPherson type and TTX 44 is of a twin tube type shock absorber. Both are 3 way adjusted. High and low speed compression with Rebound adjusters. Both are available with the new updated Progressive Damping System (PDS). The TPX/ TTX44 shock absorber design is the culmination of two decades of hlins successful participation in World Championship events. This shock absorber draws on all the expertise developed by hlins while winning more than a hundred World Championships. The TPX/TTX44 shock absorbers are designed to handle the demanding damping characteristics needed for all types of tracks, from hard packed soil to soft sand tracks. The hlins TPX/TTX44 features patented pending concept with a unique design, that allows for the gas pressure to always back-up the low-pressure side of the piston to keep pressure at a controlled level. Both concepts give the possibility to have totally separated adjusters for compression and rebound damping. The temperature stability is maintained by using a ow restriction design in the bleed valves that create a turbulent ow at very low piston velocities. Also, materials with different thermal expansion rates are used to compensate for the viscosity change of the uid caused by changes in temperature. The hlins shim system offers innite combinations of shim stacks with a wide spectrum of different character with one and the same piston. The whole system is pressurized by nitrogen gas behind a oating piston to ensure separation of the gas and uid. The hlins TPX/TTX44 shock absorbers are a racer friendly shock absorber, easy to set up, dial in and rebuild. Support is always available from the hlins distributors worldwide.

Spring Preload

Spring Preload When adjusting the spring preload you move the spring seat. This will lower or raise the vehicle ride height. The ride height is an important criteria for the behavior of your vehicle. Set the Spring Preload For TTX shock absorber use C-spanner 00710-02 and C-spanner 01796-01 to undo the lock nut and turn the spring platform to the desired position. For TPX McPherson use 2 C-spanners 01796-01 to undo the lock nut and turn the spring platform to the desired position. TTX shock absorber

TPX McPherson

Spring platform


Compression and Rebound Damping

Function and Reset

Compression and Rebound Damping Compression damping controls the energy absorption when the shock absorber is being compressed, thus controls how easy the shock absorber compresses when you hit a bump. Rebound damping controls the energy absorption when the shock absorber is being extended and controls how fast the shock absorber returns to its normal position after being compressed. The TPX compression adjuster is located under the reservoir and the rebound is located in centre at the bottom of the damper. The TTX compression and rebound adjusters are located on the cylinder head close to the reservoir. To reset the adjuster Turn the adjuster clockwise to fully closed position (position zero [0]). Then, turn counter clockwise to open, and count the clicks until you reach the recommended number of clicks. See recommended Setup data in the Mounting Instructions for each shock absorber/strut. chassis movement but in many cases it can improve traction and grip. Therefore it is possible to balance the car by adjusting the low speed compression. High speed compression mainly affects how the car absorbs bumps and jumps. In rougher conditions or with a lot of jumps more high speed damping is often necessary to control the big chassis movements. Rebound Damping Adjuster Rebound adjuster affects chassis movement in a similar way as the low speed compression but has even more inuence on traction. Use this adjuster to control chassis movements over crests or after jumps. More rebound gives less movement and better stability but too much will cause a loss of traction. It is therefore a powerful balance tool together with the low speed compression adjuster. For slippery conditions when grip levels are low, a softer set up on both rebound and low speed compression is a way to gain more traction.
Do not use force, delicate sealing surfaces can be damaged. Handtighten only. Compression Damping Adjuster Low speed compression is mainly used to control chassis movements and response but it also affects the traction. It affects how the car behaves during breaking, turn in and acceleration. Less low speed compression gives more
Rebound Damping Adjuster Rebound damping on TTX 44 is adjusted by turning the golden slotted screw located in the black end-piece. Total number of clicks on the rebound adjuster is approximately 18-20. Rebound damping on TPX 44 is adjusted with the special tool (0182203) which is delivered with the damper. The total number of clicks is more than 60 but the useful range is 30-0. It is recommended to adjust rebound in steps of 2-3 clicks. Compression Damping Adjuster Low speed compression is adjusted by using a 3 mm Allen key. High speed compression is adjusted with a 12 mm wrench. It is recommended to adjust low speed compression in steps of 2-3 clicks and high speed 3- clicks to ne tune the set up. The low speed adjuster has approximately 40 clicks and high speed 0 clicks.

High speed compression damping Low speed compression damping


TTX Shock absorber
Rebound damping Low speed compression damping High speed compression damping

Rebound damping

Tool 01822-03 7

Shaft jet valve

Shaft jet valve and Spring set-up
Spring set-up A number of springs are available for both gravel and Tarmac to suit all different conditions. For rougher gravel conditions it is recommended to use one step stiffer springs but also increase ride height 10-20 mm depending on the conditions. It usually gives a better result than to use an even stiffer spring and less ride height change. For very rough conditions like Middle East rallies even stiffer springs is recommended. To get support, to nd your own optimal set-up, contact your local hlins Service Centre. hlins also have got a wide assortment of springs. For specic springs to your vehicle please see list in the hlins mounting instruction.
On the TTX the fading compensation system is located in the piston shaft. This system is based on a valve that compensates for the viscosity changes of the uid caused by changes in the temperature. The Shaft jet valve adjuster is set at an ideal position (18 clicks) from the factory. However, if the limit of the rebound adjuster has reached its minimum or maximum recommended position, is there a possibility to compensate this by either open or close the shaft valve and then go back on the rebound adjuster. This adjuster is very sensitive and should not be turned more than 1- 2 clicks without consulting an hlins service center. The reset procedure for this adjuster is the same as for the compression and rebound adjusters.
Setting up your vehicle and Making adjustments
Setting up your vehicle Installing new shock absorbers may alter ride height, wheel angles etc. on your vehicle. Therefore, it is wise to do a complete set-up check of the vehicle after you have installed the hlins shock absorber. Perform the following steps and always take notes before using the shock absorber; Check ride height, front and rear. Adjust if necessary. If scales are available check corner weight, front and rear. Adjust if necessary. When making adjustments: Take notes, make the adjustments in small steps (2-3 at a time) and not outside the usable click range. See mounting instructions. When you think you have made an improvement, go back to what you started with and double check to be sure. Pay attention to changes in conditions like tires or temperatures, etc. In general, compression damping changes should be used to inuence the vehicles stability and response, while rebound damping changes should be used to inuence comfort and traction. When you need more damping force, you should mainly try to increase compression damping and use as little rebound damping as possible. This usually means that you gain comfort and handling performance.

Always consult your hlins dealer if you have any questions regarding settings of the shock absorber/strut. Making adjustments Suspension settings are dependent on your vehicles weight, youre driving style, road conditions etc. If you are not happy with our recommended settings, here are a few guidelines and ground rules how to make adjustments. To make improvements, it is important to understand the function of the shock absorbers and through testing learn how they affect the handling of your vehicle.
Always start with the settings recommended by hlins.
Higher click numbers give less damping force.

Camber Bushings

Camber bushings Unlike most standard McPherson shock absorbers, the hlins shock absorbers feature camber bushings that enable you to alter the wheel camber. Depending on how you mount the bushings, with the eccentric hole facing the wheel or away from the wheel, different camber angles will be obtained. Camber bushing identication The bushings are as follows:
Part.No Marking Distance (A) mm
05794-00 05794-01 05794-02 05794-03 05794-04 05794-05
3,00 2,44 1,88 1,32 0,76 0,20
Eccentric hole on bushing
Inspection and Maintenance
When and how? Inspection points - Normal use 1. Check ball joints/ brackets for possible excessive play or stiction. 2. Check the piston shaft for damage that can cause leakage. 3. Check the shock absorber body for external damage. 4. Check the external reservoir for damage that can restrict the oating piston from moving freely. Make sure that the reservoir is protected against stone chip. 6. Check the attachment of the shock absorber to the vehicle. Inspection points - Every 300-400 km (Mc Pherson shock absorber only) 1. Remove the scraper holder from the outer tube with a suitable friction tool. Cover the circlip groove at the top of the cylinder tube with tape and pull the scraper holder off the cylinder tube - see gure. 2. Remove the cartridge from the front outer tube by removing the bottom screws. 3. Clean all parts with a soft detergent. 4. Check scraper and bushings for wear and/or damages and change if necessary. Apply a layer of hlins red grease, part no. 00146-01 (100 grams) or 00146-02 (400 grams) on the cylinder tube, scraper and bushings. The space between the bushings in the outer tube should be lled with a layer of hlins red grease up to the bushing surface. 6. Assemble the strut and tighten all bottom screws (10 Nm). It is vital to use copper paste on the threads.

11 Scraper holder

7. Install the scraper holder on to the outer tube and handtigthen with a suitable friction tool. (For example hlins tool 01835-01). Tightening torque maximum 1-20 Nm. Maintenance Service your damper(s) at an hlins service center every 800-1200 km. If the dampers are used under more rough conditions, maintenance could be required more frequently.
Never alter the gas pressure. Special purpose charging equipment and access to nitrogen is required. The gas pressure should normally never be altered.
Removing the scraper holder

hlins tool 01835-01

hlins Racing AB Box 722 S Upplands Vsby Sweden Phone +00 Fax +80
Owners Manual 07440-02 TPX/ TTXhlins Racing AB Annette Asph/ Lars sth



Before riding, always make sure that the basic settings made by hlins are according to recommended Set-up Data. Read about adjustments and setting up in the hlins Owners Manual before you make any adjustments. Contact an hlins dealer if you have any questions about setting up the shock absorber. hlins Shock Absorber TTX44 KT 994 Spring Preload Adjuster Rebound Damping Adjuster (Black) Before installing this product, check the contents of the kit. If anything is missing, please contact your nearest hlinsdealer. Kit Contents Compression Damping Adjuster (Gold) Shock Abs. TTX44 Spring clip C-spanner hlins Sticker Memo Notes Sticker Information sheet Owners Manual Part No. KT 994 00629-06 00710-02 00197-01 01180-01 01198-01 07253-01 Pcs. 1
No spring included in this kit. See the Spring Guide in this folder or contact an hlins dealer for advise. Please note that during storage and transportation, especially at high ambient temperature, some of the oil and grease used for assembling may leak and stain the packaging. This is in no way detrimental to the product, wipe off the excessive oil/grease with a cloth. Free sag and Ride height Free sag, rear 305 mm Free sag, front 305 mm Ride height, rear 110-115 mm Ride height, front 505 mm

Set-up Data

Recommended Set-up Spring preload 3 turns (6 mm) Rebound damping 12 clicks Compression damping12 clicks CSC damping 18 clicks Shock absorber data Length 410.5 mm Stroke 109 mm

CSC Adjuster

Before installing this product, read the hlins Owners Manual. The shock absorber is an important part of your vehicle and may affect the stability.
hlins products are subject to continuous improvement and development, therefore, although these instructions include the most up-to-date information available at the time of printing, minor updates may occur.
To find the latest information contact your hlins distributor. Please consult your hlins dealer if you have any questions regarding the contents in this document. Part no. KT_994_0 Issued 2008-10-03
Shock Absorber for KTM 450 SX-F 2009

KT 994

Mounting Instructions
hlins Racing AB. All rights reserved. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of hlins RacingAB is prohibited.
hlins Racing AB Box 722 S-Upplands Vsby, Sweden Phone +00 fax +80

Spring Spring Guide


KTM 450 SX-F

How to install

Spring rate N/mm
Riders weight* Spring kg/pounds Part No.
70/154 75/165 80/176 85/187 90/198 95/209 06320-16 06320-17 06320-18 06320-19 06320-21 06320-24

Titanium spring Part No.

06360-16 06360-17 06360-18 06360-19 06360-21 06360-24
It is advisable to have an hlins dealer install the shock absorber. When installing, consult your Vehicle Service Manual. 1 Put the motorcycle on a workstand so that the rear wheel barely touches the ground.
3 Install the hlins shock absorber in the same way as the original unit. Fasten it by using the two original screws, but do not tighten yet.
Lower the motorcycle so that the shock absorber is sligthly compressed, before tightening the screws. 4 Tighten the upper and the lower attachments. Make sure that all removed parts are installed in the same way as they were before the installation.
* Riders weight: Rider wearing all riding equipment
Make sure the vehicle is securely supported so that it will not tip. 2 Loosen the lower and the upper attachment of the original shock absorber. Remove it backwards and out to the right.

Install Spring

Install the spring to the shock absorber before installing the shock absorber on the vehicle. 1 Measure the free length of the spring (A). 2 Loosen the screw on the spring platform clamp so that you can move the spring platform as far up as needed to install the spring. 3 Put the shock absorber up-side-down in a vice so that you can install the spring and the spring clip. Spring platform clamp Spring platform
Make sure that all screws are tightened to the correct torque and that nothing fouls or restricts movement of the shock absorber when the suspension is fully compressed or extended.
Before installing the hlins shock absorber clean the vehicle thoroughly. Bump rubber


The spring platform and spring are press fitted. Push hard to install the spring. 4 Measure the spring length. Adjust the spring preload to the recommended setting, see section Adjustments and Set-up data in this folder. 5 Install the shock absorber to the vehicle according to the procedure in this folder. Check sag and ride height (see the Owners Manual) and adjust the spring preload again if necessary. 1 Spring clip

Tighten the screw on the spring platform clamp before riding the motorcycle.



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