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Oldsmobile Aurora 1997ACDelco 25623773 Radio Speaker Assembly
This is a rear speaker for the 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora (RDO RR - 7 SPKR SYS(U97)). It is a 6.5" speaker. It can also be used in other applications.

Brand: ACDelco
Part Numbers: 25623773, ACD25623773
UPC: 036666534894

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__ 1:38am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
Little "bit" late The item I requested was no longer offered by Amazon, but another company did offer it, and I was satisfied, thanks. I love this!
kbolino 4:59pm on Monday, September 27th, 2010 
Pricey but easy, and it works! My Suburban came with no remotes at all. Keyless remote for 1997 Avalon I bought this remote hoping it would mean I could use it to open my car doors from at least some distance away.

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stay of 4 to 6 weeks, bi Bakers stay totaled only 3 weeks. Likewise, her postdischarge stay near the hospital was unusually brief, After discharge, patients typically must remain within a 100-mile radius of the hoipita1 for 50 to 100 days, J ended up spending 4 nights there, then I came home and have been home ever since she said. It was a joyous Christmas and New Years, spent at home with family and friends, she added. And although Bakers prognosis is good, she is still not out of the woods. The future holds periodic check-ups and tests to mbnitor her progress. They tell me if you mak it through 2 years, you can begin to breath a little easier, she said, noting a patient isn2 considered cured until he/she makes it 5 years without the cancer reappearing. Baker is optimistic. The mother and grandmother is also thankful for the support of her family as well as friends and others, who have raised $8,000 to help her ou. with expenses. The support was doubled by the Aid Association for Lutherans, which matched the donations through its Helping Hands Program. Baker acknowledged she feels tired, and the walls of her home seem to close in on her at times, but she feel good.


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Although the Cass City Red Hawks are now just playing out the rest ofthe regular season schedule, a win in one of the 2 games on tap on successive Fridays could prove to be a much needed morale builder heading into thc district tourney. The Hawks split a pair of games last week, easily rolling over the Ubly Bearcats, 60-37, before losing a tough gmie to the Lakers, 69-53, in a game much closer than the final score indicates. The Hawks were to have played Mayville at home Tuesday and then fixe USA Friday, the team which may well he the best in the Thumb this year. The following Friday, Coach Jeff Hartel's charges face Marlette, the National Division's second place team. A win over either team would prove that the Hawks on a given night can play with anyone i n thc Thumb, and he a huge confidence builder entering thc tournament.
Hawks need win against league elite to prepare for tournament Diegel convcrteo a pair of junipers and a drive to the basket tu pace Cass City to an 1 1-7 lead at the end of the first period. The scoring drought continued in the first 4 minutes of the second period with each team scoring just 2 points. Tim Micklash then sparked a Hawk rally with a pair o f treys and a 2-pointer to counter an 8-point splurge by the Bearcats led by Brad Hagen and Steve Oberski, with 4 points each. It was all Cass City in the last half. The Hawks used balanced scoring which featured 3 hoops from 3-point range to lead 39-25 going into the last quarter. C a s City added steadily to the lead in the find period as Hartel was able to give his bench playing time. The Hawks' offense was led by the guards as Micklash nettcd 13 and Wallace added 14 points. Rutkowski led Ubly with 12. The Hawks won the junior varsity contest, 63-56. CC UBLY It was nip and tuck for the first 3 quarters after the Lakers scored the next 6 points to chop the I-Iawk lead to 3 points and then continued to outscore Cass City to I I I O V ~ ahead at the intermission, 2019. It was a 2-man show for the Lakers in the last half and it was enough to propel the host team to a win. Pete Beachy and Tim Russell combined for 15 of their teani's 20 points in the third quarter and 21 of' 29
CC LAKERS points in the last period. Russell was especially CASS CITY - Murphy 4-0 tough on the Hawks as he hit (0-0) $;Wallace 1-3 (5-6) 16; 3 treys that keyed his 12- Clesch 3; Diegel 5point splurge in the last quar1 (3-4) 16; Edwards 0-2 (Oter. 0) 6; Iwankovitsch 2-0 (0-0) 4. The Hawks' offensive load was carried by Diegel, with TOTALS 13-6 (9-12) 53. 12 points, and Wallace, with- LAKERS - Wheeler 4-1 (210, i n the last half. Both' 2 ) 13; Otto 0-0 (2-2) 2 ; players ended with I 6 Anderson 0-2 (2-2) 6; points. Russell had 24 and Beachy 7-1 (5-10) 22; Beachy, 22 for the Lakers. Schulze 1-0 (0-0) 2; Russell The Lakers had a slight 7-3 (1-2) 24. edge in rebounding, 25 to 23. TOTALS - 21-5 (12-18) 69.
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After a slow start for hoth Ubly and C a s s City, the Hawks pickcd up thcpace i n the last half of the second quarter and from then on do rn in ated.
may not be reproduced. Limit one per purchase. Invoices that l p r o v e purchase of sufficient stock of product specified to cover coupons presented must be shown upon request. Ship coupons I t o London's Farm Dairy, 2136 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron, Michigan 48060. Cash value 1/1OOc.
CASS CrrY - Murphy 1-0 (2-2) 4; Micklash 1-2 ( 5 - 6 )
ALL BY HIMSELF isAndy Edwards as he converts a jumper from 3-point range against Ubly. In the last 2 games Edwards is 3 for 4 in 3-point shots, Coming down the floor is Chad Diegel and Josh Brinkman is on the floor.
Ubly used a tightly packed zone defense in the first period and i t forced Cass City to the perimeter. Scott Wallace hit a trey and Chad
13; Wallace 1-4 (0-0) 14; Brinkman 1-0 (0-0)2; Oesch 3-0 ( 1-3) 7; DieEel S-0 (1- 2 ) 11; Edwards 6-1 (0-0) 3; Iwallkovltsch 1-0 (2-2) 4; Meredith 1-0 (0-0)2. TOTALS - 14-7 (1 1-15) 60. URIAY- Del011g2-0 ( 2-2) 6; Rutkowskl 5-0 (2-7) 12; Oberski 2-0 (3-4) 7; Mitchell 1-0(0-0)2; Hagen S-0 (0-2) 10. TOTALS - 1 S - 0 (7-12) 37.

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Hawks win at Marlette

Cass City Red Hawks wrestling fans have had pleasant surprises as the incxpcrienced team has exceeded expectations under the guidance of Coach Don Markcl, That's the good ncws. The bad news is that i n the district tourney Cass City will he coiiipeting against powerh o w teams including Car0 and Millington. That's kecause o f the way the schools arc divided for state competi t i on. lJnlike haskcthall and football, i t is not determined by school size alone, but by size of tht. number of schools that oft'er the sport. That moves thc Hawks up a division to play against the larger
schools. The team districts are Feb. 12 at Caro and the individual districts at Cass City Feb. 14. That's in the future. Right now the team will be concentrating on the league meet Saturday at Bad Axe. The Hawks prepared for the league meet with what Markel feels was a very good showing at the Imlay City Invitational Saturday despite the absence of 3 key performers. Hawks wcre missing Chad Wolschlager and Don Pisha with injuries and Scott Haag, who was at the state debate conipetition. Cass City also scored a key win Thursday i n a double dual meet at Marlette. The
Hawks nioved into sole possession of second place in the league behind undefeated Cros-Lex with a win over Marlette, 39-25, but were upset by Sandusky, 44-33. Against Marlette the Hawks registered 6 pins on the way to the victory. Three Hawks scored pins i n both riiatches. John McNaughton, pounds; Adam Dorland, 125 pounds, and Dennis Pisha, 130 pounds, were the double winners, Dorland W O I ~by forfeit against Mar lette. Cass City's strength was in the 4 classes starting at 119 pounds, where they won each match in hoth meets by pins.
Cass City finished 5th in the Invitational with 103 points. Durand, with 167 points, d g e d Inilay City, 162 points, for the title. Other scores were: Oxford, 124; Marlette, 117; Capac, 98; BurtonBentley, 78; Brown City, 71, arid Almont, 17. The Hawks had h mcdal winners, led h y Adam Dorland, 125 pounds, and Dennis Pisha, 130 pounds, who were champions. Consol ati on w i n n er s f i n i shin g third wcrt: Cory Mayer, 140 pounds; Nathan Matt, 145 pounds, and Chris Dubay, 275 pounds. John Williams. 103 pounds, tinished fourth.
points of the g a m against the Lakers, but the early lead wasn't enough to give the Hawks their sccond win of the year over the Green and White.
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1997 Oldsmobile Aurora


I n thcjunior varsity conipetition, Cass City won 4 rnedals. First place niedals were won by Travis Sohneebcrger. 103 pounds; Scott Moore, 112 pounds, and Nick Matt, 130 pounds. Steve McIntosh, 275 pounds. was second.

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ADAM DORLAND, front, starts one of the matches he won for Cass City on his way to a first place finish at both the Imlay City Invitational and a dual meet at Marlette.


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