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Nissanka 1:10pm on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
I got this as a Christmas present last year as i needed a laptop to do school work surf the internet and just th usual sorts of things.
kingt36 11:42pm on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
I always get a good response when people have a look at this lap top. It is a great looking machine. The screen is great. Well i had been looking for a good laptop for a while now. When i found this it was good... This is mainly because everything i want to do. I got this as a Christmas present last year as i needed a laptop to do school work surf the internet and just th usual sorts of things.

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Ease of use and outstanding reliability, plus the unmistakeable look of Italian design. This is the Olivetti ECR 6100, the cash register with a full range of functions for small businesses and retailers: up to 8 departments, 99 PLUs, 8 clerk codes and support for 4 payment systems. The ECR 6100 is ready to get down to business immediately, providing sales clerks with a host of intuitive features: an ergonomic function selector; colour-coded keys for at-a-glance operation; a display with large characters for easy legibility. For maximum efficiency, the robust integrated cash drawer provides eight handy coin slots and three banknote slots. An impressive performer, the ECR 6100 looks good, too: its sleek lines ensure that this cash register adds style to any retail environment.
LARGE-CAPACITY COMPACT CASH DRAWER, plus additional deposit drawer
Departments PLU VAT MAIN FUNCTIONS Clerks 8 Programmable departments 99 Programmable PLUs or sub-departments 4 VAT rates handled 8 clerk identification codes Card, Check, Charge and Cash tender media key, with change tendered on all payments 2 foreign currencies - Received-on-account key - Paid-out key - Void-key (to void entries in a sale or after sale is registered) - Refund-key (to register items returned for full refund or credit) Single station, numeric, ink-roll printer 2.2 lps Programmability - Taxable or tax exempt transactions, single or multiple item sales - Percentage discount key - Date and time to be printed on receipt or journal entry - Range of VAT totals to be printed on the sales receipt - Lockable cash drawer - Manager password associated with cashier security codes - Minus, refund, void and no sale activity totaling in management reports - Memory protection Management reports Quantity entries using the decimal point Calculation of charge due Calculator mode Training mode

Payment Methods

Security Functions

Exchange Rates

Specialized Keys

Other Functions


Technology Speed

Paper Printing Capacity Operating Mode
57 mm width plain paper 13 characters/line Printing for receipt or journal - Lockable cash drawer (removable coin compartment) - 8 slots for coins - 3 slots for banknotes - Additional deposit drawer 340 x 360 x 230 mm 5.1 Kg


Operator Display
- LCD - Large digit: 12 mm character height - Numeric 9-position - Dial selector - 6-position - 25 function keys - 12-key numeric keypad

Cash Drawer

Function Selector Keyboard
Dimensions (WxDxH) Weight
Product performances are referred to an appropriate use under optimal conditions. With the right to change technical specifications. ECR 6100 is distributed by Olivetti S.p.A. (01/07) - Code: 25993-00
The Olivetti ECR 6100 is distributed in East and Central Africa by Olitec International Limited P.O. Box 1435, Kampala, Uganda. Tel: +256 - 414 - 256485 Fax:+256 - 414 - 256485 Cell:+256 - 414 - 772 - 450494 Email:


Cash Register

ECR 6100


Major Features Cash Register Components Removable Cash Drawer with Lock Keypad Functions The Control Dial Operator Display Error Conditions Clearing an Error Cash Register Reset Operations Quick Start Quick Start Programming Cash Register Programming and Features Making Changes to Cash Register Programming Percent Discount (-%) Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Rounding Option for Swiss, Danish and Swedish Currencies Decimal Point Position Printing VAT Information on Customer Receipts Calculator Mode Clerk System Manager Password Using the Cash Register in a Password Protected Mode Training Mode System Options Management Reports X and Z Reports Clerk Report PLU Sales Report Department Programming Report PLU Programming Report Cash Register Programming Report Training Report Clearing the Grand Total Sales Transactions 11 12

Major Features

8 departments and up to 99 Price Look-Up (PLU) settings; 8 clerk numbers to monitor the sales of individual employees; 9-digit operator numeric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD); Quantity entries using the decimal point; Training mode facility with related password; Receipt on/off, and duplicate receipt features; Possibility of activating a Clerk Security System consisting of a three-digit security code; Z management report mode password definition; Special rounding capabilities for Swiss, Danish and Swedish currencies; Department programming (positive and negative sales) 2 foreign currency exchange rates; Cash, check, charge and card tender media keys, with change tendered on all payments; 4 different VAT rates; Possibility of programming the cash register to print a range of VAT totals on the sales receipt; Time display at the press of a key; Battery back-up protection for the records and programming data.

Cash Register Components

With reference to figure 1: 1. Operator Display 2. Keypad 3. Cash Drawer 4. Cash Drawer Lock 5. Power Cord 6. Customer Receipt Output Window 7. Printer Compartment Cover 8. Control Dial
Removable Cash Drawer with Lock
With reference to figure 4, the cash drawer has slots for banknotes and for coins. Open the drawer by pressing or by sliding the hidden
emergency button underneath the register. The cash drawer can be completely removed from the register by lifting up on the open drawer and pulling towards yourself.
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