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chaneau 5:44pm on Sunday, October 17th, 2010 
Features * 3.34 megapixel (3.14 effective), 1/2 inch CCD delivering up to 2048 x 1536 pixel images. * 1.8 inch, TFT color LCD display. * 3x, 6.
ringe 3:23am on Thursday, August 12th, 2010 
Great camera...but I love everything about this camera except I must say to use a tripod. This camera is just awful if you have a shaky hand. What gives it a star less? First, the bad things. Too much noise shooting under low light conditions.
ni_rumi 12:23pm on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 
3030Z - does it all and does it well Lens cap bothersome - falls off - Needs string attachment
soless 1:02am on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 
loved my olympus none Great color, video clips, manual & auto Older camera, accessories add to the price 3030Z - does it all and does it well Lens cap bothersome - falls off - Needs string attachment
dot 12:46am on Friday, June 18th, 2010 
I brought this camera for use in my company but also use it personally. High picture quality Fast Battery Drain, User unfriendly
ron.schneider 9:28pm on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 
PLEASE SEE OTHER REVIEWS FOR TECHNICIAL INFORMATION. PLEASE SEE OTHER REVIEWS FOR TECHNICIAL INFORMATION. Want to join the digital revolution ? Itching to get rid of all those out of focus or wrongly framed wasted snaps? Now is the time.
dilapidavid 5:41pm on Sunday, May 9th, 2010 
I have been using my 3030Z for over three years for snapshots without a single problem. Got mine about 6 months ago -- writing June 2002. Solidly built but a bit heavy. This is a very versatile camera.
Proporciya 1:08am on Tuesday, April 27th, 2010 
Great quality pictures,several options,modes,superb zoom.good value for money probably size only I brought this camera for use in my company but also use it personally. I was initally attracted by the price for the quality of picture. Sending pictures via pc Cannot see pictures in bright light and sunlight
ssweeney 6:32pm on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
Great Camera Full featured and easy to use, this camera takes fantastic images. As a provider of professional imaging services. What gives it a star less? First, the bad things. Too much noise shooting under low light conditions.
krulf 11:07am on Friday, March 19th, 2010 
Want to join the digital revolution ? Itching to get rid of all those out of focus or wrongly framed wasted snaps? Now is the time.

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C-3030 ZOOM

Brains and beauty.

This little number

While Picture Perfect has long described the optimal photo opportunity, the new Olympus C-3030 ZOOM begs to take that expression a step further. After all, what describes the ultimate camera to take advantage of all those ideal photo opportunities better than Camera Perfect? And perfect, it is. Behind its sleek, compact, professional black exterior is a work of art, blending such features as incredible

has it all.

3.34 megapixel CCD resolution, an advanced 3x aspherical glass zoom lens for pristine image quality, and numerous others that give you unbelievable versatility and control. So your results are not only spectacular, but youll have a whole lot of fun achieving them.
Take your creativity to new In fact,
Youve got an eye for the interesting, the unusual, the dramatic. And now, with the Olympus C-3030 ZOOM, you have a camera thats in perfect sync with your creativity. It has everything you need to help you capture life as it happens. With 32MBs of built-in SD-RAM you can squeeze off a sequence of shots at 3.3 frames/sec. to catch all the action at the next big event. Create breathtaking panoramas quickly and easily. Get the big picture using the wide 32mm lens. Or capture incredible, up-close detail in macro mode. And if you love what you can do with stills, wait till you see the movie. Because the C-3030 ZOOM features QuickTime JPEG movie capability, enabling you

heights. take it

wherever you want.
Go beyond frame-by-frame and catch live action sequences. Built-in QuickTime motion JPEG lets you capture 15 frames per second at 320 x 240 resolution.
delivering the equivalent of a 32-96mm lens from a 35mm camera. Optically zoom to 96mm for full telephoto.Then get even closer with the built-in 2.5x digital telephoto, taking you to 240mm. Add an optional 1.7x telephoto lens and youre way up close and personal at 400mm.
Get as close as eight inches using the macro shooting mode.
to capture 15 frames per second up to 46 seconds at 320 x 240 resolution and up to 191 seconds at 160 x 120 resolution with sound. Even edit your movie from the LCD. Its perfect for Web applications and presentations. Record up to 4 seconds of sound on still images to caption your picture. Of course, the zoom in its name says it all,

96mm ZOOM

Get a grip on life.
Create cool trailing effects by using a slow shutter speed with second curtain flash sync.
Youll know a truly remarkable camera when you see and feel it. With its big, comfortable grip, perfectly positioned controls, large TFT LCD display, and full complement of manual and automatic features, the C-3030 ZOOM passes with flying colors. A versatile shutter speed from 1/800 up to 16 seconds enables you to create truly dramatic photos. Select f-stop or shutter speeds manually or switch to aperture priority mode and the shutter speed adjusts to your selected f-stop position automatically in 1/3 step increments. Or, select a shutter speed while in shutter priority mode, and the C-3030 ZOOM specifies the proper f-stop on cue. And thats just for starters. Adjust white balance to enhance colors. Magnify subject size using the digital telephoto feature. And even change the ISO setting and select from 5 uncompressed TIFF or 10 jpeg recording modes for the highest picture quality possible. Web images, digital archives, or prints the results are outstanding.
Adjust f-stop or shutter speeds manually or switch to aperture priority mode and the shutter speed adjusts to your selected f-stop position or shutter speed automatically. Choose a larger aperture for a sharp subject and soft background. Or select a smaller aperture for the opposite effect.
Beauty really is in the eyes

of the

Beholder of the C-3030 ZOOM, that is.
What you see is definitely not what you have to get. Complete control over color tones and lighting is at your fingertips.
Other than simply breathtaking, how do you want your photos to come out? Crisp and clear with colors where they belong? Dramatic black and white? Striking sepia tone? The C-3030 ZOOM gives you all the versatility you need to easily create the visual masterpiece you were shooting for. Spot metering, for example, lets you isolate a subject and ensure proper exposure. This amazing camera goes a step further, offering the ability to adjust exposure compensation, automatically bracketing your shots +/- 2 EV steps in 1/3 increments. Set the flash any way you want to create dramatic effects, from fill-in flash for more natural photos, to red eye reduction flash. Even turn it off. Or add the optional FL-40 flash for portrait or studio work. Switch to Sepia Tone mode (for a warm, classic look), black board/white board or full B&W mode. You want total photographic control? Its right at your fingertips.

Manual white balance settings let you compensate for different lighting conditions both indoors and out. B&W mode lets you create just the right effect or simply add an artistic touch.
Add the optional FL-40 external flash or other lighting equipment for greater control when shooting portraits or other studio work.

A true media mogul.

The shortest route from point A to point B is still a straight line. And the C-3030 ZOOM gives you plenty of them when youre looking to transfer your images to disk, computer, printer, or TV screen. Connect directly to your compatible Mac or PC with a USB or optional serial cable for easy transfers. Use the included 16MB SmartMedia Card for nearly endless
Use the power of USB to download images at blazing speeds.
for fast transfers to your computer. You can even preview your images on the big screen with sound, as both the camera and the printer connect to your TV. Easy-to-use software included lets you enhance and manipulate your images for just the right effect before archiving them in your digital filing cabinet, e-mailing them to friends or associates, posting them on the Internet or your Web site, and even creating personalized cards, calendars, or multimedia presentations.
options. Output images on the optional P-330N Instant Photo Printer. Insert into the optional FlashPath floppy
disk adapter, PCMCIA card reader, or USB reader/writer
Its a snap to download images onto your laptop or desktop computer with the optional PCMCIA card reader, FlashPath adapter or USB reader/writer. Rather than cropping a single shot the way most film cameras do, the C-3030 ZOOM lets you stitch together multiple images to create a true panoramic photograph.
Finally, a camera that really
Looking cool with your new, state-of-the-art digital camera is a given. But taking great pictures isnt just a fashion statement. Its about making things easier and more enjoyable. Displaying the results of your creativity faster and more dramatically than ever. And thats exactly why we offer so many ways to do that. Create high quality, dye-sublimation prints on a variety of paper with the optional P-330N Instant Photo Printer. Add any number of specialty lenses, from the B-28 wide-angle (25mm) to the 140mm/1.45x, to the 160mm/1.7x telephoto. Image transfers are a snap with such options as the FlashPath floppy disk

knows how to

adapter, USB reader/writer and PCMCIA card reader. You can even pick up additional storage capacity simply by adding SmartMedia Cards up to 64MB to your repertoire. And in addition to longlasting lithium CR V3 batteries, the ability to use Ni MH, Ni CD, and even standard alkaline cells
makes it easy to pick up extra supplies nearly anywhere.
Produce photo-quality prints at one, four or sixteen pictures to a sheet.
2048 X 1536 R E S O L U T I O N
Loaded with everything except the film.
Optical viewfinder with dioptric correction for viewfinder sharpness Mode dial Shutter release Macro/Spot Meter button/Print OK/Protect Built-in, intelligent 5-mode flash Remote control sensor Flash button Menu/camera control buttons
Battery compartment (C2-3R-3V or 4 AA batteries) Zoom lever, image inspection and multi-image review mode control Ruggedized, aluminum outer casing
Aspherical glass lens with macro capabilities and threaded mount for optional CLA-1 adapter and accessory lenses

Menu button

LCD On/Off button
Fast and bright, f2.8 - f11.0, 32 -96 mm (35 mm equiv.) auto focus 3x optical zoom lens
1.8" Wide-View color LCD display for easy viewing in bright light or many angles Connection to NTSC TV/VCR or computer RM-1 Infrared remote control (included)
Connector for external FL-40 flash sync
Number of storable pictures with 16MB SmartMedia Card
TIFF 2048x1536 TIFF 1600x12006 TIFF 1280x960 TIFF 1024x768 TIFF 640x4806

Qty. 17

SHQ 2048x1536 HQ 2048x1536 SQ1 high 1600x1200 SQ1 normal 1600x1200 SQ1 high 1280x960

Qty. 6+ 20+ 11+. 31+ 17+

SQ1 normal 1280x960 SQ2 high 1024x768 SQ2 normal 1024x768 SQ2 high 640x480 SQ2 normal 640x480
Qty. 49+ 26+ 76+ 66+ 165+
Olympus C-3030 ZOOM Filmless Digital Camera Specifications
Memory Recording System 3V (3.3V) SmartMedia (SSFDC) Card (2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 MB) One 16 MB card including Panorama function is supplied with camera Still image: JPEG (DCF: Design rule for Camera File system), TIFF (non-compress), DPOF support Motion picture: Quick Time Motion JPEG Sound: wave format 1/1.8 in. CCD solid-state image pickup 3.34 MegaPixel Olympus lens 6.5 19.5 mm 2.8, 8 elements in 6 groups (Equivalent to mm lens on 35 mm camera) TTL system autofocus (contrast detection system) with focusing range: 8 in./0.2 m Manual focus (manual focus setting by gauge) with focusing range: 8 in./0.2 m : 130 steps Auto, fixed appro. 100, 200, 400 Standard mode: 32 in./0.8 m ; Macro mode: 8 in./0.2 m 32 in./0.8 m 1-2.5x (continuos) Digital-ESP metering system and spot metering Programmed auto exposure, Aperture priority, Shutter priority +/- 2Ev by 1/3EV steps exposure compensation Auto Bracketing: selectable from 1/3EV, 2/3 EV and 1EV; 3 or 5 images Aperture priority: Wide ; F2.8 11.0, Tele ; F2.8 11.0, 1/3EV steps Shutter priority: Still image: 1 - 1/800 sec. (used with mechanical shutter), 1/3EV steps Manual exposure: shutter speed 1/800 to 16 sec. Motion JPEG Image mode: 1/30 1/10,000 sec. iESP full-auto TTL, Manual (daylight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light) Optical real-image viewfinder (Close-up correction marks, Autofocus mark/Backlighting correction mark) with LCD monitor 4.5 cm/1.8 in. wide angle TFT Color LCD monitor with 114,000 pixels (made from Low-temperature poly-silicon), brightness adjustment is possible Built-in Flash: Auto-Flash (low-& back light), Red-Eye Reducing Flash, Off, Fill-in External terminal: Off, Auto, Forced activation Slow Synchronization (First-Curtain Synchronization effect, SecondCurtain Synchronization effect) Wide : approx. 0.8 5.6 m, tele; approx. 0.2 3.8 m (ISO 100) 3.3 frames per sec. Up to 5 frames Format: Quick Time Movie HQ: 320 x 240 pixels, 15 frames/sec. up to approx. 46 sec. with 16 MB SQ: 160 x 120 pixels, 15 frames/sec. up to approx. 191 sec. with 16 MB DC input terminal, Data input/output terminal USB, USB interface, RS232C serial, Video Output terminal NTSC, external flash terminal for FL-40 flash Operation: 32 104F, % Storage : -4 140F, 10 90% Main power source : 2 x CR-3V Lithium batteries or 4 x AA Ni MH batteries / 4 x AA Lithium batteries / 4 x AA Ni Cd batteries / Optional C7AU AC adapter (Manganese batteries cannot be used) Simultaneous recording onto image data 109.5 mm (W) x 76.4 mm (H) x 66.4 mm (D) (excluding projections) Sepia mode, Black & White mode, Black board mode, White board mode. 24 bit color Possible Up to year g (without battery and SmartMedia Card)

Image Pickup Element Lens Focusing
ISO Working Range Digital ZOOM Photometric System Exposure Control
White Balance Viewfinder LCD Monitor Flash Modes
Flash Working Range Sequence Mode Motion Picture Mode
Self-Timer / Remote Controller 12 second delay / 2 sec. after optional remote controller operation Outer Connector
Operating Environment Power Supply
Date/Time/Calendar Dimensions Image Effect Setting Memorization Automatic Calendar System Weight
Battery Charging Time for Flash Less than 6 sec. (at normal temperature with new battery)

Focus On Life
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba America Inc. All other brand and product names mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies. 2000 Olympus America Inc. D947


C-3030Z QG 00/2/21

0.2.21 16:32

Page 1

? Having Problems with Your Olympus Camera?
Visit Our Web Site at for Instant Online Support
Thank you for choosing the Olympus C-3030 Zoom, the filmless digital camera that gives you the convenience of a compact point-and-shoot camera, the flexibility to take movie pictures with sound of up to 186 seconds, plus a host of advanced features and image quality that only Olympus can provide. For the finest in filmless photography, look to Olympus. World Leaders in Film and Filmless Photography. To ensure you are completely satisfied with your C-3030 Zoom purchase, weve prepared this easy-to-follow users guide. Just follow these simple instructions to set up and begin using the C-3030 Zoom. For more detailed instructions on feature use, please refer to the complete Owners Manual included in your package. First, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the key areas of camera operation by reviewing the illustrations below.
Taking Pictures with Your Olympus C-3030 Zoom

Focus On Life

Get Ready.
Before you begin using the C-3030 Zoom: 1. Load two CR-V3 battery packs* in the compartment at the bottom of the camera as indicated by the diagram imprinted on the camera body. For best results, Olympus America Inc. strongly recommends using two CR-V3 lithium battery packs or four AA nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. Four AA lithium or nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries may also be used. Do not use manganese batteries. An optional Olympus AC adapter (C-7AU) is available and is recommended when downloading images to ensure a consistent power supply voltage.

* Non-rechargeable

ALL RESET: ON returns picture settings such as flash and focus modes to their factory set defaults. Note: This function does not reset the Setup modes. SHARPNESS: Select NORMAL for sharp, clear images without manipulation; use SOFT for capturing subjects with softer edges, or when you will apply image editing with sharpening filters to pictures downloaded to your computer; and use HARD for sharper outlines that enhance the vividness of images. TIFF SETUP: Select the image size when shooting in TIFF mode. In this mode, the number of storable pictures is reduced, and recording time is the longest. SQ1 SETUP: Select the image resolution level, NORMAL or HIGH quality at 1600 x 1200 or 1280 x 960. These resolution figures represent the number of pixels used to compose an image. The higher the resolution, the larger the image dimensions and the more detail, but also the more memory each picture will consume. SQ2 SETUP: NORMAL or HIGH quality (either 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480) can be selected. BEEP SOUND: Select HIGH, LOW or OFF to hear setting confirmation sounds.

Flash Mode

Slow Shutter Syncronization

Flash Compensation

Battery Status Card Error
2. Insert the SmartMedia Memory Card. Open the door to the right of the LCD panel and slide the card into the slot. The SmartMedia card is your film. It stores your images for reviewing, downloading, and printing. To insert, simply slide the card inwith the gold contacts facing youuntil you feel the gentle click of the card holder. To eject, lightly press the card again. 3. Turn on the power. Simply turn the Power/Mode Dial located on top of the camera to , A/S/M, P or. Icons representing default settings appear on the control panel, along with the number of pictures available at the preset memory settings. The lens barrel automatically extends to its maximum length. To turn the camera off, turn the Power/Mode Dial to OFF. The LCD display goes blank and the lens barrel retracts.


Red-Eye Flash Macro Mode Spot Meter White Balance Sequential Shooting Selftimer/ Remote Control Exposure Compensation Auto Bracket Number of Storable Pictures/Seconds Remaining Manual Focus ISO
Sound Recording Recording Mode Writing

Get Set.

Tele/Wide Zoom Lever Index/Playback Inspection Mode Shutter Release Button Camera Mode Dial [M] Manual Exposure 16 1/800 sec. [S] Shutter Priority 1 1/800 sec. [A] Aperture Priority f2.8 f11 [1/3 step] [P] Program Auto Exposure Display/Playback Mode Motion Picture Mode (with sound): QuickTime Movie 1/30 sec. to 1/10,000 sec. shutter speed 320 51042fps = 46 sec. recording 160 51021fps = 186 sec. recording (with a 16 MB card) Camera ON/OFF Mode Dial [JOG] Control Dial Arrow Top/Bottom

Menu Selection Aperture/Shutter
FULL TIME AF: Autofocus is engaged automatically without having to press the Shutter release button. It can only be used when the LCD monitor is on. REC VIEW: When set to ON, your pictures will appear on the color LCD monitor for about 3 seconds after the picture is taken. To extend battery life, choose OFF. If you select CHECK, you will have the option to record or erase images after they have been shot. FILE NAME: Choose AUTO for sequential numbering of each SmartMedia card used, or RESET to have numbers reset every time a new card is inserted into your C-3030 Zoom. Note: CHECK is not available in TIFF mode. INDEX-DISPLAY MODE: With the Power/Mode Dial set to , choose the number of thumbnail images to be shown in the Index-Display mode: 4, 9 or 16. For index playback, press the Zoom lever toward W. LCD DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS: To change the brightness of the color LCD monitor, select SETUP, then move the arrow using the Jog Dialleft to decrease, right to increase. You will notice the live preview change as you make adjustments. SET DATE/TIME: Access the time and date by pressing the OK button. Adjust the time and date settings using the Jog Dial. Press the OK button again to lock in the settings.


F2.8/2.8 f11 Olympus Zoom Lens 6.5 19.5 mm (mm equivalent) Control Panel
ode xM le de Ang In ide W
3X In sp Tele ectio n ph M ot o o
Next, perform the C-3030 Zooms initial set-up. These are the basic default settings that will affect every picture you take. Note: These settings can be changed by you at any time. 1. Turn the Power/Mode Dial to , A/S/M, P or. Then press the MENU button. The menu appears on the color LCD monitor. Note: When is selected, the menu does not appear when there are no images in the SmartMedia card. 2. Now use the Jog Dial to scroll through the menu selections to. This dial, located above the color LCD monitor, enables you to move up and down to scroll through the available menus, as well as to the left and right to make your setting selections. 3. Press the right arrow to select SETUP and press the OK button. Use the top and bottom arrows to scroll through the SETUP selections, then press the right arrow to adjust that selection. When SETUP appears next to it, press the OK button again to display the selectable items. The information to the right will guide you through the most common settings:


Camera Mode Index Mark Diopter Viewfinder Erase/Flash Macro/Spot Meter/Print

Arrow Left/Right:

Menu Selection +/- EV [2 EV 1/3 Steps] Advance Retreat Display
MEASUREMENT DISPLAY SETTING: Select to have distances in the manual focus mode displayed as meters (m) or feet (ft).
OK/Set Button [Approves Setting] Manual Focus/Lock SSFDC/SmartMedia Compartment Display ON/OFF Extension Flash Connector
Connectors: A/V Output (NTSC) Serial PC Connection A/C Adapter USB connection
4. Following each selection, press the left arrow on the Jog Dial to confirm your setting, then the OK button to save it. Press the OK button again to leave the menu setup function. 5. To format a new SmartMedia Memory Card, simply scroll to CARD SETUP. Press the right arrow on the Jog Dial to display. Select YES, then press the OK button to format the card. Note: Formatting a card erases all existing data on the card, even locked images. These images cannot be recovered!

Tripod Socket

Battery Compartment
Easy View 1.8 inch Color LCD [Easy to see in bright light from wide angles of viewing] Menu Button

0.2.21 16:33

Page 2
World Leaders in Film and Filmless Photography
DIGITAL ZOOM: Make your subject appear 1.6x, 2x or 2.5x as large. When used with the 3x optical zoom, you can take photographs equivalent to a 7.5x enlargement. You can easily switch between optical zoom and digital telephoto shooting with the zoom lever. FUNCTION*: Select from four special effectsBLACK & WHITE, SEPIA, WHITE BOARD or BLACK BOARD. SOUND RECORDING: When shooting still images, sound is simultaneously recorded for 4 seconds. Note: Sound cannot be recorded with a picture in TIFF mode, however, it can be added later during playback. PANORAMA MODE: Lock exposure, utilize panorama guides and flag images in the camera for panoramic pictures. RECORDING MODE: Choose an image resolution setting: Standard (SQ1/SQ2), or one of the High Quality Modes (HQ/SHQ/TIFF). The amount of frames you can store on a SmartMedia card depends on the resolution youve selected. See the chart below: Number of Still Pictures that Can be Taken
Recording Mode Number of Pixels

File Type Mem. Capacity

? Still Having Problems with Your Olympus Camera?
Call 1-888-553-4448 for Technical Support
Go.and Start Taking Pictures
Now youre ready to take great picturesor short movieswith the C-3030 Zoom! 1. Choose your recording mode using the Power/Mode Dial: P (Program) for fully automatic operation. The C-3030 Zoom automatically sets the proper exposure, f-stop and shutter settings for easy, point-and-shoot filmless photography. A/S/M to set the aperture or shutter speed, or both, yourself. With the dial set to this mode, press the MENU button and use the Jog Dial to select A/S/M MODE and press the right arrow to confirm. Now, using the Jog Dial: select A to manually control the f-stop between f/2.8 and f/11; the shutter speed is determined automatically. (The longest available shutter speed varies according to the ISO setting.) select S to manually control the shutter speed between 4 seconds and 1/800 second; the aperture setting is determined automatically. When the auto flash is selected, the minimum shutter speed is 1/30. select M to manually control both aperture and shutter settings from 16 seconds to 1/800 second for creative exposure. to shoot full motion movies up to approximately 186 second in length in the SQ mode when a 16MB SmartMedia card is used. 2. For telephoto or wide-angle shooting, use the 3X zoom lever, which is located next to the Power/Mode Dial. Simply press the lever toward T to zoom in with telephoto; press it towards W to zoom out. Note: The optical zoom lens is an internal zoom, so zooming in and out will not cause the lens barrel to retract or extend. However, in the mode, only digital zoom can be used, so the view through the optical viewfinder does not change. 3. Use the color LCD monitor to make specific adjustments to picture settings. With the Mode Dial set to P or A/S/M, access the Menu screens by pressing the button. The first menu to appear is the picture record menu. Use the top and bottom arrows to scroll through the selections, then press the right arrow to adjust that selection. Press the left arrow to confirm each adjustment and the OK button to save it and exit the menu. You can make the following adjustments to picture settings (in the P or A/S/M mode) or to movie picture settings where * is noted when the Mode Dial is set to. DRIVE: Choose for taking multiple, rapid-fire shots of the same subject, with the focus, exposure and white balance measured for the first frame; choose AF to have the exposure, white balance and autofocus measured for each frame. Select for selftimer/remote control operation, or for sequential recording with different exposures. Note: This feature is not available in the Manual mode. WHITE BALANCE*: Enter your light setting using the Jog Dial: AUTO, DAYLIGHT INDOOR or COMMERCIAL FLUORESCENT lighting. , CLOUDY ,

Enjoy Your Pictures

With the C-3030 Zoom, you can easily view, save and download the photos and movies you wantand delete the ones you dont. Viewing Pictures After youve taken a picture, you can view it immediately on the color LCD monitor by quickly pressing the button twice. To review the pictures stored in the camera, select the Dispaly Mode on the Power/Mode Dial. Use the right/left arrows on the Jog Dial to scroll through all the pictures saved on your SmartMedia card. To play a moviepictures noted with on the LCD monitorpress the MENU button, then use the top and bottom arrows on the Jog Dial to select MOVIE PLAY. Press the right arrow to select START, then press the OK button. To stop the movie, press the MENU button again. To display a multiple number of images selected in the Index-Display mode, simply press the Zoom lever toward W. Press toward T to return to single image display. Pressing toward T multiple times in single frame display mode enlarges the image up to 3x on the color LCD monitor for easier viewing. This is also known as the Image Review. Up to 4 seconds of sound can be added to still images. Select from the Menu and press the OK button with START selected. This function is available in TIFF mode. Note: Sound playback is not possible with the camera. You also can review these pictures (with sound if recorded) through any video source such as a Video or TV monitor with standard NTSC video input capabilities. Simply connect the C-3030 Zoom to the VIDEO IN and AUDIO IN jacks on the video device using the A/V cable (yellow pin plug to VIDEO IN ; white pin plug to AUDIO IN ) included with your camera. Saving Pictures To save a picture, you must be in the Display Mode. Press the OK button while the image you want to save is displayed on the color LCD monitor. The lock icon will appear on the color LDC monitor. (To cancel protection, press the OK button again.) Deleting Pictures To delete a picture, press the Erase button , select YES then press the OK button. When you delete a picture, youve instantly freed up space on your SmartMedia card for more pictures and movies. So with the C-3030 Zoom, theres no more wasted film or developing costs for images you dont really want. Downloading Pictures Please refer to your Olympus Digital Camera Owners Manual for easy-to-follow instructions on how to install the enclosed software titles that will enable you to download, view, edit, manipulate and store your images on your computer.

(Without sound)

SQx 1200 High Normal 1280 x 960 High Normal JPEG 1024 x 768 High Normal SQx 480 High Normal
TIFF 2048 x x x 960 TIFF 1024 x x 480

SHQ 2048 x 1536

HQ 2048 x 1536
2MB 4MB 8MB 16MB 32MB 64MB

64 128

99 199

53 107

153 306

132 266

331 665
Note: When mode is selected, either HQ (320 x 240) or SQ (160 x 120) can be selected for movie recording. With a 16MB SmartMedia card, approx. 46 seconds (HQ) and approx. 186 seconds (SQ) can be recorded. 4. In addition to the automatic exposure, you can manually adjust exposure compensation. Use the right arrow of the Jog Dial to increase exposure, use the left arrow of the Jog Dial to decrease exposure. You can confirm the settings by turning on the color LCD monitor. 5. In low-light or backlit situations, the flash will fire automatically; you may also select specific flash modes by pressing the FLASH button located to the right of the viewfinder. Press this button once for RED-EYE REDUCTION FLASH to reduce the phenomena of red-eye; twice for FILL-IN FLASH for forced flash activation or three times for OFF for forced off flash. The selected flash mode icon appears on the control panel. 6. Point and Shoot. You can take pictures or record movies using the optical viewfinder or the color LCD monitor as your viewfinder. To take pictures using the color LCD monitor, set the Mode Dial to P or A/S/M. In the P mode, youll need to press the button. To record movies, turn the mode dial to. Then. Compose your subject. Depress the shutter release button halfway. The green lamp will light when focused. Depress the shutter release button fully to take the picture, or to begin recording. (The orange lamp lights while recording. To stop recording depress the shutter release button again.) Two short beeps indicate the shot or movie has been taken. When the Card access lamp stops blinking youre ready to take your next picture or record your next movie. Wear glasses? Use the diopter adjustment dial to adjust the viewfinder until the cross hairs are sharp, now everything in the viewfinder is in perfect focus.

Optional Accessories

For even more photographic creativity and enjoyment, Olympus offers a variety of optional accessories for use with your C-3030 Zoom Filmless Digital Camera: NiMH rechargeable batteries and Rapid Recharger for long-lasting power. AC adapter (C-7AU) to ensure a consistent power supply when downloading images. Photo Printers for Olympus Digital Cameras. 1.45X Telephoto Lens (150mm equivalent) Additional SmartMedia Cards in 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB Sizes B-300 Telephoto Lens (180mm equivalent) MAUSB-1 USB Reader/Writer Carrying Case MA-2 PCMCIA Card Adapter Accessory Kits MF-2 FlashPath Floppy Disk Adapter B-28 Wide Angle Lens (28mm equivalent) FL-40 Extension Flash FL-BK01 Grip FL-BC01 Cable For best results with your inkjet printer, use the Olympus CAMEDIA/Pictorico branded papers. For more information, visit us online at, call 1-888-553-4448 or contact your local authorized Olympus digital camera dealer.
Olympus is the registered trademark of Olympus LTD. Tokyo All other trademarks and registered marks contained herein are recognized as property of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.
ISO SETTINGS*: Equivalent to film speed settings in your C-3030 Zoom. Select from AUTO, 100, 200 or 400. The higher the ISO, the faster the shutter speed that can be used and the lower amount of light required. Note: You may select ISO sensitivity in the P or mode. FLASH COMPENSATION: Flash volume can be adjusted by 2 in 1/3 EV steps. SLOW SYNCHRO FLASH: Produce creative effects by setting the flash to fire during the beginning (1) or ending (2) of the shutter release duration. Great for nighttime photography and capturing streaks of light from moving subjects such as fireworks or automobile taillights!
FLASH SELECTION: Choose between the built-in flash plus extension flash, or extension flash only. With the optional FL-40 Extension Flash, bounce shooting can be performed easily.



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