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adelmo21 12:08am on Sunday, May 30th, 2010 
Nice design, but for the money it could have came with a radio. No radio sucks! No constant glowing back light.
Uncle_Sam 2:58am on Friday, March 19th, 2010 

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MODEL : RM328PA Instruction Manual


Congratulations on your purchase of the RF Projection Clock with Temperature Display RM328PA. The RM328PA is a multifunction (RF) controlled clock. It can automatically synchronize its current time and date when brought within the radio signal WWVB generated from the US. To facilitate nighttime reading, the unit comes with a projector that can cast large, clear clock-time figures onto flat surfaces in dark. It also has a back light for easy reading of the display. Other features of the RM328PA include: displaying the current indoor temperature, a current date display, daily crescendo alarm with eight-minute snooze function and extra-large display.
A Two-line LCD Displays the time, date, alarm status and temperature B [ ] Battery-Low icon Lights up when batteries are running dry C [ ] Radio-Reception Signal Indicates the condition of radio reception ] Alarm-on icon D [ Appears when the alarm is activated ] Alarm icon E [ Appears when the alarm time is displayed F CLOCK button Toggles the calendar clock display modes or activates the calendar clock setting mode
M [ ] IMAGE ROTATION knob 90 (left or right) image rotation N FOCUS Knob Adjusts the focus of the projection O 180 ROTATION button Horizontal flip rotation of image P PROJECTION LIGHT ON - switch Used with the power adapter to enable continuous projection
Q Battery compartment Accommodates two UM-3 or AA size alkaline batteries R RESET button Resets the unit by returning all settings to their default values
G UP [ ] and DOWN [ ] buttons Increases or decreases the value of a setting H ALARM button Displays the alarm time or sets the alarm status I ZONE button Toggles among the 4 US time-zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern [ ] button Activates the snooze function when an alarm activates or turn on the back light for five seconds


The unit uses two (2) UM-3 or AA size 1.5V alkaline batteries. To insert batteries: 1. Press the door tab and click open the door. 2. Insert the batteries strictly according to the polarities shown therein. 3. Replace the battery compartment door. Replace the unit with new batteries when the low battery indicator [ ] light up.
K Projection Lens Lens from which image light emits L Adjustable Projector For projecting the current time on the wall or ceiling 2

Projector Features

Feature Adjustable Projector Effect Instructions Rotates 180 to cast Adjust by turning forwards image onto any wall or backwards, the projector so that the projection lens is pointed in the appropriate direction FOCUS Focuses image Rotate knob forwards or backwards until the image clarity is optimized [ ] Rotates image on a Turns an image to maintain given surface to maintain an upright position Horizontally flips surface to maintain an upright position Flips an image to maintain an image on a given an upright position an upright position IMAGE ROTATION knob 180 ROTATION Knob
Note: Under normal circumstances, the batteries are good for 1 year. However, the battery life can be reduced vastly by frequent use of the back light, projector or snooze function. If not disposed of properly batteries can be harmful. Protect the environment by taking exhausted batteries to authorized disposal stations.


The projector projects the current time onto a wall or ceiling. To project the time onto a flat surface: In a darkened room, press [ ], the wall projection will activate for approximately 5-seconds. This unit has several features to enhance the clarity of the projected image.


Your unit comes with a power adapter so you can use the projector for extended periods of time. 3
To install the adapter: 1. Insert adapter into jack at the bottom of the unit. 2. Plug the adapter into the adapter socket. Note: Making sure the voltage is correct, plug the other end of the power adapter into a free wall socket. Once the power adapter is in place, you can select to turn on the projector for longer periods of time (such as throughout the night) by sliding out the PROJECTION LIGHT ON - switch on the back of the unit. To turn off the projector, slide the switch back. Note that this switch can only be used with the power adapter installed. For momentary projection, use the [ ].

signal transmission from the US when put within range. The benefit of a RF controlled clock is that highly-accurate time is maintained and manual adjustments to the time and date are not be required. When the batteries are first installed, the RM328PA will automatically search for a radio signal. When in search mode, the antenna icon [ ] will blink. This process takes between two (2) and ten (10) minutes. After initial search, short periodic reception-signal scans will commence several times a day. The antenna icon indicates the quality of reception.
- Unit has received radio signal.
- Clock is searching for radio signal but not yet received. It is recommended that you reposition or rotate the antenna. - The display time has been manually set and is not synchronized to the RF signal.


Press [ ] once. The back light will activate for five seconds. The projection will also be on for five seconds.
- When the antenna symbol blinks, a reception is going on. A full reception takes approx. 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the quality of the signal received. The hourly scanning may take a few seconds only.


The RM328PA is a radio frequency (RF) controlled clock. The clock time will automatically synchronize with WWVB-60 time4
When the reception is complete, the radio-reception signal will stop blinking. Interference Reception can be affected by a number of factors. For best reception, place the device away from metal objects and electrical appliances. Note: Interference from sources such as TV sets can affect the signal. If, after batteries have been inserted for ten minutes, the signal is not received, then set the time manually (see section: How To Set The Calendar Clock Manually).
The weekday is displayed as an abbreviation in 3 languages.

Day-of-the-week Language

English Spanish French Monday Tuesday Wed. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
To change the seconds display to the weekday display: When the seconds are displayed, press CLOCK once.
The seconds and the weekday share the same section of the display.
To change the weekday display to the seconds display: When the weekday is displayed, press CLOCK once.
The calendar and the alarm-time share the same section of the display. weekday display The calendar is displayed in a month-day format.

second display 5

3. Press CLOCK to confirm and proceed to set the minute, year, month, day and display language. calendar mode 4. For the display language, you can choose between (E) for English, (F) for French and (S) for Spanish (see language chart above). 5. When finished, press CLOCK to return to normal display. If changes are made during the process, the seconds will reset and start from zero. alarm mode To change the calendar display to the alarm-time display: When the calendar is displayed, press ALARM once. To change the alarm-time display to the calendar display: When the alarm time is displayed, press CLOCK once.
To set the alarm time: 1. Press and hold ALARM for two seconds when the alarm time is displayed. 2. Enter the value for the hour digits. Press ALARM to confirm and go to the minute digits. Enter the value and press ALARM to confirm. 3. The alarm is automatically activated. To deactivate it, press ALARM once.
If the RM328PA is taken outside of the range of US WWVB radio signal it will need to be manually set. To manually set the clock: 1. When the calendar is displayed, press CLOCK for two seconds. The hour value will start to blink. 2. Enter the month using the [ ] and [ ] buttons. Hold down either button to rapidly increase or decrease the value. 6
When the alarm is set, it will activate at the set time. The back light will go on for five seconds with the alarm-on icon [ ] flashing. The crescendo function allows the alarm to start gently and step up its intensity in three steps. Without interruption, the alarm will activate for a minute.
To stop the alarm, press any key. If the [ ] button is pressed, the snooze function will be triggered. The alarm will stop for eight minutes before activating again.
temperature, or humidity. Such treatment may result in malfunction, a shorter electronic life span, damaged batteries, or distorted parts. 4. Do not tamper with the units internal components. Doing so will terminate the units warranty and may cause damage. The unit contains no user-serviceable parts. 5. Only use new batteries as specified in this instruction manual. Do not mix new and old batteries as the old batteries may leak. 6. Read this instruction manual thoroughly before operating the unit.


The temperature is shown in Fahrenheit (F). The RM328PA is capable of measuring temperatures within the 23F and 122F range. If the temperature goes above or below that, the display will show HHH or LLL.


The RESET button allows you to return all settings to its factory values. The button is required only when the unit is not operating in a favorable way, such as in the rare case of a malfunction.


Operating Temperature : 41F to 122F

Clock Functions

Radio Control : Auto synchronize current time and date by Radio signal generated from WWVB for US : Weekday in English / French / Spanish Current month / date format : 12-hour format : 1 minute crescendo : 8 minutes : +/-0.5 second/day (when RF is disabled)


Calendar When handled properly, this unit is engineered to give you years of satisfactory service. Here are a few product care instructions: 1. Do not immerse the unit in water. If the unit comes in contact with water, dry it immediately with a soft lint-free cloth. 2. Do not clean the unit with abrasive or corrosive materials. Abrasive cleaning agents may scratch the plastic parts and corrode the electronic circuit. 3. Do not subject the unit to excessive: force, shock, dust, 7 Clock Time Alarm Duration Snooze Accuracy

Temperature Measurement

Indoor Measurement : 23F to 122F Temperature Resolution : 0.1F

General Specification

Battery Type Unit Dimension Unit Weight : Two (2) UM-3 or AA size Alkaline 1.5V battery : 116 x 150 x 42 mm (H x W x D) : 240g (without battery)


The content of this manual is subject to change without further notice. Due to printing limitation, the displays shown in this manual may differ from the actual display. The contents of this manual may not be reproduced without the permission of the manufacturer.



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