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Car Audio & DVD Car Navigation System

Page 2

Blue Arc Shaped Design
The blue arc is the symbol of Power , In 2006, Innovation,Connectivity and our Promise of Panasonic turns up better things to come. It is the arc of electricity the power of Full that ignites the engine, the spark that inspires Digital. It is a ticket to new ideas, the powerful arches that bridge our the best seat in the house, world and the crescent on the horizon that heralds the magic that lets our coma new day. The blue arc shaped design stands ponents for all these things, and provides a tantalizEnd-to-End play in ing glimpse of an exciting future. Now you perfect Digital Power find this distinctive emblem on our new harmony, and the secret behind lineup, illuminating your car enterour intuitive interface that provides tainment with the arc of easy control of a vast array of digital cool blue power. media and formats. Simply speaking, it is the key to the coolest in-car entertainment experience on the planet.

Page 4


The Art of Sound

The dynamic new styling sets the stage for a unique entertainment experience. Even before you turn it on, you feel a sense of empowerment. The dawn of a new era of in-car entertainment is here.
From the cool new design concept to expanded
performance features, Panasonic pays attention to every detail and incorporates design features that put safety first without sacrificing elegance. Panasonics new car entertainment systems are works of art and a joy to use.
The blue arc shaped design theme also reflects the smile
of satisfaction and confidence that intuitive interface architecture and safety design features bring to the faces of our users.
Motorized Display Face A Look at Safety Panasonic's "user-first" design is about comfort, ease-of-operation and above all, your safety. The motorized display on our CD players is just one example of how effortless control of your car entertainment centre contributes to safe driving. Press a button and the lower edge of the motorized faceplate glides out, tilting the faceplate to your choice of three angle settings. The ideal viewing angle lets you grasp operation status at a glance and keep your eyes on the road. The front face also automatically opens for CD loading and ejection. Large Rotary Volume Control Knob Reach, grip and control! The solid tactile feedback and smooth operation of the easy-to-grip large rotary volume control knob provides a simple control interface. It not only gives your system the look and feel of a quality home hi-fi, it also allows you to keep your attention on the road. Just push in the knob to make item selections, and turn it to adjust level. The sleek plated finish against the black chrome panel lends an air of sophistication to the face of your system.

The New Concept

Promise of Power & Quality Virtually all of our new models for 2006 can be identified by the distinctive blue arc shape design. Symbolizing the enhanced power and dynamic performance our new lineup, the arc conjures images of the arc of energy that ignites your engine, the spark of innovation that inspires our technology, and the strength of the arched bridges that carry you across new frontiers. In the gleaming chrome accent, you sense the quality that is the promise of Panasonic. When you are ready to step up to the ultimate in audio and visual entertainment systems for your car, it will be easy to find. Just look for the cool blue arc of power.
Remote Control In Stay in safe control of both your car and audio system by connecting the Remote Control Input with the optional adapter to your original dashboard or steering wheel remote control system.

Page 6


Express Yourself!

Dynamic & Beautiful! An expanded range of colours and dynamic images lets you express your personality in vivid detail. It is a visual statement of who you are and your satisfaction with nothing less than the best.
Variable Full Colour The Style Setter Match the look of your system to your car interior with Variable Colour. You can coordinate the backlight colour of your head unit display with your car interior by selecting from convenient presets or create your own signature colour from among 9261 shades. Each RGB LED in the fine matrix can be adjusted in 21 steps to produce very delicate shades to perfectly match your interior or personality.

More beautiful and more functional! Our improved CD
player / receiver display boasts more colours and better clarity with superb brightness. The dynamic display reflects the astounding performance within, while heightened visibility ensures safer and easier operation.
3DDM Make It Perfectly Clear Adding visual excitement to your dash with smoothly rendered full-motion graphics, the superb resolution of our 3DDM (3D-Dot Matrix) technology displays information with excellent clarity. In addition to the built-in graphics, you can use our Customize feature and install a photo or image that pulsates and moves to the sound of the music or even a moving image. Customize Your Signature System Your choice of music reflects your taste and personality, and so should the look of your system. At Panasonic's Customize site, you can choose from a wide variety of still image variations, sets of opening /ending moving themes, and types of moving images. Just download, burn your selection on a CD-R and install it in your system. For a truly personal touch, the "Panasonic IMAGE STUDIO" editing/conversion application can also be downloaded and installed in your computer system, enabling you to create a signature image for your car interior.
+This download service is exclusively for the Panasonic CQ-C8803N, CQ-C8403N, CQ-C7703N and CQ-C7303N. It cannot be used for other car audio products (or other products). +This download service is not available in some areas. For details, please access the Panasonic website. ( +Contents are added /updated on a regular basis. +This download service may change or stop without notice, depending on circumstances. +We are exempt and immune from any and all liability or responsibility for any reason in case of direct or indirect damages suffered by a user in connection with this download service for still and motion image data. +For details on how to use the customization function, please refer to the user's manual enclosed with the product.+Supported OS:Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP +CPU: PentiumII 400 MHz or above is recommended.+Memory: 128MB or more is recommended. +Display: Resolution of 800 x 600 or above (1024 x 768 or above is recommended), 24bit or greater+Required Available Space: Available space of 400 MB or more+Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0~6.0 is recommended. +Caution: Not supported on Apple Macintosh and Windows NT. There is no guarantee that the application will run on all computers with the recommended operating environment.

4096-Colour OEL

Big and More Beautiful Leaping from 512 to 4096 displayable colours, the new organic luminescence (OEL) multi-colour display achieves the high brightness and viewing angle of LEDs while outperforming the resolution and power efficiency of conventional LCDs. Delivering 5 times better contrast than conventional LCDs and faster response time for more dynamic expression, Panasonic OEL display technology produces dynamic 3D action displays in up to 4096 colours on the 172x54 pixel screen. The improved readability of text makes exploring the rich functionality of Panasonic easier than ever before. With the Customize function, you can load and show unique images.

Internet Digital Disc

Digital Tape CD-R / RW

Memory Card

Note: Some display screens shown on pages 6 and 7 are simulated and may differ in appearance from actual head unit display images.

Page 8


Plug into Variety

Plug and play on the road! Panasonic brings the age of networking and expanded multimedia content to in-car entertainment with unprecedented connectivity and compatiExpansion bility.
Plug and Play Hub Panasonic opens the door to connectivity with the launch of the revolutionary Expansion Module. Ever since we first brought multimedia entertainment into the car cabin, consumers have been saying things like, I wish I could show you whats in my camcorder, and If only I could plug in a real game console. More recently, It would be great to access the thousands of tunes in my iPod! Panasonic has been listening. The industry-first Expansion Module is our easy and elegant solution to all your wishes. Once connected to any of our new top-of-the-line head units, the Expansion Module becomes your in-car hub. Imagine! Plug in and play mini-DV tapes over our new overhead monitor. Plug in and play the latest video game titles on a state-of-the-art console. Plug in a DVD changer and play your movie collection. And of course, it is also ready for the ubiquitous iPod, giving you easy access to your huge library of music, audio books and podcasts.

Expansion Module

Made for iPod The phenomenon of the iPod has changed the way people enjoy music. Panasonic now lets you share your iPod music collection with everyone in the car. Our new upper-end head units connect with the iPod either directly via an optional cable or the Expansion Module. Any iPod with a Dock connector can be connected. (As of January, 2006)

Heating Value

Analogue AMP

Digital AMP Power Output

Intelligent RDS (Radio Data System) The Quick AF feature of this system actually memorises the strongest AF (Alternate Frequency) for recall when revisiting an area. Enjoy simplified tuning and data broadcast reception with selectable sensitivity settings to compensate for "strong" urban signals and "weaker" signals in suburban/rural areas.
Full Digital Amplify the Quality
The original all-digital design of Panasonics top-of-the-line models for 2006 delivers maximum performance from almost any speaker system with superb stability. Conventional systems convert a signal from a digital source into analogue and then amplify it with an analogue amp. The result is noise, distortion and inefficiencies. By directly amplifying the digital signal, Panasonic's digital amp avoids this extra process for a cleaner sound. It also incorporates special integrated circuits to further suppress noise and express delicate nuances with astounding clarity. Featured in our flagship CD Player/Receiver, this direct processing and amplification of CDs and other digital sound sources reproduces audio with amazing fidelity.

Radio DSP

Elimination of Multipath Noise
Elimination of Noise from Adjacent Channels

Page 12

See the Music!
Panasonic precision sound imaging fills the senses with music. The minds eye sees the stage, bones resonate to the beat, and skin tingles with the electricity of the performance. The essence of sound quality!
SRS FOCUS Elevate Performance Your speakers may be at your feet, but this audio enhancement technology puts the sound field up and in front of you, just where you expect it to be. SRS FOCUS not only shapes frequency characteristics to enable perception of the desired image height, but also improves clarity of higher frequencies. And to ensure the ideal sound image for the unique speaker locations in your car, it is customizable.


TruBass Mind Over Matter Dont boost bass and blow your speakers! TruBass uses the principles of psychoacoustics to enhance perception of deeper, richer bass as much as an octave below the actual frequency limitations of the speakers. By using all 4 channels for bass reproduction, it immerses the listener in exciting bass.


Panasonic audio enhancement technology changes the
way you listen to music. The sound imaging is so real you can almost touch it. Panasonic now offers advanced audio enhancement technologies across the entire player / receiver lineup.
Dual Preamp Outs Front and rear dual preamp outs (5V, 2.5V or 2V) for a wide dynamic range and high S/N ratio, and fader control to provide balance for built-in and outboard amps.

Mix to Rear Every Seat is the Best Seat For a richer sound in the rear seat, Mix to Rear mixes the front channel sound into the rear channels, compensating for the thin sound in the rear of the sound field. Now passengers in the back seat can enjoy the full experience of your high-fidelity audio system.

Mix to Rear



Subwoofer Ready Subwoofer out (5V or 2.5V) for easy addition of an external amp and one or more subwoofers to boost bass.
For the Audio Sweet Spot The car cabin environment is a hostile environment for audio excellence. Low-positioned speakers, lack of a centre speaker and other problems prevent conventional systems from delivering a natural sound. Featured in our flagship models, Circle Surround (CS) Automotive from SRS Labs responds to the challenge with the highly advanced Circle Surround II* Decoder for a much broader audio "sweet spot" and powerful features like SRS FOCUS* sound elevation technology, SRS TruBass* for cinema-like bass and Mix to Rear for an improved rear-seat sound experience. Circle Surround II Performance Beyond Your Imagination At the heart of SRS CS Automotive is Circle Surround II, which utilizes a high-performance and extremely versatile surround decoder. It can generate 360 multi-channel audio from a stereo source and produce a Phantom Centre, eliminating the need for a centre speaker. User can easily select one of 3 ready-to-use modes: Cinema, Music and Mono, and enjoy the equivalent of 5.1 ch from 4 speakers with satisfying front stage imaging.
The Name Says It All! The new mid-range lineup of player/receivers also boasts an award-winning SRS suite of audio enhancement technologies to dramatically improve audio performance. Sound enrichment of SRS WOW is remarkable especially with digitally compressed formats such as WMA and MP3. Creating the impression of improved dynamics and bass over existing speakers, it extends the sound field for a panoramic 3D audio image. With cutting-edge 3D sound enhancement Sound Retrieval System technology as its core, SRS WOW enhances your system performance with key technologies like TruBass and FOCUS, which are usually found only in high-end models.

SRS TruBass

For Big Bass from Any System Our most affordable models for 2006 also feature SRS TruBass. This dynamic bass enhancement technology not only delivers deeper, richer bass from even small speakers, but also enhances the dynamics and warmth of the low and mid range of your music. Delivering a sound experience far beyond the capabilities of your system, our reasonably priced models with this advanced processing technology offer incredible cost performance.

CQ-C1 123N

CD Player / Receiver
Audio Section 50W x 4 High Power Sound Quality Mute / Attenuator Separate Bass, Treble, Balance, Fader 2.5V / 200 Preamp Out
Other Features LCD Illumination Colour : Black Button Illumination Colour : Red Front AUX Input Remote Control In Face Colour : Silver Removable Faceplate Remote Control Unit (Option) ISO Connector


CQ-C1 103N

C1123N C1113N C1103N

Audio Section 45W x 4 High Power Sound Quality Mute
Tuner Section 18FM, 6MW(LW) Station Presets Selectable AF Sensitivity
CD Player Section CD-R / CD-RW Playback Other Features LCD Illumination Colour : Blue (C1123N), Black (C1113N and C1103N)

Remote Control (Option)

Button Illumination Colour : Red (C1123N and C1113N), Green(C1103N) Remote Control In Face Colour : Black Removable Faceplate ISO Connector

Page 20

The Digital Way to Get There!
Just enjoy the drive. Panasonics smart navigation system makes travelling to new destinations a stress-free experience. And less worry about the next turn means more attention on the road.

*100% *100%

POI Database Help On the Way Along the way, it is easy to find points of interest (POI) with the handy POI database and search function. The database holds over 910,000 POI across Europe, conveniently organized into 45 categories including hotels, parking facilities, petrol stations, Car Parks and restaurants.


*100% *100% *100%

CQ-VD7003N CN-DV2300N

Petrol Stations


These figures are approximations.
The Panasonic DVD Car Navigation System and a single DVD-ROM provide safe and secure navigation to and through almost every country in Europe.

Full Information Map

Panasonic digital car navigation technology tells you
more than where you are, where your destination is, and how to get there. It provides optimum routing for the dynamic road environment as well as access to a database of petrol stations, restaurants and other points of interest along the way.
Versatile Route & Destination Setting Panasonic navigation lets you set destinations by postcode, and even plan multi-destination routes. And for quick selection and recall of destinations, the "Marked Point" function lets you organise and even assign names or icons to as many as 100 points on the map, and the system automatically saves the "history" of your 100 most recent destinations for easy recall. Optimized route planning for up to 5 "via" points is another example of how the versatile interface makes navigation so easy. TMC Dynamic Response Combining navigation with real-time traffic information from the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) system*, Panasonic provides valuable intelligence and plots the safest and quickest course to your destination around traffic problems. The TMC system delivers accurate real-time data on weather, construction, disasters and other road conditions and displays them on the map. Our digital DVD navigation system highlights potential bottlenecks on your map with familiar and easy-to-understand European-standard traffic icons. For a detailed text description of the problem and its impact, just click on the icon. You can then request the system to suggest alternative routes. A handy remote control with a numeric keypad makes operation as smooth as your route. Real-time DVD car navigation systems just another smart idea for life on the road from Panasonic.

* Information provided is dependent on the local TMC data provider and transmission conditions.
POI Search Menu (Petrol Station)

Road Condition Icons

POI Search Menu (Hotels)

Address Search Menu

DVD-ROM Navigation A Continent on a Disc The giant capacity of a single DVD-ROM can hold about seven CDs of data enough to store all the navigation maps and data necessary to travel virtually anywhere in Europe. Just set a destination in any of 17 countries and you are ready to go. Regions include Austria, Benelux, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Just load the disc in our versatile DVD-ROM navigation system and you have maps for almost all of Europe as well as voice and menu data in 8 languages. Compatibility with readily available discs in the SDAL (Shared Database Access Library) format lets you keep your navigation system up to date with the constantly changing road environment.

TMC Information


Dynamic Navigation Unit

+Built-In RDS-TMC Tuner (Traffic Message Channel) +Decoder for Real-Time Display of Traffic Information +Compact Size for Versatile Installation 21
Marked Point Search Menu 20

Page 22


Lets Go to the Movies!

Thrills and chills! Tears and laughter! Only the seat belt keeps you from falling from the edge of your seat when Panasonic puts the show on the road.
Dolby Digital & dts State-of-the-art Cinema on Wheels The realism of Dolby Digital and dts multiplies the visual impact of every scene. Supporting up to 5 discrete channels and an optional sixth channel for low-frequency effects, Dolby Digital 5.1 is the surround sound standard for home theatres. The alternative dts format with its higher data rates is also supported. SRS CS Automotive Get 5.1 from 4ch Systems This powerful technology multiplies the performance of your existing components with sound image elevation, an enlarged sweet spot, and other amazing performance enhancers. SRS CS Automotive applies the magic of psychoacoustic principles to create the perception of rich bass pumped out of a virtual centre speaker from systems with only 4 channels. You experience the dramatic surround sound of 5.1ch for the reasonable cost of a 4ch system. Add our new single in-dash player/monitor to your system, and you can enjoy not only DVD-Video, CD, WMA/MP3, and FM/MW radio, but also upgraded audio performance.


DFX444G Apr.99 MR555 Apr.99 Apr.99 Apr.99 Apr.99
B DVD Car Navigation System
C Left Front Speaker D Left Rear Speaker

MR335 MR505N MR303N

DRX900N Apr.99 DFX800N Apr.99 DFX700N Apr.99 DFX600N Apr.99 DFX400N Apr.00


DFX100N Apr.00 FRX920N Apr.00 FX820N FX720N FX620N FX420N FX220N Apr.00 Apr.00 Apr.00 Apr.00 Apr.00


LCD Monitor DVD Player / Receiver CQ-VD7003N CN-DV2300N DVD Car Navigation System CJ-A1323N Front Speaker CJ-A1723N Rear Speaker CY-PA4003N Power Amplifier CQ-VHD9401N Overhead Monitor / DVD Player
Key to table: OK) completely compatible; 1) no title input capability; 2) no dual changer capability; 3) direct access to discs 1-6 only (no disc up/down function); 4) incompatible
layout_jp_final.qxd 06.1.25 5:39 AM Page 32


Power to Spare
Simply awesome! Every note, every nuance comes through loud and clear, with the authority of high-output amps. For the ultimate in sound, only the ultimate in amplifier technology will do.


2ch (1200W ) Analogue Amplifier
Energize your ride with the thunderous performance of Panasonics lineup of 3 new high-power amplifiers designed to drive your total system with power to spare. Whether you are searching for the incredible efficiency and performance of the bleeding-edge in digital amplification or the raw heart-racing muscle of analogue amps, just look for the blue illumination of power. DIGITAL - Cool, Efficient Power for Subwoofers
For audiophiles who want a system that awes with the power of its bass, Panasonic has developed a high-power monaural amp for your subwoofer. Boasting an impressive 1100W of output, this new mono-channel digital amplifier not only realizes digital end-to-end performance but also delivers it with high digital efficiency and with little heat generation. Because massive heat sinks are unnecessary, the entire amp is relatively compact, enabling you to make the most of limited installation space.
ANALOGUE Two New Stereo Power Stations Bridge the Power Gap
The debut of two new high-power stereo amps offers power users unprecedented performance. The incorporation of high-efficiency power circuits with a high conversion efficiency ratio gives users the best of all worlds: efficient power consumption, minimal heat generation and massive power to drive your system. Both the new 2ch and 4ch analogue models are bridgeable, giving you the flexibility to build a system that can drive your speakers with maximum power. Characterized by clarity and crispness, these amps incorporate MOSFET devices to keep switching distortion to a minimum while delivering audio with high-fidelity. The 2-Channel model (600W x 2) can also serves as a mono-channel (1200W). For even more freedom and power, choose the 4-Channel model (250W x 4) and use it as a 3-Channel source (250W x 2 +500W x 1) or a 2-Channel amp (500W x 2).

Total 1200W Maximum Output Power (600W x 2) Continuous Rated Power 400W (200W x 2ch into 4, 20Hz~20kHz, THD<1%) = Typical Power in Bridged Mode 380W x 1 (20Hz~20kHz, THD<1%) = Mixed Mode Operation Power MOSFET Switching Transistors 2 Load Capability (High Current) Remote Turn-On Circuit
Bass Extender, 45Hz, 0~ +15dB 2-Channel Non-Fade Line Output (RCA) Gold-Plated RCA Connectors and Speaker Terminals Easy Level Adjustment After Installation (200mV-6V) Adjustable Frequency, High Pass / Low Pass Electronic Crossover Line-Out for Another Power Amplifier Thermal Shutdown Protection Circuit


Mono (1 100W ) Digital Amplifier


4ch (1000W ) Analogue Amplifier
Maximum 1100W x 1 Output Power Continuous Rated Power 350W (20Hz~20kHz, THD<1%) = Power MOSFET Switching Transistors 2 Load Capability (High Current) Remote Turn-On Circuit Bass Extender, 45Hz, 0~ +15dB 2-Channel Non-Fade Line Output (RCA)
Gold-Plated RCA Connectors and Speaker Terminals Variable Cutoff Frequencies : 50Hz-250Hz for Subwoofer Easy Level Adjustment After Installation (200mV-6V) Line-Out for Another Power Amplifier Thermal Shutdown Protection Circuit
Total 1000W Maximum Output Power (250W x 4) Continuous Rated Power 250W (64W x 4ch into 4, 20Hz~20kHz, THD<1%) = Typical Power in Bridged Mode 225W x 2 (20Hz~20kHz, THD<1%) = Power MOSFET Switching Transistors 2 Load Capability (High Current) Remote Turn-On Circuit
Bass Extender, 45Hz, 0~ +15dB 2-Channel Non-Fade Line Output (RCA) Independent Front / Rear Gain Control Independent Front / Rear Bass Extender Gain Control Gold-Plated RCA Connectors and Speaker Terminals Easy Level Adjustment After Installation (200mV-6V) Line-Out for Another Power Amplifier Thermal Shutdown Protection Circuit

Page 34


Music to Your Ears!

Speakers - the final and most important link in the audio chain! Powerful to handle extended dynamic range of Full Digital and sensitive to express the most delicate nuances, the new voice of Panasonic has arrived.

The conventional practice of coating, layering or sandwiching fibers provides reinforcement at the expense of weight and thinness. With our innovative mixing technology, we can fabricate an extremely lightweight cone that is the thinnest (0.2~0.3mm) in the industry yet still enjoy the benefits of a high degree of stiffness and excellent shape retention. For the listener, this means a speaker that delivers incredibly fast and smooth response across an extended frequency range, but is durable enough to handle the awesome power of our digital amps. From deep bass to scintillating highs, the quality of the sound imaging is clear and natural.

Extended Cone

100 dB 90

10000 Hz

By adopting a resin-fiber hybrid, acoustical characteristics are improved.

Discrete Edge

Discrete Edge Design By locating the rolled edge of the surround speaker inside and below the outer perimeter of the cone, Panasonic realizes an extended cone and wider effective diaphragm area for improved low frequency response. Edge distortion, which is normally caused by edge radiation, is also reduced.

Page 36

16.5cm Coaxial 3-Way Speakers
Aramid Fiber Hybrid Thin Diaphragm Holographic Surface Design Elastomer Coated Cloth Edge of Discrete Edge Design Titanium Dome Tweeters High Linearity Suspension


16.5cm Coaxial 2-Way Speakers

173 44.5

CJ-A1 323N
13cm Coaxial 2-Way Speakers

155 42.5

Common Features for A-Series


Shallow Mounting Depth (A1723N: 4.4cm) (A1323N: 4.5cm) (A1023N: 4.3cm) High Rigidity Polypropylene Injection Cone

Frequency Range SPL(1m)

92dB/W/m 91dB/W/m 90dB/W/m
CJ-A1723N CJ-A1323N CJ-A1023N
35Hz 22kHz 40Hz 22kHz 45Hz 22kHz


10cm Coaxial 2-Way Speakers

12.5 41.3



16.5cm Door / Rear-Deck-Mounted Speakers with Separate Tweeters

Common Features for S-Series Shallow Mounting Depth (S1703N: 4.6cm) (S1303N: 4.3cm) (S1003N: 4.4cm) Water-Resistant Polypropylene Woofer Cones
35Hz 20kHz 40Hz 20kHz 45Hz 20kHz


10cm Dual Cone Speakers

134 41.3

CJ-S1303N CJ-S1003N


40Hz 200Hz

400Hz 20kHz

1:24 AM

Page 40



C1 CQ 31 2N C8 CQ 80 3N C8 CQ 40 3N C7 CQ 70 3N C7 CQ 30 3N C5 CQ 30 3N C3 CQ 50 3N C3 CQ 30 3N C1 CQ 32 3N C1 CQ 31 3N C1 CQ 30 3N C1 CQ 12 3N C1 CQ 11 3N C1 CQ 10 3N


DISPLAY UNIT Liquid Crystal Panel Screen Dimensions (W x H)
6.5" Widescreen 143 x 79, 177 (Diag.) mm 280,800 (234 Vert. x 400 Hor. x 3) Transparent Colour Filter Format TFT Active Matrix Format L-Shaped CFL 7" Widescreen 154 x 87, 177 (Diag.) mm 336,960 (234 Vert. x 480 Hor. x 3) Transparent Colour Filter Format TFT Active Matrix Format L-Shaped CFL
AUDIO SECTION High Power Digital Amp MOSFET Output Stage Sound Quality SRS CS Automotive SRS WOW SRS TruBass Crossover SBC-SW Mute / Attenuator Separate Bass / Treble, Balance Fader Preamp Out(s) : Front / Rear Subwoofer Out TUNER SECTION Radio DSP with FM Transmitter Mode Number of Presets : FM / MW(LW) Selectable AF Sensitivity Auto Preset Memory with Scan Seek Tuning with DX / Local Switch CD PLAYER SECTION CD-R / CD-RW Playback WMA / MP3 Playback ID3 Tag File Tree Display CD Text Display 3-Beam Hologram Pickup Scan, Search, Repeat and Random Play Pause CHANGER CONTROL SECTION CD Changer Control DVD Changer Control OTHER FEATURES Motorized Display Face Display Customize LCD Illumination Colour Button Illumination Colour Level Meters Spectrum Analyser AUX Input Automatic Antenna Relay Control Full-Face Design Face Colour Removable Faceplate Flashing Warning Light Remote Control Unit ISO Connector Expansion Module Ready iPod Ready Bluetooth Ready Chrome Black Chrome Black Chrome Black Chrome Black Chrome Black Option Option Option Option

70W x 4

50W x 4

45W x 4

Number of Pixels Display Method

SQ 9 SQ 7 SQ 7

Drive Method Light Source DVD SECTION Disc Played
DVD Video (12cm, Single- or Dual-Sided, Singleor Dual-Layer, PAL /NTSC), CD-DA(12cm), CD-R /RW (12cm), MP3/ WMA
DVD Video (12cm, Single- or Dual-Sided, Singleor Dual-Layer, PAL /NTSC), CD-DA(12cm), CD-R /RW (12cm), MP3/ WMA (CD-R/RW), Video CD(12cm) 1.0Vp-p (75) 1.0Vp-p (75) PAL / NTSC

20 Hz 20 kHz 93 dB 0.01 % 75 dB
20 Hz 20 kHz 96 dB 0.01 % -
87.5 MHz 108 MHz 6 dB / V 62 dB 40 dB 531 kHz 1602 kHz 25 dB / V 153 kHz 279 kHz 25 dB / V
87.5 MHz 108 MHz 6 dB / V 62 dB 35 dB 531k Hz 1602 kHz 28 dB / V 153 kHz 279 kHz 32 dB / V
87.5 MHz 108 MHz 6 dB / V 62 dB 35 dB 531 kHz 1602 kHz 28 dB / V 153 kHz 279 kHz 32 dB / V
87.5 MHz 108 MHz 6 dB / V 62 dB 35 dB 531 kHz 1602 kHz 27 dB / V 153 kHz 279 kHz 32 dB / V
Usable Sensitivity (75 S / N 30dB) S / N Ratio (Mono) Stereo Separation (1kHz)
Frequency Range Usable Sensitivity (S / N 20dB) Frequency Range Usable Sensitivity (S / N 20dB)
GENERAL Power Source (DC) Current Consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 155 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 155 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 155 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.2 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 155 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.1 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 155 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.1 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.1 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm 12 V (11 V 16 V) Less than 2.5 A (0.5 W) 178 x 50 x 160 mm


DISPLAY UNIT Liquid Crystal Panel Screen Dimension (W x H) Number of Pixels Display Method Drive Method Light Source Sound Output Speaker AV Input Level (1, 2) AV Output Level Power Source(DC) 7" Widescreen 154 x 87, 163 (Diag.) mm 336,960 (234 Vert. x 480 Hor. x 3) Transparent Colour Filter Format TFT Active Matrix Format L - Shaped CFL 0.7 W 3.5cm x 2.0cm Square Type Video (1Vp-p, 75), Audio (2V rms) Video (1Vp-p, 75), Audio (2V rms) 12 V (11 V-16 V), 14.4 V Test Voltage, Negative Ground Current Consumption Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight Less than 1.0A 181 x 131 x 34mm 0.57kg


Power Output 4ch drive: 3ch drvie: 2ch drive: 1ch drive: Max. Power Output THD (1kHz) S/N Ratio (IHF, A) Frequency Response (-3dB) Crossover Frequencies Bass Boost Input Level Adjustment Speaker Impedance Current Consumption Dimensions(W x H x D) 350W x 1 1100W 0.02% 100dB 10Hz-30kHz 50Hz-250kHz 0dB~15dB 200mV-6V 4 24A (350W x 1, 4) 28.0 x 6.2 x 30.3cm



20CS TOP LE32C450e1W DV-HR350 NV-GS5 KDC-PSW9527 Calculator 42PFL9703 60 CT-1 FI-3005 FB975 SQ-AM Mover TE Presario 6600 ETH-300 N130-JA01 MY401Z SCS 135 Projectors Optio E20 Denon S-81 FA-76 HM321HI CL1422RS DVR4400 A-807 MS-1905C FE-5000 EWF16780W JBL 4318 DLS B6A LX-U250D 647 SC EB-S82 MEX-BT38UW Acer N20 ER-A220 CQ138T-ST E5-00 Hicom 118 TME-M750 Syncmaster 710N Powershot G6 Harmony 520 Drive Officejet K60 PSB240 Monitor Series KX-TGA243W Conquest Digital Sony TM-T88 Av-14 42PW23P Roland D-20 PT-D5500 Harmony 676 Km002 VGN-Z31xn B Megamax Deskjet 3520 FMJ A32 Review Dobsonian XT10 RM-1000BP CLT-2402 Mule 610 BT2035 Nokia 6288 B212D UE40C6005RW Discspeed 9 66 CD2503S 38 Kodak P736 KX-TG1312CX Professional F Faxstar Mini 5320X CDX-3700 A590 IS R-15 R-30 1300N IC-02E DTC-A6 NX-P150 Chauffe EAU PT-D3500E Gemini 200 L-758 Cine Nokia 3330 DEH-P9000R DW674 TX-32LM70P MRP-F450 5200C Celestron C8-N DJ-175 T SGH-X510 CQ-C1475N 1000 S


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