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Panasonic DMR-EZ27Panasonic EUR7659T70 Remote Control
Replacement Remote Control for Panasonic DMR-EZ27K DVD Recorder Back to Panasonic Remote Controls

Part Number: EUR7659T70

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wjmktv 6:07pm on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
product looks great and the video is awesome on a 1080p tv. looks great,excellent video fair audio quality, esp with music dvds
Unforgiven 3:32am on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 
super delivery but would not record or play dvds Next day delivery first I purchased a used one a little cheaper. Does not play region 1 This does not play region 1 for me Also it does not have an eject disc button on the remote control which is a disappoint...
rferguson 11:23am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
Extremely easy to set up and use. None It is so easy to use recording and playback are excellent
tetra1234pak 11:19am on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
Before buying, I browsed all the previous comments. A lot were negative, but it had the features I was looking for, so I took a chance. Overall.
v1_pandya 5:56pm on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
the overall use of the product is good only that you cannot seem to do pdc recording on it
dmilton 5:20pm on Friday, August 20th, 2010 
I really enjoy this DVD player. The remote is also a welcomed feature. Very easy to setup and use.
nicolasperotto 5:24am on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 
dvd player to play all types of dvds I really enjoy this DVD player.  The remote is also a welcomed feature.  Very easy to setup and use.

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Verdict Approx price 250

Panasonic DMR-EZ27EB

Punchy performance from no-nonsense, upscaling deck
B1080p upscaling, multiformat compatibility, user-friendly EUninspired design, no memory card support, no DiVX playback
THERES BEEN AN explosion of interest in digital recorders of late, and hybrid models that feature the exibility of both DVD and harddrive recording have proved the most popular, but the market still has space for standalone recorders. Panasonics DMR-EZ27 offers effortless recording to any software format and then polishes up the results to 1080p resolution using sophisticated upscaling technology. Upscaled images are supported by an HDMI digital video output, which is accompanied by a cast of analogue alternatives including progressive scan-compatible component outputs and two Scarts. The latter have been enabled to either output or input RGB signals, allowing you to record from a separate device without compromising quality. Theres also a set of easily accessible AV connections concealed beneath a ip-down panel at the front, including a DV input for digital camcorder users. /// The digital tuner claims to support stable signals with reduced blocking even in poor reception areas. Unfortunately, theres no accompanying CI card slot for receiving limited subscription channels or the memory card support offered by earlier Panasonic incarnations. You can still access and organise digital music and photo les stored on discs, but theres no support for DiVX les. Multiformat compatibility means you can record to every DVD format under the sun including dual layer (DL) discs. DVD-RAM is generally preferred for its exible editing features and time slip functions such as chasing playback and simultaneous play and record. Typically, theres a choice of four recording modes (XP, SP, LP, EP) that trade time length for overall image quality. Using the standard SP mode gives you 2hrs of footage on a standard disc, rising to a choice of either 6 or 8hrs using the lowest quality EP mode. Theres also a useful FP mode that automatically selects the best mode according to the remaining space on the disc.

The rivals

/ Sony RDRGXD360
Sonys rival is similarly priced but doesnt include an HDMI output or integrated video scaling. Reviewed: Issue 314


Since the emergence of hi-def displays, devices with built-in video scaling are nothing special, but not all can upgrade DVDs, recordings and even TV broadcasts to1080p. Provided you have a compatible display, the DMR-EZ27EB can upconvert standard-denition images to near hi-def 720p, 1080i and 1080p signals. Its not true HD, but it comes close and is the easiest and most affordable way of enhancing your existing content.
Colours are beautifully balanced and natural, while picture noise is banished///
Finally, theres a decent range of post editing features that let you name, change thumbnails, delete and divide titles into chapters, from which you can then create playlists.


Includes integrated video scaling and a 160GB hard drive for about the same price, but needs a built-in digital tune. Reviewed: Issue 306

Ease of use

The remotes spacious arrangement and oversized controls mean its less daunting and easier to use than most typically overcrowded units.

052 / What Video & High-Denition TV / Issue 321

WHV321.panadvd 052

25/4/07 06:34:31
Check out the competition! See the Buyers Guide p112

Fact le

/ / / / / 720p/1080i/1080p upscaling Multi-format recording Progressive scan DV input Viera Link compatible
/ Time in Lab: 2 weeks / Serial No: PP00001006 R 430mm
This recorder also features the latest Viera Link technology, which allows you to control and access the menus of a variety of Panasonics products from just one remote. The three main menu systems Functions Menu, EPG Guide and Direct Navigator can be instantly accessed using short-cut keys on the remote. The menus are colourful and very easy to navigate. The simplest way of making recordings is using the 7-day EPG, since all you have to do is select a programme and leave the rest to technology. Our only complaint is that there are no moving thumbnails or sound to keep you entertained while you scan EPG listings. The Direct Navigator system does use thumbnailed images to help identify recordings, though, and you can also name titles using an efcient virtual keyboard. Editing features is eased by an intuitive system that helps you rapidly nd and revise footage using wellstructured steps that even digital recording virgins will be able to follow.
of edges using the SP mode, but its ne to use for all but your most precious archived recordings. However, video nasties such as shimmering edges, background instability and stuttered movement do raise their ugly heads, especially if youre forced to use the lowest quality EP mode to cram 8hrs of material onto a disc. Upscaled DVD playback is impressive with dense black levels encouraging explicit detail and depth-dening contrast, although there is some loss of denition in dark scenes during gloomy lms such as The Prestige. Colours are beautifully balanced and natural, while picture noise is banished to outer backgrounds and the occasional shadow gradation. Cohesive movement can struggle with slow camera pans, but fast paced action is generally uid.
Playback Test Reading Rating Video jitter: 5ns Audio jitter: 156.3ps S/n ratio: n/a Chroma am: -70.4dB Chroma pm: -69.3dB Chroma -66.0dB Crosstalk: Frequency response at 5.8MHz S-video: -0.3dB Composite: -0.6dB Component: -0.2dB
Recording Test Reading Chroma am: -55.5dB Chroma pm: -54.2dB Frequency response XP @ 4MHz -1.1dB SP @ 4MHz -1.1dB LP @ 4MHz -1.1dB EP @ 2MHz -0.9dB


Lab notes: These top marks are borne out in the outstanding upscaled DVD playback

Spec check

Recording formats: DVD-R/-R (DL)/-RW/+R/+R (DL)/+RW/-RAM Recording modes: 5 (incl. FP) Max. recording time: 8 hours Non-linear editing: Yes TV tuner: Digital Timer: TBC Guide Plus/Video Plus: No/No Set-top box control: No Dimensions: 430 x 59 x 330mm Weight: 3.2kg / Other features: 1080p upscaling; FP mode recording; 6 or 8hr EP mode; progressive scan; Dolby Digital and DTS compatible; compatible with Viera Link / Sockets: Rear: HDMI output; 2 Scarts (RGB input and output); component video output; S-video video output; composite video output; optical digital audio output; stereo audio output; RF input and output. Front: DV input; S-Video input; composite video input; stereo audio input / Contact: 08705 357357


As with all DVD decks, the digital audio performance is dependant on the quality of your TV or external home cinema system rather than the deck itself. The analogue audio via Scart, though, is rather at and wed recommend availing yourself of the HDMI output if possible.


Recording performance is always dictated by the quality of the integrated tuner and we found the DMR-EZ27s broadcast images to be impressively stable, detailed and cohesive, especially when theyre upscaled. Most HD Ready screens will accept 720p and 1080i images, but if you want to scale the heights of 1080p, youll need a Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) screen. Using both the XP and SP modes produces recordings that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. There is a slight softening


The price is fairly high for a disconly recorder, especially since that 250 could get you a hybrid model with both DVD and integrated harddrive recording. Build quality is only average, too, and the design is dull. But the cost is ultimately justied by a futureproof spec, fuss-free usability and outstanding picture performance with both DVD playback and recordings Z
A stful of features alongside a performance that packs a real punch, especially if you own a hi-def display that will accept upscaled images
Issue 321 / What Video & High-Denition TV / 053

WHV321.panadvd 053

25/4/07 06:34:37


TEST>DVD recorder


Panasonic DMR-EZ27EB 250

This decks recordings in the top quality modes are superb and playback is also excellent. Its a shame its a bit pricey
Just because the DVD/HDD recorder combi recorder has captured the nations imagination, it doesnt mean that the humble DVD recorder has been consigned to the AV dustbin. Far from it, wed argue, on the strength of this number from Panasonic, the DMR-EZ27EB. The rst thing youll notice about this DVD recorder is its 1080p upscaling capability. Its not genuine HD picture quality, true, but its the next best thing to true hi-def and works with Freeview broadcast images as well as those on DVD. This DVD recorders connections bear out its upscaling capabilities, as an HDMI output lurks at the rear. The deck also has a comprehensive supporting cast, including twin Scarts (RGB input and output), component video output, and a DV input for digital camcorder users.
Upscales Freeview TV pictures up to 1080p Two Scarts. One input. One output. Both RGB-enabled Nicely styled and a pleasure to operate


>Doctor Who
The adventures of the intergalactic GP are frozen near-perfectly in time using both of this capable DVD recorders top two recording modes


FEATURES 720p/1080i/ 1080p upscaling Digital tuner Multi-format recording Progressive scan FP mode recording 6hr or 8hr EP mode Dolby Digital and DTS compatible Viera Link compatibility CONNECTIONS Rear: HDMI output Two Scarts (RGB input and output) Component video output S-video output Composite video output Optical digital audio output Stereo audio output RF input and output Front: DV input S-video input Composite video input Stereo audio input 08705 357357

A stable reference

A built-in digital tuner is also included in the package that claims to support stable signals with reduced blocking even in lousy reception areas. Its a shame that the DMR-EZ27EB is lacking a CI slot for receiving subscription channels. Theres no support for DiVX les, but otherwise, disc playback is
Can upscale to 720p, 1080i and 1080p levels
far-reaching. The same applies for recording to disc: multi-format compatibility means that you can record to pretty much every DVDR format out there, including dual layer discs. Getting down to making recordings themselves, there are four recording modes (XP, SP, LP and EP) to choose from. The standard SP mode gives you two hours of footage on a standard disc, rising to between 6hrs and 8hrs in the lowest quality EP mode. Both the XP and SP modes produce recordings that are pretty much indistinguishable from the original: our DVD recording of Doctor Who has the same visual clout as when it was broadcast. There is minor softening of edges when using the SP mode but its impressive enough for the majority of your recordings.

As with most lower quality recording modes, expect to see the usual uninvited guests crashing the party shimmering edges, background instability and stuttering movement are all present and correct in EP mode.

White stripes

When it comes to playback, the DMR-EZ27EB earns its stripes, showing off some serious upscaling skills in 720p, 1080i and 1080p modes. We hooked up the DMR-EZ27EB up to an Epson EMP-TW1000 Full HD projector and were blown away by the results: standard denition DVDs look a real treat in 1080p on the big screen. As good as picture playback and recording prowess of the Panasonic DMR-EZ27EB is, we do have a minor issue with the price tag, especially as you could pick up a model with both DVD and HDD recording capabilities. That said, most boxes are ticked, and your outlay will be rewarded with a DVD recorder that suits the majority of archiving needs
XP and SP mode recordings are excellent
Progressive scan capabilities


WHC61.gre_panez27 50

5/7/07 16:37:21



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