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manni 2:09am on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 

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Verdict Approx price 450

Panasonic DMR-EX87
Majestic combi recorder that ticks almost all the boxes
BExcellent recording and playback; huge hard disk capacity EOnly two-channel DVD-Audio
THE HDD/DVD RECORDER combi continues to rule the roost in the home recording arena and Panasonics previous releases have underlined the Japanese companys ne pedigree. Its the hard disk that is the real key to this deck offering as it does huge storage capacity, and the ability to edit a programme before neatly transferring it to DVD for permanant archiving. Only a PC or Mac-based editing system can deliver more exibility. digital signals from deck to screen. You can also upscale regular video to high-denition levels, all the way up to 1080p, in fact. This wont give anything like a true HD image, but it certainly does usually offer some sort of enhancement for an existing DVD collection. The front panel sees a DV input for digital camcorder users, as well as an SD Memory Card slot. The hard disk is offers 250GB capacity, which can squeeze as much as 443 hours of programming in. Admittedly, the quality /// will suffering at this level, but even at the best recording setting you can still store a more than respectable 55 hours. When it comes to DVD compatibility, you can record onto every type of blank disc there is, including dual-layered DVD-R and DVD+R discs. The most useful editing features are only available on the HDD and DVD-RAM discs. This is why most people record rst onto the hard disk before editing. The most important option is the ability to delete unwanted scenes such as advertisements and continuity announcements. This not only results in a better viewing experience when you come to watch the nished recording, it also saves space, which in turn means better picture quality. You can add chapters to a hard disk or DVD-RAM recording and if you use high-speed dubbing to transfer from HDD to a blank DVD those will be retained. You can also dub a nalised DVD (as long as it isnt copy-protected) to the hard disk for editing and transfer back to a blank DVD.

The rivals

/ Pioneer DVR-540HX
A very good combi with a 160GB HDD, but lacking in HDMI and upscaling. Reviewed: Issue 309
The added exibility and storage capacity of a big hard disk are well worth paying extra for///
Okay, so what about omissions? The most annoying is the absence of true DVD-Audio playback. Panasonic persists in offering only two-channel playback, which is a real shame. SACDs are just not welcome at all.


You really have to look hard to nd any signicant omissions on the spec sheet. The built-in Freeview tuner ticks the rst box. It may not be your rst choice if you will be hooking up an external digibox, but its still an important and useful addition as the analogue switch-off comes ever closer. Connectivity includes an HDMI output for superior delivery of pure

/ Hitachi DV-DS253E

A 250GB HDD and a saving of about 100, but performance isnt as good. Reviewed: Issue 314

Ease of use

Panasonics Direct Navigator is ridiculously easy to get to grips with and the instruction manual is
058 / What Video & High-Denition TV / Issue 323

WHV323.panex87 058

25/6/07 15:31:16
Want more recorder knowledge? See the jargon buster p96

Fact le

/ / / / / 250GB HDD DVD-R/+R/RW/DL/RAM recording 720p/1080i/1080p upscaling Digital tuner 443 hours recording time
/ Time in Lab: 2 weeks / Serial No: PP0000/005 R 430mm
denitely one of the better ones weve seen. Inevitably, when it comes to editing, some of the procedures are a touch tricky and will take some getting used to, but this is to be expected with a deck that has so much to offer. Likewise, the remote, while thoughtfully laid out, could be a little boggling for new users, owing to the sheer number of buttons.

Pre-recorded DVDs are delivered with panache via the HDMI output, but still look extremely good through the component and RGB Scart options. Using the HDMI output does allow you to dabble in upscaling, but although the picture takes on a slightly more robust tone, we dont think it really added much.
Playback Test Reading Rating Video jitter: 6ns Audio jitter: 168.3ps S/n ratio: -63.0dB Chroma am: -71.0dB Chroma pm: -70.09dB Chroma -57.0dB Crosstalk: Frequency response at 5.8Mhz S-video: -0.19dB Composite: -0.5dB Component: -0.43dB
Recording Test Reading Chroma am: -57.6dB Chroma pm: -56.6dB Frequency response XP @ 4mhz -0.35dB SP @ 4mhz -0.36dB LP @ 4mhz -0.35dB EP @ 2mhz -1.0dB


Lab notes: The excellent performance in the living room is backed up by these results


Dealing with recordings rst, in the top setting the DMR-EX87 captures a simply perfect image. There is no discernible deterioration in detail. This is good for 55 hours on the HDD, but since theres only one hour on a single-layered DVD most people will take advantage of the two-hour setting. This barely differs from the top setting. From a normal viewing distance you just cant see any deterioration and it is only when you get close to the screen that you see that some very minor artefacting has been introduced on complex or fast-moving material. The LP mode can record four hours on a DVD and is usually the point where picture quality becomes poor. Not in this case with the Panasonic retaining a full 500 lines of picture information at this setting the image remains very watchable. You wouldnt want to use it for recording a rugby match though (the Heineken Cup nal displayed noticeable artefacting around the players), but more static programming looks just ne. We would still recommend that you stick to the two-hour setting for archiving, which is good for most movies and sports events.


The DMR-EX87 simply excels with movie soundtracks. Your results will obviously depend on what sort of sound system you hook it up to, but with a decent setup you can enjoy really immersive surround sound. Those who like to use their home cinema system for pure audio playback as well will also be impressed by the CD quality, while the two-channel DVD-Audio performance is good enough to make you hanker for the missing channels this omission is certainly a lost opportunity.

Spec check

HDMI/DVI output: Yes/No Prog scan output: Yes DVD-A/SACD: Yes (2-channel)/No Multiregion from box?: No Dimensions: 430(w) x 59(h) x 330(d)mm Weight: 4.2kg What it plays: DVD; DVD-A, DualDisc; DVD+R/-R/+RW; SVCD; VCD; CD; WMA; MP3; DivX 6; JPEG; HDCD; CD/-RW / Other features: JPEG/MP3 playback; copy list editing; exible recording mode; chasing playback; slo-motion playback; high-speed dubbing / Sockets: Front: DV input; SD card slot; S-video input; composite video input; stereo audio input / Contact: 08705 357357


You can get simple DVD recorders for much less than the DMR-EX87, but this is anything but a simple recorder the added exibility and storage capacity of a big hard disk are well worth paying extra for. Bear in mind that it wasnt that long ago when combis such as this one had considerably smaller hard disks, didnt offer HDMI outputs and were signicantly more expensive. So what were seeing here is denitely progress. Remember also that you are getting simply exemplary performance in all areas and this deck suddenly looks like incredible value for money Z
A brilliant deck that delivers in all areas and represents great value
Issue 323 / What Video & High-Denition TV / 059

WHV323.panex87 059

25/6/07 15:31:19



The elder statesman

With a history of top-quality recorders, Panasonic will take some beating
or a long time, Panasonic has packed more features, bigger hard drives and wider format compatibility into its DVD recorders than anyone else, but the playing eld has recently levelled with other brands matching them spec-for-spec. Can Panny stay ahead of the game? The fancy mirror-nish of previous generations has given way to this slightly less attention-seeking front panel, although theres still enough mirroring going on to guarantee it wont match any of your other equipment. Inside, theres a big 250GB HDD that can hold 443 hours of video in compressed mode and crucially, a digital rather than analogue TV tuner. The big selling point this year, though, is the HDMI output, which has enabled Panasonic to include video processing that can upscale footage to Full HD 1080p. An impressive start, but these are all features that most of the others in the group share. Only Panasonic, however, can boast full DVD RAM and DVDAudio compatibility. RAM is not the most fashionable format compared to DVD+/-R and its probably only there because Panasonic invented it but it does offer advantages. It is the only format that lets you store still images and video on the same disc for instance, and it is highly editable. Multichannel DVD-A is supported here in 2-channel mode only. But that alone elevates this recorder into a difference performance class than the competition. For a sizeable majority of HCC readers, I would wager that this
Panny can outperform their CD players when spinning DVD-A discs. Setup is simple. The intuitive onscreen display reacts speedily to the remote control. Digital channels are searched and led automatically, and you can set the HDMI output resolution to suit. Realistically, youll only be using the highest 1080p output if you have a Full HD display device that doesnt have its own scaler. In 720p mode, the picture quality from DVD is crisp and clear. There was noticeable grain over the picture with 28 Weeks Later, beyond the intention of the director, but no video blocking or serious video jitter. Upscaling to 1080p sharpens edges even more, but doesnt reduce picture noise. My reference Optoma HD80 does a better job of scaling to this level. There are four recording modes, and at the highest quality, the duplicate is almost indistinguishable from the original, be that from off-air or from the integral DVD player. Editing facilities are particularly good. When you insert edit points to
Functional fascia: Last seasons mirrored frontage has been revamped. The result is a little dull

Tech Labs

HDD recording Chroma AM: -52.0dB Chroma PM: -55.0dB Response @ 4MHz (XP): -0.36dB Response @ 4MHz (SP): 0.34dB Response @ 4MHz (LP): 2.61dB Response @ 2MHz (EP, 6hr. mode): -3.38dB Response @ 2MHz (EP, 8hr. mode): -3.36dB cut away adverts the deck helpfully dips the volume very slightly to smooth the join points over.


HDMI happy: The DMR-EX87 can upscale Freeview to 1080p. Test this with your display to see which offers better scaling
Apart form the questionable styling of the front panel, theres really nothing bad to say about this recorder. For a very few, the lack of an analogue tuner could be an issue, but for everyone else, the excellent quality, comprehensive feature set and easy usability make the Panasonic an obvious choice.

7/11/07 15:27:03

Analogue lunacy

Feature-packed and dressed to kill, all the Samsung lacks is a digital tuner
amsung learned an important business formula from the staggering success of its LCD TV range. Keen technology + stylish design = vast increase in market share. Hence the artistically sculpted and fashionably black DVD recorder displayed here. Technologically, Samsung is only partially up-to-date. This model boasts impressive recording exibility by supporting DVD RAM as well as dual-layer discs and the HDMI output can upscale to hi-def, but the TV tuner is analogue only. Has nobody told Samsungs Korean HQ that the UK has already begun switching off its analogue broadcasts? If this bombshell doesnt rule out the HR755 for you (perhaps you live somewhere obscure that will keep an analogue signal right up to 2012), then read on, because this is otherwise a ne machine. Like the Panasonic, it can record onto DVD RAM blanks although not the caddy-protected kind and also DVD+R DL media, even though Samsungs own literature keeps quiet about this. And it can playback virtually any video/music format from WMA to DivX. The 250GB hard drive can hold up to 430 hours of footage in SEP mode and it does a ne job of storing music, picture and DivX les too. In fact, it does most of the tricks that Pioneers media hub can do with slideshows and playlists, but with a faster and more rened user interface. Anyone who has a Samsung DVD

deck quite a lot of us, apparently will nd the cool blue OSD familiar. All the additional functionality has extended the menu by a few pages, but its still easy to dive in, change the output resolution or aspect ratio and dive out again without reaching for the manual - a sin for any self-respecting AV addict. The internal scaler can output 1080i, but not 1080p. Is this a problem? I dont think so. Scalers on products at this price point dont really produce anything that looks like real Full HD anyway That said, the 720p and 1080i massaging both look convincing enough for me to claim a benet. The tricky y-over scene in chapter four of the 28 Weeks Later DVD is handled well fewer breakups and jagged edges than, say, the Toshiba deck reviewed elsewhere. Copies from broadcast are faithful too, although I feel shortchanged by the soon-to-be-defunct analogue tuner. Inevitably, theres no EPG, so recordings must be programmed manually or by Video Plus+.
Grand design: Artistically stylish but lacking that certain digital something
HDD recording Chroma AM (SP): -54.8dB Chroma PM (SP): -57.5dB Response @ 4MHz (XP/1hr): -1.26dB Response @ 4MHz (SP/2hr): -1.31dB Response @ 2MHz (LP/4hr): -5.6dB Response @ 2MHz (EP/6hr): -5.8dB
Audio quality can be considered good, with digital output via HDMI, coaxial or optical connections, although audiophiles will be better off using a separate CD player for music.
Recording Freeview: With no integrated digital tuner, youll need to hook up a Freeview box via Scart
This Samsung scores points for its format exibility, value-for-money and decent picture quality, but then loses them all courtesy of its analogue tuner, which will render most of its recording functionality redundant when the UK continues the great switch-over in 2008.

7/11/07 15:27:10

Multimedia mogul

This HDD/DVD deck wants to be a source for all your home entertainment

t is the most expensive model in this ensemble, but Pioneer has gone a long way to justify the price hike. From the lustre of the black nish to the rigid build-quality, this looks and feels like a prestige product. It matches the Panasonic spec-for-spec and adds in a CI slot and USB interface. It also has pretensions to be a multimedia hub for your living room, but more about that anon. The LX60D is a 250GB HDD/ multiformat DVD recorder, compatible with both dual- and double-layer discs and comes with analogue and digital TV tuners. On top of this comes a host of features that enhance performance and exibility. The internal scaler can output a maximum resolution of 1080p via HDMI. Further processing also offers you presets to suit a plasma display or a regular TV. On the HDD side, there are no less than seven record modes that vary in image quality and allow you to t a staggering 711 hours (!) of footage on the internal drive. Pioneer is covering all the bases with both analogue and digital tuners, but its the DVB side that boasts the easy-to-use seven-day EPG. In reality, the Panasonic and Toshiba decks are slightly simpler to program, but the Pioneer has more recording options. According to Pioneers bumph, the LX60D can also integrate your digital lifestyle by storing JPEGs, MP3s and WMA les on its hard drive. This could actually be really useful if you intend it to be your main music source in your
home cinema. Import music les through the USB slot or by copying discs to HDD, and you can use the Jukebox feature to play them back. Likewise with JPEGs, you can watch them as a slideshow on your TV or print them off by connecting a printer with PictBridge directly to the USB port. Another feature unique to the Pioneer is the CI slot, which can take a Pay-TV card or a multimedia card reader. This might sway people eager to take up the Pay-TV Setanta sports channel. My favourite addition is aesthetic: a big round record button on the front fascia for one-touch recording, which neatly mirrors the standby button. However, nding your way around all of these features can be complicated, and its a shame Pioneer didnt spend as much time developing the operating system as the feature set. The remote is logical and well thought-out, but the OSD is crowded, and there is lag between each button press and operation.

Perfect match: The LX60D is styled to match Pioneers LX AV receivers
HDD recording Chroma AM: -61.2dB Chroma PM: -64.8dB Response @ 4MHz (XP/1hr): -0.35dB Response @ 4MHz (SP/2hr): -0.35dB Response @ 4MHz (MN12/ 3.5hr): -1.9dB (average) Response @ 2MHz (MN12/ 3.5hr): -0.71dB (average)
Recording options: The LX60D has exentive connection options for dubbers, including dedicated composite and S-video inputs
Quality-wise, both image and audio are up to scratch, especially when recorded at the highest setting and upscaled to 720p. DVDs appear detailed and colourful with very little picture noise.
The LX60D has a lot to offer, and if you are lucky enough to own a Pioneer plasma, this should be at the top of your list. I only wish the user interface were a bit friendlier then this would be a great multi-media device as well as a digital recorder. 92

7/11/07 15:27:17

A cut-back too far?

Toshiba lowers the spec to hit a price, but performance suffers as a result
oshiba has an impressive new lineup of DVD recorders fresh from Japan, and the rst to wash up on UK shores for an exclusive review in our megatest is the RD97DT. It sports multiformat DVD recording, analogue and digital tuners, and like all of its competitors except Sony a healthily-sized 250GB HDD. Its HDMI output will upscale up to 1080i. The front-panel design is smartly understated, with a bright display and a drop-down ap that conceals the front AV inputs, a DV socket, and, er, not much else. There are no luxuries like memory card slots or USB interfaces on this no-frills deck. More savings have been made around the back with the composite video input disappearing altogether. Bizarrely only the Scart output is RGB enabled, so recordings made via the Scart input (such as those from a Sky or freeview box) are actually being fed a composite signal and therefore, to all intents and purposes, comparably crap. On the plus side there are two TV tuners, analogue and digital, which will be welcome news for the unlucky few living in poor Freeview reception postcodes who want to cling on to their analogue signal until the bitter end. My analogue signal is nearly unwatchable, but the Tosh had no trouble auto-detecting and organising my Freeview channels and pulling up an interesting eight-day EPG. I say interesting because you will either love or hate the way it only shows you now

and next on the rst page instead of the whole days scheduling. Its a case of clicking on a channel to nd out what is on the rest of the day. Compared to the Sony and Samsung, the OSD is quite primitive, but faster to navigate than the Pioneer. Within it you can adjust the output resolution via HDMI up to 1080p, but when the scaler is specied on a budget like this, 1080p is stretching things a bit and the result is nothing like real Full HD. The 720p signal improves things, but the Tosh loses points on picture quality overall. Colour reproduction is okay, but with the challenging camera pans in 28 Weeks Later on DVD, when we y over central London, the edges of the buildings blur, diagonal lines become stepped, and the background is lled with image noise. Its not a big problem, just marginally more noticeable than the others on test. Recordings are easy enough to edit down afterwards if you wish to remove adverts and insert chapter breaks.
Fancy free: The angled front-fascia doesnt hint at the decks no-frills specication
HDD recording Chroma AM: -57.2dB Chroma PM: -58.9dB Response @ 4MHz (XP): -1.4dB Response @ 4MHz (SP): -1.5dB Response @ 4MHz (LP): -3.4dB Response @ 4MHz (SLP): -3.5dB
Compatibility with MP3, JPEG and DivX media is all ne, but your choice of recordable disc media is more limited as it wont recognise RAM or either of the dual layer formats.
Hampered Scart: Madly, the Scart input on this deck isnt RGB enabled, which makes it impossible to get highquality dubs from a Sky box
Toshiba has done well to include all the key features at this price point. DVB tuner, HDMI socket and 250GB HDD are all present, but the lack of RGB on the Scart input and omission of double-layer disc recording reduces it to mediocrity. 93

7/11/07 15:27:24



Small drive big style
Sonys recorder packs in the features, including Freeview Series Link
ou could almost hear the cheering when Sony introduced the rst ever Freeview-equipped DVD recorder to the UK, banishing fuzzy analogue images and hailing a new era of easy EPG recording. Since then, the brand has continued to innovate with features like Intelligent Chapter Creation, which inserts breaks where there are natural changes in the recording. This model has a conspicuously smaller HDD than the rest of the models on test its stablemate, the step-up HDX970, has a 250GB drive but was unavaulable for review but in all other respects, it is comparable, with a digital TV tuner, HDMI output and video upscaling. In fact, the operating system and feature set is virtually the same as the Pioneer, giving away the fact that the two are based on the same original design before being nished by each competing brand. Pioneer came up with the better fascia, though. The Sonys tiny buttons and minuscule LCD display work up close, but you have no chance of reading it when its on the other side of the room. Theres no analogue tuner, here, either, or PCMCIA slot. Behind the drop-down ap is a USB interface and PictBridge output. Sony has been strangely slow to pick up on HDMI in the past, but crucially all of the current line have one and this deck upscales to 1080p very effectively. The component output can deliver a PAL progressive signal and like all decks tested here,

except the Toshiba, both Scart sockets are wired for RGB. Like the Pioneer, you can store and play back multimedia les such as MP3, JPEG and DivX, but with the smaller HDD, its less of an attraction. Sonys user interface is a little more rened and easy to get to grips with, but its nowhere near as intuitive as the companys XrossMediaBar (XMB) menu developed for the PS3 and added to the latest Bravia TVs and AV receivers that wouldve made the multimedia hub concept more appealing. Programming your weekly schedule of recordings is a piece of cake. Especially with the Series Link function, which lets you record every episode of a series with a single command. There are seven recording modes to choose from; SD manages to squeeze 455 hours of compressed video onto the 160GB HDD. The best-quality HQ+ ts just 23 hours. In HQ+ mode, you can make remarkably faithful copies, which is perfect for archiving onto a doublelayer DVD.
Micro display: The tiny display can make it difcult to see what channel the recorder is parked on if youre sitting a room length away
HDD recording Chroma AM: -60.6dB Chroma PM: -64.2dB Response @ 4MHz (HQ): -0.35dB Response @ 4MHz (SP): -0.32dB Response @ 2MHz (LP): -0.86dB Response @ 2MHz (EP): -9.8dB
Overall, this is a capable DVD player. I obtained the best results by upscaling to 720p via HDMI, but 576p via component is also impressive. The challenging 28 Weeks Later DVD looked the sharpest and most stable on the Sony.
Backside story: Sonys deck lacks the CI slot that youll nd on the Pioneer, but adds a Series Link function
Sonys deck shares the same DNA as Pioneers machine, but drops a few features in favour of some of its own, like Series Link, which enhance the user experience a little and slash the price in half. The 160GB drive will be a limiting factor, though. 94

7/11/07 15:27:31


heres something strangely unsexy about DVD recorders. In many respects theyve failed to replace the VCR in the nations affections, falling uncomfortably between the ubiqutous value of DVD and the convenience and glamour of the PVR. But while disc-only DVD recoders have only limited appeal, a combination recorders with captious hard drives offer a exibility that standard PVRs lack. So how do these hopefuls rank? Samsung; winner of last issues group test comes last in this one. Consistency is what you lack that and a DVB tuner. HCC really cant recommend buying an HDD/DVD recorder that lacks digital TV support. The Toshiba deck, on the other hand, comes with twin tuners and video scaling to 1080p, at a surprisingly low price. There is a noticeable drop in picture quality from DVD, however, and the lack of RGB on the Scart input is probably a compromise too far. The Pioneer deck looks and feels like the best of the bunch and has some great touches. The extended recording time, for example, the onetouch record button and the USB interface are all impressive. Its just a pity the clunky user interface doesnt knit all these features together into a more user-friendly media hub.

SD card satisfaction: Got an SD digital camera? Watch your pictures via the recorder on the TV and even copy them to the hard drive


Panasonic DMR-EXApprox Highs: Format compatibility; picture quality; good EPG; loads of features Lows: Less recording flexibility than the Sony recorder; no DVD Audio compatibility Performance: Design: Features:


Samsung DVD-HRApprox Highs: Sleek design; wide format compatibility; friendly OSD and remote; ease of use Lows: No digital TV tuner or EPG Performance: Design: Features:

Close thing

At HCC, we value performance and design above penny-saving value, but both the Panasonic and Sony entrants in this grouptest match Pioneers LX60D in terms of performance and features at conspicuously lower price points. Thanks to its genuinely useful feature set, great DVD playback and excellent audio courtesy of its DVDAudio compatibility, it is the Panasonic model that makes the most convincing claim to be best all-round recorder in this group. Were really impressed with Sonys HXD870, but Panasonic edges into pole position


DVD Recorder: YES it writes to DVD-R/ RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD RAM Dual layer recording: YES DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL Hard Drive: YES 250GB DVB tuner: YES Upscaling: YES up to 1080p EPG recording: YES 7-day DivX playback: NO Recording modes: YES four MP3/JPEG playback: YES play and view both formats USB reader: NO Memory card slot: YES for SD cards HDMI socket: YES one output Component output: YES DV input: YES for camcorders Dimensions: 430(w) x 59(h) x 330(d)mm Weight: 4.2kg Features: Viera Link (HDMI CEC control); 1080p upscaling (intelligent video upconversion to maximum resolution); One-second quick start and record
DVD Recorder: YES it writes to DVD-R/ RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD RAM Dual layer support: YES DVD+R DL Hard Drive: YES 250GB DVB tuner: NO analogue only Upscaling: YES up to 1080i EPG recording: NO DivX playback: YES Recording modes: YES five MP3/JPEG playback: YES play and view both formats USB reader: NO Memory card slot: NO HDMI socket: YES one output Component output: YES DV input: YES for camcorders Dimensions: 420(w) x 77(h) x 288(d)mm Weight: 4.8kg Features: EZ REC mode ; Anynet+ (HDMI CEC control); ShowView (automatically program to record by typing in the relevant PlusCode)
Perfect blend: Panasonics DMR-EX87 offers the optimum combination of features and performance to ace this issues group challenege Sec1:96

7/11/07 15:27:38


Disc compatibility compared
How our ve recorders match up in the media versatility stakes Panasonic DMR-EX87 DVD-Video; DVD-Audio (2-channel); Dual Disc (CD); Dual Disc (DVD); CD; MP3; WMA; JPEG; VCD; SVCD; CD-R; CD-RW; DVD-R; DVD-RW (Video); DVD-RW (VR); DVD+R; DVD+R (Dual Layer); DVD+RW Samsung DVD-HR755 DVD-Video; Dual Disc (CD); Dual Disc (DVD); CD; MP3; WMA; JPEG; MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 3.x); MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 5.x); MPEG-4 XViD; CD-R; CD-RW; DVD-R; DVD-RW (Video); DVD-RW (VR); DVD-RAM; DVD+R; DVD+R (Dual Layer); DVD+RW Pioneer DVR-LX60D DVD-Video; Dual Disc (CD); Dual Disc (DVD); CD; MP3; WMA; JPEG; MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 3.x); MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 5.x); MPEG-4 XViD; VCD; SVCD; CD-R; CD-RW; DVD-R; DVD-RW (Video); DVD-RW (VR); DVD-RAM; DVD+R; DVD+R (Dual Layer); DVD+RW Toshiba RD-97DT DVD-Video; Dual Disc (CD); Dual Disc (DVD); CD; MP3; WMA; JPEG; MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 3.x); MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 5.x); MPEG-4 XViD; VCD; SVCD; CD-R; CD-RW; DVD-R; DVD-RW (Video); DVD-RW (VR); DVD-RAM; DVD+R; DVD+R (Dual Layer); DVD+RW Sony RDR-HXD870 DVD-Video; Dual Disc (CD); Dual Disc (DVD); CD; MP3; WMA; JPEG; MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 3.x); MPEG-4 DiVX (v. 5.x); MPEG-4 XViD; VCD; SVCD; CD-R; CD-RW; DVD-R; DVD-RW (Video); DVD-RW (VR); DVD+R; DVD+R (Dual Layer); DVD+RW


Pioneer DVR-LXApprox Highs: Good 1080p upscaling; feature rich playback of music and picture files; slick design Lows: Rather complicated to use; uncompetitive Performance: Design: Features:


Toshiba RD97DT 230 Approx Highs: A full set of features; DVB and analogue tuners; Sat Link control Lows: Unintuitive remote; no RGB Scart input; unexciting picture quality Performance: Design: Features:
Sony RDR-HXDHighs: Impressive feature set; friendly user interface; picture quality from DVD and recordings in HQ+ mode Lows: Relatively small HDD; poor panel display Performance: Design: Features:
DVD Recorder: YES it writes to DVD-R/ RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD RAM Dual layer recording: YES DVD-R and DVD+R DL Hard Drive: YES 250GB DVB tuner: YES and analogue Upscaling: YES, up to 1080p EPG recording: YES 7-day DivX playback: YES Recording modes: YES seven MP3/JPEG playback: YES play and view both formats USB reader: YES for reading and importing files Memory card slot: NO but you could use the CI slot with a suitable adapter HDMI socket: YES one output Component output: YES DV input: YES for camcorders Dimensions: 420(w) x 77(h) x 288(d)mm Weight: 4.8kg Features: CI card slot for pay TV; Jukebox; USB output with Pictbridge for printing JPEGs from HDD
DVD Recorder: YES it writes to DVD-R/ RW and DVD+R/RW Dual layer recording: NO Hard Drive: YES 250GB DVB tuner: YES and analogue Upscaling: YES up to 1080p EPG recording: YES 8-day DivX playback: YES up to version 6 DivX support Recording modes: YES five MP3/JPEG playback: YES, play and view both of these USB reader: NO Memory card slot: NO HDMI socket: YES one output Component output: YES DV input: YES for digital camcorders Dimensions: 420(w) x 59(h) x 290(d)mm Weight: 3.9kg Features: Timeslip TV (pause and rewind live TV by using the HDD as a buffer); simultaneous record and play
DVD Recorder: YES it writes to DVD-R/ RW, DVD+R/RW Dual layer recording: YES DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL Hard Drive: YES 160GB DVB tuner: YES Video scaler: YES up to 1080p EPG recording: YES 8-day DivX playback: YES Recording modes: YES eight MP3/JPEG playback: YES, play and view both formats USB reader: YES for reading and importing files Memory card slot: NO HDMI socket: YES one output Component output: YES DV input: YES for camcorders Dimensions: 430(w) x 76.5(h) x 286(d)mm Weight: 4.7kg Features: Series Recording (record every episode in a series in one command); PictBridge ; BRAVIA Theatre Sync (HDMI CEC control Chasing Playback Sec1:97

7/11/07 15:27:57



Watch B51 Mv300 GE27860 AVM01 GR-DV3000 9090DB Laserfax 925 KDF-E50a12U ERZ36700X8 Accunav II FA580 Rolls RS80 Grill A7A266 Manual Ericsson T237 LC086 Pack GK1640T Roland VA-3 Finepix A170 MH-6387TR SB908SL AVH-5200DVD AD15VT-XL CD1352S-24 RX-17 Singer 875 DX1000 Lide 500F Avtl 83 Prestige 660H C57M70n0 BOY 51 P-2602HWL-DXA R-1505 Gpsmap 2010 STD32 HT-C555 Laserjet 8550 RCM 169 10329 BG2030 60 M182DN VSX-LX70 Aopen AX3S AVH-P5750DVD WM3-96 Clarion Nice MC-7826M Av-p950 Class 99 Edirol CG-8 DSC-T77 B Motorola V500 330RS SRU160 Altos G510 NV-DS55B VGN-FW21L Urtx85 Dvdr3380-05 Share CD1501B QHC6504P MP161 TLX-04240B W1242W Kameleon 4 CD-BTB200 FS-820 EKM600300W Wi200 2-player SET Guerrero WS32M66V DVD740VR-001 SC-PMX3DB VS-2480CD ZWH 6125 30LB020S4 FC641WF1 Audi Plus Suites Keypad System AP53-jumper Plcsw35 M5390 USB EB-X7 Fulcrum UE-22C4000 SL-75DRV5 Review Compact III 3200I Linkstation PRO PSC 1417 Twitter Combo C-200 60300-W


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